Ch. 451 to Ch. 500

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Ch. 451: I love curry
Ch. 452: I like the strawberry Häagen
Ch. 453: About the brother
Ch. 454: About the younger brother
Ch. 455: Love stories happen surprisingly suddenly
Ch. 456
: I can’t do what I can’t do
Ch. 457
: Ten year gap
Ch. 458
: Give a troublesome person something troublesome and only trouble can follow
Ch. 459
: Stone of bonds
Ch. 460
: The sea is with us
Ch. 461
: And sometimes see a movie
Ch. 462
: Explaining it again
Ch. 463
: Dede de de de de! De!! Myon myon myon
Ch. 464
: A story of needless breasts
Ch. 465: A showdown 8 months (10 years) in the making
Ch. 466: Time of destruction
Ch. 467: Daily life
Ch. 468: See you again, hero
Ch. 469: Recycling day can be easy to forget
Ch. 470: Santa’s red is a blood-coloured Hell 2014
Ch. 471: That is his ability
Ch. 472: The schemer drowns in her schemes
Ch. 473:  Advice that comes with a bad feeling
Ch. 474: Kittens and girls are cute
Ch. 475: Cuteness is justice
Ch. 476: I love kitties
Ch. 477:  Late Night Diner ← effective; Midday Café ← worthless
Ch. 478:  In search of a love comedy
Ch. 479: Rice is a side dish
Ch. 480: Being a girl is tough
Ch. 481: This is what happens when a normal person tries
Ch. 482: Committed to the result
Ch. 483: It’s unclear if this is the only neat thing to do
Ch. 484: My summer vacation (is over)
Ch. 485: A ten year introduction
Ch. 486: Give me an Apple Watch
Ch. 487: Give me a free trip. I don’t care where. I just want to go somewhere.
Ch. 488: Buffets are filled with dreams
Ch. 489: Cliches are important
Ch. 490: I felt like doing it, but it was meaningless
Ch. 491: Some people will traverse a steel beam for 20 Million
Ch. 492: It’s a cold night, so let’s get wild
Ch. 493: I want to stay in a suite room
Ch. 494: The wild kingdom – the real jungle cruise
Ch. 495: It is not the strong who win. The winners win.
Ch. 496: Good thing I have a spine
Ch. 497: Spicy strategy in Colombia
Ch. 498: Tough teacher
Ch. 499: Bruce Willis with hair
Ch. 500: You can make another anime if you want

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