Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 376

She is a cute girl, to be fair to her.

Debut – a word that suggests the turning of a new page of your life. Naturally everyone cares about our new page, and also about how we write the first words on this new page – you wouldn’t really want the catastrophic but well-deserved debut of CY “Wolf” Leung as Chief Executive of Hong Kong, so to say the least.

Yes, everyone cares, including Hibino Fumi. At the beginning of this chapter, Fumi reflects on her debut as a high school student – let us not forget that she has only been a high school student for 3 months – and comes to the conclusion that she has failed.

If this was your glorious past, what are you now…?

What exactly has she failed? Well, she has failed to pretend that she had been a supermodel before entering Hakuou. The key of “high school debut”, according to what Fumi has said, is that people in a new environment do not know much about your past, so that even if you have been very unpopular in middle school, you can pretend that you have been a popular badass when you enter high school.

As she could not convince anyone that she had been a supermodel (which is of course physically impossible) she thinks that she has failed her “high school debut”. However, she has set her next target to the “summer break debut”, which is more or less the same thing as the “high school debut”: pretending to have gained tons of experience in order to have a large image change.

What the hell is she talking about……?

Okay, I get this.

Alright, I must admit that I am confused, and have no idea about what Fumi has been talking about. The only thing I know is that, for now, Fumi needs an improvement in her image, because she could only have a successful debut if her image is improved. The funny thing is, while we now think of what Fumi would become after joining high school or the summer break, she has been talking about what she had wanted to pretend to be before these moments.

In order to have an improved image, Fumi decides that she wants a boyfriend. Somehow, this is perfectly true – a romantic relationship would have great (and often positive) impact on a person’s image. Sharna looks shocked and surprised at Fumi’s words, and it could be because Fumi has finally said something that made sense…

Come on, she is still not that bad…

Fumi is rather confident that, if she confessed to boys, she would get one or two or four boyfriends. After all, she is Hibino Fumi, ranked 11th in the last two Character Polls. Given that she has about as much screentime as Shiranui, her popularity is quite an achievement. Apparently if she were to confess to someone, she would do a much better job than, say, Risa.

Sharna finds my argument invalid, because from what she can see, Fumi lacks the physical attractiveness to find many boyfriends. Her look of contempt, however, is rather harsh. If Fumi can give us the expression she shows on the cover page on a regular basis, instead of always showing us her (°Д°) look, then I am pretty sure she could attract boys. Boys are idiots, after all…

Hayate: “Why always me?”

To prove Sharna wrong, Fumi decides to confess to try to confess to a random guy – and who is more random than Hayate in this series? Conveniently making his appearance with Nagi, Hayate now becomes the victim target of Fumi’s confession.

One thing: As Nagi and Sharna are wearing school uniform, it should be assumed that it is school day. So, why on earth is Fumi not in her school uniform?

Fumi starts off with an almost inaudible (to Hayate) and invisible (to me, bad eyesight…) “Please go out with Fumi”, and then she runs away immediately. According to her, she has already dumped him before he completely falls for her. It means that she thinks that her “confession” was a success.

Sharna’s look of contempt is justified.

“Girls should simply confess to Hayate,” they say.

Annoyed (?), Fumi decides to try again. This time she makes her “confession” very loudly and clearly, but this time it is Hayate’s turn to give her a look of contempt. It is funny that he hasn’t asked if Fumi wanted to be buried in the same grave as his…

Hayate explains that true feelings will be conveyed to the other person, and as he could not feel any seriousness behind Fumi’s words, he “knew” that it was just for fun. “Love is not a word you should use just for fun,” he says.

While this is very true, there is question on how Hayate would judge that someone is not using the word “love” just for fun. You see, if he simply does not think that girls would fall for him, he is likely to consider any confession from girls “just for fun”. In other words, not even a confession would convince Hayate that there are girls who love him. Ayumu has proven this to us, twice.

I am always of the opinion that, the key to winning Hayate’s heart would not be verbal confession. The best way to handle this guy, in my opinion, is to not confess to him, but simply say…

There you go.

You might also find it curious that Nagi remained silent as Fumi confessed to Hayate. It could mean that she didn’t consider Fumi serious either. It could also mean that she has matured to the point that she is not getting jealous over other girls who show interests in Hayate. But then, there is too little evidence to support any of the above speculations.

Despite Fumi’s failure to confess to Hayate, Sharna is (surprisingly) impressed. She agrees that Fumi is the best the way she is, and that she is lovely enough even without the “summer break debut”. Fumi, however, reveals that her whole point of a “summer break debut” is to make herself even lonelier than before…

That means a series of physical punishment from Sharna, ended with a Shoryuken.

I doubt if anyone can understand her…

To be honest, I have been spending too much time trying to make sense of Fumi’s words, but as I got exhausted I realized that it is simply impossible. Fumi’s eccentricity isn’t really about odd logic or “jumping out of the box” thinking, but about the endless reversal of common sense. There is simply no way to understand what she is thinking, unless you are ready to reverse your logic as frequently as she does.

Just how such a girl is able to become the next Student Council President is a mystery. Perhaps she would be backed up, just like CY “Wolf” Leung in Hong Kong, by a huge but possibly evil power…?

8 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 376

  1. Perhaps the only way to express love to Hayate is to outright rape him….

    P.S: come on, Fumi, you know the butler has hots for someone else…

  2. Why do foreigners in this series look like *** dolls!?

    It’s impressive yet weird how Fumi remains in “Shock Face” mode for the majority of this chapter. I think Hata should tone it down a bit cause otherwise it won’t be funny anymore. As effective as the “debut” aspect is, I think the “journey” aspect is better. Hayate didn’t have much of a impressive “debut” in Hakuou but over the course of the story, he’s become more popular in school. That’s something Fumi should learn from.

    So Fumi saying “Shut up, moron.” was actually the story’s way of saying that Hayate has no right to talk about love? Awesome! Sometimes, I get the distinct feeling that Hayate purposely closes his heart from love so that he may never get hurt by it and in turn, the one’s closest to him won’t get hurt. If this is true, then it’s clearly not working.

    From what I watched in the anime “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou”, the cutest girl would be a Student Council President that everyone makes fun of. Fumi is usually being made fun of and if Hakuou decides it’s next SC President by votes instead of grades, then Fumi could be the next SC President.

    • The thing is, while Hayate and Chiharu have once or twice doubted it, Hakuou is still a prestigious school, with many capable students. I don’t think that these students could allow someone like Fumi to be the President simply to make fun of her…

  3. Fumi will never be the student council president. Athena, Maria, and Hinagiku are her predecessors here, she is not nearly hypercompetent enough to meet Hakuou’s standards, and I highly doubt Hina will lose to her should she want to get re-elected two more times.

    Honestly, the only humor I find in Fumi is characters like Hayate and Sharna reacting to her. Seeing Sharna break her usual stoicism was quite hilarious though, so this was a pretty good chapter. Also Hayate and Sharna having an identical ‘look of scorn’ was just beautiful.

    And once more, Hayate drops some hints about his actual feelings behind the ‘business-smile’ facade. We know that he’s a lot more cynical and snarky than he first appears, but when he actually apologizes for letting ‘his true self’ slip through then it makes me wonder just how much he wants to say or do but hides. I’d say this goes hand-in-hand with his love issues, where he’ll hide his own feelings leading to none of the girls being able to read him (though funny enough, his fondness for Hina has been showing a bit lately).

    As for getting Hayate to recognize that a girl likes him, I kinda have my own preference. While I want Hina to get a moment to actual confess her feelings, I think the most viable method would be simply telling Hayate that he’s taking her out and then give him a place and time. He’ll realize that they’re on a date about halfway through (you know, like their date to the movies/theme park) and when he asks about it Hina can inform him that he’s dating her now. Problem solved.

    • It was said that she did will become the SC president, at the end of the chapter after her introduction. But it did said that no one would expect it at that time as well, so….

      And besides, she did have godly math skills, and that is something…..even though she lacked pretty much anything else….

    • If I remember correctly, Hata has said on his BS that, with Fumi’s appearance, he is thinking about the days at Hakuou when Hayate, Nagi and Hina have all left. It could mean that Fumi is to succeed Hina as the President, not displace her.

      What I have in mind about Fumi’s road to Presidency is to begin with being the treasurer/accountant for the Council. Her mathematical skills could be of great help.

  4. Not much to comment on this chapter, actually. Just: LOL

    Fumi is an…. uhhh… interesting character, to say the least. But, seriously…. Can’t we see her normal face a little more often? It’s a bit disturbing…

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