Hayate no Gotoku! Volumes 51 and 52 – News Centre

31 May 2017

Here comes a picture of the two Tankobon covers, combined.


22 May 2017

Hello folks!

It has been about six weeks since my last blog post. Although I do admit that I miss blogging a bit, I would be lying if I say that I do not enjoy the free time this period has given me.

Would it sound better if I reverse the order of my words above…?



Anyway, as you all know, we are not really quite done with the series yet, what with Volumes 51 and 52 coming up next. The final chapter came with an announcement that there would be a lot of stuff included in the final volumes, and based on the recent news (how recent is it, I don’t really know, I just saw it today, so…) we will not be disappointed.

What we know so far…

  • Volumes 51 and 52 will be published on 16 June 2017.
  • A “reflection meeting” on the series will be included as “special books” in the limited editions of the Tankobons. Part A will come with Volume 51, Part B with Volume 52.
  • The special books will also come with “where are they now?” chapters of the characters. What we know for sure is that Maria will be getting a chapter.┬áIt is advertised as a “must read”.
  • Don’t ask me for the covers yet. I can’t find a single picture.