Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 514

100% victory in gambling is not gambling; it's cheating.

100% victory in gambling is not gambling; it’s cheating.

In the previous Chapter Review, I have ranted that the greediness of the contestants could become the downfall of them, for the very reason of their lust of a prize money which they, arguably, do not need. Yes, everyone would want some extra cash, but one must always balance the opportunities against the risks. While it can be argued that the more basic needs are worth some extra risks, one should really restrain from risking too much for something which you want but is not exactly needed.

Yet in this very chapter, we witness what I would call a collective stupidity of almost all people involved. Shockingly and sadly, Hayate is the only person who is making any sense at all. Unfortunately, despite his display of sanity here, he seems destined to be the only one who would have to pay for the consequences of everyone else.

But I know what would not happen if you don't play...

But I know what would not happen if you don’t play…

Of course, Izumi would want a way to recover her debt. We also have to accept as a fact that Yukiji is simply hopeless when it comes to money. However, I have absolutely no idea on what has possessed the others, who are supposedly smart enough to realise that they have no need for that bit of extra cash, into such a crazy chase of the prize money.

Let’s put things into perspectives. They are facing a fearsome “final boss” in Maria, who is supposed here simply because she is just too bored. Nagi has already made a point that it is impossible to win against Maria in games like roulette. In order to even enter the game, the group have to get to the coin, which – by courtesy of the design of the game – would give them a debt of 1.8 billion yen. And while winning against Maria would give them 2 billion yen, two things have to be taken in mind: 1) the debt must be cleared, so the group’s net gain would be 200 million yen; and 2) there are 12 people collaborating to get the coin, so everyone is entitled to a fair share of the prize money, i.e. something less than 20 million yen each.

There is no way to stop this madness...

There is no way to stop this madness…

So, the group is entering a gamble which they are very likely to lose, thus giving all of them a 1.8 billion yen debt (I am very sure that Yukiji would eat her own words and ask everyone to share the debt, thus giving each of them a 150 million yen debt). Even if they win, each of them is only getting less than 20 million yen, which is just less than a double of the 10 million yen worth of coin?

In other words, the contestants are not facing an “all-or-nothing” gamble; they are facing a “some-or-death” gamble. The odds are seriously against them, and the reward is just not enough to justify the risk, so why play it at all? It can be argued that, ever since the likes of Izumi and Tsugumi start getting loans, they have no way to stop participating. However, it still does not justify the participation of everyone else and, for the matter, the absence of decision for Hinagiku to stop Yukiji’s participation. Since when has Yukiji’s greed become too much of a force for Hinagiku to stop her reckless actions right under her nose?

Remember what Nagi got the last time she drew a lot?

Remember what Nagi got the last time she drew a lot?

Anyway, the group has finally gotten their hands on the coin, and Yukiji wants Nagi to take the gamble. Essentially, this becomes a game of Nagi’s luck against Maria’s skills. Funny enough, this is a very rare case of Nagi not having the so-called “character shield” because Maria is supposedly also a main heroine who is on the same level as Nagi!

I am getting more and more worried about Hayate… Despite his assness, this is not the way I want him to suffer.