Ch. 301 to Ch. 350

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Ch. 301: A child can be the bond between two people. Even if they haven’t bonded yet
Ch. 302: Come to my place
Ch. 303: An ordinary life that KyoAni wouldn’t turn into an anime
Ch. 304: That river next to Akihabara is the Kanda River
Ch. 305: You meet a lot of people marriage hunting when drawing storyboards at a cafe
Ch. 306: This blond little girl is the one with the authority, you know…
Ch. 307
: To become the Petroleum King
Ch. 308: That is happening now!
Ch. 309: The honorific onee-san is filled with romance
Ch. 310: Strong feelings, strong love. Are these feelings real?
Ch. 311: Nobody wanted to lie initially
Ch. 312: Karaoke is enjoyable even if you’re singing alone
Ch. 313: It wasn’t that I wanted to fool her
Ch. 314: Overlapping lies and life
Ch. 315
: The problem is that I love him despite that
Ch. 316
: Don’t move another step
Ch. 317: If it’s important, keep it with you
Ch. 318: Sign
Ch. 319: Crappy adviser
Ch. 320: Let’s do our best in various ways
Ch. 321: High spec adviser
Ch. 322: The next thing I knew, I had mud up to my waist
Ch. 323: I don’t want to work, but I end up working anyway
Ch. 324: How the maid kills time
Ch. 325
: An artisan’s technique seasoning with salt
Ch. 326: After having done it
Ch. 327
: Goodbye happiness
Ch. 328: We still haven’t received the pay for the assistant work we did that day
Ch. 329: The trick to waking up early is getting to bed early
Ch. 330: I want to shout out that I love you
Ch. 331: It’s as quite as 200 million years ago, isn’t It
Ch. 332: A genius’s strategy
Ch. 333: Something special
Ch. 334: Identity crisis
Ch. 335: Santa’s lesson
Ch. 336: Rock over Japan
Ch. 337: The bad timing of a maid’s sulking is intentional
Ch. 338: Continuing steadily on day by day is important
Ch. 339: A single yen can make one laugh or cry
Ch. 340: Hinagiku-san’s wish does not seem as if it will be granted even if she uses the Holy Grail
Ch. 341: A maid will not be found for Isumi-san until 23rd century
Ch. 342: Thus spoke Tsurugino Kayura 1
Ch. 343: Thus spoke Tsurugino Kayura 2
Ch. 344: Thus spoke Tsurugino Kayura 3
Ch. 345: You all need to be carefull, too
Ch. 346: And the butler made them
Ch. 347: Are you a magnet or something?
Ch. 348: Chef Maria’s summer vegetable special, Round 1
Ch. 349: I don’t want to think about getting fat anymore
Ch. 350: I don’t have many memories of my school life

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