Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 392

What are your new year wishes?

What are your new year wishes?

Summer homework really is a huge problem for students.

In Ch. 378, issued on 26 September 2012, the Hakuou students living at the Violet Mansion were forced to form a homework group to “slain the enemy of summer vacation”, which is easily thicker than the Bible. Almost four months later, in Ch. 391, Fumi was found doing her summer homework, which was why she attempted to write her animal observation journal in Animate in the first place. Now, in this chapter, it is the SC Rangers’ turn to do their homework.



According to Risa, for the past 10 years they have been taking the “Ayumu approach”, so we say: to throw the homework away for the majority of the vacation, and to finish it just before school resumes. Even worse, quite often they couldn’t finish their summer homework by then, and could only hand it in when the teachers were mad at them. Honestly, I don’t really know why teachers care about summer homework. Who wants to mark such things when everyone is busy for the new school term?

As an example, I do not recall Professor Snape having a go at Harry Potter’s summer essays on Potions.

In any case, Risa has decided that the “Ayumu approach” should be no more, and they should instead finish their homework early. When compared to Ayumu, who remains happy with her own approach, perhaps we can finally understand why Hakuou is considered a prestigious school after all: even the worst of their students have the self-awareness to work harder than before.

Hayate: "I am glad that you think I am this smart."

Hayate: “I am glad that you think I am this smart.”

Still, the fact is that they are among the worst students at Hakuou, and as such the questions are too difficult for them. Risa then offers her plan which gives the first impression of a very old-fashioned “combine our powers” approach: they would divide the homework into each part, so each of them do one-third on their own, and then copy the other two-thirds from the others. A little twist is needed because “each of them do one-third on their own” doesn’t work at all, so instead each of them would seek help from someone smart. So, effectively, they would have three smart people doing their homework. Nice thinking.

The “three smart people” Risa picks are – who else? – Hayate, Hinagiku and Chiharu. Risa remarks that not only they are smart, but they also couldn’t refuse the SC Rangers’ pleas. Risa goes as far as to suggest that Hayate and co. would do whatever they want if they beg them in tears. To a certain extent, this is manipulation.

If you are so unhappy, don't turn up!

If you are so unhappy, don’t turn up!

So they make the call – actually one call is enough because those three live at the same apartment – but in the end only Hayate turns up. Hinagiku and Chiharu, reportedly, have a bad feeling of what is going to happen, and they got it right. Given that they are all on the Student Council, it is little wonder that Hinagiku and Chiharu know what exactly the trio are up to. The miracle is that Hayate turns up – obviously he knows what Hinagiku and Chiharu are worried about, but he still turns up. Sometimes, this guy is just too nice for his own good.

Miki and Risa are not giving up on the two girls, so they decide to head to the Violet Mansion, leaving Izumi alone with Hayate. Sometimes I have the feeling that Miki and Risa are accidental Hayate-Izumi shippers, because they tend to leave Hayate with Izumi. Perhaps, for some reason, they think that Izumi is the best among them to deal with Hayate. Do note that they both know Izumi has a crush on Hayate.

This is lovely, really.

This is lovely, really.

Of course, Izumi is happy that she is alone with Hayate, and she begins imagining “enjoyable studying” with Hayate, which involve lots of cakes. Hayate, on the other hand, does not find it an enjoyable experience having to tutor Izumi again. He is struggling with his own homework – I take it as proof that the homework group at the Violet Mansion has already failed – but if he has to help Izumi with her homework, then he would have less time with his. To be honest, it is not really an excuse: he could do his homework while helping with Izumi’s, because they are doing the same assignment!

In the end, Hayate decides to help Izumi, but his motive is a rare expression of his selfishness: he is helping her getting smarter so that she would not have to ask him every time she has trouble with homework, and in turn he would have more time for his own homework. Given that, we might now understand why he enters “harsh mode” all of a sudden: he is not helping Izumi because he cares for her, so he doesn’t feel bad for being harsh. Sadly, the harsh way is often effective: in a matter of minutes, Izumi is sitting down by her table, doing her homework.

Poor girl...

Poor girl…

Poor Izumi. She was not the one who asked Hayate to help with her homework, but now she is facing a “harsh mode” Hayate. For some reason, she has my sympathy.

Even the way Hayate “helps” with her homework might not be what she has expected. What Risa had in mind, honestly, would be that the smart people simply telling them the correct answers, so they can write them down without having to think at all, but Hayate is not doing this. Instead, he encourages Izumi to “think really hard about it” – meaning that Izumi is on her own at least before she has put down the answers.

Okay, the note could be too small here...

Okay, the note could be too small here…

So the first problems Izumi tackles are Chinese – these are typical Chinese idioms so I don’t think that they fall under “Modern Japanese”, but whatever… As you can see from the above panel, the translators have very kindly explained the question, so I do not have to say anything about it. Of course, you can see that Izumi has made a very laughable error: not only that she has answered in hiragana instead of kanji, but she also added a character at the end of the question. Hayate is outraged: couldn’t she at least put “yakiniku meal” (焼肉定食)?

For your information, the correct answer to the second question would be 三長兩短, which means accident.

Seeing that Izumi struggles with Chinese idioms, Hayate then suggests her to go through the whole workbook to do whatever questions she thinks she could do. Unfortunately, Izumi finds the Mathematics and Chemistry questions difficult, and in the end she couldn’t find any question she could answer – except putting down her name and class.

Harsh way doesn't work. Try the kind way.

Harsh way doesn’t work. Try the kind way.

Hayate surrenders. He finally understands that a strict approach doesn’t work on Izumi, and in the end he knows he has to go through all the questions with her one by one. Then again, he could at least be happy that he could put down the answers on his own workbook after teaching Izumi. This would save him the effort to do the question again.

Izumi, while appreciating his kindness, gives the worst possible response: a wrong idiom. The misused idiom doesn’t only show no respect to Hayate, but it also is an announcement that his efforts would be meaningless. It is understandable that Hayate gets mad at her.

After Izumi clarifies what she actually means (the correct Chinese idiom should be 舉一反三), Hayate stresses on the importance for Izumi to study harder. This, of course, is really important to her future, because she could not afford to make misunderstandings with other people like that. Izumi responses by making half a confession, that she expects Hayate to support her in the future. For whatever reason, Hayate is having none of it despite a heartbeat.

I guess he means it when he says he doesn’t want to support stupid girls…

I wouldn't want to be tutored by them!

I wouldn’t want to be tutored by them!

Meanwhile, Miki and Risa end up in Hell. The Student Council President and Secretary are personally tutoring them 2 on 2. There would be no mercy and no assistance, and they are not allowed to leave until the workbook is completely filled. This is the punishment for not leaving Hinagiku and Chiharu alone. Now that really is like a moth to a flame (飛蛾撲火)…

Well, at least they now know that once they step out of the Violet Mansion, they wouldn’t have to worry about summer homework again.

5 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 392

  1. Once again, Izumi’s terrifying popularity powers made this chapter shift focus from the SC trio to just her and Hayate. The other two are stuck together almost all the time like a sort of symbiosis. The day Risa and Miki gain independence (aka solo moments) like Izumi seems less likely. Maybe if they gained an interesting romantic interest like Izumi towards Hayate, there’s a small chance they could get some solo moments.

    If only someone suggested Maria to be the trio’s tutor, cause Maria definitely has a lot of time on her hands and of course, she’s a friggin genius who’s experienced in tutoring a very troublesome little girl we all know. Heck, I’m pretty sure that if Maria was an optional tutor in your poll, she’d get the most votes XD!

    I’m guessing the trio would be the last of the Hakuo students facing the Enemy of Summer Vacation but there’s definitely more characters to show during this Summer Vacation Saga (is there another name for this Saga?).

    • Well, Miki loves Hinagiku and Risa has had her first kiss. There is definitely something for these two to have some solo moments, but let’s see.

      To be honest, I didn’t think of Maria. Anyway, as we have seen Hayate, Hinagiku and Chiharu’s tutoring styles in this chapter, I was just curious about the readers’ preference of style, hence the poll. 😀

      I don’t think there is a “Summer Vacation Saga”, because that’s just too broad.

  2. The only reason Hinagiku and Chiharu are so strict is because the SC rangers don’t have even an ounce of will to do their homework by themselves. If a willing student asked for help, I’m sure they’d be much kinder. That is why I cast my vote to Hinagiku and Chiharu.

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