Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 398

Look at that marvellous To-ji!

Look at that marvellous To-ji!

Time seems to be both limited and abundant for Nagi.

While she should be focusing on drawing manga, Nagi decides that she would spend two days on a trip, which hopefully would provide her with lots of ideas and “innovation” – next time Samsung should send all their employees on a trip to… wherever, I suppose.

At least Nagi does not waste time on deciding where she goes: she would go to Kyoto, a beautiful and ancient city. As to why Nagi thinks that it is a place where she could find new ideas for her manga, or where she could expect an exciting adventure, is everyone’s guess.

Or, maybe, there is no why. Nagi simply thinks that unexpected things would happen just because she makes a move. Yet, things do not just happen because of you no matter how capable you are – unless you really believe that the world revolves around you. Apparently, Nagi does.

Now you have the idea...

Now you have the idea…

Nagi calls for people to go with her, so Hinagiku (a.k.a. Spectator No. 1) assumes that they have to go on this trip as well. She really can’t be too happy about this. After all, she has been called into the mountains, dragged into a book store, and “invited” to Kyoto in one day, without being able to make any contribution (yet). Strictly speaking, her time has been wasted.

Chiharu (a.k.a. Spectator No. 2) has other things to worry about. Kyoto is quite far away from Tokyo, so a trip for two days certainly costs money. The problem for Chiharu is that she has no money, even though she has one or two part-time jobs – obviously her family hasn’t yet recovered from the destruction of their house. Then again, even if she has the money, there doesn’t seem to be any reason that she should pay for a trip she doesn’t want to go.

Ayumu (a.k.a. Spectator No. 3) has a thought though. She sees that Nagi is (finally!) showing some motivation, so as her friends they should support her and go on the trip with her. This seems to have persuaded Spectators No. 1 and 2, who both smile and agree to go.

Like a boss, Wataru.

Like a boss, Wataru.

But then, something unexpected happens. Wataru (a.k.a. a seriously pissed boss) chooses this moment to call Ayumu to “get your ass into work”. Forgetful readers might not recall what is happening here, so let us go through this very briefly. Wataru won his bet against Ayumu that he could manage to confess to Isumi, so Ayumu would have to work at his new store “with an hourly wage of 300 yen” (Ch. 331). As Ayumu raised funds to move into the Violet Mansion, she asked Wataru to pay her up front (Ch. 365). Now that she has got her pay, obviously she has to go to work.

It is seen that Ayumu was paid 20,000 yen for helping Wataru with his move and for her summer job.. Let’s assume that 5,000 yen was for the move, and that 15,000 yen would be what Ayumu would earn on the summer job. As Ayumu would be paid 300 yen per hour, she would have to work 50 hours. Wataru now wants her to work for a week, so it would be 10 hours for 5 days or 7 hours for 7 days. Either way, it is a very heavy workload for a summer job…

A.k.a. "I have a bad feeling about this."

A.k.a. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

So, after this unexpected turn of event, Ayumu has no choice but to leave Nagi to Hinagiku and Chiharu. It might sound a bit unfair to her, but Ayumu is rendered useless even before the trip has started. Let us also not forget that, as Nagi would now go to Kyoto, Ayumu’s plan of locking Nagi in the Dark Rainbow Village until her manga is finished has completely failed. Oh well….

Nagi returns to the Violet Mansion and tells Maria more specifically that she is going to Arashiyama in Kyoto, which shocks the maid and, of course, Hayate. As Ruka is also present (so she is no longer drawing manga at the Rainbow Village, huh?), Nagi thinks that “it would be unfair not to explain my reason”. As every reader already knows exactly what the reason is, I’ll just skip it.

As she explains her reason, Nagi shows quite some hostility towards Ruka, so the rivalry heats up. As the two begin bickering, Maria twice interrupts and offers food, but she receives no response. To say that she picks a bad timing twice would be quite some insult to her intelligence, so I am not taking it this way. Rather, I think that Maria is trying to put out the flames, although apparently it is not effective.

Japanese prefer LINE to Whatsapp, seriously.

Japanese prefer LINE to Whatsapp, seriously.

Nagi then sets out to invite unexpected incidents by leaving her iPhone (which was not invented yet) at home, so that she would not be able to make calls, use GPS, LINE or Twitter. The lack of a powerful communication device, combined with Nagi’s (lack of) knowledge of Japan’s geography, certainly invites “unexpected incidents” – more precisely, troubles.

And Nagi doesn’t stop here, as she is also leaving her credit cards behind, which means that she would go on her trip taking only her wallet “with an unknown amount of money inside”. Then again, as she is supposedly broke because of her “sacrifice”, one must wonder if she has any money at all in her wallet. To say that this is “reckless” is an understatement. This is suicide.

Then again, Nagi is supposed to take Hinagiku and Chiharu to Kyoto as well, and our dear spectators (should) have no obligation to leave their phones and money at home as well. Besides, both our dear spectators have common sense, so they should be quite able to keep Nagi alive – that is, if they could do something more than being mere spectators. Quite simply, now that Hayate is teamed with Ruka, it is up to Hinagiku and Chiharu to take care of Nagi.

It's your fault, Hayate...

It’s your fault, Hayate…

Worse comes to worst, Hayate could travel between Tokyo and Kyoto to check on his “life in itself”. Do not worry about travelling time – given how easily people could travel from mountains to town, to hot spring and to home, “travelling time” simply does not exist in this series. In any case, Nagi should be quite safe, no matter how reckless she is.

“A reckless objective cannot be achieved with sensible means”, so they say and so be it. Isumi appears out of nowhere and volunteers to take Nagi to Kyoto. We have no idea where her self-confidence comes from. Come to think of it, as Kyoto is in Kansai, maybe we should ask for Sakuya’s guidance instead…

One question remains: is anybody working on their manga, now that the deadline is approaching?

11 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 398

  1. At this rate, the only “interesting” thing that will happen in this trip is finding the corpse of a certain little blonde twin-tailed girl if our dear spectators do not keep an eye on her.

    Isumi’s (irritating) level of self-confidence or over-confidence actually comes from the fact that she’s less air-headed than the rest of her family and is usually forced to help her family out, unaware that her friends are usually forced to do the same with Isumi herself. Her complete denial of her own severe air-headedness is what’s keeping her confidence intact. Oh yeah, it’s also easy to forget that Isumi is also living in the apartment as a bodyguard.

    Knowing that whenever the plot involves the characters going on a trip (i.e. Mykonos, Vegas, Ayumu’s countryside home in the movie), something “interesting” is most likely to happen. It’s like every part of the world is trying to separate Nagi and Hayate. Then again, this trip is about making manga, not about the girl and her butler.

    It’s a shame that Ayumu won’t be joining the trip. Maybe Hata thinks that showing Ayumu in a maid outift would make up for that XD.

    • “Oh yeah, it’s also easy to forget that Isumi is also living in the apartment as a bodyguard.”

      Well, that completely slipped my mind! 😛

    • I guess one more thing about Isumi is that she has considerable pride. That makes her unnecessarily stubborn when things go wrong for her. Hey, I might write an article about this! 😀

  2. You know, I honestly think that even if Nagi did bring her credit cards, it would’ve been of no use since it’s sort of a running gag that Nagi’s credit cards are rendered useless XD. Heck, I think it goes without saying that Nagi would still get into trouble even if she does bring her phone and credit cards.

    • Well at least Nagi wouldn’t be trying to use her credit card at a vendor machine, right…?

      Maybe in the near future the gag would be more frequently shifted to the smartphones, when NFC purchasing becomes standard practice.

  3. Like master like servant. recklessness is a trait of choice, east coast to west coast journey… quite a challenge for someone who could get leg cramps just by walking a couple of meters

    Might as well say it now, since no else said:

    This is madness!!

    yeah. just couldn’t resist

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