Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Prologue

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

The DVD and Blu-Ray of Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth have been released on February 29, 2012. From what we know prior to the release, there would be additional scenes totaling 11 minutes. The movie is therefore lengthened by about 20% (59 becomes 70. You do the maths…), so it is a huge addition.

Fortunately (?) we do not have to go through the whole movie again looking for those scenes, for the 11 minutes are right at the beginning of the movie. That is to say, when you play the DVD or Blu-Ray, the first scenes you would see are these 11 minutes. Bar any other additional scenes I have not found out yet, the added value of the DVD/Blu-Ray collection is right at the beginning for you to take. Convenient, huh?

Oh my God, this really is splendid...

Even more conveniently, the added minutes are an animation of Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 99, the limited printout only for those who went to watch the movie in theatres back in last August. In other words, there is no more the need to look for Vol. 99. Watching the DVD/Blu-Ray version of the movie would do – about 99%, that is.

So, what the heck is in these additional 11 minutes – or, in simpler terms, the prologue?

Nobody dared to sit with them.

Everything began in a train with no air-conditioning (Mysteriously, the mechanical fans are made into CGI…). Nagi looked excitedly out of the window, exclaimed at the beauty of the grass, water and mountains which went past her eyes, and wondered if there would be gods and spirits in the forests. Clearly, she was in love with the fields.

I am telling you, there is someone between Ayumu and Chiharu.

Hayate then began a lengthy monologue, while the camera took a shot of all who went to the trip: himself, Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku, Ayumu, Izumi, Risa, Miki and Chiharu – I know, someone was missing, but we would come to her in a minute. Other than telling us it was August 27, everything he said was in vague terms. All we know from his words is that, if we want any answers to any questions we have in mind, we have to watch the movie and the manga. It became so annoying that Maria had decided to cut him short, but he was not listening.

Tonari no Totoro, Totoro...

Suddenly, Nagi began to wonder if she could find Pedoro (Shit, I have been watching too much Gintama!) Totoro in the fields. She claimed that, after revising animes about the fields, she came to the conclusion that it was quite probable to find one or two Totoroes in the fields. What she wanted to do was to bring one home…

Santa is NOT REAL, Izumi!

Risa, Izumi and Miki heard her, and then went into their own conversation. Risa started off by stating that Nagi was an innocent young girl. Izumi agreed, but she said that Totoroes were not for catching. It implied that Izumi, a 17-year-old, believed in the existence of Totoroes. Risa and Miki were speechless for a moment, and then they began making fun of Izumi. The teasing was cut short, however, as Nagi asked what they were talking about. Clearly reluctant to destroy the mood of Nagi, Risa wished Nagi could catch Totoro.

You are (not) watching: Gundam F91.

Hayate told Maria that he was worried that Nagi had too much expectations for the fields. A girl with a Gundam F91 mask commented that “people who could not control their emotions are junk”. Of course, we know this girl was Kayura. Although she also wanted to take her mask off, she said that she couldn’t as she had to prevent spoilers. Well, I don’t see any point about it…

... What do I say about this...?

Kayura was worried that, as Nagi had so much expectations for the fields, she would be very disappointed if she found the fields were nothing like she had imagined. If anything went worse than what Ruka had said… So what had Ruka said?

"It's not funny, Ruka..."

It turned out that Nagi had invited Ruka to come to the trip. However, as Ruka had a concert soon, she couldn’t. She said, however, that the trip would be “a summer full of insects”. By “insects”, she meant mosquitoes, moths, flies, spiders… etc. It is clear that Ruka was saying nothing good about the fields…


Nagi suggested that Ruka was only being jealous, as she couldn’t come. Ruka retorted that she had no interest in field trips, and that Nagi would become angry at noisy cicadas. Nagi became angry because Ruka suggested she would become angry.

Target... set!

Anyway, there was the possibility that Nagi would not like the fields after all, and Hayate was worried that should the field trip failed, Nagi would once again become a stay-at-home. His main objective of this trip, therefore, was to turn Nagi into an energetic girl who loved the fields.

"We... are... dying..."

The train stopped and everyone departed. Some of them exclaimed at the beauty and peacefulness of the scene, but when Hayate asked Nagi to enjoy as well, Nagi simply exclaimed about the heat. Right next to her, Kayura was suffering even more, as the heat was trapped in her metallic mask…


Chiharu asked whether Nagi wanted to go home right away, but Nagi – having her own share of hatred of losing – refused to surrender to the heat. She decided to think of a way to overcome the heat, but then she told Hayate to buy Haagan-Dazs for her. Ayumu told her there was no convenient stores in the fields, so Nagi asked for Starbucks instead. Of course, there was none either. Nagi was so disappointed that her expectations for the fields dropped to 50%.


Hayate was alert that Nagi’s expectations dropped like the stocks of Sony a certain video game company. He then brought up the hunt for Totoroes. Nagi’s expectations rose to 85%, and she grabbed Chiharu along for the hunt.

○| ̄|_

Chiharu warned Nagi of the danger for a person who never exercised to run so fast all of a sudden. Nagi said that it was necessary to hurry up, or the “Totoro hunters” (which did not even exist in the original Totoro movie…) would be there first. Unfortunately, Nagi slipped and they both fell into the water.

Not really working...

Being wet, Nagi was depressed and her expectations dropped to 40%. Hayate then suggested her to take a bath and change, and to have some tasty watermelon. Nagi was not really motivated, but her expectations returned to 50%. It was better than none…

Hina: "It's fine, Chiharu! I get ignored quite often myself."

Nagi left with Hayate, leaving Chiharu alone in the water. Chiharu moaned that nobody was there to care about her, but at least Hinagiku came and asked if she was alright… On the way back, Hinagiku commented that butler was a hard job, and Maria replied that Hayate had always had it difficult. Then, there came the sound of a jingle…

Ayumu: "Granny! Obviously I don't have pink hair!"

Everybody arrived at Ayumu’s farmhouse. An old lady – Ayumu’s grandmother – came out and welcomed them. Old Lady Nishizawa commented that Ayumu had all grown up and become beautiful, as if she had become a different person… She was, however, talking to Hinagiku, and of course she was a different person. Clearly, Old Lady was suffering from very bad eyesight…

Nagi and Chiharu: "If this is what it takes to become more popular..."

Chiharu and Nagi both went to the bathroom for a bath. Nagi moaned that she had to return to the heat and nothing else after the bath, and her expectations dropped to 20%. Chiharu suggested that Nagi had to actively seek for fun in the fields, but she could not point out what Nagi could look for.


Ayumu entered the bathroom (for no reason), and suggested “stag beetles” as a source of fun. While Chiharu doubted whether girls would like beetles, Nagi was really excited about them, and her expectations rose to 100%. She was, of course, influenced by Mushiking. However, a HUGE spider appeared and scared Nagi off. Her expectation became zero…

Maria: "Yes, Granny, if..."

Meanwhile, Old Lady was talking to Maria, thinking that she was Ayumu. She commented that “Ayumu” was dressing in a funny way…

Mission failed, Hayate.

A few moments later, Hayate brought slices of watermelon to Nagi, and asked if she was going to hunt for Totoroes. As Nagi said she did not care anymore, her expectation dropped to -100%. The only thing she would do after taking the watermelon was to sleep.

Returning to the beginning.

Hayate said that, after a while a rest, Nagi could once again look for fun in the fields. Nagi softened a bit and said she would reconsider. A cicada was singing as Nagi took her rest, and… yes, we arrive at the start of the main movie.

Things to note in this prologue:

  • Kayura was the one who mentioned “Ruka” first. It means that she would know Ruka by August 27. Let’s see how they would meet in the manga.
  • Ruka and Nagi would still be friends by August 27. It means that, whatever the Summer Comiket would become, there should be no harm to the friendship between Nagi and Ruka.

As suggested above, the added scenes covered 99% of Hayate no Gotoku! Vol. 99. So where is the remaining 1%?

The (still) missing scene.

This page suggested that Hinagiku was the first person to have heard the jingle, but as Hinagiku was not allowed a bigger role in this movie, it was not animated.


3 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth – Prologue

  1. So the deleted scenes were mostly stuff irrelevant to the plot, the appearance of not so relevant character and FANSERVICE……… yup, definitely the stuff you see in filler chapters of Hayate no Gotoku! XD. Besides, deleted scenes are something only the fans could appreciate, just like that time I watched FFVII Advent Children Complete.

    I only heard about Hedoro through Gintama too, specifically, through watching 249 episodes and 391 chapters of it (Super fan of the series). Honestly, it’s better for Nagi to not find Pedor….. Hedoro since that would make the movie too sad.

    • Only fans would bother to buy a DVD/Blu-Ray anyway, so these additional scenes (I wouldn’t say they were “deleted” from the original.) need only the appreciation of fans.

      I quite like these 11 minutes, as I found myself laughing all the way.

      I am not sure if it is an H or a P for the whatever-doro character. And yes, it would become a very sad movie, but for some reason I want to watch it. XD

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