Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 378

Hello, Benjamin!

We are almost there.

With the Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes off You anime to be aired next Wednesday, we are bombarded with the inevitable last-minute promotion. And in the most typical Hata-way, we are given nothing but Hayate and Nagi (Maria has a cameo in one panel alright).

Name it and you have it: Shonen Sunday cover page, check. Coloured crosspage, check. The classic one-page duet, check. Some would say that this is nothing special, as Hayate and Nagi are routinely in the spotlight when there is something special to announce. After all, they are the main character and main heroine, the life and soul and image of the series.

Some cheer and some jeer.

But there is something a little different this time: on the Shonen Sunday cover, it is clearly written in words (albeit not black and white) that this anime contains “shocking revelation on the relationship between butler and lady”. This is a clear statement of the intention (or ambition) of the new anime, but it also makes me feel uneasy.

Let me make it clear: I am not feeling uneasy because it could mean that Hayate and Nagi are (finally) moving into a romantic relationship. Ship-building or ship-sinking, there is something not right about “revelations” in such a way. Therefore, I am feeling uneasy about the “revelation” in principle, not in fact. You heard me.

I am going to talk more on the subject in another separate article, and you are at perfect liberty of not reading it. So, with no more discussion on the anime in this article, let’s come back to Ch. 378.

Summer vacation? Bitch please!

While the Hakuou students have already finished their exams a long time ago, summer vacation has never come. Students (including Nagi) still have to go to school, Hinagiku still has work to do at the Student Council, and Hayate still has to help Yukiji with tutorial classes for the trio. In this chapter, the great news has finally come: summer vacation is on its way!

Schools are naturally worried that students would become lazy over summer, hindering their learning progress. While young people are not happy about it, schools are in fact worried for good reasons. Wayne Rooney was unable to contain the demons over the summer, and has become so unfit for games that his first few games for Manchester United this season were under par. The inconvenient truth is that, there is no room for complacency even when you are on a long vacation.

Do it, or die.

It is therefore the job of the schools (or clubs, in Rooney’s case) to keep their students (or players, in Rooney’s case) busy over the summer. The most common way, of course, is to set out homework for them. So, to the students’ dismay (and to Yukiji’s delight, for some reason), they have summer homework to do.

It is uncertain whether Hakuou Academy is living up to its reputation as a prestigious school when it comes to summer homework. On the one hand, with a workbook easily thicker than the Bible, the workload for the students is beyond imagination. On the other hand, the design of the workbook (the cover, at least) is childish, while the title “Enemy of Summer Vacation” is laughable – what kind of prestigious school would call summer homework “Enemy of Summer Vacation”?

Kids should learn from Maria.

To Hayate and Nagi, the heavy workload clearly outweighs the funny title, and they mourn over their “dead” carefree vacation. Maria, on the other hand, is very happy to see the workbook again, as it brings back the old memories – let us not forget that Maria had her first “Enemy of Summer Vacation” at the age of 10, so it was… seven years ago.

Hayate expects that Maria has had a hard time with so much homework as a small child, but he is wrong: Maria is actually in love with all the problems printed on the workbook. Nagi explains that Maria sees homework as a game, so the more the merrier. In response to Hayate’s question, Nagi admits that Maria was (and probably is) her private tutor, and that she would not have such good grades without Maria. Indeed, although Nagi is incredibly smart, there is simply no way to get good grades if she keeps skipping lessons.

To Nagi’s embarrassment, Maria hears her rare words of appreciation, so Nagi could only deny with a red face when Maria makes fun of her. This reminds us that Nagi is a Tsundere.

Fact: homework is stronger than Midas.

Ayumu returns home and notices the workbook. While explaining the true identity of this “blunt weapon”, Nagi also asks if Ayumu has got homework at her school. Ayumu says that she “probably got some” – what do you mean, probably – but she is not going to worry about it until September. Nagi suspects that Ayumu is going to rush through her summer homework just before school resumes, which is pretty normal among students.

Things change as Nagi tells Hayate once again that they are not having their summer vacation until they have slain their enemy, as Ayumu becomes aware of the seriousness of the situation. She has moved into the Violet Mansion with only one purpose: to enjoy her summer with Hayate. If Hayate is “killed” by summer homework, everything becomes meaningless and her efforts would be wasted.

The diligent people and the lazy people.

In order to save her summer vacation with Hayate, Ayumu makes the bold move: she assembles all the current Hakuou students – Hayate, Nagi, Hinagiku, Chiharu and Kayura – and orders them to finish their homework as soon as possible. The reactions are mixed: Nagi complains that Ayumu is not doing her own homework, Kayura and Chiharu complain that they have no idea with the Enemy, Hinagiku is already working earnestly, and Hayate is torn between complaining and working. Regardless, Ayumu barks her order once again while still not doing her own homework. Nobody raises an objection.

The other three people who have no business with summer homework – namely Maria, Athena and Ruka – talk about the gladiators homework group. Maria suggests that summer homework is the duty of students, which makes Ruka feel uncomfortable. She has given up going to school, in order to become an outstanding idol, but now she has given up her career to draw manga…

Keep casting aside your things doesn’t help.

Ruka is obviously feeling guilty, now that she remembers how many important things she has cast aside to become an idol. Now she is casting aside her precious career to pursue her dream as a mangaka. “Is it really the right thing to do, or am I being stupid?” she might not have said these words, but you could almost hear her whispering them in her heart.

A small chat with Hayate – whom appears to have no idea about the progress of Nagi and Chiharu on their summer homework – doesn’t help Ruka. Suddenly she understands something: whether her choice to give up being an idol is the correct choice depends on whether she could become a successful mangaka. She needs the money to repay her debt, and she needs the career to replace the one she has given up. There is no room for failure: if she fails, she is nothing – or even worse.

Bloody hell… (pun intended)

We know that Ruka is not exactly a healthy girl, and the pressure to succeed as a mangaka seems to be catching up with her. Suddenly she begins coughing, and in the end she coughs up some fluid. Although we cannot tell the colour – curse the series for being printed in black and white – I think most of us would assume that it is… blood.

I am not sure if you are worried about Ruka’s health – Hayate fails miserably as Ruka’s health manager, by the way – but I am pretty sure that she would be fine in the end. It is because… well, I’ll explain in the next article.

11 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 378

  1. I just hope that Ruka doesn’t have a terminal illness, though that doesn’t seem likely since she looks perfectly healthy in the movie. It’s most likely that her coughing up blood is due to her bottling up her guilt and stress. If it is, then is she damn good at hiding it.

    Hakuou School sure likes to taunt it’s students, doesn’t it? Though the Violet Mansion residents are okay with dealing with it, I can’t say the same with the SC Idiots…. Also, Maria is a friggin genius and a super hard-worker so what would seem like a military obstacle course to others would be more of a playground to the Little President back then.

    Off topic, how long would Summer Break last for them?

    • Come to think of it, coughing up blood doesn’t necessarily mean a terminal illness in the first place. Hemoptysis can be caused by quite a lot of diseases, and it can be that Ruka isn’t suffering from the fatal ones.

      Hakuou is an interesting school. It can be heavily demanding (test papers in foreign languages, punishment for failure in exams, etc.) but it can also be very easy (long vacations, Nagi’s low attendance rate, the SC Rangers get promoted every year). It just happens that the school is demanding when it comes to summer homework.

      The movie was set in the final week of August (August 26, if I remember correctly) and the characters suggested that they were enjoying the final days of summer vacation. I assume that means school would resume in early September. That makes it two months for summer vacation.

  2. Hmm, how about the possibility of she coughing blood with the Royal Garden? Housen mentioned her connection with that place, iirc.

    • Possibly. Yozora said that Ruka was a candidate, but it is unknown whether Ruka is in possession of one of the King’s Jewels. I thought the side-effect of owning a jewel was bad luck or bad health. In Ruka’s case, it could be both…

    • I still don’t know why Ruka is new candidate for royal garden, I mean she is not rich, normal girl, etc and doesn’t get involve to sanzenin family or other rich family.

      Why Yozora is very confident and force her to run from her place & went to rent a room in violet mansion.

  3. That final panel certainly surprised me, I must say. Whatever it is, it’s still serious in a way or another…

    Come to think of it, the “Enemy of Summer Vacatin” is also another obstacle to Nagi and her Mangaka saga…

    On a side note, it’s good seeing that the story looks to be actually going *somewhere* lately.

    • Just to offer a way out for Nagi, she can do her homework after Comiket. That would still give her three weeks to slay the Enemy, and I think Maria and the others would be more willing to help, seeing that Nagi has had a meaningful summer.

  4. now thats very worrying indeed if it is blood, i certainly hope its just a sore throat. thats a lot of things happening for a 2 week time limit for the deadline

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