Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 360

Hello! Doughnut Gunso is here with the Ch. 360 Review – again in the “new” style.

Feedbacks from readers strongly suggest me to put pictures (back) into the text. This will be done in this chapter, so please see if it fits in and looks good. Another step in the try-and-error process, I suppose.

As a compensation for the lack of pictures in the last Chapter Review, here comes the first picture I want to share.

Of course, it's Hinagiku.

The above is the cover for the Vol. 32 + Vol. 0 package. There was a similar item before, in the special edition of Vol. 29. Both covers feature Hinagiku alone, and while Vol. 29 showed the heroic and masculinity of Hinagiku, Vol. 32 + Vol. 0 shows her femininity. Well… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

There being no other business, let’s move on to Ch. 360!

Hinagiku and Fr. Ghost own the show. Hayate appears a lot as well, but for once he is not really in the centre of trouble.

Chiharu appears in the last page.

Answer: The ghost behind you!

Title Page: Hinagiku! It should be noted that while Hinagiku was once able to see Fr. Ghost, there has been no evidence that she still could. After all, if she still could see him, then she should have noticed him ever since she moved in. This chapter is a “yes-and-no” answer to our theory: Yes, she couldn’t see him – but no, she could sense him.

The chapter starts with everything sleeping. It is already 3:05 in the morning.

Page 2, Panel 2: There comes Hinagiku, in pajamas and without a hairpin. This is not something we see very often.

It doesn't look really nice.

Page 3, Panel 1: It should be rather difficult locating the fridge in almost complete darkness. One must wonder why Hinagiku does not simply light up the kitchen, so that she could see better, and be less afraid of the dark kitchen.

Page 3, Panel 2: With some bad luck, Hinagiku grabs the mentsuyu instead of the barley tea. While other characters might accidentally drink the mentsuyu and comically spout it out, Hinagiku takes an extra precaution by sniffing it, and finds out her mistake early.

Page 3, Panel 5: Giggling in complete silent room is scary, but laughing in a noisy room is funny. The question is: What makes a noise scary or funny, anyway?

Pay attention to the hairpin - or the lack of it.

Page 4, Panel 3: Continuity mistake – Hinagiku with a hairpin. Looks like Hata hasn’t really settled on whether to let Hinagiku wear her hairpin in this chapter.

Page 5, Panel 1: A very easily forgotten fact: Hinagiku is afraid of ghosts. Read the Old Campus arc again and you will remember.

Page 5, Panel 5: Knock, knock. “Knocking is the greatest invention of mankind,” said Hinagiku, but actually this is the first ever time we see her knocking before entering.

Page 6, Panel 1: Yes, this apartment is haunted, but Hinagiku should have been aware of it. After all, she was there when the cat spirit possessed Izumi and attacked her. We might be talking about different spirits/ghosts, but the fact remains that Hinagiku should know that the apartment is haunted.

Tenant complaining.

Page 6, Panel 3: As one of the two people who dragged Hinagiku into living in this haunted apartment, Hayate the combat butler has to handle tenant complaints. I don’t think he is doing a good job here, however.

Page 7, Panel 3: Hayate finally realizes that Hinagiku is talking about Fr. Ghost. He has to be reading a manga instead of watching an anime, as the latter requires you to turn on the volume, and as such Hinagiku should have heard the laugh AND the TV.

Page 7, Panel 5: That’s not very reassuring, Hayate. The ability to defeat the ghost doesn’t give the courage for Hinagiku to defeat it.

She acts like a girl - a little girl, to be exact.

Page 8, Panel 1: Hinagiku is pleading for Hayate to believe her, in a very girly way. Why do we want others to believe us when we say we have seen ghosts? The answer is simple: We don’t want to be thought to be insane!

Page 8, Panel 3: Girly girls do not think of exorcising ghosts. Not by themselves, anyway.

Page 9, Panel 1: Put it this way. Roaches and ghosts are fear factors for girls. For Hinagiku, fear factors are to be eliminated, so that she does not have to be afraid anymore. She might be ruthless, but at least let’s not treat her like a killing machine.

So Hinagiku owning both swords is CANON.

Page 9, Panel 2: The first “official” confirmation that Hinagiku is the owner of BOTH Wooden Masamune and Shirosakura. It also confirms that Hayate knows about Hinagiku and Shirosakura. Does it also mean that Hayate knows that Hinagiku was the Silver Red who came to save him in Athens? Well, given his IQ when handling Hinagiku-related matters, it is highly unlikely.

Page 10, Panel 1: Fr. Ghost is foolish enough to come close to Hinagiku. What if she actually could see him? Curiously, he might actually be safe for two reasons. First, Hinagiku would remember him, and she might not exorcise an acquaintance. Second, as Fr. Ghost looks so pathetic, Hinagiku might have mercy on him as he is not a threat to her.

Hayate: "What have I done wrong this time?" Hina: "Nothing."

Page 10, Panel 3: In traditional customs, wooden swords are to exorcise ghosts. Hinagiku, however, prefers Shirosakura, which is made of… whatever. Poor Wooden Masamune is not picked once again…

Page 11, Panel 3: There are quite a few “tactics” in this manga, and quite often they have funny names.

Page 11, Panel 5: It turns out that Hinagiku’s perception is not exactly precise, as she is looking for Fr. Ghost in the opposite direction of where he is.

Page 12, Panel 2: Hayate has no way to stop Hinagiku when she is worked up. A hit at the back of her neck could do the trick, but then he wouldn’t dare to do it.

Some people jump out of the windows TO TRY TO SAVE THEIR LIVES when their house is on fire...

Page 12, Panel 4: Fr. Ghost makes the wise move and jump out of the window for his own life – as if a dead people still has his life. Come to think of it, if he never appeared in the room in the first place, he wouldn’t have to throw himself out of the room.

Page 13, Panel 2: Hinagiku’s perception of supernatural presence is limited by the four walls that surround her. Once Fr. Ghost is out of the room she is no longer able to sense him.

Page 13, Panel 4: Hinagiku shows why she is intelligent: She has the perception to sense things even if she couldn’t see them (Fr. Ghost’s lack of resistance), and she has the logical skills to find out the reason (Fr. Ghost has escaped). It sounds strange, but the narrator has praised Hinagiku’s intelligence for more than once.

Page 13, Panel 6: Hayate finally has his chance to carry out his Tweet-Tweet-whatsoever plan. He volunteers to finish Fr. Ghost off for Hinagiku (and obviously he would not), and curiously Hinagiku is not as persistent to finish the ghost off as she was in the Old Campus arc.

This guy offers the quickest room service in the world.

Page 14, Panel 1: While Hinagiku could summon swords in an instant, Hayate could summon a mug of hot milk in an instant.

Page 14, Panel 4: It is actually quite surprising that Hinagiku listens to Hayate and stays in the room, for two reasons. First, Hinagiku is not that kind of girls to leave troubles for others to solve for her. Second, as Hinagiku is scared of ghosts, there should be no way that she would agree to be left alone in a dark room…

Page 14, Panel 6: The time is 3:30, which means that Hinagiku has spent 25 minutes on hunting the ghost.

Sleeping Beauty.

Page 15, Panel 1: As she is not exactly a night owl, Hinagiku can’t stay awake at 3:30 and is fast asleep. You know, we generally do not expect good girls to stay up so late. Her sleeping posture, although very cute, doesn’t look very comfortable to me, especially the way she bends her neck…

Page 15, Panel 3: Stay low? No, you should stay out.

Page 15, Panel 6: It is a rather interesting scene in which Hayate watches a sleeping Hinagiku without a word, and finally makes the move to take “the princess” to her bed. Only God knows what is on his mind, but in any case it is not a bad scene.

Page 16, Panel 1: Chiharu comes in without knocking – now there is one more person who needs a “knocking is the greatest invention of mankind” lesson. She has put up her glasses and tied her hair into a ponytail, and… who would tie up her hair simply to check on some noises in the apartment?

A misunderstand ABOUT Hinagiku, not WITH her.

Page 16, Panel 2: We know what is on Chiharu’s mind, and what is on Hayate’s. The predicament for Hayate is that there is no way he can get himself out of this by words. The best thing he could do is to keep on with carrying Hinagiku to her bed.

To wrap things up! We have seen the athletic Hinagiku. We have seen the intelligent Hinagiku. We have seen the romantic Hinagiku. Now we see the supernatural Hinagiku. Even though she is not able to see Fr. Ghost, she has the ability to sense his presence. This is more or less an exceptional side of this girl, as it is way more specific than the normal “sixth sense” we talk about in real life.

With the ability to sense the presence of ghosts, and the power and weapons to defeat them, Hinagiku surprisingly offers herself as an excellent exorcist. For a long time, readers have suggested that Hinagiku could work with Isumi and Sakuya as Ghost Sweepers, and Hinagiku has certainly passed her test as one in this chapter.

As mentioned above, Hinagiku and Fr. Ghost are actually acquaintances. There is no way to tell if the girl will be able to see the ghost again, but if she will, then it would be safe to say that they won’t be so scared of each other again. Hinagiku was not afraid when she saw Fr. Ghost during her birthday arc, and Fr. Ghost should be fine with Hinagiku if she is not trying to exorcise him. Would that bring anything to the story? Let’s see.

In case you haven’t noticed: There will be no Shonen Sunday next week, so there will also be no Chapter Review next week. Maybe I should go back to the Trolling Moments project again!