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31 May 2017

Here comes a picture of the two Tankobon covers, combined.


22 May 2017

Hello folks!

It has been about six weeks since my last blog post. Although I do admit that I miss blogging a bit, I would be lying if I say that I do not enjoy the free time this period has given me.

Would it sound better if I reverse the order of my words above…?



Anyway, as you all know, we are not really quite done with the series yet, what with Volumes 51 and 52 coming up next. The final chapter came with an announcement that there would be a lot of stuff included in the final volumes, and based on the recent news (how recent is it, I don’t really know, I just saw it today, so…) we will not be disappointed.

What we know so far…

  • Volumes 51 and 52 will be published on 16 June 2017.
  • A “reflection meeting” on the series will be included as “special books” in the limited editions of the Tankobons. Part A will come with Volume 51, Part B with Volume 52.
  • The special books will also come with “where are they now?” chapters of the characters. What we know for sure is that Maria will be getting a chapter. It is advertised as a “must read”.
  • Don’t ask me for the covers yet. I can’t find a single picture.

8 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Volumes 51 and 52 – News Centre

  1. Benn a while.
    Was about to ask when there would be new posts, if any.

    Good news!!
    Although to be very honest I’m not THAT excited about it.

    I’m only slightly curious. 😉

    Haha. Just kidding. Bring it on!

    • I am torn. On one hand I thought “I am not paying any more money to Hata”, but on the other hand I thought “whatever, this series needs a proper closure and I will be the first ones to read it”.

  2. hmmm… I seem to have wrote a lot…. oh well…. rant again…. haha….

    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope…. I don’t wanna be baited again.. lemme be free…. Anyway on a serious note… I think I’ll pass knowing what’s up. Now, that time has pass since the ending, I looked back as to how the story evolve and transition and well… the mystery was somewhat a let down at the end and anymore added detail to “save face” for the other cast or Hata’s story telling talent won’t really change my opinion for the series.

    I would say that this manga had the same problem that I have with some manga which is the pseudo red herring story telling. Hata used a lot of hints, tease and artifacts that were supposed to be something to the story but ended to be nothing but a red herring to put it simply it felt more of a bait when not used. A funny thing I realized is that the power of flight is an overrated skill for shirosakura when that power of flight seems to be quite abundant, I was hoping it to be unique til the end but it turns out, some mask gives power of flight as well or a last minute power up like flaming masamune on athena arc would really great. instead same old same old… Is the sword even unique/powerful?

    Another story telling problem that I have with the series is how everything seems to just fall into place in the end. I was hoping that the story was to put it simply jj abrams mystery box and it was until after athena arc. How the story world revolve around Hayate and his mysterious past was really exciting and of course the possibility of him falling in love to anyone was also there but after athena arc, it felt like the story was going nowhere and sadly the chapters afterwards, well… were straight forward stories focusing on Nagi growth and learning to be independent and strong, and the repetition of Hayate’s dilemma of what is Nagi to him. Over and over, the same theme of Hayate having dilemma over Nagi felt kinda ironic since the previous story line of athena arc already tackled it and resolved by Hayate learning to forgive his weakness, have faith on others and move on but only to end with Hayate being pushed on the same corner to play the same tune as if the story was being repeated and the hero never learned anything at all but the same audience knew where it was going already.

    The mysterious story of the King’s Jewel became well nothing more than just a stone to enter the castle. The castle basically just houses the goddess and of course grants wishes even though I was inclined to believed that the whole thing in there is supposed to had a trap or a curse in it or believed that the power is lost and shirosakura was needed to return to the castle to repower the castle or something but I guess that was a red herring. The three villain, Himegami, Hisui and Yozora, was hype to be a threatening villain only to do nothing and be out-shadowed by Hayate’s parent who moved the actual plot more than anything the three contributed. Sadly, I was hoping those three would have done more other than to be stand ins as villains but they were there only to be beaten and felt like another red herring once more including long time ex-villain Mikado.

    As for the ship teasing…, fuck you Hata hahaha…. On a serious note, I have a personal rule of when the main hero is given a lot of choices other than the main heroine. I’m more inclined to side with any of the supporting casts than the main heroine unless the author will properly give each supporting cast a decent end cause why would you make a lot of people in love with the hero only to make the two hero fall in love and everyone else shun in the corner. Did Hata do well in ending relationships? IMO, with the endless back and forth and only to jam cheezy break up scene in less than a chapter when a manga like this has existed for 13 years? is like a big middle finger. IMO, this felt like a bank heist and one of the reasons why I loss respect with Hata’s story telling. I felt like Hinagiku should had the sunken ship news on silky heart and story telling wise you gave her shiirozakura which proved to be nothing and constant tease was killing mah heart Hata XD, Athena should had a period after the break up in athens arc and no longer turned to a kid when really she did nothing more to the story after that, Nishizawa had a lot of good break up scene but was really repetitive and cut short to the point that the last one felt an overkill for her. Ruka was basically a one arc stand typish and only good for the arc and at least she had a good break up that make sense. Izumi is well the extra and shouldn’t have even been teased but every author has a crazy idea. Maria is somewhat a coin flip… some people say she fell in love other say more of brother and sis thing but Japan… limitless boundaries… JK….

    and yep, I ranted again :/. I need to stay away from Hayate no Gotoku again haha….

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