Hayate no Gotoku! Volumes 51 and 52 – Maria

Hi folks! It has been almost a month since my last post. How have you been?

You might have already read series review posts from a lot of bloggers already, so you might be curious about the lack of such posts here since the series concluded two months ago. I won’t blame you for thinking “Doughnut Gunso was being lazy” again (because I was), but a part of me was saving my final verdicts until I read the last two Tankobons.

It is not a secret that Doughnut Gunso has not been impressed by Ch. 568 – the final chapter. I have already said that I felt the conclusion was rushed, unconvincing, and – as per Hata’s norm – left more questions than answers to the readers. And since I did not get an ending that I liked to mask the problems of the finale, I would not have any kind words in my review. But then, if I had gone berserk and sworn murder, Doughnut Gunso would be labelled as a whiner. I don’t want to be seen as a whiner, so I only had one choice: to remain totally silent.

Now that the Tankobons were released on 16 June 2017, it would be a good time for me to break my silence – to make reviews again, and perhaps to finally deliver my final verdicts. However, as I screamed on my Facebook page a few days ago, I found myself stupid enough to have forgotten about pre-ordering my books. I finally made my pre-orders today, but Amazon said that it would take about 5-9 days for delivery. So, at this moment I have no choice but to rely on online resources.

It means that we are at the mercy of the scanlators, who have the power to decide what to release and what not. It is not really realistic to expect scanalation for the whole Tankobons any time soon, and the best bet is that they would release the stuff by character. As such, my reviews on the Tankobons will be written by characters as well.

(I might move the crap above to the catalog page of the Volumes 51 and 52 series later) 

Things I found recently revolve around Maria, which is understandable. After all, most major characters have made at least a cameo in the final chapter except her. Current releases seem to address the three major questions remain for Maria:

  1. Where has she been since resigning as Nagi’s maid?
  2. Who exactly is she? Does she even have a surname?
  3. What happened to the promise of an expensive purse as her birthday present?

So let us go over them one by one. Obviously the following write-up is based on what has been released at the time of writing, so it is entirely possible that some stuff below (or even above) will be edited in the future.

1. Where has she been since resigning as Nagi’s maid?

A few (14, to be precise) “supplementary pages” on her story were added… somewhere, including three whole pages of cherry blossom. Chiharu and Kayura then talked about Maria’s departure. They speculated that Maria left Nagi because she wanted to fulfill a wish by making a gamble.


Note: this is not one of the “three whole pages of cherry blossom”.

It sounds exactly as cryptic as in the supplementary pages, but we can make a good guess. We know that Maria wanted Nagi to grow up so that both of them could have a life independent of each other, and she might also want Nagi to resolve her misunderstanding with Hayate. So maybe Chiharu and Kayura meant that Maria had made her bet by exposing Nagi’s insecurities and thus forcing her to grow up.

Perhaps this is one of those times when the ends justify the means, because had Maria lost the bet, she could have actually brought an end to the world as we know. Still, Maria won and smiled like a boss, while Nagi won and held Hayate’s hand.


Not even Mikado lives here any more.

We then followed Maria to an abandoned Sanzen’in Mansion – of course, Nagi (moved to the Violet Mansion) and Hayate (went disappearing) were no longer living there any more. Maria talked of selling the Mansion as she wished that someone else would live here again. At the end, she decided to see “them”, to talk to “them” and to see what kind of present “they” were giving her. By this point, it seems clear that she was talking about Hayate and Nagi.

2. Who exactly is she? Does she even have a surname?

For this, what we have now is a text profile with a huge headline: “Maria is Hayate’s elder sister”. And yes, it means that her full name is “Ayasaki Maria”.


According to the text profile some guys who quote the text profile, Maria was a child Shun had with another woman. They decided that they did not want the baby girl so they abandoned her. Apparently Hata thought that it was a good idea (or trope) for Hayate to fall in love with his own elder sister (remember, in the beginning Maria was Hayate’s primary love interest), but the idea fell into an abyss later on as Hata lost the perfect timing to make such a big reveal.

To be honest, this whole thing sounds like total bullshit to me.

3. What happened to the promise of an expensive purse as her birthday present?

The promise seems to be fulfilled according to the promotion art of the Testimonial Exhibition.


This stuff costs 24,800 yen.

So here you go.

29 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Volumes 51 and 52 – Maria

  1. Well, that was bullshit. She decided to “gamble” on Nagi and Hayate’s fate? She was revealed to be Hayate’s long lost older sister in a supplementary material?… Fake Maria was more decent than she was.

    Anyway, great to see more posts from you, Gunso!

    • Thank you!

      I don’t know which interpretation is worse: Maria gambling on the duo’s fate, or she manipulating their fate. Hata might have wanted her to be an almighty character, but some things just did not work along the way.

    • The execution of it all is what pisses me off the most. I think I can understand that Hata was trying to go for “wise master” with Maria but the result just ended up making Maria come off as irresponsible and manipulative.

  2. 1) I thought this blog is dead (considering the series ended) but boy was I wrong
    2) Eh? Since when Hayate have an anthology? Argh! I dumped Hayate thinking that nothing else will come out. Boy, again, was I wrong.
    3) Maria is Hayate’s older sister? No wonder Hayate’s life was shit (before becoming a butler), not even Maria remembers her parents.
    4) That is a huge bet Maria made. That is literally one of the rare moments that anyone would leave the matter entirely to God (in the Hayate universe, Hata)
    5) I am actually curious of whether or not Mr Gunso can read chinese coz sometimes you would screenshot chinese pages instead of English.

    • 1. “Oh, he’s not dead. Not yet.” – Obi-wan Kenobi.
      2. Money, dear boy, money. I actually think there might even be an OVA later…
      3. It would be interesting to see if Maria actually knew anything about her parents.
      4. Maybe Maria was so powerful she had a direct line to Hata?
      5. I am Chinese – not really, I am a Hong Konger. Either way, I read Chinese. Sometimes I use Chinese scanlation because they are much faster than the English ones.

    • 1. So the force is real!
      2. Well, if it’s money, Hata has Ad Astra Per Aspera for his income. He can just focus there instead of splitting focus. Plus, he even have to draw for Sore Ga Seiyuu!
      3. Hmm, maybe you could talk about that and how she would react.
      4. Or maybe she was appointed the messenger of Hata in that world. No wonder she has such direct line.
      5. Oh, I see.

  3. To be honest, I’ve long believed that Hata-sensei lost interest in Hayate the Combat Butler after losing the story of Nagi’s parents. There’s a half-hearted attempt to try to recover and do something else, but then he just gave up, wasted time, and then the manga ends with his ship sailing.

    As to the Maria thing, it does sound like BS. However, I can believe Hata-sensei would try to cash in on a popular hentai trope. Hayate as a trap/”otoko no ko” figure was part of that, in my opinion.

    Has Ad Astra Per Aspera resumed?

    • To be fair to him, CTMEOY had a great plot and Hata was simply unable to create an entirely new plot with the same quality this late. It seems more or less a “whatever” moment for him and then as you said, he simply gave up.

      I don’t think Ad Astra Per Aspera has resumed yet.

    • Yeah, it was great in that we had a backstory for Nagi’s parents. It is a shame things turned out the way they did with CTMEOY.

  4. Thanks for the info on the additional content. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t amused at the reveal when I first read it via twitter. This is especially true considering how certain buzzwords like “platonic” and “sibling relationship” have been constantly thrown around at my ship since time immemorial. Nothing against Maria shippers, but the revelation does put a smirk on my face.

    • On the Chinese forum, Maria fans seem to have moved on and are ready to accept a reunion of the trio as a family in the epilogue. It seems that this would be happening, so in the end it could be a win-win of sorts.

  5. Translation of the text of Maria’s page:

    There’s something about Maria I never drew in the main story…
    Actually, she’s Hayate’s older sister. ‘The girl I fell in love with is my older sister’ is pretty much classic thing in romance manga, right? That’s the reason why I hid her family name as well. Her real name is ‘Ayasaki Maria’. She is Hayate’s long lost sister. She was abandoned because she wasn’t useful to those parents.
    They’re really incurable, right?

    Originally, the wish that Sanzenin Mikado wanted to fulfill was finding Maria’s parents.
    So by that, Maria would have learnt about her relationship with Hayate.
    After Maria learns about the family, she gives up reveaing that to Hayate in the end, and this is the story I thought up of at first but…
    The sibling bit was never revealed within the story, and it’s a bit like “shocking truth!” as of now but… this comic was going to end within 10 weeks at first, so the fact that they’re siblings was going to be revealed soon and the story was… going to end as well (laughs)
    But the serialization had continued on, and we lost the moment to reveal Maria’s family name, and I never got to draw the bit where Maria falls in love with Hayate romantically so… So the ‘sibling’ setup kind of disappeared as well. Well, they’ve already become sibling-like even without that.

    • I hope this clears up some confusing bits! This kind of explains why Hata said he was going to resolve misunderstanding between Hayate and Nagi within first volume or two. He wasn’t even planning to go long to begin with lol.

    • Thanks very much for your translation work!

      I think the most confusing bit is whether Hata means to have this setup “resurface” or not. On the one hand, as most readers have noticed, Hata admitted this setup somewhat disappeared or was scrapped. On the other hand, in the very books that make such reveal, the index outright stated “Ayasaki Maria”.

      My gut feeling is that Hata hasn’t really let go of this sibling idea, so he sneaks this idea back in now and wants us to do what we will. Perhaps this is his way of reaffirming that the trio are a family while not harming the Hayate-Nagi ship.

  6. Interesting…. But this should have been told in form of a story, not a note after the series has ended.

    Can’t blame him but just goes to show how much potential was wasted.


    • I thought there would be scanlations (or at least scans) somewhere already… surprising.

      Vol. 52 itself isn’t really worth a post, honestly. As for the special content… well if I say anything I will be labelled as ranting, so no thanks.

    • The extra content in vol 52 is about some other Nagi and Hayate-esque character who met Maria right? That sucks man, I was really hoping for some ‘where are the main characters now?’ kinda thing.

  7. Hi!

    I know this is really late but I have a question, has anything been said about why Maria appeared in Athena’s mirror in the EOTW arc? Or was it completely scrapped?

    Ty for your time~

  8. Hey 😀 I don’t know if you still look at this blog, but it was surely a trusty companion when I used to follow the series. I, like you, was a Hina-stan. So when I recently came across this video for the Hina Xmas Special Song that I didn’t know existed (which seems to depict an alternate reality where Hayate and Hina grow closer and none of the other characters exist), I thought I’d let you know about it.

    If you haven’t already watched it, consider this a gift. Cheers and May the Fourth be with you 🙂

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