Top 10 Crazy Speculations on the Hayate no Gotoku! TV Drama

As many of you already know, Hayate no Gotoku! would be filmed into a TV Drama in Taiwan. So far, readers have made comments which are quite negative. Mainly, they think that the characters would lose their cuteness or even “moe-ness”, and that the TV Drama would become just another love-triangle-soap-opera rather than an Otaku comedy.

Let me enter the discussion on the TV Drama version from a more “interesting” point of view, by offering my Top 10 crazy speculations on how the TV Drama would be made. They are supposed to be crazy and funny, so just have a good laugh of it, but you better pray we wouldn’t have the misfortune that any of the below listed  would become true…

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10. Isumi would wear a cheongsam

A cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress for women. If you still have no idea what it is, just look at Kagura from Gintama.

In the original work, Isumi always wears a kimono, the traditional Japanese clothes for women. As Isumi might become a Chinese in the TV Drama, there would be the chance that she wears a cheongsam. Although a cheongsam looks extremely nice on women, an Isumi wearing it would never be Isumi.

9. Tama would become a dog

Admit it, there is no way a Taiwan TV Drama would allow a real White Tiger to appear on the screen. Yet Tama was good company to Hayate and certainly had his role to play, so Tama could not be so simply written out of the script either. Then we have a problem: Tama was big, and would overlap with Shiranui if he remains a cat in the Drama. So what do we do?

Be prepared for the genius idea to turn Tama into a big dog. Come to think of it, it really solves all of the above problems…

8. The sizes of the Sanzen’in Mansion and Hakuo Academy would decrease by 99%

Let’s be fair, both the above mentioned are way too huge to be real, so a reduction in size would be inevitable. Let’s be realistic, the Production Team would never build a big house and a big school only to film Hayate no Gotoku!.

You might still complain even if the Sanzen’in Mansion was 3000 sq. feet in the Drama, but I hope you would shut up on the “Mansion” when you see that Hakuo Academy has become an ordinary school…

7. Hayate would be commented as handsome

Ask yourself whether any character has ever said that Hayate was handsome. If I recall, while some girls – Oh, sorry, many girls – were attracted by his sparkling business smile, no one has ever said that he was a handsome boy. He was more like a pretty girl, wasn’t he? Now look at the picture of Hu Yu-wei, the actor of Hayate in the Drama, and give a fair comment on his appearance.

And that’s not yet the point. As a typical Idol Drama in Taiwan, one thing on the must-do list is to praise Hu’s appearance. So how would the girls in the Drama not saying that Hayate is handsome?

6. Athena would be over 45 years old

It is almost common understanding that the board chairperson of a school would not be young. If the TV Drama has no intention to air the Hayate-Athena love story, it would be more than understandable that they would find a woman of 40-something to play the board chairperson of Hakuo Academy.

From the point of view of an outsider there would be nothing wrong with a board chairperson of 45 or even 50 years old, but readers of the original work would always bear in mind that it is Tennosu Athena we are talking about…

5. Nagi would be more Snow White than Otaku

Another thing on the must-do list is to praise how pretty and elegant Park Shin-hye, the actress of Nagi, is. Honestly you wouldn’t want your idol sitting in front of the TV set playing video games, right?

As such many of Nagi’s hobbies would be taken away. She might be allowed to draw manga, but sorry, nothing else. She might have a fierce temper, but most of the times she would be charming, elegant, cheerful and even outgoing.

This would be a good girl, but it would not be Nagi.

4. Hayate would be a lot weaker physically

There is the science of “Anime Physics”. The main character might fall from the top of Mount Everest or be hit by a bullet train, and yet stays alive. He might bleed, but it would stop in 3 seconds no matter how serious the injury is assumed to be.

Not quite so in TV Drama. Parents would not like their children be taught that such injuries would not take away their lives. Fans would not want to see their idols bleeding.

As a result we might be reminded that Hayate is a very strong boy, and we would even be given examples on how fast he could run or how much strength he has, but we would never see the invincibility we have seen in the original work.

3. Nagi and Maria would slap each other in their Hayate fight

Until very recently almost all of Nagi’s love rivals had been very nice to her, to the extent that they seemingly were never going to fight at all. Although it was not an exciting scene, at least we have not yet seen our lovely girls acting ugly at each other.

In a TV Drama, things would be different. A slap in each other’s face is a must for a crowning moment. For the sake of a simple plot there would not be so many love candidates for Hayate. The two who might come against each other, then, would be the two who are closest to Hayate: Nagi and Maria.

So in a certain episode Maria would cry and slap Nagi, and in another episode Nagi would cry and slap Maria, both aired in slow motions with a song sung by an actress. Hayate would just stand there, watching.

What a mess…

2. Hinagiku would become the supervillain

Let’s see. The main character is Hayate. The main heroines are Nagi and Maria. They are going to form a love triangle, and the love story between the three would make millions of housewives and girls and even boys cry.

So what about the others? “What others? Hinagiku? Oh that’s simple. Nagi and Maria are good girls even if they are going to slap each other, and it is just not exciting enough if there is no bad girl. Yeah! Make Hinagiku the bad girl, won’t we?”

And then we would have Hinagiku being the evil Student Council President who punishes students for no good reason, and finally the students have enough of her and decide to overthrow her following the lead of Hayate and Nagi…

Perhaps some people would find it exciting, but count me out of this.

1. One of the three main characters would die

“Tragedy” means “romance” means “audience”. People love to see how true love blossoms when the characters face difficult situation. And for that reason, the more difficult the situation, the better.

The most horrible situation is, of course, death. So in order to build up the “necessary scenario” for romance, one of the characters would suffer from cancer, be involved in a car crash, or fatally wounded by the evil Hinagiku…

So if one character suffers such misfortune, a character of the opposite sex would come. They would embrace each other, and the dying one would confess his or her love before exhaling the final breath. A love song sung by Hu would last for 4 whole minutes and it starts to rain…

Just why do people find such a set up romantic is well beyond me.

12 comments on “Top 10 Crazy Speculations on the Hayate no Gotoku! TV Drama

    • Perhaps it would be better for us to treat the TV Drama like a doujinshi. We would only be more and more disappointed if we keep comparing the TV Drama to the original work.

      With the original work out of our minds, though, perhaps we could find some elements of surprise from the TV Drama.

    • Left 2 was Hayate, left 3 was Nagi, right 3 was Maria. A caption is now added under the picture with this information. 🙂

      I can’t recognize the other 3. Perhaps one of them would be Wataru…?

    • Rule No. 1 when watching Taiwan TV Drama: If it is an adaptation of Japanese manga or anime, forget everything about the original work.

    • Oh really? I thought it was Maria because they reported that the actress would be acting as the maid…

      So does that mean there would be no Maria, but Hina?

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