Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 387

Sometimes she is just too annoying...

Sometimes she is just too annoying…

When was the last time anything about Wataru’s progress on his new store was mentioned?

Arguably you could say it was the previous chapter, but here I am talking about a major addressing in a chapter, instead of casual appearances in a panel or two. A quick search on the previous chapters ends with a shocking result: unless I am very much mistaken, the last “Wataru’s business chapter” was Ch. 345, published on 16 November 2011. In other words, it has already been over a year since we have heard anything substantial about him.

Perhaps as a compensation to one of the very few male characters in this series, he and his business have been given more than half a chapter here, while we are very busy anticipating some important information to be revealed. Given how important the revelation is supposed to be, I guess – with all due respect – nobody really gives a damn about Wataru’s business right now.

Sometimes, the timing of an appearance really matters.

So that's how it looks when your business fails.

So that’s how it looks when your business fails.

The first thing to note here is that Wataru has opened his shop unexpected early. In Ch. 345 he has told us that he planned to open his shop in mid-August. However, we are still in late-July in Ch. 387, so Wataru is at least three weeks ahead of his schedule. As we have already seen in the movie and the new anime, Wataru’s store is located in Akiba, selling doujinshis and renting DVDs.

A quick start doesn’t guarantee good performance, however. Wataru and Saki find themselves struggling on their very first day into business, as they only had three customers and made a total sales of 1500 yen. The narrator reasons that the location of the store is the major problem, and of course a store which is located in an alley can’t draw too much attention while the majority of the people would take the main street.

That is, to cry endlessly for help.

That is, to cry endlessly for help.

Obviously, some promotions would do the shop a lot of help, but Wataru is perhaps too depressed to think of anything else. In fact, not only he is upset at the shop, he is even close to tears at dinner. After all, he has given up school and has borrowed 100M yen from Sakuya, so a failure is unaffordable. The pressure could be a bit too much for a 13-year-old boy.

Saki is worried. As a caring maid she wants to help him in whatever way she can. As her words of encouragement (or provocation?) do not work, she knows that she has to do something more substantial. However, she doesn’t know a thing about business. It seems that there is only one thing she could do…

You too, Athena.

You too, Athena.

Meanwhile, Hayate has arrived at Mikado’s castle following Aika’s lead. To his surprise, Athena is here as guest as well. Apparently, Hayate – first love, butler and papa – didn’t know where Athena would go before heading off to the Rainbow Village. In any case, Hayate and the others did not ask Mikado to look after Athena.

Mikado says that it is not yet the time to reveal why Athena is here, as they have more important issues to talk about: the Sanzen’in inheritance. The key to Nagi earning back her fortune, and (possibly) the key to Hayate finding a love life independent of Nagi, is to be revealed. However…

It is amusing that calls could reach these mountains.

It is amusing that calls could reach these mountains.

Hayate’s phone chooses to ring at the very moment. Of course, the call is from Saki, who has recently (it is still like 10 months ago) shown that she could be very persistent when she asks Hayate for help. As a matter of fact, Saki doesn’t seem to have anyone other than Hayate to turn to when she is in trouble – she could at least consult Sakuya, right?

Hayate is not helping himself here. Okay, he might not have expected the first call, and he has turned the phone to silent mode after that, but clearly he should have turned the phone off after the second call. If he reckons that he is having a very important conversation with Mikado, he should put everything aside until Mikado has finished talking. The failure to do so not only interrupts the “very important conversation”, but also highlights Hayate’s idiocy.

Someone please spank this guy...

Someone please spank this guy…

Or maybe it has nothing to do with Hayate’s intelligence, but his indecisiveness to turn down a girl’s request. We all know that Hayate is not entirely capable of saying “no” to girls, no matter how ridiculous their requests are. Sometimes he is seen wanting to say no, but as his body knows only to say yes, he is torn between “yes” and “no” and he doesn’t know what to do.

Brainless or indecisiveness, he is still pathetic at Mikado’s castle. He is not able to stop the phone from becoming a nuisance, and while Mikado tells him to answer the phone (so that he could hang up shortly after), he allows the call to drag on. When he panics at Mikado’s shoutings, he accidentally reveals that he is talking to Mikado, leading the latter to receive a call from Saki as well. In short, Hayate’s handling of the matter is heavily under-par, as the butler of the Sanzen’in household.

"And never come back to our house, you idiot!"

“And never come back to our house, you idiot!”

As Saki makes the fifth call of today – the fourth for Hayate – Mikado has run out of patience. He decides that this is not the day to talk about the Sanzen’in inheritance, as the moment has already been killed – Athena is yawning, Aika is playing games on her cellphone, and Hayate himself has become more interested in Saki’s wants than the Sanzen’in inheritance. Hayate is told to go and help Saki sort out her problems.

Mikado comments that Hayate is haunted rather than being unlucky, but I disagree. As suggested above, I think that Hayate contributes to his own bad luck by his own idiocy. Audience of the Final Destination series would know that Death’s plans to kill people are often aided by the victims’ own stupidity: putting liquids near electronic devices, chasing after pigeons, using the tanning beds without supervision, using escalators in a huge explosion (All hail 4D movies!)… Sometimes, people are just too dumb to live.

The dumbest end ever?

The dumbest end ever?

A meeting that looked so promising in the beginning ends with Aika talking about her trip with her fiancé two days later. Athena leaves in silence, clearly disappointed that nothing important has been revealed. As for us readers, I think many of us would consider this a let down, given that this arc has raised so many questions, but answered so few of them.

Just take a look at some comments I see on Twitter…

I think the most annoying thing here is that, our dear Hata seems to think that this is very funny. By saying that “this is the reality of this manga”, he is saying that he is deliberately trolling us. The fact is, being a comedy doesn’t mean that the series couldn’t get serious when it has to be. Here we are dealing with a core part of the plot, so how could Hata think that he could mess this up in the name of a comedy?

If he thinks that this topic is too serious for a “comedy”, then wouldn’t it be better if he never raised it in the first place? If he is to address this issue, then he has to treat serious issues seriously. Gags are not supposed to be made on serious issues, otherwise the credibility of this series is lost. I mean, how are we supposed to take the series seriously any more, if we could reply to any questions or debates with a mere “Why so serious”?

Let’s take an example right at the end of this chapter: the tagline suggests that something fun is going to happen in the next chapter. Should we believe it, or not?

19 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 387

  1. I have to admit that I was really pissed off after reading the chapter. It seemed to lead to something useful, some revelations perhaps. And then that stupid Saki (and Hayate and of course the mangaka) mess it all up. Finally we get to know that we will probably not hear what Mikado has to say for a good while. To me it was not funny at all, it was massively annoying.

    • We do have the word from Mikado that he would call again two days later. But how long would it takes to get to that day, and what mood would we be in?

      Simply put, other than deliberately dragging things on, I see no reason why the “important thing” can’t be revealed in this chapter. The thing is, as we drag on, we lose interests in the topic.

    • Well, he does say that, but then again Aika said she’s leaving in two days, so how should we interpret this? Without Aika no conversation or why did Mikado get so riled up about this…

    • The main reason for Aika’s presence in this chapter is that she is the guide for Hayate. Given that Mikado has said he would give Hayate a “call”, I guess Aika’s presence isn’t necessary, unless he wants a telephone conference.

      Mikado is, somewhat, that sort of old pervert who enjoys the company of young girls (Maria and Aika come to mind). I guess he is riled up because he is losing Aika (for a few days).

    • Hopefully we get something interesting in the near future. Quite frustruating. Wish we could get a ship-builder with Hina in the future, but that’s never going to happen.

  2. It will be 50, no, maybe 100 chapters before they will discuss about it again. Good job Hata you can sell this manga for another 1 or 2 years : \

    • The question is how many “loyal” readers would remain to see a development which we could have forgotten by then…


    To be fair though, Hayate has said “no” to people he dislikes including some female characters… but yeah, he is a moron, the annoying kind of moron and not the “haha, thaaat’s our -insert name-!” kind of moron. I can’t possibly count the number of times he’s deserved to get a (hilarious) fist, hammer or karate chop to the top of his head.

    We all know that Wataru’s business will be fine but it’s still funny to see his depression. Now that I mention it, I think this is the first time we’ve seen this kind of exaggerated expression in this manga. If there’s any advice to be given on his business, then the first thing he should do is to get one of his employees (Ayumu) to start working as Ayumu has only been seen working in the movie and we didn’t see her working in CTMEOY EP 4.

    As for the meeting… well to be honest, I was rather ticked off at the sudden seriousness. I was also quite ticked off at Mikado’s evil grin, Aika’s sudden-important-character face and Athena’s seriousness. Troll or not, I didn’t like the way the scene was handled so in a way, I’m kinda happy the mood was killed….kinda. It’s actually rather fitting when you remember about how Nagi told Mikado that not everything will go his way. More importantly, it’s rather strange that Mikado didn’t ask for Nagi to come to the meeting.

    • That’s why Hina and Nagi punches are always welcomed. 😉

      Wataru’s business… is a mixed case. Of course he is doing quite well in the movie, but in the anime his shop would be empty but for the visit from Nagi and co. He even complains that he is bored… I kinda wonder if his new store would do better than his previous store, but then again, he doesn’t seem to be so depressed in the anime.

      If there is anything about the seriousness that ticks me off, it is that we have gone quite off-topic with the Sanzen’in inheritance. While we began this arc wondering whether Hayate could find a love life which doesn’t involve Nagi, this topic is completely dropped, and we started talking about money in the past few chapters. I know money is important in a romantic relationship, but wouldn’t it be too… realistic if the discussion is mainly about money?

  4. I was reading through like, 10+ chapter, because I haven’t read hayate for a while, then when I read this, I speed through to read it, and, raging through the phone-ringing page…and then Hayate got sent home…Aika had a vacation planned…geez Hata. Can’t you shed some light into this manga?

  5. And I thought that when Athena returned as an adult, it would be in an important drama filled chapter. But seeing that it it was in a troll chapter and her being there was superfluous, it is clear that outside the EotW and Greek arc, that Hata enjoys making gag manga, and his focus will always be comedy.

  6. Nah guys, truth was that Hina was gonna call for Hayate, so Hayate’s super harem ability to show up in front of any girl who calls for him kicked in and made it so Hayate could leave early.

  7. I actually like these pointless chapters because I really think that this (and Hinagiku) brand of comedy defines what Hayate no Gotoku is. I read Hayate no Gotoku even before the EotW arc and I loved it even before then (when it essentially had no plot) and there’s just something about this manga that I still dutifully follow it after picking it up about five or six years ago.

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