Top 5 Reasons for the Demise of Hayate Report

Celebration… in the form of lengthy ranting

Well, you wouldn’t have expected anyone to celebrate a milestone with a post of self-deprecation, right? Yet here we are, because Doughnut Gunso is supposedly someone who does the unexpected, be it a unique point of view or an act of trolling. After all, if everyone can guess just what I am going to write, then what is the point of writing at all…?

So, three posts ago I have been notified by the post counter on WordPress that the next one would be post number 400. The honour of the milestone post went to the review on Ch. 539, but nobody cared. Next came the review on Ch. 540, in which I announced the grand plan of writing a special post to celebrate the special occasion, but yet again nobody cared. Now that we have a week’s break on the series… well, the safe bet is that still nobody cares.

Anyway, back on topic. What is this “demise” thing all about? Well, if you have been following this blog since the earliest days, you would recall that there was a time this blog was very active. Chapter reviews were done within the day of release, various lengthy Featured Articles written, and the comment section was lively. Nowadays… well, let’s just say my productivity has taken a very deep hit. So, what has happened over the years?

This article is going to outline the top 5 reasons (in no particular order) for this drop, although as you read through the list, you would find them less like reasons but more like excuses…

1. When you get to work, you get to work

Doughnut Gunso has a full-time day job. It means that most of my day time is spent in the office. I would admit that I used to write my reviews or articles during working hours, but that is no longer possible. Not only I have changed my job, and it is now a more demanding job at that, so spare time for blogging no longer exists.

Work is exhausting, obviously, so as I go home every day I would prefer staying away from typing any more words. Worse still, my day job involves writing lots of business papers, so even if I get myself to sit in front of my computer, keyboard smashing is probably the last thing on my mind.

2. My body doesn’t always listen to me now…

Don’t worry, I am not saying that I am suffering from any serious illness. On the contrary, as they say that idiots never catch a cold, Doughnut Gunso – touch wood – indeed rarely suffers from even the more minor illnesses.

On the other hand, Doughnut Gunso is almost twice as old as Hayate – indeed, I am even older than Yukiji, so you get the impression. My metabolism has slowed down significantly after I turned 30, meaning that a) I am getting fatter by the day, and b) I get tired much more easily. It means that now I get sleepy very early, and burning the midnight oil blogging is no longer an option.

3. There are lots of other fun things to do

Blogging is supposed to be a fun activity in itself, but the thing is that it involves a lot of brain work – this is essential if you want your blog post to be logically sound. Logical thinking is kind of boring, and in any case, you would be sitting in front of a computer for an hour or two just to make a blog post. This isn’t much fun, is it?

Meanwhile, there are lots of other fun things to do: video games, sports (watching and playing), anime, TV shows, model building… Not to mention that as a human being, there are lots of social interactions to do, up to and including church-going. Coupling with my first reason/excuse about work, often I find it better to spend my time on something else than to sit down and blog… Oh look! Another Weedle just popped up on my phone screen!

4. I have run out of things to say about the series…

Blogging is something that requires a special passion. My passion about Hayate no Gotoku! started – first and foremost – with my passion about Katsura Hinagiku. There was something about her treatment in the Athena saga that I found unfair; there was something about her relationship with Hayate that I felt unaddressed by everyone, so I jumped into the community and made a voice.

Six years have passed, and I feel like I have said everything I wanted to say about Hinagiku. I have also written several articles on other issues and characters, and I do have the feeling that, thus far, I have addressed most topics that I am interested to talk about, and a 16-page chapter doesn’t always provide me with that many talking points. You would see a renaissance in a recent Featured Article. Why is that? It is because I had something to say about that anime!

5. The scanlations do have something to do with it

What about this? Well, let’s just say that ever since we lost the scanlation group whose name started with the letter R, I find it very hard to keep track of the release of the English scanlations – and, as my blog posts mainly include panels from the English scanlations for pictures, I have a secret policy of “no English scanlation, no blog post”.

Original Japanese chapters are published on Wednesdays. Sometimes a scanlation is released one day later (i.e. Thursday), but some other times they are released on the next Tuesday, just one day before the next chapter is published in Japan. How am I supposed to write two posts in three days, if the scanlation for the next chapter happens to be released on Thursday?

So, why am I still here?

To be honest with you, I have thought about closing this blog – more than once. I know full well that my performance as a blogging has not been up to standard for a rather long time, and “retirement” should have been a logical choice.

Yet deep down in my heart I really want to finish this project. I want my blog to be one of those in the English community which can be there to witness the conclusion of the series proper. I see it as a privilege if this blog can serve as a platform for readers to celebrate the completion of a manga series that has been run for over 10 years.

Now that all the indications are that the series would reach its end in the near future, it would feel like I have wasted all of my efforts if I am to give up now. As such, my idea is that I would go on with blogging, although my posts and this blog as a whole might not be the same as it was in the beginning.

I may have given up on restoring the “glory” of this blog, but I am not yet giving up the dignity of finishing this damn thing. I just hope that it doesn’t take another 400 posts to reach the finishing line…