Ch. 501 to Ch. 548

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Ch. 501: Tonight, Banjou’s voice will signal the end of the unending battle
Ch. 502: Make sure to have a plan
Ch. 503: A demon lives in Las Vegas
Ch. 504: This is a story of friendship
Ch. 505: Read this only after reading Chapter 1 of Ad Astra Per Aspera
Ch. 506: Older female relatives tend not to mind their own business
Ch. 507: Karakoi
Ch. 508: Even Tonegawa would hesitate
Ch. 509: On a three day two night trip to Paris, this manga’s editor had the bad luck to have his wallet stolen on the first day, to be bedridden by a stomachache the next day, and to return home without doing anything the last day
Ch. 510: That’s why the girl loves
Ch. 511: The more I drew, the cuter Kananiwa-san became
Ch. 512: I want to visit the Grand Canyon
Ch. 513: A financial lesson for good kids: Money is more important than your life
Ch. 514: Bring everyone’s hearts together (with money)
Ch. 515: Rules are a broad thing
Ch. 516: Nishizawa Ayumu’s normal days
Ch. 517: Saki-san’s bar wandering
Ch. 518: I know the trick to being ill
Ch. 519: Too vast a fortune
Ch. 520: In life, you sometimes just need a drink
Ch. 521: The end of a long journey
Ch. 522: The ideal and reality are different, but you want to get as close to the ideal as you can
Ch. 523: Inherit the stars
Ch. 524: Kiss of murder
Ch. 525: Even Mario Kart is fun because everyone plays it together
Ch. 526: The adventure begins at Najimi Tower
Ch. 527: A ponkotu’s thoughts are much like taking a break
Ch. 528: Half of life is made of mean tricks and pointless things
Ch. 529: Pop star
Ch. 530: Dreams come in many forms
Ch. 531: I want to be teased as the one guy in a group of girls
Ch. 532: Where everything is said to be
Ch. 533: I don’t like to be shocked, so I read mystery novels only after knowing who did it
Ch. 534: Love, a racing heart, and a kiss
Ch. 535: Two lies do not make the truth
Ch. 536: Maria-san is a master of teasing. However, she is full of openings
Ch. 537: Last regrets
Ch. 538: Forever dreamer
Ch. 539: One statement, two feelings
Ch. 540: Gift
Ch. 541: Flowers in the shadow
Ch. 542: Boy meets girl
Ch. 543: We’re all in this moment
Ch. 544: The Great Stygian Abyss
Ch. 545: Your Name
Ch. 546: Spira Mirabilis Theatre
Ch. 547: Internal Clock Municipal Orrery
Ch. 548: Angel Creation, Namely Light