Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 353

Maria was healthy again!

Admit it: you are among the countless readers who thought that Hayate did not get a cold in the last chapter because he was a fool – “Fools don’t get colds”, they say, after all. However, Hata hit back at us right away in this chapter, but somehow he went in line with the cliche: Fools do get colds, but Hayate did not get a cold, because he was no longer a fool.

You can only wonder what Hata meant by “he was no longer a fool”.

Unlikely it seemed, but he was sick.

In any case, the not-a-fool Hayate woke up on exam day and found himself in trouble. His head hurt, he felt dizzy, and he could not think – all were symptoms of a cold, and all were detrimental to your exams. We all know that being ill could really destroy the efforts you have put into your studies – if there has been any in the first place, that is – and Hayate was not happy about it.

It wouldn’t need too much for him to take his exams properly. All he needed was some medicine to suppress the symptoms and to survive a few hours. It did not concern him if he would have to collapse for the next few days – summer vacation was coming, after all.

Just as he was about to take the medicine, Maria greeted him from behind. She was feeling all fine, and she – out of courtesy – asked Hayate if he had caught a cold himself. Hayate, who was feeble at lying, responded with an “Eh?” sheepishly. This suggested that Maria had got it right.

The answer can only be "no".

Nagi then came into the scene as well. She was very worried about Hayate, and she made herself very clear that she would feel guilty if Hayate got a cold because of her. To say the very least, she wouldn’t want her butler to be expelled by Hakuou because he had got a cold after taking care of her cold.

Hayate knew at once that it was not the time to show his weakness. He simply could not let the girls feel guilty. All he could do was to pretend that he was perfectly fine, and it meant that he could not take the medicine. His acting – if it could count as acting – convinced Nagi, but Maria was very reserved about it…

As they arrived at Hakuou, Nagi headed to a different classroom, where the grade-skippers take their exams. We know that Hakuou treated grade-skippers in a special way, such as having special tutorials before the Golden Week, and now we know that they took their special exams.

Hayate was alone, and he began to think of his own exams. In his conditions he wouldn’t be able to score high, but what mattered most for him was to not fail – he could always improve his grades as long as he was not expelled. His primary target, therefore, was to pass the exams, no matter how marginally it was…


Suddenly, he received a hit on his back as Hinagiku greeted him. The aching muscles of Hayate combined with the strength of Hinagiku made it possibly the hardest “Hina punch” Hayate had taken so far. Defenseless and shocked, Hayate fell to the ground.

Hinagiku did not expect Hayate to be knocked down by her greeting hit. Confused, she suspected that Hayate was not feeling well. Hayate, however, decided to keep acting as if he was perfectly fine. Perhaps surprisingly, Hinagiku believed that he was fine.

Do well, or die.

As Hinagiku believed that Hayate was “as healthy as ever”, she then reminded him of the exams. She revealed that she had given him much help with his studies – so maybe that’s why he got a 92 in his recent quiz – and he was sure to do well. She wanted him to do well, and she told him she would find a scrappy pass unacceptable – you now know what she meant by “I am quite harsh”.

In any case, Hayate realized that he really had to do very well to satisfy Hinagiku. A marginal pass was no longer an option for Hayate, or death would await him – or so he thought. His only way to do well was to preserve as much energy as he could before the exam, but this was Hayate here, so misfortune was waiting for him…

Hibino Fumi: absent for exam.

There was Fumi on the ground, screaming as she suffered a bad stomach (because she ate something she shouldn’t be eating…). Obviously she needed to be at the infirmary, but – it’s a mystery she knew so precisely – it was 1 km away from where they were. Taking Fumi on his back and walking 1 km was too demanding for a sick Hayate, so he turned away. However, as Fumi began to accuse him of being cruel, he knew that he had no choice…

Going to and coming back from the hospital resulted in a displacement of zero but a distance of 2 km. Instead of saving energy for the exam, Hayate had wasted energy. What’s worse, he had forgotten to get any kind of medicine – even painkiller – to ease his worsening symptoms.

Sometimes, you contribute to your own sufferings…

There. Is. No. Sense. At. All.

More troubles were awaiting Hayate. Exactly 10 minutes before the exam started, Saki called Hayate and expressed her concern over Wataru’s new shop. She did not understand the business of it, and she wanted to read the think documents in her hands to Hayate, and hoped he would give some opinions.

Nobody knows why, but it was a now-or-never matter for Saki. She sounded like if Hayate did not listen and answer right at that moment, they would never be in contact again, and Wataru’s shop would definitely fail… Hayate couldn’t even ask her to wait for a few hours, so he could only listen to Saki and made heavy financial calculations in his head in 5 minutes. Honestly, this was a huge achievement. If only he could use that energy on his exam…

It was too much for Hayate, and he knew that he was about to pass out. However, he was determined not to give up, as he had a lot to fight for in this exam: for Nagi’s sake (He was her butler), for Maria’s sake (She helped him get into Hakuou), and for Hinagiku’s sake (She helped him study). Really, you would not find another person like him, who takes exams for a lot of people’s sake, but not for his own sake…

Saginomiya Isumi: absent for exam.

Once again he was on his way to the classroom, but Isumi appeared right at that moment. She was on a quest of monster hunting, and she needed Hayate in every way: She needed his blood (1000 c.c.), she needed him to take her to the spot (2 km away) and perhaps to help her fighting the monster (Which had the ability to swallow the world). Hayate had simply given up struggling, and surrendered himself to whatever Isumi wanted to do…

Wait a second – what about your own exam, Isumi-san?

The bell rang, and the exams had to start. We could see from the blackboard behind Yukiji that they were having three exams that day: Mathematics, English and (Japanese) Literature. These subjects were a bit too “normal” for a school like Hakuou, hah?

Why on earth does he always end up like this?

Hayate had not yet made his way back to the classroom, and although Izumi (the class representative) pointed it out to Yukiji, the class teacher had no intention to wait for him. Just as she announced that Hayate would get a zero for being absent, Hayate turned up. He was, however, in an extremely horrible state: bleeding, shaking, weak and all. He looked as if he would die in any moment…

Hayate was not giving up. He was still fighting against his cold – for some reason I think the cold was not his major problem anymore… He was taking his exams, and he was determined. If he could remain calm throughout his exams, he was sure that he would be fine.

Lesson: sit properly.

I have invigilated exams myself, and my opinion is that it is horribly boring watching the students struggle. It would be much better if I had something to do myself, so once or twice I thought of brining my iPad into the exam room and… well, you know what to do with an iPad. Yukiji probably had the same idea, and as she did not have an iPad (which, of course, did not exist in 2005), she took out her PSP for some game. Usually you can expect Hinagiku to tell her elder sister off, but as she would be busy taking her own exams, Yukiji would be quite safe…

You might have noticed that Yukiji was not sitting properly on her chair. A bad sitting pose do not only look bad, but it is quite dangerous. Just look at Yukiji: she lost balance on her chair, and she fell. She threw out her arms in panic to try to balance herself, but she also let loose her PSP. The machine flew across the room, and hit at Hayate’s forehead.

Sony is guilty. It makes Hayate angry.

Hayate took the PSP off his head, and broke it into halves. We seldom see Hayate destroying anything, so we can tell that he was very angry inside, although he looked very calm. In fact, Yukiji was so scared with his silent anger, that she did not complain about him breaking her property. In any case, no more “staying calm” for Hayate, and he had to take his exams with a cold, less blood, an angry mind, and a hit in the head…

Finally, the exams were over, but Hayate could not call it a day yet, as he still had to work at Cafe Donguri, and to prepare dinner for everyone. As he arrived home, Maria approached him, apparently had something to tell him. Hayate instantly thought that Maria had something to ask him to do as well – given that quite a lot of people had told him to do this and that, it was a natural response.

This is why boys like nurses.

Maria, however, offered him medicine, and told him not to worry about work or dinner, as she would take over them. After a whole day’s suffering, Hayate finally could find some peace and rest at home. He was clearly touched, and thanked Maria for her offer.

Some problems remained for Hayate, though. It would certainly be a miracle for him to perform well in his exams, given the miserable state he was in. But if he really failed his exams, what would happen next? If he passed marginally, what would Hinagiku say about it?

Sometimes I just feel too sorry for Hayate, I can’t bear to watch him suffer anymore…

12 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 353

  1. it was a good chapter for me we see why hayate is “the determinator of the series” and why making him mad is a really really REALLY bad idea(making mad anyone how has enought strenght to destroy a wall by acciden,trow a textbook so hard that you pass out,using a shark to attack another shark,cut a rock to pieces,defeat a powerfull spirit(midas),ect i could keep talking but i would never end XD),and that despite what everybody says about him(im looking at you fumo*mad eyes*)or makes him does(im looking at you rest of the cast*mad eyes*)he never complains(most if the time or doesnt says it outloud)and helps them

  2. sigh… so typical of most mangas and shows, making comedy by making the male character(s) suffer. It’s getting more and more extreme for Hayate… But we all know, Hata’ll get his pants sued off by readers if he makes any one of the main/recurring female character go through a fraction of what happened to Hayate… I know how strong and tough Hayate can be, but do you just have to suffer and endure more (a lot more in Hayate’s case) when you’re stronger than some others…?

    • and not to mention, he didn’t even do anything to deserve any of this, being one of the nicest character in anime/mangas…

  3. Hayate, despite not having some kind of guilty past that obliges him to help anyone if he’s able to like Spider-Man, helps people out anyway for one reason……. he does not comprehend the power of the word “NO”. It won’t be long before all of his suppressed anger and other emotions start to burst out in a flurry of yelling and surprisingly well-thought out insulting remarks to everyone who he believed deserved to get insulted. Speaking of Spider-Man, imagine what would happen if the Black Suit takes over Hayate………

    Nevertheless, Maria’s much needed kindness and selflessness would make any man shed tears of joy and Hayate is lucky again to have her show kindness to him, just like when he first met her. If you ask me, that was enough to make up for all the crap he endured.

    BTW, Hayate snapping the PSP in half was like his own way of saying “F*** YOU DESTINY!!”.

    • Hayate really needed a break from the madness he suffered. As Maria looked as if she had a lot of free time, perhaps she could take up more responsibilities, and share Hayate’s burden…

      The black suit, huh? Not to worry, Nagi would force him to take off that suit and change into girl’s clothes again in no time. XD

  4. It just means that his disastrously bad luck supersedes ANYTHING, even his otherwise inhumane stamina 😉

  5. According to what Hata tried to express about all the troubles he faced in the chapter in that condition, Hayate should have collapsed before even getting to the exam room, let alone getting there on time and completing the exam.

    But I guess the standards for an average person just cannot be used for a monster like Hayate.

    By the way, Hata nailed it just right on the bad timing of the cold. (Having caught it myself right before the mid-term, I tried to finish it ASAP in order to quickly get out of the room.)

    • Seriously, if there were not so many ridiculous things happening to him, I guess merely a cold wouldn’t do too much harm to his exams…

      Our bodies tend to become funny right before the moments we want them to be fine. That’s… life, or is it?

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