The Fascinating Silver Red


This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

Following the events in “The Wind Sees Daisy”, Mikado has some new plans, Nagi has her fondness of a hero renewed, and Hinagiku has another identity crisis…

Chapter 1: Fan-boys and -girls are the real cause of midtown madness
Chapter 2: Sometimes the same old story is the best
Chapter 3: Never question the ability of a hero to change in an instant
Chapter 4: You are perfectly fine with the press if you are not the theme of their story
Chapter 5: If you don’t want to be famous, the press will make you infamous
Chapter 6: Hayate is not the only character with blue hair, you know
Chapter 7: You would be very happy when your long-unused skill doesn’t become rusty
Chapter 8: Apparently the police think that heroes are easier to catch
Chapter 9: Speaking of voting, remember to vote on which side you support in the Comiket!
Chapter 10: Ordinary people must stand up when the hero is in trouble
Chapter 11: Your choice is a reflection of your personality, so do not compromise lightly
Chapter 12: Introducing… the new Vice Student Council President
Chapter 13: Abandoning, and abandoned
Chapter 14: I have barely made any progress but I have hit word limits already…
Chapter 15: The most depressing revelation
Chapter 16: Do not worry about the settings, just read
Chapter 17: Attack on Midas
Chapter 18: There are two kinds of battles: physical and mental
Chapter 19: Shouting out loud doesn’t mean that you are determined enough
Chapter 20: Fly High (Again)
Chapter 21: Cuties Assemble!
Chapter 22: My flowers bloom and dance in the wind
Chapter 23: Turning history into her-story


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