Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 364

To tell you the truth, I do not really fancy cakes…

Ayumu decides to go and visit Hayate at his apartment. She then has the very nice idea to bring some cakes as pleasantries (Darth Vader: “You may dispense with the pleasantries.”). Obviously she cannot afford the more expensive cakes, so she ends up buying 10 cream puffs at 80 yen each. That gives a sum of 800 yen, slightly more than 1 of the 750 yen cakes. Well, it’s still better than nothing, huh?

While still in the cake shop, Ayumu sees a poster of Ruka. She quickly recalls the brief meeting between Hayate and Ruka in the coffee shop in Ch. 347. Ayumu starts thinking that the two might not simply be friends, but then she tells herself that it is not true, as they do not see each other 24-7…

First moment of 24-7.

But they do. Ruka has just decided to rent a room at the Violet Mansion, and as such she would have much more time to stay with Hayate. The butler is caring enough to talk about the ban on Ruka from drawing manga, but Nagi interrupts the conversation. She says that she wouldn’t mind anyone staying at her apartment, as long as they pay the rent. These are some nice and matured words, but one cannot forget how she refused to lease a room to Housen Yozora. “What? Housen who…?” you might ask. Well, forget about it…

Then again, in between rejecting Yozora and accepting Ruka, Hinagiku and Alice have both become tenants without Nagi’s consent. Perhaps Nagi’s heart has changed and realize that it doesn’t really matter who is moving in to live with her and Hayate. Perhaps… well, she is simply more willing to accept Hinagiku, Alice and Ruka than Yozora.

Very well said, Nagi!

In any case, Nagi is friendly to Ruka again. She allows Ruka to rent a room, she talks to Ruka about drawing manga, and she laughs with Ruka. Let us not forget that Nagi has just been soundly defeated by Ruka at Comisun. By being friendly with Ruka, Nagi shows that she is not a bad loser after all.

Some practical problems arise as Ruka moves in. As Ruka is a popular idol, she must have a lot of… followers, so they must worry about security. Both Hayate and Sakuya realize that it is a real concern, and Chiharu further suggests that there is another problem. She doesn’t say what the problem is, but as Sakuya decides to look for Isumi’s help, the problem could be that the apartment is haunted.

If she doesn’t know how to use a smartphone, how did she make her phone to go silent and vibrate only?

Speaking of Isumi, she has got herself an iPhone, but obviously she doesn’t know how to use it. Her phone vibrates, so it means that a call or a text message has arrived. We cannot be sure, however, that if she can get the call or message before she throws away the phone at her mother’s suggestion.

Just as Nagi and Maria discuss on their new tenant, Ayumu arrives, but Nagi shuts her out of the Mansion. Ayumu keeps banging on the door, until Hinagiku returns and meet her at the entrance. Ayumu starts complaining to Hinagiku about Nagi, but the latter interrupts her, and grants her entry, before she could say anything really bad.

Friendship: Reloaded.

Ayumu then talks to Hinagiku. This is the first time Hinagiku and Ayumu talk properly to each other since the end of Golden week – the brief “What date is today?” Q & A during Ayumu’s birthday doesn’t count. For friends going on as well as they do, it is a bit odd they talk so rarely to each other. Perhaps we have to accept that they are good friends, but not really close friends.

Still, Ayumu shows that she holds nothing against Hinagiku. She admits that she is a bit jealous of Hinagiku living with Hayate, but she understands that Hinagiku must have complicated reasons for moving in (Reminder: For Hinagiku, it is because Alice blackmailed her; for Alice, she needs to stay with Hinagiku and Shirosakura at the Violet Mansion for 3 months). While some girls get so desperate about their love interests that they are willing to move in to live with the boys, but Ayumu trusts Hinagiku not to be one of them.

Ayumu enjoys trolling Hinagiku, doesn’t she?

Well, Ayumu’s faith in Hinagiku’s nobility is one thing, but she also thinks that nothing would happen just because Hinagiku lives with Hayate. If you remember, Hinagiku also thought it this way when she was considering whether to move in, so she is not entirely in the position to get mad at Ayumu for looking down on her.

Hinagiku admits that indeed nothing has happened since her moving in, so she has not become closer to Hayate. Ayumu looks satisfied and says she trusts Hinagiku in this way, but we have to wonder whether Hinagiku’s words are true. After all, she told the cat spirit that she has never flirted with Hayate, but everyone – from the cat spirit to the readers – did not believe her.

So, how true is Hinagiku’s words that nothing has happened since her moving in? Well, if we are looking for flirting or kissing or even things-which-must-not-be-mentioned, then indeed nothing happened. But then, one year ago you might think that the borrowing of clothes, the partnership with Ruka, the private tutorials, the shoulder massage… would never happen between Hayate and Hinagiku, and they all happened. It means there has been progress.


Having made enough fun on Hinagiku, Ayumu continues her exploration of the Violet Mansion. Nagi tells her two things which are both noteworthy. First, following Ruka’s moving in, there is still one room left, so if Ayumu rents this room the apartment is full. Second, the monthly rent of a room is now 45K yen. Remember that Chiharu was told that the rent was 40K yen, so it means the rent has gone up by 5K yen in a month or two. This is huge inflation…

Just as Ayumu wonders whether to move in, she meets Ruka the new tenant, and is thoroughly shocked. She knows that Ruka likes Hayate, and it is not okay for her to live with Hayate – Ruka is not Hinagiku, after all.

Fact: Hinagiku is as dense as Hayate.

To Ayumu’s horror, Hinagiku seems to be happy with Ruka moving in. Obviously Hinagiku does not see the threat Ruka possesses to them, so Ayumu finds it necessary to take her away and tell her clearly that Ruka likes Hayate. Hinagiku is caught very surprised, showing that she has absolutely no idea about it. Ayumu expresses her disbelief at Hinagiku’s denseness – would “density” be a better word?

Well, I have said a few times that Hinagiku has the same density as Hayate – in fact, these two are both saturated. Of all the characters in the series, Hinagiku is the one who is not in the position to accuse Hayate for being dense.

Ayumu is certainly the most combative one when it comes to romance…

With Hinagiku being hopeless, Ayumu knows that they are in trouble. Do note that she says “We are in trouble”, not “I am in trouble”, indicating that she thinks Hinagiku is on the same team. Although it is true that they have a common enemy in Ruka, it is perhaps unwise to team up so easily with one of your fiercest rivals.

In any case, Ayumu makes her move by telling Nagi that she is also moving in. She is going to save her – or their – chances to be with Hayate. What can our normal-to-the-extreme hamster do? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

One more thing, there is no Hayate no Gotoku! in next week’s Shonen Sunday, and it will be back on June 13. The reason for the series’ absence is not known, and I am quite free to guess that Hata also wants some Diablo 3 game time… Well, in any case, I will see you again on June 13!

17 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 364

  1. Nagi says “As long as they can pay the rent, I will not bar anyone from staying here.”. What she really meant was “As long as they can pay the rent and so long as they DON’T make a move on my butler, I will not bar anyone from staying here.”. Too bad, Kotetsu XD.

    I’m sure Fr.Ghost will not have to worry about Isumi so long as he does not provoke her into exorcising him by force. That said, now there will be two girls capable of fighting ghosts in the Violet Mansion.

    • Kotetsu won’t even be allowed to step into the Mansion in the first place. XD

    • Speaking of Father Ghost, I didn’t really like his chapter with Hinagiku with its cliff hanger ending. Hopefully we have a round 2 now that the stage (Violet mansion) and the cast (full of tenants) are all set. Hopefully its the next chapter

  2. Yes, like I already said, it’s like Love Hina now, with one boy in one apartment full of girls.

    yes, you can make that pun now, Sarge.

  3. very interesting so we are now at the Love Hina or “harem” scenario… each of those of the exceptional world (including Ruka) has their own “unique” reasons for staying at the mansion and our only normal character has her “ordinary” reason for staying in the mansion

    …and so far those who are aware of the Hayate/Ruka “ship”, lets see we have Chiharu during the bike training night at Hakuo Academy and Ayumu on the cafe, as for Hina, well she did saw them “close” (along with Maria and Alice) at the mansion but somehow got… subverted after seeing Ruka’s situation and it looks like Hayate is just giving a helping hand for the situation…

    One normal person surrounded by exceptionals… kinda reminds me of Kyon’s situation in the SOS Brigade… Lets see what happens

    • They say that, from a certain point of view, Kyon is actually the most exceptional one in the SOS Brigade.

  4. I just realized something. Ruka doesn’t seem to remember Ayumu, even though she did in Chapter 347. Guess Ayumu didn’t leave much of an impression for Ruka to remember.

    • Well, to be fair to Ruka, she must be seeing thousands of people everyday, and there is no reason yet for her to remember Ayumu.

      Of course she will, from now on.

  5. Ahhh… Another chapter with Hinagiku-san is always fine to me – lol
    Poor Hina… so clueless… She just can’t have a break, can she? Now she’ll have to endure Ayumu’s teasing everyday. XD
    Is Nagi afraid of Hinagiku-san or something? Why did she change her attitude so quickly? 😛

    This might be a bit off topic, but….
    Are you a Hendrix fan by any chance? 🙂
    I just realized your fanfic has a very similar name to one of his songs (The Wind Cries Mary – I knew that name was familiar!).

    Cheers from a crazed up Classic Rock and Hinagiku-san fan 😛

    • Hopefully Hina will become more aware of the things around her by gossiping more with Ayumu.

      I am not sure if Nagi really is afraid of Hina, but I think she wouldn’t like being scolded by the Student Council President for not behaving well…

      And no, I am not a Hendrix fan. To be honest with you, I have never heard of him… The similarity of the names is a coincidence, I think.

    • Oh. Sorry for making precipitate assumptions then. 🙂
      But what a coincidence, I must say! LOL

      Never heard of him, really? He’s considered by many the greatest guitar player of all time.
      Oh well… Enough of off-topic stuff anyway.

      Keep up with the good work! 😛

    • Unfortunately I haven’t paid attention to the guitar world… I might want to learn to play the instrument, but not yet started.

    • Kinda edited your comment as the URL showed up nowhere. I moved the hyperlink to the word “this”.

      A valid argument, although I would remain cautious by saying that we cannot be sure that is Yukariko. It could be Maria, for example.

      My main concern is that Yukariko is said to be “deceased at 28” on her profile page. If that really is Yukariko then I need some serious explanation from our dear Hata.

    • well I’m very sure that’s yukariko. at this point my self explanation would be that this image has nothing to do with the main story, or it’s someone else grave (nagi’s father?) that yukariko visit when she’s still alive.
      but I think I remember somewhere in the manga saying that yukariko’s death is not caused by sickness but something else and mikado trying to revive her.

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