Hayate no Gotoku! Final Chapter


Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo.

All right, this is it. Here comes the final chapter of a 13-year series; here also comes the final Chapter Review of the series written by me. Whatever happened in this chapter, there should be an overall sense of “this is over”. Yet if you have expected this to be a satisfactory conclusion to the entire series, you may be disappointed.

I am not even talking about the “ship wars”. For the record, I do not disagree with a Hayate-Nagi ending. As I have declared in the previous review, my single biggest concern about their romantic relationship has been addressed with Nagi dismissing Hayate’s service. You won’t find me celebrating this ship (fat chance), but you won’t find me complaining that it is an “undeserved” ship either. At the very worst, I am shrugging it off with a “well, if you say so” attitude.


This week on the website.

What I referred to as a “disappointment” is that this final chapter failed to tie up most (I am not even asking for “all”) loose ends in 29 pages. Instead, we only get a minimal overview of a ton of people in the first 14 pages, and then a finale for Nagi in the last 15 pages. Given the huge number of characters – some of them more popular than Hayate and Nagi – a mere 14 pages of overview means that someone is going to be overlooked.

The primary victims here are Maria and Ayumu, who do not even make an appearance in this chapter despite their importance. Maria in particular remains a complete mystery: Hata missed the best chance to explain the background or motive of Maria, and a potentially great character is now arguably even worse than a McGuffin – at least we usually get to know what happened to the McGuffin, but not Maria.


This week on Hata’s BS.

Ultimately, it is the hasty “conclusion” to all but a few characters that has driven the Internet crazy. Even Hata himself seem to acknowledge this problem, as he announced that Volume 52 – the final Tankobon – would come with additional content. To some fans, such additional content appears to be essential for finally sending Maria off. If an author needs even more pages to wrap up a main heroine after a 29-page final chapter (let alone the entire final arc itself, which is “supposedly” the Maria arc), his story-telling ability is certainly to be blamed.

To his credit, though, Hata did remember to do something about Hayate’s parents. For me the most awesome moment of this chapter is when Hayate’s parents got totally destroyed by Hisui and – surprise! – Ikusa. Miraculously, Shun demonstrated for one last time that he was undoubtedly the worst person in the entire series by abandoning his wife to the wrath of Hisui. Unfortunately for him, Ikusa was “expecting” him (with the help of Dr. Kurosu, apparently) right there, and judging by Shun’s screaming… I think I’d rather be with Hisui.


What if she did not have to make a wish for you?

Another mystery that Hata managed to resolved is Yukariko’s wish: she wished that Himegami would be given back his 50 years of life (which he wasted on wishing for a stupid Rocket Punch…) when the goddess was released again. It is kind of bittersweet for Himegami, I guess: on the one hand, Yukariko really had not ignored or forgotten about him, and that she called him a “friend”; on the other hand, this also means Himegami was totally “friend-zoned”. There is not much to complain about his “loss”, though: Yukariko moved on and married Shin Hayek, so perhaps it is also time for Himegami to move on.

The above two paragraphs covered the first nine pages of the chapter, and the next 20 were spent on wrapping up two female characters: Hinagiku and Nagi (by the order of appearance). There are many ways to compare and contrast these two girls: Hinagiku got about five pages, Nagi got about 15; Hinagiku’s story ended at the present time, Nagi’s story ended after a time skip; Hinagiku’s ship was sunk, Nagi’s ship set sail; Hinagiku fans weep, Nagi fans rejoice.


There is no point denying it to anyone, now that everybody knows…

If I have not misread Hata’s final BS, it comes to me as a shocker that Hinagiku’s final confession (maybe; we never heard it in the end) was actually an afterthought of Hata. He said that it was after attending Itou Shizuka-san’s (the voice actress of Hinagiku) concert that he realised he had forgotten about Hinagiku’s confession, so he rushed to insert such a scene. I am not sure if I should praise him for remembering Hinagiku, or criticize him for forgetting about Hinagiku in the first place.

So, what about Hinagiku’s confession? More than anything, it was about Hinagiku giving her first love a conclusion. Throughout the Finale, Hinagiku witnessed Hayate’s devotion to Nagi (she called it “Hayate-kun’s love” herself), and also Nagi’s strong attachment to Hayate. Hinagiku is likely the first person to admit that she had “lost” in the love battle. Yet, as Ayumu taught us already, just because your love is unrequited doesn’t mean that it is a false feeling. Hinagiku’s feelings for Hayate were real, and she wanted to honour her true feelings by being totally honest for once. At least she could move on without any regret.


Her journey is now complete.

The funny thing is that Hata doesn’t even bother to finish Hinagiku’s sentence. It is as if Hata has taken a page from Avengers: Age of Ultron, which ended with Captain America saying “Avengers, A-“. Of course, we also don’t get to see Hayate’s reaction to Hinagiku’s confession. Then again, taking the final scene into consideration, Hayate probably just turned her down. If so, it might be some kind of mercy for Hata not to show us that.

Of course, just as a good ship doesn’t make a character great, a sunk ship also doesn’t make a character trash. Rather, by admitting that she failed her first love, Hinagiku has completed her character development. Throughout the series she has been made fun of her two glaring weaknesses: her fear of height and her fear of love. Yet she successfully overcame both her weaknesses, and ended up being a more mature person who would be more ready for a better future. The only thing you could make fun of her now is her small chest size, but… it really is more a problem of you than the girl if you choose to dismiss her solely for her chest size.

So, what has gone wrong with Hinagiku’s first love? Well, I would just settle on the fact that her name wasn’t Sanzen’in Nagi. She wasn’t the one to save him on that Christmas Eve, she wasn’t the one who first built a bond with Hayate when he was at the lowest point of his life, she simply wasn’t Hayate’s saviour. She had not done anything (too) wrong; she was just not the first one to do the right thing. There is a very appropriate biological analogy, but it is far too indecent for an unrestricted blog, so… let’s not get to that, okay?


Seems like she has overcome her fear of height already!

At the end of the day, I insist that Hinagiku is not a bad character; it is just that she was not the girl Hayate had his eyes fixed on. As sad as it sounds, Hayate simply did not value Hinagiku as anything more than a friend. Well then, his loss; Hinagiku should just walk away from his life with dignity.

The same goes to fellow Hinagiku fans. Yes, we may be upset that our girl did not get the “glorious” victory – honestly, who wouldn’t want? The fact is just that our girl was not valued by the main character, whom Doughnut Gunso never failed to call “a piece of an ass”. We went on the “wrong” ship, but we all know that we supported a girl who has tried her best till the very end. All her struggles and development proved that Hinagiku is an amazing character, and I am proud to be a Hinagiku fan.


Big NO!!!

And then there comes the one thing that I hate most: time skip (it is two years in this work). Not only that it is a cliche that is so overused, it kind of rendered the “sending off montage” of just about everyone pointless. Instead of being satisfied with a proper ending, people are now once again bound to ask: where are they now? Maybe this is the purpose of the additional content, after all, as everyone would want to know what their beloved characters would be doing after the time skip.

Well, at least we do know the whereabouts of Chiharu and Kayura: they both were still staying with Nagi, and it isn’t really a surprise given that neither of them had a home in Tokyo. Nagi served as some sort of butler herself for the two, waking them up in the morning and preparing breakfast for them. These are supposedly the highlights of the scene, but somehow people’s attention are on… Nagi’s chest, which was big in her portrait but small in the close-up. Worse, the inconsistency is noticed on the same page.


I still find it hard to believe this is a 16-year old, for some reason…

This is followed by Nagi’s growth montage, in which she showed us that she had developed into her own version of Ms. Perfect – hopefully this will stop people tut-tutting about the “Sueness” of Maria or Hinagiku. Some might find Nagi’s growth hard to believe, but I think it is not unreasonable: we all know that Nagi had a lot of natural gift, and all she lacked was a determination to make use of them. Hayate and co. had encouraged her to put some efforts into her life, but she wouldn’t do it because she figured her efforts were unnecessary: why would she have to work hard when she had money and Hayate? Now that Nagi had no money and no Hayate (for now), she finally dedicated herself to be a better person and her efforts paid off. She might still not be at the absurd levels of Hayate, but she has done reasonably well.

And so we reached the final nine pages of the entire series, which are dedicated to the final reunion of Hayate and Nagi. Apparently Hayate had been secretly protecting Nagi in the dark; Nagi might have noticed this for some time already, but she finally called him out this time. Nagi proudly declared that she had done very well on her own in the past two years, only for Hayate to express his own feelings that he wanted to be with her. The two held hands and… the end!


“Which is why…” so what is why?

As far as ending goes, this seems to be a rather polarizing one: people are either very okay with it, or totally not okay with it. Doughnut Gunso is more on the “not okay” side, but not for the reason you probably expected. Again, I do not object to the Hayate-Nagi ship in principle; I am only not happy with the – admit it – lousy way Hata handled this ship.

Before I go on, let me ask you one simple question: why do you think that people have considerably fewer complaints (or debates) about the Wataru-Saki ship?

Really, the Wataru-Saki ship has a lot in common with the Hayate-Nagi ship: both stem from a master-servant relationship, both masters had to adapt to a more modest way of living, both boys have attracted serious contenders, both girls had doubted whether the boys truly loved them or not, and both ships were final winners. Yet while people may be upset for Isumi and Sakuya, they are reasonably understanding about the Wataru-Saki ship – I think few would suggest they did not look like a couple. Why the same thing could not happen to the Hayate-Nagi ship, to the point that we have uproars from the anti-Nagi camp on one hand, and tons of lectures from the pro-Nagi camp on the other hand? In my humble opinion, it boils down to Hata’s excellent writing about the Wataru-Saki ship, and some horrible writing about the Hayate-Nagi ship.



Despite being rather minor side characters – or perhaps because of it – the Wataru-Saki ship has been very straightforward. True, trials came from time to time, but at the end of all of them, we could always see Wataru reaffirming his love for Saki alone, and vice versa. Both of them have made their minds very clearly to everybody, and Wataru went as far as sinking his other ships – that one with Isumi in particular – by himself. People may not agree with his choice, but at least we all knew what he was thinking.

Things are a little more complicated with the Hayate-Nagi ship. Now, Nagi’s mind was crystal clear: she loved Hayate and thought he loved her back, so she felt betrayed when the truth about the misunderstanding was revealed, but ultimately forgave him after he gave his life for her. The problem here is – and it always has been – Hayate: his first love was Athena and he actually did not want to break up with her, he arguably fell in love with Maria at first sight, he felt sorry that he could not marry Ruka, he told Hinagiku that he could not accept her confession only because of his debt, he might have ended up with Ayumu if she was the one who found him on the Christmas Eve, and he was speechless when Nagi confronted him about his love for her. These mixed messages only beg one question: just what the Hell was this guy thinking all the time?


This is STILL about protecting her…

Yes, he always thought of protecting Nagi, but any servant or bodyguard would always be thinking of protecting their masters, so his feelings for her might be job-related. Yes, he took care of Nagi, but any responsible elder brother would take care of their younger sisters, so his feelings for her might be family-related. Yes, Nagi saved his life, but any follower would thank Jesus for saving their lives, so his feelings for her might be… religious?

You see, the problem with the Hayate-Nagi ship is that Hayate never managed to understand just what exactly were his feelings for Nagi, and I think that is why he didn’t manage to say “yes” or “no” to her question. Hata tried to explain on his BS that Hayate confirmed his love for Nagi when she dismissed him in the previous chapter, yet he did not bother to show what Hayate thought at the moment in the chapter itself. We just kind of have to accept that he really did fall in love with her, and then he hid himself in the dark for two years before Nagi called him out to confess to her. This is why I said at the beginning that I was of the “well, if you say so” attitude toward the ship: I did not really see why Hayate’s love for Nagi was romantic, and I only accepted it as a fact because Hata said so.


Those expert opinions will have as many words as the stars…

Of course, we have expert opinions on the Hayate-Nagi love relationship from Mad Mac and Nagicon, but consider this: if their love relationship is so obviously clear and indisputable to all readers, why would the walls of texts be necessary? Love theory articles are not written because the relationship is clear, but because the relationship is not clear!

Again, the ambiguity of the relationship does not prove that Nagi is a bad character; on the contrary, I think Nagi is a very good character because, among other things, her feelings for Hayate were crystal clear. Again, the problem is – and it always has been – Hayate, whom I consider a very horrible character who cannot even get his own mind straight most of the time. This is why I think that many people cannot accept the ending: they were not convinced that this is a romantic love relationship.


This is as definitive as it can be.

Well, in any case, this seems to be a rather definitive ending. There are many problems about this series, but we must honour the fact that Hata has stayed true to his intentions: this is a story about a lady and her butler; it started that way, and it ended that way. The Volume 52 Tankobon might indeed have some exciting additional content, but I think there would be nothing that would change the ending.

This is, of course, the final Chapter Review. I might come back from time to time to make a few more commentary pieces – a “final verdict” of some sorts and a few comments on the characters come to mind – and I will definitely be reviewing the additional content. Until then, Doughnut Gunso reports out. Thank you for staying with me all the way!


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  1. I will give my thoughts about your review later (6-7 hours from now if you check back ) but I thought this I should reveal how this series changed my life got me into the manga even more…..

    At first I saw this series on Animax…. (glory days back then) I got really addicted to Japanese anime since then. At first I was a nagi ship fan… Until I saw hinagiku (she appeared really less in the 1st season) . Her personality and character amazed me.. Compared to her.. Nagi was nowhere…. Instantly switched side to hinagiku… And seeing the 2nd season anime.. I was hyped up by it(hina ship) . No-one will forget the episode 12 and 13 😊😊😢😢 … Then animax got turned off and I never got to see it again… Two years later ..the channel came back to TV… By then I was into many other anime series…. Letter bee eureka 7 etc… During final exam animax returned with hayate series… Then I suddenly remembered “wait… What happened to this series? I never got to know who has hayate ended up with? What happened to the ending? There were showing only two seasons… Why? ” then I searched the net (actually getting net connection first time at home earlier that year (2012) ) I searched wiki of hayate… There I learned there was not any direct sequel to 2nd season ..rather a little different timeline story (CTMEOY) referred to as season 3 follow up with cuties.. I felt a bit sad since none of them following original timeline…anime got messed up… Then I found out about the manga… (first time actually) then I got relieved that I found something that I could follow the original story… Actually found out about the manga from the manga page of hinagiku in the hayate wiki, being called mom of child Athena 😂😂 then I read through not all the but special ones and especially where hinagiku was highlighted.. Really reading through the manga and anime.. I saw a potential in this bluexpink ship.. I started to search for more about hinagiku… Then I came to know about your blog (luckily..).. and fan made hayatehina ship stories and also different forums… Also I was so excited about hayate anime series before the manga.. I created a thread and that created a massacre in the forum sections among the anonymous and moderators. Everyone was Criticizing about the anime series.. Why it got messed up.. So many arguments.. Disagreements… And obviously about Jc creator

    That train confession is the second best scene of hayate hina moments…..

    The cruel angel thesis song is the best there was… I still to this day listen to it…

    Remember the 2009 ISML winner… hina …she was not really but extremely popular back then… Half credit to the animation studios of that time…

    After I got to know more about the storyline.. I started watching the manga.. Waited patiently for something that might have gone in favor of our hina…. Guess that didn’t happen.

    7 years passed….. Here I am.. writing this. Remembering all the moments the series gave me.. Especially hina San… And others too. Manga has ended with unsatisfactory and plot holes. We will never forget all the amazing characters… And obviously Not the person that got me to the anime more and more… Hinagiku FOR LIFE……. I wish hata make another manga of the main character looking like Hina or indeed hina

    • I came to know about the series through Animax too. I was halfway through watching Season One from the beginning when I read online that Season Two was much better in following the manga, so I went straight to Season Two, and boom!

    • and here i respect this series deep in my heart but the ending absolutely not whatever situation it has or whatever reason accepting the fact that all those crazy shit happen i will never ever accept this lolz i thought if i see the enfing i might be feeling good but i guess it was not just like what he all said hayate personality was rather bullshit or whatever shit i can say along with the ending who’m seems unacceptable on most fans or so i say sigh……. ….

    • this might be kind of late, but let me tell you that there hata-sensei newest manga has “hinugaku” married to “hayate”, literally same characters design, but this new hayate is super bold and straightforward with his feeling, also he is married to her right off the bat. manga is called tonikaku cawaii and the anime start wearing on October this year

  2. Just have to say that my final review is not in defense of my ship. It’s a tribute to Mai waifu. I don’t think expect to convince anyone who thinks otherwise. In any case, this is the end of the long ride. It’s been a good one, my friend.

    • Just one more thing: I never claimed that the Hayate x Nagi love relationship was crystal clear — just that it’s there if you look for it. Most people don’t. It’s a matter of perspective. We’re really saying the same thing phrased differently.

  3. Well, it’s over. I’m still going to wait for the translation, but it doesn’t make that much difference anymore.

    I find it hard to call this a proper conclusion because it hardly concluded anything besides the ship wars. You may argue it was just a story about Hayate and Nagi anyway, but with the amount of other elements that got thrown in during those 500+ chapters, this very frustrating. What about giving back the royal power back to the Gods or whatever it was? WTF happened to Maria and who is she? Tsugumi Ruri? Hina’s and Yukiji’s parents? And probably other things I forgot.

    It’s baffling because it seems like everything else had priority over the Nagi-Hayate ship until recently. The anime spin offs don’t count….

    But most importantly, as a Hina fan I found her send off in this chapter extremely out of place. He forgot about her confession you say?? He should have just left it be. Her grand finale a few chapters was pretty much it. It made clear she had sort of moved on. Why bring it back up here? Why confess if she had already moved on? This is a step back. It annoys the hell outta me that the last panel Hina appears in shows her heartbroken and teary eyed. Cliche and bad taste. IMO, the first panel of page 11 (I think?) looks a lot more conclusive. Picture this:

    “Oh, BTW Hayate-kun, I used to like you. Take good care of Nagi. See ya”
    Looks back, smiles and walks away. Done.

    I’m ok with the outcome itself though. Adds a sense of cold and cruel reality. We move on eventually, that’s ok. Just makes her character even more memorable to me, because I can relate to this.

    That said, this is it. No more use whining.
    What a ride. Even tho the end was not up to par, the series itself is still quite dear to me. I had moved on even before the finale started, but it’s still sad to see it over.

    If you are open to suggestions, watch KONOSUBA if you have not done so yet. Might diminish the effects of withdrawal syndrome – will cheer you up in no time. Just good good fun. I effing love that series. One of my current favs. All the main characters are assholes and you can’t help but love them for it.

    It has two short 10 episode anime seasons and 10 LN volumes.

    Until you realize they have not announced season 3 yet and rage…. ha

    I can’t stress how much it is important to watch Konosuba. It’s mandatory. Go and watch it now.

    • our ship was forcefully brought down by hata because of his interest/target from the beginning ..maybe he should start another manga with hinagiku in the main character and not someone foolish like hayate … as male character hero

    • I would say that, if Hata never intended for Hina to win at the end, then he should not have written her into a possible love interest in the first place. At the end of the day Hata only used Hina to bail Hayate’s ass out of trouble, which she totally would do as just a friend of Hayate.

      At the end of the day, she did not get the boy and she did not become the coolest girl in the world. While she ended up being a better girl, you could still say that she is kind of being wasted.

  4. Okay now time for my thoughts about this final chapter………….
    1. not the way I wanted the manga to end ….featuring only a few characters.. leaving ayumu and maria in the dark.

    2. not a satisfactory ending to the mystery of royal power and the hype created in the golden week arc was pretty much spoiled..

    3. I will say blatantly …hata was quite selfish on his terms in the last two chapters … ignoring the other characters and their past unrevealed history focusing only on his favorite pair

    4. the parents of hinagiku and yukiji was never presented.(why they left them) … this could have been an answer given to hinagiku by hata….speaking of parents , where is yukiji????

    Now from a hina fan’s perspective—

    –Why THE HELL was hayate never got to know that hina was the one helped him as silver red? although hata controls this but she did not deserve that.. that was harsh
    Himegami did tell her that hayate would never know what she was doing for him— makes me sad every time

    –hata knows this too… but hinagiku was a strong competitor and threat vs his favorite pair… at every pole of ships around the net ….hinagiku won most of the votes….. it was quite difficult from him to remove her ….at the end he needed and fired 59 TOMAHAWK MISSILES (for no logical reason) to sunk our ship. and Yet ayumu got a kiss …. WTF???
    that is only manga /anime I really liked that had a terrible ending…(obviously not for nagi fans regardless of the ending)

    • Well, I would at least praise Hata for his guts not to give in to character popularity. We saw what happened when writers give in with Gundam SEED Destiny.

      You made a good point though: Hata seems to rely on Hina’s popularity too much. At the end of the day he was no different from Hayate: using Hina whenever they were in trouble, and ditching her when they were fine. That’s not the way to treat any person, at all.

    • that’s why in the ending days..i was always criticizing hata …. i got a bad feeling about his cruel intentions which turned out to be true..
      out of curiosity…what is the future of this blog or new blog…? assuming ..you will not starting blog with hata’s manga ?… or not?
      is hata starting new manga …. this year?
      i would think 10 times before starting to read it…. :/

    • Hata’s new series? I might not even give it a chance.

      As for the blog itself, maybe I will work on some other anime. No episode by episode reviews, but overall reviews. Some character profiles may be written too.

    • sad but..i really liked your analysis (for your neutral points of view)…. long years of reviews and stories….
      hata really hammered hina fans… that really made us hate his next upcoming mangawork..

    • “Neutral”, huh? I don’t know, the Internet still treats me as a die-hard Hinagiku fan anyway, and I know that I got trolled because of that. 🙂

    • In the end, there’s really no such thing as neutrality once you’ve made a particular amount of emotional investment into something. I think you at least try to write balanced reviews though — and this is coming from a rival shipper, so that’s something.

    • Some people seem to think that Hinagiku fans are all stupid and blind, so I consciously watched myself and try to sound less stupid and blind. I am still considered stupid and blind anyway.

      So feck it. :D:D:D

    • “hinagiku fans are stupid and blind” ..lol^100 …i bet they were jealous of us..and treating us as a threat ….. true fans of this manga know how important this character is …. (excluding die hard fans of nagi or other fans )

    • @Saiyan32 Umm… you do know that this is the type of comment of yours that incites flame wars, right? I understand your passion for Hinagiku, but implying that Hinagiku fans are superior or “true fans” is unfair. The same is true for fans from any ship, including mine.

      Let’s just say that there are points wherein we cannot see eye to eye, but I’m an advocate of mutual respect regardless. Criticize the piece all you like, don’t criticize the fans unless they do it to you first of course (which you will never see me do.) In that case, if haters are gonna hate — then hate them back is my philosophy.

    • You guys misunderstood that.. Sorry I wasn’t specific… That was a response to those who said ““hinagiku fans are stupid and blind” … As a hina fan… It is my duty to respond and also I don’t expect ship wars right here just because of that… But frankly speaking @nagicon… I personally don’t care if it incites ship wars… you don’t say those words and get away with it…probably true for all shippers I think…

    • Man, if you were not being specific, your calling out of other fans is pretty uncalled for. You know, I was thinking “here we go again” when I saw that part.

      I think many of us make the mistake of justifying ourselves with words like “it is those fans that I hate”. Maybe I shouldn’t have raised my own frustration in the first place, but really, being on the receiving end too often makes me realise that I shouldn’t be on the delivering end myself.

    • Also “true fans”.. Is unfair? Why? Because What I meant was… To all the fans (if thinking neutrally) she is an amazing character.. Which doesn’t mean others don’t count here.. Ayumu Maria etc are all amazing… Hina is one of them… No-one will say hinagiku is bad character or boring character unless someone does not think neutrally…that’s what I was trying to say…… I never said hina was superior… Never criticized nagi…. Despite being a die hard fan.. So I didn’t expect you would be offended by it so much. …

    • @Saiyan32: No, I’m not offended by that. It’s just that I understood your words to imply that only Hina fans are true fans of the series — which is what I found unfair. Clearly, it’s a misunderstanding on my part based on your explanation, so it’s all good.

  5. Well, I’ll confess that I missed/skipped a few chapters in between, so correct me if I am wrong, but…

    First… What about Hina’s biological parents? I mean, the fact that her backstory resembled Hayate’s made me feel that that would be what would tie her to the larger mythos… but Hata did not even address that! Come on, that might not have been as flashy as Hayate’s backstory, but it still deserved to be explored, larger mythos or not.

    And what about Yukiji? We only see her back in the Hina-sendoff, and that’s it? She was, arguably, the most unique character in the series… she deserved a couple of pages of her own!

    And then there is the fact that the whole thing feels so rushed… Fumi was to be the next president of Hakuou… and that isn’t even addressed? It did feel like the series could lead to graduation at the time, and that Hakuou would receive a final sendoff with Fumi becoming the next president. It is actually interesting how Hakuou lost importance as the series progressed.

    It feels like that the end was so rushed that Hata had no choice but to somehow conclude the arc most important to him… the Hayate-Nagi arc (so much so that he ignored/left out most of the other aspects of the story). CTMEOY, Cuties and the third OVA, all feature a Hayate-Nagi ending, so it does feel like Hata wanted this from the beginning and that he would have developed the relationship if he had the time… or maybe he is just not that good a writer.

    • Looking back, Hina’s parents seem to be some kind of plot device for her to fall in love with Hayate. I think Hata might have decided that they were not important in this series, and hence not showing them at all.

      Yukiji seemed to be walking the earth now that she had left Hakuou. She made a final appearance to aid Hina fighting Himegami, so I think that’s fine.

      Fumi… I don’t know. She could be fun, but whenever she appeared, I have the feeling that she was wasting my time. Then again, her android was an even bigger problem.

      In any case, we could make a very long list on the loose ends that are left unaddressed. The rumour is that the series was being axed, so Hata’s plan was screwed. However, he should take his own blame because he wasted too many chapters on “fillers” which did not really help with character development or the plot. Somebody tell me what purpose Konoha was meant to serve, please.

    • On Konoha: I’d interpret her portion as a way for Hata to affirm that Hayate had also developed as a character. From being someone being led on by circumstances to someone who was now able to make a firm decision and take matters into his own hands. Thus, she is the first girl that Hayate rejects clearly, unequivocally and without any ambiguity. Hayate even affirms this further by not creating a new misunderstanding on this matter when Ayumu asks him about it.

    • @nagicon , first, congratulations on your victory xD
      I guess you are right… I, for one, always considered her to be fanservice eye-candy who got an extended role almost as an afterthought xD

      Also, one more thing that was kinda on my mind… Are we never getting an official explanation for just why there are so many girls (and so few guys) in the series?

    • Konoha’s scenes might represent Hayate’s growth as a character, but the point is: does this justify creating an all-new character?

      That comes back to the opinion that Hata has created so many female characters. The thing is that there are so many under-utilised characters that it wouldn’t hurt much if we can half the female cast and reassign their roles to those remaining. Fumi, Sharna, Kayura, Konoha, Yozora, Tsugumi… can’t they just be condensed into two or three characters?

      Given how he treats his characters and his own works (the guy has been working on multiple works for a while, mind you), I have the impression that Hata is a very impatient person who looks for shiny new things every other few months. He might want to make things look fresh, but he also upset people by forgetting about these characters after readers got attached to them.

    • Well, I’m not saying that Konoha’s creation or scenes were well-justified, in any case. Just answering the question as to what her purpose might have been. I think Hata is the type of writer who will always create polarizing effects with his audience because of the way he imposes his will upon the plot. I can relate because I consider myself to be such a writer. This may also be the reason why I’m willing to overlook a lot of the flaws in his works as long as he sticks to what I’ve always perceived to be the driving force of the series (Hayate and Nagi and whatever happens in-between them). In the end, Hata is a very selfish author and his works do have appeal to very selfish people like myself. That, and I was always rooting for his main ship, of course.

    • I know, and my criticism of Konoha’s creation wasn’t directed at you.

      And by the way, since I don’t have a ship now, I have nothing else to see but the flaw, so… 😀

    • Well, there were personally a lot of things in the manga that I couldn’t agree with myself. Of course, riding the wave of euphoria at the moment, I’m willing to forgive just about all of them. I think I might be able to look back on this manga through the lens of objectivity some day… just not right now. With that said, I don’t think I could ever criticize Nagi.

  6. It is fun to see how Hinagiku’s trajectory as a character mirrors Barney’s (from How I Met Your Mother).
    Both were originally supporting characters who also were the “coolest” in their respective series. Both went on to get larger and larger parts in the subsequent seasons/volumes solely because of their popularity. Both had their characters transition from a more aggressive personality to a mellowed down version of themselves. Both had a better chance with the lead character than the creator’s favourite for a major part of the series. Both were individually responsible for some of the best (and best remembered) moments of their respective series. And, ultimately, both were shot down despite trying the hardest of anyone in the series and in pretty polarising endings which many people ( being fans of the “shot down” character or people simply upset with the poorly constructed ending arc) will probably come to hate (or “dislike” at the very least).

    • I think the thing is that this sort of thing happens over and over again. I thought Hata was genre savvy enough to avoid such a trap (by not writing Hinagiku into a love interest, for a start), but he ends up being one that got bitten hardest by it.

  7. If you look at the later chapters (the complete latter half of the series, in a way), Hina was actually pulled back a lot in terms of character development… she actually lost a lot of the strength and “coolness” that made her so popular. Maybe we all were just chasing shadows… rooting for the character she once was (and we knew could be) but not the one that she had become?

    Also, why on earth would Hata make the most popular (by far) character he has ever created less cool? I don’t get that at all.

    • Some sort of stereotyping, I guess. “It is not good for girls to be strong and aggressive”, “Girls are cute when they are shy and vulnerable”… things like that.

      The proof is that Hata wrote on his BS that Hinagiku’s confession scene is “her cutest scene”. I think we can say that this is the way Hata prefers his girls to be, and so we say bye-bye to the ultra cool Hinagiku. Arguably Hinagiku prefers herself to be more… feminine as well, so her new-found vulnerability counts as “growth” or “character development” of sorts.

    • “The proof is that Hata wrote on his BS that Hinagiku’s confession scene is “her cutest scene”.”


      Just looked for the scans. That scene feels very flat to me.

      For me that honor belongs to the ‘umbrella scene’ (s2 ep. 6) or the end of the ‘Date Arc’ (ch. 164 – very colorful. hard to chose a specific panel). Take your pick.

  8. Im not here just to talk about the ship between Hayate and the girls. But this last chapter has disappointed me so much that I dont even know where to start off.
    The thing I consider about most is how could Hata treat maria so bad that it feel like her roll is nothing than just a normal character. He could at least make her appear on this last chapter.
    Nagi, Hina, Athena, Ayumi, Luca, and even Maria was a part of Hayate harem and yet only Nagi and Hina took the spot light on the last chapter.
    All in all, he should not announce this is the last chapter and make a proper one.

    • The general consensus is that this is a very rushed concluding chapter which only managed to wrap up Nagi (and arguably Hina) properly. Maria’s treatment in particular is disappointing.

      Well, there is still the “additional content” in Vol. 52 to look forward to.

  9. long ranting text

    ayy… the bait and switch. 13 years of of ship teasing and blatant up-sell of popular character because the manga lacks flavor with Nagi in the spotlight. The story was far more better with Hayate on the spotlight but when the spotlight turned to Nagi after A-tan arc, it really went from great to why am I reading a manga called Hayate no gotoku when every single major arc is now pure Nagi boost.

    I would say Hata should avoid writing drama ever. He doesn’t have the balls to pull the trigger, The break up scenarios. Heck, make a proper break up for everyone is what everyone asked but he actually said he forgot about it like WTF man, your most popular character, the one that you shamelessly sell for the last 13 year and you forgot…. I call BULL, I believe Hata got the BLUE BALLS on giving her a proper ending because of it’s his fave MC time to shine like the last 4 major arcs which she still failed to shine. The only one that got a decent one is Ayumu arguably but her ending was more to drive a plot which makes her break up less compelling. Poor Hina and Athena, they will be remembered as the ones that allowed the series to live for 13 years but only to get an unsatisfying ending.

    Hata can make all the excuse he wants which he has from not being able to use ctmeoy plot due to contract and time constraint even though he got 13 years and a chunk of those are filler chapters, but I guess Hata wants everybody to either learn a lesson from this which is probably don’t touch anything that has a harem genre in it or convert everyone to like Nagi which he kinda succeed because technically he wrote a bad story for everyone else that most casual fans left the burning ship and stop reading. BTW, what is the main idea of Hayate no gotoku, I know get lucky and hope the universe revolves around you like Nagi or work hard like hina and get taken advantage of for 13 years only to get this sad ending.

    but seriously, the guy shouldn’t write drama. his writing style makes me want to avoid reading any drama, romance or harem related manga after this. Well, especially Harem, I really don’t like more than 5 love interest anymore. I hope someone makes a PSA for all mangaka, if you have more than 5 love interest make sure to give them a good break up like kimi no iru machi and not like Hayate no Gotoku where there is a force wall that prevents supporting character from confessing until it’s too late or be turned to a kid and do nothing for 5 years IRL. It’s like the mangaka arc said some authors are only good at marketing and the irony is Hata is one of them.

    Well, grats Nagi shippers. Let’s all celebrate the death of an Icarus of a manga. got lucky to get close to the sun and got burned and was unable to rise back from the ashes.

    • To be fair, Hata does have a flair for emotional scenes. All the things that happened in the Athena saga were proof of that. Putting the “Royal thingies” aside for 6 months in-story seems to be a bad idea though, as Hata needed something else to fill in the blank period, and honestly neither the Mangaka saga nor the School Trip saga were good enough drama. The thing is, if we skip Ch. 267 onward and head straight to the Finale, I think we wouldn’t be missing too much in terms of plot(TM).

      Quite a few ships were actually first sunk in the Athena saga (Ch. 239!!), but somehow they got “repaired” because Hata thought that Hayate still needed a harem. If he decided to put his efforts in developing Hayate-Nagi into a proper ship back then, I think it would be easier for us to accept. What we got though was further ship teases for Hina, Ayumu, Athena etc., while Hayate and Nagi were busy with their own stuff. The addition of Ruka and Konoha didn’t help.

      Icarus is a pretty spot on reference here.

  10. Hey there Gunso. Nice update. 🙂

    I and LordCloudX agree about some of the characters being wrapped up too quickly (I moreso) but disagree that the love affair was poorly handled on Hayate’s part. We think he’s both a subtle person by nature and deeply abused because of his upbringing. That is, we like Hayate’s part of the romance because we like Hayate.
    I personally think you are confusing your dislike of Hayate’s personality with his personality being poorly written, but I respect your analysis.

    Thanks for providing us with a wonderful blog for all these long years!

    • You have a point here, as I am indeed not sure whether it is Hayate’s personality itself or Hata’s presentation of his personality that is bad. Maybe it is a case of the author’s bad writing that led to a bad character.

      If you say that he is subtle, I would say that he is too subtle, to the point that I just don’t understand him as a person. A long time ago, Mentar raised the point that Hayate did not have a sense of “self”. Really, just who was Hayate?

      If Hayate’s “self” is just a person who wanted to protect Nagi, then it is an issue in itself: is it really okay to define a person by nothing more than his partner?

  11. I agree with you.I didn’t really care about ship,and I am not angry about Hayate.Nagi relationship,but it seemed a lousy way to end all the characters stories. I think Hata should have take inspiration from Maison Ikkoku,in that manga there is no loose ending,all characters got the ending they deserved

    • Time constraint could be an excuse for Hata… if only partially. He seemed to have a plan, he just messed around too much to fully execute said plan.

  12. Pingback: Kanashimi Yo Konnichi Wa: Farewell Hayate the Combat Butler – Reverse Thieves

  13. Saw you commented “Well, I would at least praise Hata for his guts not to give in to character popularity. We saw what happened when writers give in with Gundam SEED Destiny.”

    So, there was a shoujo manga… Where the girl X is between boy A and B. Someone said that Japanese fans go as far as threaten the mangaka so that girl X ends with boy B. And it really ended with Girl X being with boy B. After that, the mangaka started a new series, and it kinda has the same situation and characteristic with her previous manga, except this time no someone like boy B… It was as if the mangaka still not over her previous work…

    I like to draw and wanna make manga myself, having my story, my character… thus it makes me sad hearing about mangaka that can’t even make it end the way they want :/ I do have my fair share of ship that sail or sunk, but hell, after this and that, for the sake of the God that makes their world, I choose to just accept (even if it’s bitter for me) whoever they choose, it’s their creation after all. Kudos to Hata and (Tite) Kubo for choosing whoever they want despite character and ship popularity lol

    • While accepting the fact that Hata “doesn’t care” about character popularity, there is this question: so why the heck did anybody care about character popularity, anyway?

      You see, when popularity doesn’t give a character the best ending, the popularity itself seems to become a curse. Look at Hinagiku…

  14. just gonna repost what I put in a forum:

    This was a disgrace to the series. In fact, the entire finale was a disgrace to the series. So many things simply did not make sense and it was incredibly rushed, which meant that many things did not end up getting explained well at all. Hayate’s parents should have been in the manga for more than 2 fucking chapters, Maria’s ENTIRE character should have been explained more (why she left, and who she really is, etc), Athena and Hinagiku’s conversation should have been disclosed, which most of you probably don’t even know what I’m referring to because it was so vague.

    I really like how Nagi went from being the same bitch that she was since ch.1 from 1 chapter to this re-defined caring princess in the next chapter (referring to third to last going into second to last chapter). It took you completely losing Hayate for like 10 seconds to change your character entirely. Great job.

    And just wow, this last chapter. How can I even explain how I feel? I am a huge Hinagiku fan, and even I’m not that satisfied at what happened. It was barely a confession scene at all. But whatever I guess, at least she confessed!(?)

    …Aaand it obviously didn’t work since 2 years later (random time skip), Nagi is sitting at the same spot she met Hayate in the first place, and POP! Hayate randomly shows up. He hints that he never lost feelings for her after the couple of years, and bam, manga complete. Couldn’t have been any more cheesy. I don’t feel good about Hinagiku’s confession at all; she should have saved her breath.

    I am having a hard time understanding how somebody could feel satisfied at this ending, but hey, each to their own.

    NEVERTHELESS, this manga kept me entertained for many years and I want to thank Hata for that. Thanks for creating my favorite character ever. You really fucked up at the finale, but for the most part, you did an ok job.

    * * *

    …alright well there’s that. Your viewpoint on this ending was very interesting to read, Gunso, and I agree with most of what you said. I truly think that Hinagiku was treated very unfairly as a character, among others. So much potential was there, only for the ending to be extremely cliched and cheesy.

    I want to say thanks for writing up such an interesting blog for these years, even though I was only starting to read them starting at chapter ~535 or so. It felt nice reading reviews from a neutral perspective (mostly), rather than something blatantly biased. However, our devotion to Hinagiku will not be forgotten, and we both know how great of a character she really was. It just came down to the fact that, like you said, that Hinagiku was not the person who saved Hayate. That’s it. She lost from the very beginning because of Hata’s poor writing. Truly depressing, but whatever, life goes on…

    • Cheers! Thanks for your kind words!

      On Hinagiku, it can be argued that she wanted to end her feelings for Hayate by confessing. “I know your heart belongs to Nagi, but it doesn’t stop me from loving you. I just want you to know what my feelings are. Good luck and goodbye.”

      This can be a damn cool scene, but with Hata cutting the conversation, we probably would never know how the scene played out.

    • As gunso has stated in this very review, I’ve actually written words as countless as the stars on why I am satisfied with this ending. I hope some of those words serve to clarify my perspective — however much you may disagree with them. Different strokes for different folks. kthxbai.

    • I agree with you there that …. about hina’s confession….. @Kuro…… I too thought her confession would be dramatic if not successful… but memorable…. but certainly ..not like this man….not like this…. whatever people says… this is a dissatisfactory ending to all ….

      also hayate’s sudden realization of his true love is also awkward enough.. poorly handled by hata.,…..

  15. I wasn’t completely satisfied with how Hayate’s parents were dealt with. Sure, they got their asses kicked badly but the people dishing out the punishment were the worst possible choices. Hisui is arguably even worse of a person than the parents because not only is she greedier but she’s willing to resort to murder if necessary (she was seriously trying to kill Mikado), a line that Hayate’s parents haven’t been shown to be willing to cross. Ikusa is just as guilty of abandoning and being neglectful of Hayate as much as his parents. This made the parents long-deserved punishment feel empty to me.

    I would have much preferred if Yukiji, Hinagiku and Tsugumi were the ones to beat up Hayate’s parents. These three (assuming Tsugumi was abandoned by her birth parents like her anime counterpart) know what its like to have shitty birth parents so they’d have much more empathetic motivations and I’d totally root for them. Yukiji would have been motivated out of personal standards, Hinagiku would do so out of love for Hayate and Tsugumi would have done so out of love for Nagi.

    I agree about how Wataru and Saki having much more depth and development really helped make their relationship endearing. The 2 year time skip was a huge kick to the nuts.

    I had hoped that Tsugumi would have been featured as one of Nagi’s roommates alongside Chiharu and Kayura. GAH, so many loose ends and potential! Oh, well. Here’s hoping for a Tsugumi spin-off.

    I’m really disappointed in how Hayate no Gotoku ended but I enjoyed reading through Hayate Report so I have no regrets in the end. Thanks, Gunso!

    • Yea… far too many loose ends. Hata seems to have promised to include some additional materials in Tankobon Vol. 52, but if it means I have to pour money into it… I don’t like this idea.

      Thanks for joining me on this journey. Your comments are invaluable to me, even though I might not have replied often enough (too lazy…).

  16. Whew. Finally got to read the final chapter. As promised on Twitter, I’ve come back to this post of yours.

    The chapter left quite a lot to be desired, and overall I find it rather underwhelming. The build-ups in the previous “finale” chapters were super exciting. I mean, those battles, chivalric acts, and explosions of emotions, all of them blew me away. Then there came this final chapter, which was meh at best. Why get people that high only to let them down like this? The characters “slideshow” leading to Hina’s confession was ridiculous. As you said, among those characters, some are probably more popular than the main guy himself, yet the author failed to address them properly. Maria’s backstory was probably one of the most important things that should have been unveiled prior to the finale, yet was cast aside, into oblivion. During the serialization of this manga, Hata made a habit of opening up “new doors,” but ultimately never closing them. What a waste of potential.

    As for the final pairing, even though Nagi is my second best character in this series, I still have trouble comprehending the author’s decision. This feels like him shoving the results down our throats without making any serious attempts to justify them. In the first place, this romance was a lie that stemmed from Nagi’s own misunderstanding. Hayate, throughout the story, never showed any romantic interest in Nagi, as he viewed her solely as his mistress and benefactor. At some point, you could call it something like a brother caring for his little sister. It was never a romance, and there was never any seed (on Hayate’s side) that was meant to blossom later on. Even at the end, all Hayate thought was that he had to protect the girl. It felt like he was doing it out of obligation and gratefulness, rather than romantic interests. All that Hata might call love between the two of them just appeared out of thin air, skipping any kind of development whatsoever. This ship had been an illusion, and in the end it wasn’t anything more than that.

    But still I love Nagi. She might first appear to be nothing more than a spoiled rich girl, but I can say with confidence her character definitely evolved. She learned to appreciate everything around her. With Hayate’s help, she gradually took her steps out of her own aristocratic cage, then at times stood up for her own convictions and for those she cared deeply about, and finally managed to tackle life on her own two feet. Though the evolution of her character seemed to be handled clumsily in the final chapter, I’d still welcome it. Hate her or love her, you’ve gotta admit the girl is amazing. (Go, Nagi, you rock!)

    The disappointment on the Hina ship was almost inevitable. (Fellow Hina faction members, I share your sentiments.) As Hina fans, I’m sure many of us stayed defiant until the result became crystal clear (heck, even you yourself, Sarge, were grasping at straws on every detail that, according to your own analyses, might trigger something in favor of the ship), but admit it, all of us knew deep down that this ship was always doomed to sink. Hina herself was partly to blame for not being straightforward and decisive enough, and she was never anything more than a female friend that tended to get angry easily to Hayate. I agree with you, Sarge, her fatal weakness in the ship war was that she wasn’t the central heroine. The writing had been on the wall for ages, we just refused to turn to look. All that aside, Hina was, is and will always be my indisputable all-time best character. (Proudly raises the Hina flag! Hah!)

    I admit I sometimes got a beef with Hata’s writing during the serialization (especially all those nonsensical fillers that repeatedly interrupted the main storyline), but this series is special, and will always have a place in my heart. Thus many thanks to him for creating this series. The journey was long, but enjoyable and filled with fond memories.

    • Hi there! It’s funny that we talk more about Manchester United than Hayate, even though you knew me through the latter! (I just want this season to end already, by the way!)

      I think I don’t deserve the honour (not a sarcasm) of being a true Hinagiku shipper. I have my theories, but at certain point I have prepared myself for the ultimate disappointment. Still, what pushed me on was that otherwise there would be one voice less supporting our beloved character. “Do not go gentle into that good night”, indeed.

    • One reason why most of us Nagi shippers were satisfied with this ending is because we had accepted long ago that given the circumstances of their meeting, Hayate would not see Nagi as a romantic interest until the end or near the end of the series. (we wanted the cliche, yes) This is exactly what happened… although Hata did state that Hayate’s perspective on Nagi changed at that moment in chapter 567 as they were talking.

      This is one of several reasons why I find the ending satisfying and acceptable. It might not be to people who never wanted Hayate x Nagi to happen in the first place, but it works for me. That’s how I perceive it and I don’t claim that it is correct. As always, it’s subjective and we all have our own circumstances and biases.

    • “…although Hata did state that Hayate’s perspective on Nagi changed at that moment in chapter 567 as they were talking.”

      That was what perplexed me. That sounded too convenient. An abrupt change of heart after over 500 chapters of stagnancy was kinda unbelievable, and I don’t think he did enough on his part to make it convincing.

      Had that romantic feeling been nurtured and developed over time, it would’ve been easier to accept.

      But well, it was the author’s ultimate decision, and I’m obliged to respect that. Tbh, I don’t have that much of a problem with the Nagi ship (as I said, she’s my second best character in the series), it’s just that the way Hata handled this was kinda sloppy.

    • Thing is, if we need a “word of God” to confirm the turning point of Hayate’s perspective, then the author kind of failed in storytelling.

    • That’s just it, though. Some people need said “word of god,” but not all. Some people readily accept it, some don’t. Like I said, it’s a matter of perspective. The writing on his blog is just there if it’s needed. We can never be sure if he put it there as just an afterthought or if he really intended to use it as “evidence” of his chosen pairing.

      Personally, I never needed it and I at least know a few other people who don’t. If the majority need it, then that just proves that the majority need it — not necessarily that he failed in storytelling. But well, I will admit that the way the story was handled as a whole could use a lot of improvement (admitted by Hata himself… and nothing is perfect anyway.)

  17. don’t worry ..your are not the only one holding up hina flag….. we will all do…….. Kuro Ansokubi you know one thing..that cheers me up?… is that Our hinagiku was not defeated by REALITY,FACTS….. but brought down by the author himself…..remember ..hayate himself said..that he would be happy to have hinagiku as her girlfriend….. Nagi was never quite on his mind…. it was just the responsibility that bounded him within…………. maybe he also thought that he didn’t have the luck to have someone like hinagiku ….(he never imagined she liked her)………

    oh well ..I never thought comment was still going on since I left … so… let;’s roll… XD

  18. Whaa, what a long argument you had. So sorry for Hina-chan and her fans because the MC didn’t choose her at the end. In reality, there are no logical explanation if someone is in love. If the same goes to manga’s world, I wouldn’t put a blame or hatred. So, to all the fans, don’t give logical explanation about love and relationship. There is no logical explanation to choose someone or to love someone. Just…… get a life, guys. Because, if you don’t understand what I said, maybe you should experience once :p Peace yo!!!

  19. Hmm.I already spent my 5 days and 4 nights by reading this manga,but lastly i regret it.Why?Because of the fckin idea in the ending.I think I have more idea how to end the story that hata,literally i cant sleep well after reading the ending.I have an idea if the ending is go with this flow~|Nagi not forgot the sin hayate have,the boy that like nagi and go to her fiance and ask where nagi in some ep met nagi in the school where nagi transfer.The boy came with some effort and get nagi’s heart in the end.And hayate try to apologize to nagi many times but didnt get accepted.Therefore hayate was so sad and hinagiku see her.Hayate realized his efforts was enough for this dumb girl(nagi),then he continue his life.He think he already gained the freedom,and think that he was free to love others.Lastly he see his parents,his parents not regret what they did.Afterwards when he walk to talk to his parents he see maria in the back and maria explain why she was there and she say”Sorry for not saying to you earlier,i already have many chance to talk to you about that but Iam so scared.Because when i see you so happy I think its already enough.Hayate was so disappointed and think about suiciding,but he remember hinagiku.He love her at the end and they already married and they saw nagi dating with his boyfriend and hayate have a good smile.He knew that he have good decisions.Btw hamster become a pretty businessman and have a boyfriend.

  20. i just finished watching anime s1 until s4… but after seeing this ending manga .. i am so dissapointed.. because i am support hinagiku 😦

  21. Honestly nagi deserves someone better. Hayate doesn’t deserve her love. I hated his character and the way nagi’s love is so pure. Hayate’s feelings are not even clear. He just seems the type to fall in love with every girl. Nagi lost so much because of that guy. I think nagi should have just forgot about hayate and moved on with someone who would actually love her. I feel like hayate just made use of nagi the whole time. I hope he ended with someone else so that nagi could move on and live with someone who truly loves her. Hayate could never choose nagi as the only one for him and the number of times he cheated on her. I feel so bad for nagi as her love was so pure but that bastard hayate didn’t deserve it.

  22. I am not a fan of this series as I actually hate harem animes but this anime is one of the few that I can actually tolerate. I have only seen a few episodes in Animax (therefore, I probably don’t have the right to butt in here) and since watching the first episode, I am rooting for Nagi. But as a Nagi fan, I am quite shocked with how it ended too. I only chanced upon this review after checking out how the manga ended after watching it years ago and I find it hard to believe that Hayate really did end up with Nagi. Usually, authors follow what the majority of fans wants and I saw how popular HInagiku was. I also thought that Hayate just saw Nagi as a child. But voila! They really did end up together! And after reading some of the comments, I concluded that non-Nagi fans are either totally hating/disappointed in the ending because Hayate did not end up with HInagiku or are accepting of the Hayate-Nagi ship but just disappointed with how the mangaka wrapped up the story, that there were still loose ends and seems that there are characters that the mangaka totally forgot to give spotlight in the final chapter. This reminded me of how Bleach ended. Most fans (including me) complained that Ichigo didn’t end up Rukia and instead ended up with Orihime which completely don’t make sense since he never ever showed even a tiny bit of romantic feeling for Orihime in the series. And there were also complaints about the other characters’ lack of appearance in the final chapter. One complaint that stuck to me was how Ishida was always alone and at the end, still is alone. So I think the real problem with these kind of mangas was that when it become famous, the mangaka adds random arcs just to extend the series. And after a long, long time, of course, some fans lose interest (or just grew up, became busy with life) and the mangaka had to wrap the story up quickly and neglect to give justice to the supporting characters and pairs up the main characters. But then again, of course, I am happy and satisfied with the ship that prevailed in Hayate No Gotoku. I really couldn’t agree more when you said that “There are many problems about this series, but we must honour the fact that Hata has stayed true to his intentions: this is a story about a lady and her butler; it started that way, and it ended that way.”

  23. Hey, Gunso! Been a while!

    I’ve been wondering. Have you considered doing reports or at least a review on Tonikaku Kawaii? Hata’s writing has improved a lot in it and its gotten a lot more popular than Hayate no Gotoku.

    • Wow, hi, really been a while.

      To be honest I haven’t been doing reviews anymore. I just no longer have the energy to write so many words on a weekly basis.

    • its really been a while…i guess things are not the same …even i myself dont watch new animes anymore…miss the good old days of scrolling through regular discussion…i tend to come here as soon as i finished reading the manga

  24. “So, what has gone wrong with Hinagiku’s first love? Well, I would just settle on the fact that her name wasn’t Sanzen’in Nagi. She wasn’t the one to save him on that Christmas Eve, she wasn’t the one who first built a bond with Hayate when he was at the lowest point of his life, she simply wasn’t Hayate’s saviour. She had not done anything (too) wrong; she was just not the first one to do the right thing”

    I disagree with some points…. What nagi did is only pick up hayate and gave him a job … while this was also very important assistance for hayate… Other than this..Nagi actually didnt do that much for Hayate

    meanwhile Hinagiku saved his ass multiple times…BEHIND the curtain…………..like ……………..picked up hayate when nagi kicked him out of the mansion……like motivating him to convey his feelings for athena… despite her loving him … then helping him defeat king midas..disguised as sliver red..and hayate never knew she was the one who helped him…she was behind the mask….and some other things… compared to that NAGI did nothing much

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