Ch. 401 to Ch. 450

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Ch. 401: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 4): Viewing Hell with some Hellish experiences
Ch. 402: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 5): A truly lost child on midnight thunder road
Ch. 403: Starting today, I am…
Ch. 404: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 6): Like a prayer
Ch. 405: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 7): Hinagiku and Chiharu’s honest stroll
Ch. 406: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 8): There is no method of earning 100 million in a single second
Ch. 407: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 9): Make the victory crown shine yourself
Ch. 408: Ahh, I want a meal
Ch. 409: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 10): Like I said, I’m hungry
Ch. 410: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 11): I have no luck. I’m not onboard with this either
Ch. 411: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 12): I will definitely protect you…
Ch. 412: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 13): There are all sorts of people
Ch. 413: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 14): Conclusion
Ch. 414: Battlefields are tedious
Ch. 415: “Even if you ask me to choose between them…” In a way, the ultimate dilemma has arrived.
Ch. 416: Which ad was it that said ‘Freedom to choose your occupation. Ah ha han ♪’?
Ch. 417: In our hearts, Moriguchi Hiroko and Yamase Mami are singers who will never fade away
Ch. 418: Fragments of dreams
Ch. 419: To Those Hesitantly Outstretched Fingers
Ch. 420: That which I can grasp in these hands
Ch. 421: What makes you happy
Ch. 422: We shimmer in the hot air
Ch. 423: Termination
Ch. 424: Something special
Ch. 425: I’ve got to ride
Ch. 426: Destroy the invisible wall
Ch. 427: No regrets
Ch. 428: We will race into the sky
Ch. 429: Ten years from now
Ch. 430: Shining brightly
Ch. 431: Hanabi
Ch. 432: Shining brightly
Ch. 433: Those stones were once considered more valuable than gold
Ch. 434: The see-through playing cards come with volume 39’s limited edition
Ch. 435: Memory of a dream
Ch. 436: A dream about Santa Claus
Ch. 437: Plans and expectations are nothing but one’s imagination
Ch. 438: Attention, please
Ch. 439: Ah, there is no rosiness in this strange life
Ch. 440: I want to meet Ika-chan at the beach. Actually, I want to meet Ika-chan no matter where it is
Ch. 441: Talking about liking octopuses on Sunday reminds you of Mendou-kun, doesn’t It?
Ch. 442: With you always
Ch. 443: Troublesome relative
Ch. 444: Look! Look! The chapter number is incredibly unlucky! Everyone who sees it will be cursed★
Ch. 445: We still don’t know the name of the flower we ate that day
Ch. 446: A love comedy without the comedy
Extra: Investor Y
Ch. 447: A lot changes in ten years. Like getting a promotion… Maybe
Ch. 448: An assassin from the past (Around Volume 15)
Ch. 449: The 101st or so proposal
Ch. 450: Make sure to enter

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