The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 5

This is a fanfiction by Doughnut Gunso.

Nagi was not impressed by the night’s news roundup.

“Journalism is dead, Hayate,” she said, while playing with her PSP on a sofa. Her eyes have never left the gaming device, so apparently she had only listened to the news with her ears.

“What do you mean, milady?” asked Hayate, who was serving milk to Nagi. It was late at night, so Hayate was counting on the cup of milk to get Nagi sleeping.

“What they choose to make into news reports is absolutely rubbish,” answered Nagi, sitting up. “Here we have a kidnap case, and all the press cares about is the true identity of the one who saved me? What about the stories of the kidnappers? What about the feelings of the victim?”

“It sounds like you are unhappy that you are not having an interview with the reporters, milady,” said Hayate. “If you so desire to make it onto the newspaper, we definitely could arrange that for you.”

“I – idiot! It’s not like that!” shouted Nagi, who suddenly blushed furiously. “Who wants that kind of attention? Just look at that guy” – she pointed at a very desperate Taro on the TV – “He is nothing short of an idiot, isn’t he?”

“I don’t think you should call him an idiot, milady,” said Hayate, “He is Sil -”

“He is NOT Silver Red!” shouted Nagi, before Hayate could complete his sentence. “He is an impostor and he is not cool! And he is an idiot by trying to suggest that Hinagiku is Silver Red!”

“So you think that Hinagiku-san isn’t Silver Red?” asked Hayate. “What makes you think so, milady?” He actually had his own theory, but for some reason he wanted some support from the others, especially someone as intelligent as his lady.

“As I have said before, it is impossible for a girl to play Silver Red,” said Nagi, a little bit impatiently. She simply did not understand why Hayate and the press failed to see this. “The chest of a girl would be so noticeable that it is impossible for her to act a guy’s role in tights. Unless, of course, the girl has a very flat chest!”

“Hinagiku-san does have a very flat chest,” said Hayate, as if pointing out a very obvious fact.

There was a long pause as Nagi did not know what to say.

“You wanna die?” she asked finally.

“Well, I am not telling her that in person,” said Hayate defensively.

“Anyway,” said Nagi with a sigh, “It seems that Hinagiku would have a very bad day at school tomorrow.”

“What do you mean, milady?”

Nagi pointed at the TV again. “Just look at those reporters. Do you think they would let Hinagiku go easily, now that this idiot has shown them another way for an interesting story?”


Hinagiku was not happy with the night’s news roundup either.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed as she was sitting on the sofa, watching TV. “What was he doing?”

“Maybe he was telling the truth,” said Mrs. Katsura as she sat next to Hinagiku. “So tell me, Hina-chan: was he?”

“Well, that…” Hinagiku began, hesitating. She didn’t want to tell the truth, but she was equally unwilling to lie to her foster mother. After minutes of internal struggles, she let out a sigh. “Alright, alright. It was me.”

Mrs. Katsura wolf-whistled. “Cool!” she added.

“It was’t cool!” said Hinagiku, annoyed. “But I had no choice. I had to dress like that.”

“Why?”asked Mrs. Katsura. “Why are you hiding your true identity when you do such wonderful things?”

“It wasn’t wonderful at all, mom,” said Hinagiku. “I was beating up people. I made a mess of the main road. I simply don’t think that is the proper behaviour of the Student Council President of Hakuou Academy.”

“Not proper, huh,” repeated Mrs. Katsura, thoughtfully. “Of course people may not like the sight of ordinary cute girls beating up bad guy, but they do not have a problem seeing masked heroes doing the same thing. Isn’t this weird, Hina-chan?”

“Well, that’s why I have to put on a mask after all,” said Hinagiku with a heavy sigh. “It’s better for people to talk about the heroics of Silver Red, instead of the improper behaviours of mine.”

“Even so, that man on the TV has already told the press that you are Silver Red, how are you going to deal with them?” asked Mrs. Katsura. “Even if they don’t kick on our front door, they will be waiting for you at school.”

Hinagiku looked at the TV, on which Taro’s face was shown pressed upon by microphones and cameras.

“I have no idea, mom,” she said finally.


As Hinagiku woke up the next morning, the first thing she did was to look out of the window. To her delight, nobody was gathering outside of her house. Apparently the reporters were not awake this early. Hinagiku decided to skip the jogging this morning, and headed straight back to school instead. Hopefully she could make it to safety before getting caught.

As she was two blocks away from school, Hinagiku saw from a distance that there were a few people in front of the school gate. She immediately retreated into a nearby alley, her back pressed against the wall.

T – that was close!” she thought to herself. “I never thought that they would be waiting for me at school instead of my home. Come to think of it, I am now out of my own ‘nest’ and have nowhere to go if I am caught. You are such a fool, Hinagiku!

She did not dare leaving the alley, but she also knew that she could not stay there forever. The longer she got stuck in the alley, the more likely she was finally got caught by the reporters – or any curious member of the public, for the matter. “What do I do? What do I do?” she kept asking herself the same question, but no answer had come to her mind.

She was peeking at the main road again – more and more reporters had already arrived – when suddenly she heard the car horn from behind. “I am sorry,” she said without turning back to look at the car, “but I am not blocking your way. Please go ahead.”

But then she heard the car horn again. “What is it?” she demanded impatiently as she turned her head. To her surprise, she found Suirenji Ruka waving her hand out of the car window. “Good morning, Hina!”

“Ruka!” exclaimed Hinagiku as she walked towards the popular idol. “Good morning. Why are you here?”

“I am on my way to the TV studio. I have an early show today.” said Ruka brightly. “What about you, Hina? I see that you are in trouble, huh?”

“Well, yes,” said Hinagiku with a sigh. “I guess you already know.”

“Of course,” said Ruka, nodding. “You have become famous, Hina. You made the front page of the newspapers. I envy you.”

She handed Hinagiku a copy of the newspaper, which the headline read: “THE HERO UNMASKED: THE PRETTY STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT?”

“Oh no!” Hinagiku exclaimed as she threw the newspaper back to Ruka, who missed her catch and the paper hit her in the face. “What kind of nonsense is this?”

“This is what the press do,” said Ruka wisely, while rubbing her face. “Deal with it.”

“Well, how do I deal with it when they are blocking my way to school?” demanded Hinagiku.

“No, they are not,” said Ruka. “They only want you to answer their questions, and they will let you go.”

“But what if I do not want to give them the answers?”

Ruka rolled her eyes. “Don’t tell me…” she began.

“I am not implying anything!” said Hinagiku loudly, interrupting Ruka.

“That’s it!” said Ruka, pointing her finger at Hinagiku. “If you don’t want to answer any question, just say ‘no comment’ as you force your way into the school campus. They do not dare crossing into the school, so once you set foot in the school gate, you win.”

Hinagiku sighed again. “This is easier to say than do,” she said.

Ruka thought for a moment. “Well, I think it would be better if you have someone to escort you, forcing the way through the crowd for you…”

“Then I will be doing it!” said a voice in front of them. Hinagiku and Ruka both looked up and see a person with blue hair.

11 comments on “The Fascinating Silver Red – Chapter 5

  1. Lolz! Hayate is really looking for trouble by saying Hina has a flat chest Lolz. I wonder if Ruka’s gonna play a big role in this story now that she’s made her appearence.
    ~Hayate to the rescue!~ it’ll be interesting to see what happens next ^^
    Keep on writing ~ it plots and writing styles are amazing – I dream for such skills. Too bad I don’t TT
    Ps. Is Hina gonna make another heroic showdown? Mayb Nagi’s gramp’s assistance is gonna interfere this time.
    Can’t wait for the next chappy^^

  2. And that’s why milk is good for you…. XD

    If I’m reading it right, is Ruka the one driving the car!? The girl who previously couldn’t ride a bike has now made this much of an improvement!?

    Another great chapter and looking forward to more!

  3. You have just gave me inspiration to continue a fanfic that I forgot about. Praise for you, Doughnut-san. 😀 Search for it, if you can find it.

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