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This is a post for the news on the 3 announced Hayate no Gotoku! 2014 OVAs. Please come back from time to time to check for new updates! 

March 24, 2014

TV commercial for the first (now called Vol. A) OVA is out!

  • We have no short supply of good songs in this series, yet they are picking “Honjitsu Mankai Watashi Iro!” again.
  • Ch. 161 (Nagi and her radio-controlled car) and Ch. 267 (Hinagiku’s donkey ears) will be animated. I am not sure if either chapter can be made into animation of 10 minutes or above.
  • Artwork looks no different from Cuties, which means that Ayumu is going to look horrible.



  • Yep.

March 19, 2014

Crunchyroll have this report on the OVAs. Those who don’t like to read the shit written by Doughnut Gunso can read their article. There is also the following picture:


  • The six girls are now in a line to show the word “HAYATE” properly.
  • I guess we may try to suggest that it means that 3 OVAs will feature Hinagiku and Nagi (confirmed), Ayumu and Izumi, and Ruka and Maria respectively.
  • Since when has Izumi’s hair been so long…?

March 15, 2014

This came out of nowhere when I was sleeping.


  • By “nowhere” I mean it doesn’t seem to be officially released. It’s not on the Hayate Project website or the Shogakukan website, or even on Hata’s Twitter. I can only guess that this is a spoiler picture of the coming issue of Shonen Sunday, so my post could well be jumping the gun. Duh…
  • The main reason for these OVAs is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series. No more, no less.
  • The text makes it pretty clear that there are a total of 3 OVAs that come with Volumes 41, 42 and 43 respectively.
  • What I can tell from the text is that, rather than new original stories, the OVAs will simply animate the most popular chapters – presumably those which have not been animated yet, of course.
  • The first OVA stars (of course) Nagi and (of course) Hinagiku, and it will come with Volume 41 on June 18.
  • The artwork… I don’t know. Hinagiku looks older than she is despite her eyes are drawn more or less correctly. Nagi, Ayumu and Izumi look cute. Maria and Ruka are downright horrible. Hayate is… nothing.

19 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! 2014 OVAs – News Centre

  1. Wow, they actually spared Hayate from having to wear a cheerleader outfit… or is it that they spared us, the viewers, from such a sight that would have gained mixed feelings? XD

    I guess they tried to make Maria look sexy but her tongue just looked weird. Maybe it would’ve been better to just have Maria and Ruka with their gentle smiles we love so much.

    Thanks for the news, Gunso! Looking forward to the OVA’s and hopefully, the subs will be quick. I assume you’ll be doing a review of these OVA’s?

  2. I feel like Izumi’s hair length is getting longer and longer, I almost thought it was Isumi in that picture.

    Looks like Athena disappeared once again huh except in tiny pictures on the bottom right and left sides which I assume are associated with something else (cant read any of that XD).

    I’d make guesses at what chapters we will see but I’m pretty much just as bad at predicting things as you are =P so I guess we just have to wait and see.

  3. That doesn’t even look like Ruka. As for Maria, maybe her expression reflects her current status in the manga. She’s making that weird look just to get any kind of attention. I’m surprised that Izumi is there but not Athena.

    • If my interpretation is right and the OVAs are animations of existing manga chapters, then the fact is we don’t have many Athena chapters left that are short enough.

      Again, no The End of the World.

  4. Somehow, Maria’s boobs just got bigger… or maybe that’s only because of the way she’s pressing her arms.

    Izumi’s hair grew progressively longer over the course of each anime.

  5. *looks at the picture of the six girls in cheerleading outfits then at Hina standing next to Hayate*


    Was Hinagiku always taller than Hayate?

    • well… the character in the picture are not standing in an even ground. If you look at the feet of the characters in the picture. It looks slant downward.

    • @Kurt
      That didn’t come to my mind till after I had made my post, but looking at the picture again Hayate and Hina do appear to be standing on even ground and yet she still looks quite taller than she used to be.

      Either way, whoever did the art for this made too many mistakes, every time I look at it I just sorta get that whole “what is wrong with this picture” vibe.

  6. Besides the Nagi buys a toy RC and the SC Prez gets donkey ears chapter, it seems that the Hayate and Maria discovering a hidden hot spring in the mansion chapter will be animated too though it may only appear as a preview at the end of OVA 1.

    I seriously hope they use a new opening and ending song.

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