Ch. 351 to Ch. 400

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Ch. 351: Do I or do I not need to be able to just do this kind of thing to be popular?
Ch. 352
: Illness begins in the mind. That means you will get sick if you neglect your mind?
Ch. 353
: He caught a cold because he is no longer an idiot
Ch. 354
: A death flag. And you are the one raising it
Ch. 355
: This is what you get when you cram all the needed information…
Ch. 356
: Even with three heads, “Hmm… I dunno…” is all the three can come up with
Ch. 357
: Cycling Yahoo!
Ch. 358
: To be blunt, I am an S at the core, also, never do what I do
Ch. 359
: I am still unsure what kind of adult I will be in the future
Ch. 360
: She sees the identity of the ghost, yet she does not
Ch. 361
: The behavior of mothers is more or less the same everywhere
Ch. 362
: The day the dolphin flew
Ch. 363
: Mystery Room 1
Ch. 364
: Mystery Room 2
Ch. 365
: Mystery Room 3
Ch. 366
: Mystery Room 4
Ch. 367: Mystery Room 5
Ch. 368
: Mystery Room 6
Ch. 369
: Mystery Room 7
Ch. 370
: Mystery Room 8
Ch. 371
: Not trying to be popular is a shortcut to being popular
Ch. 372
: Think a bit about how you say things
Ch. 373
: Pros are amazing in any field
Ch. 374
: Yahoo! Garbage needs to be disinfected!!
Ch. 375: Written as human dreams, read as fleeting
Ch. 376: You can make a debut at any point in your life
Ch. 377: A family restaurant is a human scramble
Ch. 378: Some other stuff
Ch. 379: The character for painful needs just a bit more to become the character for happiness
Ch. 380: Nothing in life is better than the excitement of the first day of summer break
Ch. 381: That is what it is to be a man, that is what it is to be young, Brother Gavan
Ch. 382: Strange lovers
Ch. 383: An incident that does not end with only a kiss
Ch. 384: Juspion taught me there is only one of me in the universe
Ch. 385: There are various battles you cannot allow yourself to lose
Ch. 386: Right now, love cannot be stopped
Ch. 387: This is the kind of manga you are reading
Ch. 388: This is probably when you would hear the term “Nyoo….!!”
Ch. 389: Deja vuing and not deja vuing
Ch. 390: There is only one moon in the sky
Ch. 391: Anime store manager in love
Ch. 392: Like an idiot flying into a flame
Ch. 393: A mother’s timing is perfect
Ch. 394: Nishizawa Ayumu’s heated classroom
Ch. 395: I am not bored. I have plenty to do. Like take care of the cat.
Ch. 396: To be strong is to keep one’s promises
Ch. 397: Terrible manga dojo (Reverse side)
Ch. 398: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 1): The idiot who leaves on a trip
Ch. 399: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 2): Trouble exists in various places
Ch. 400: Kyoto and Ise – Conclusion (Night 3): This is supposed to be Night 3, but this is the 400th chapter so let’s celebrate! Seriously.

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