Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 393

The more we compare her to a mother, the older she seems...

The more we compare her to a mother, the older she seems…

So, the bet with Ruka over Hayate has become a newfound motivation for Nagi to work hard in Comiket. If the personal desire to surpass Ruka in terms of greatness isn’t enough for sustained motivation to Nagi, then the danger of losing Hayate to Ruka certainly would.The power of love, huh?

Then again, perhaps motivation has never been the problem in the first place. The obstacle between Nagi and success is a bottleneck of her manga skills. She has the idea – the promising idea of a dead girl who wants to watch the last episode of her favourite anime – but one must wonder what on earth are Britney and random animals doing in this story.

Speaking of lack of progress...

Speaking of lack of progress…

The narrator – you might say it’s Nagi herself – appears to blame Nagi’s bottleneck on a lack of effort. To a certain extent this is true: the last time we saw her working on her manga, she did not show enough concentration, and she ended up playing PSP with Chiharu. You can be pretty sure that she has had zero progress.

So, while Nagi has – in her words – “said some cool-sounding things” about her bet with Ruka and her refusal to lose Hayate, Nagi finds that she is in real trouble. She lost to Ruka last time, so bar Ruka making a suicidal mistake, Nagi would lose again if she doesn’t make any progress. If she would lose again, then entering the bet with Ruka is no doubt a big mistake…

I want Dreyer's!

I want Dreyer’s!

What is done is done, so Nagi could only start to double her efforts and make progress right away. To do this, she needs focus. Unfortunately, as this is the Hayate no Gotoku! world, troubles would come looking for you even if you don’t go looking for them. As Nagi decides to concentrate, there comes the distraction. Maria, who hasn’t been talking much recently, suddenly offers her ice-cream. This is always a strong temptation – who doesn’t want to relax and have some ice-cream on a hot summer day? You can almost feel the reluctance when Nagi rejects the offer by her maid…

As this is the Hayate no Gotoku! world, the ice-cream temptation is just the beginning. Moments later, Maria returns to the room with a basket of clothes for ironing. As you would know, a steam iron is very noisy – they really create more noise than the traditional irons, don’t they? With so much noise in the room, there is definitely no way for Nagi to focus on her manuscript, so she demands – all of a sudden – that Maria do the ironing somewhere else.

Maria: "I'm trying to focus on ironing!"

Maria: “I’m trying to focus on ironing!”

And there it goes, the bickering between mistress and maid. While Nagi is the mistress, Maria is the motherly figure, so they are pretty much equals in this shouting match. Maria accuses Nagi of being selfish, and she has a point: this is, after all, their room, so where else does Nagi expect Maria to do the laundry?

Then again, the timing for Maria to do the ironing is so poor for Nagi. If she is not working on her manga, then my bet is that she wouldn’t care if Maria sings karaoke in the room, but now she needs complete silence and concentration. In any case, Maria could see that Nagi is working on her manga, so as she begins making so much noise in the room, it does look like that she is deliberate…

Now, there is a conflict of interests, and it appears that one of them has to leave the room. As you could not expect Nagi to move (possibly because she has to “focus”), Maria is the one to leave the room – even though she is doing Nagi’s own laundry.

Seriously, you should just close the door if you don't want nuisance.

Seriously, you should just close the door if you don’t want nuisance.

Nagi’s tolerance to “nuisance” has become so low that even a short conversation between Maria and Hinagiku – who has just returned – seems to annoy her. Hinagiku then accidentally sets Nagi on fire by offering her ice-cream… again! Nagi is so annoyed that she yells at Hinagiku, with or without prior knowledge that Hinagiku didn’t know of the first ice-cream offer.

For someone who is perceived to be short-tempered by Hayate, Hinagiku is incredibly tolerant to Nagi’s rudeness. Maria, on the other hand, is not impressed and she decides to gossip about Nagi in a loud enough voice for the latter to hear. In the end Maria even gives up gossiping and plainly makes fun of Nagi as she ushers Hinagiku out of the room. Nagi is so furious that you have to wonder if she could work on her manga anymore.

Okay, hands up. I want it.

Okay, hands up. I want it.

As Nagi tries to calm herself down, Chiharu becomes the third person to offer her ice-cream – this time of a different brand. Nagi simply doesn’t understand why everyone is offering her ice-cream, and Chiharu is more than happy to act as Captain Obvious this time: it is summer, after all.

Unlike the insulted Maria and the clueless Hinagiku, Chiharu is able to have a chat with Nagi on her manga. Obviously she didn’t know about Nagi’s bet with Ruka before, but now she does. You could tell from her expression that she sees something wrong with such a bet.

Bitch please! Her manga did not look as good previously!

Bitch please! Her manga did not look as good previously!

And we know what she is thinking soon enough. As Nagi insists that she needs to focus in order to win, Chiharu asks Nagi if she knew what level Ruka was at while making the bet. To illustrate, Chiharu shows Nagi the manuscript of Ruka. If you want to read Ruka’s manga in full, you might follow this link. It’s quite a nice read…

By the way, it appears that Hata has messed up with the first page of Ruka’s manga. There are now two versions of that page…

For the lazy ones: this is the original page.

For the lazy ones: this is the original page.

Granted, it is not a manga by a professional, but it is easily better than any attempt by Nagi to draw a manga. Chiharu explains to Nagi that this is the result of someone, who had talent to begin with, putting so much efforts so she ended up coughing blood. Now look at Nagi again, whose talents is yet to be recognised (we can be sure that Kayura saw something in her, though) and who had so far spending more time on Monster Hunter than her manga…

It might be strange for Chiharu to ask Nagi whether she knew about Ruka’s level, because Nagi had definitely read Ruka’s manga once – immediately after her defeat in Comisun. This might explain why she isn’t that depressed in this chapter as she reads that manga once again. Still, it seems that she is ready to accept defeat, as she begins to think that things might not be that bad at all even if she lost. This could be dangerous: if you are ready to accept defeat, it is likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hamster bites again!

Hamster bites again!

If there is someone who would not allow that to happen, it is Ayumu. For any reason, she knows about the bet (most probably because she has just overheard everything), and she is counting on Nagi to defeat Ruka. So, in order to win, Ayumu suggests Nagi to “become a monk”…

Let’s wait and see what exactly she means by that.

11 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 393

  1. Maria may have been annoying Nagi on purpose as payback for selling those embarrassing photos of her at Comiket without any sense of guilt.

    The end of this chapter shows a revelation: If Nagi loses, the other girls in love with Hayate will lose too. Ayumu is definitely now on Nagi’s side but then there’s Hinagiku. Will Hinagiku continue to help Ruka if she knew about the bet? It would be a conflicting decision between doing the right thing or doing what her heart wants.

    A Hamster may be weak but when pushed to a corner, it packs quite a bite. Ever since she moved to the apartment, Ayumu seems more funny now. I guess it’s cause it’s rather funny to see how much effort she’s putting in ‘stopping’ Ruka. If only she could put all that effort in pursuing Hayate, just like what Ruka is doing although a surprise kiss is kinda going too far.

    • If that was a revenge, then it was for something so long ago! XD

      What interests me is that Hina has so far not shown any enthusiasm in helping Ruka this time. Maybe she thinks it is now fine for Ruka to work on her own? In any case, my bet is that Hina would sit back and enjoy her ice-cream until Ruka comes looking for help again. Still, it would be interesting to see Hina’s internal struggles.

      Our resilient hamster always has her teeth, I would say. But yes, her “new” aggressiveness is very funny. I wonder how long could Nagi’s door stand until Ayumu finally breaks it with one of her forceful push-opens. XD

    • By “long ago”, do you mean by how many chapters it’s been or the timeline in the story?

      If I’m not mistaken, the doors in the apartments are traditional Japanese paper doors so it’s quite easy to break them…. wow, quite an exploitable security, huh?

    • I mean both in the story and in the chapters. Even in the story it is over one month old, not to mention that it is over a year in the real world…

      When a typhoon could be a serious threat to the entire building (cf. the anime) I think safety is a big problem for the apartments…

  2. Ruka’s drawing skill may have improved. but, why is she drawing that same doujin again? she can’t be using that same story with new artwork for the doujin battle is she?

    • To be honest, I am a bit confused. What has Ruka considered “failure” anyway? I thought she would think her last manga was a success, and if she was redrawing that manga now, then… yea, it is odd.

    • Maybe what she considered failure is the artwork so she tried to improve it.
      By the way, it’s very surprising that Nagi and Maria yelled to each other…I think that’s the first time I saw them doing that.

    • The same story can seem more interesting with the right illustrations. Besides, just because it sells doesn’t mean it’s a success. Ruka considers it a failure because it doesn’t match up to what she wants it to be. If you’ve tried writing a story, you will understand it… Even if you manage to write a good story, it may not be what you wanted. I know, because I tried, and made many failures. They are up to a certain level, but going past that level, to make a story I can truly acknowledge as the one the the best I’ve read is a wall I have yet to pass.
      Considering Ruka is aiming to be a professional mangaka, she probably wants to produce a work that will go down in history as one of the best.

  3. When Reality and Idealism meets, its Reality that rarely backs down, and Nagi got hit by this Reality anchor big time, boldness is 1 thing recklessness is another.

    Reminds me of Hayate’s entrance exam to Hakuo never runs out of trolls, maybe someone might grow donkey ears again

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