Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 374

Are those socks, or are those shorts? In both cases, why are you wearing them on the beach, Nagi?

As you all know, the Katsura sisters are almost direct opposite of each other. Hinagiku is the very best student at Hakuou Academy, while Yukiji is the hopeless teacher at the same school. Just as the margin line suggests, they are the light and shadow of the Katsura family: while Hinagiku has all the good things about life, Yukiji has all the bad ones. Well, not all, really – Yukiji does, after all, have a bigger chest.

But then, just like the light and shadow, Hinagiku and Yukiji cannot be separated, and clearly they do not want to. Despite their arguments over money and lifestyle, the Katsura sisters value each other very highly. When she knew that Hinagiku was upset, Yukiji travelled from Italy to Greece immediately to consult her younger sister. Hinagiku told Ayumu that of all the people in the world, she respected her elder sister the most. So, let it never be said that the Katsura sisters have a bad relationship.

Given her brightness, you might expect she doesn’t want her sister at all. But it is not the case.

In this chapter, we – all of a sudden – have a Katsura sisters’ tale. Hata has suggested more than once that he had the story ready, and was going to publish it someday. But then, although I have known that this tale is on Hata’s “to do” list, I did not expect it to be done now – the last time I heard, Hata wanted this tale be set in fall in the story, and it is still early July in Ch. 373.

But then, Hata has suggested on his BS that this tale would end in the next chapter. It is rather hard to make Hata’s 32 pages of manuscript on the Katsura sisters’ tale into one chapter, so either Hata is cutting their tale considerably, or that only a part of their full tale would be revealed.

Anyway, with a little delightful surprise, let us enter the Katsura sisters’ tale!

Kuzuha: “I am not suffering from low blood sugar level as well.”

It all begins with Yukiji and her messy night duty room – let us not forget that Yukiji lives here for free. Then, Kuzuha Kirika, the substitute chairman of Hakuou Academy, came for a visit. There are two things about Kuzuha to keep in mind. First, she is the “substitute” chairman as Athena was, and still is, unable to carry out her duty. Second, the manga Kuzuha has nothing to do with the Season One anime fiasco.

It turns out that Kuzuha has known Yukiji for a long time, as the latter calls her senpai (Senior). The two of them might have been at the same school for some time, and Kuzhua wouldn’t be too much older than 28 – they should be at most seven years apart to be at the same school and knew each other.

Kuzuha: “Or buy me 40K yen worth of sugar!”

And they appear to be rather good friends. After all, Kuzuha herself has been lending money to Yukiji, and that she allows Yukiji to live at the night duty room for free. We might even start to think that, perhaps Yukiji got the teaching post at Hakuou because of Kuzuha. But then, there are limits to her patience, and after seeing the state of the night duty room, Kuzuha decides that enough is enough: from this month onwards, she will charge Yukiji 40K yen a month as rent.

More like cleaning fees for me, if you see what I mean.

Meanwhile, Hinagiku is in the Student Council Room, discussing the business at the Violet Mansion with Hayate – wait, what is he doing here again? According to Hinagiku, the rent at the Violet Mansion is 40K yen, so when Nagi told Ayumu that it was 45K, either she was deliberately charging Ayumu the extra or she simply has forgotten how much the rent was.

Anyone has a problem with this panel? Because I have!

Hinagiku takes this opportunity to praise how good Hayate has been as a butler. She further suggests that the offer at the Violet Mansion is simply too great that there could be other people who want to move in. Of course, these “more people” include her sister Yukiji, who bangs into the Student Council Room at this exact moment.

The inconvenient truth for Yukiji is that there is simply no room – literally – for her to live at the Violet Mansion. Even single residence room is occupied, and the storage room is now used as a pet room and a guard room. Of course, Yukiji is having none of these, and she actually begs like a small child. This really is a pain to watch.

And I thought her chest is small.

Hinagiku knows her sister could go as far as forcing herself into the apartment, causing problems for everyone. She knows she has to convince her sister, so she volunteers to clean the night duty room instead. After all, Kuzuha is only angry at Yukiji for messing up the room, so she might feel a bit happier if Yukiji lives in a proper lifestyle. A small miracle is that Yukiji agrees…

One thing to note is that, as the Kuzuha has nothing to do with the Season One anime fiasco, there is no grudge whatsoever between her and Hinagiku.

For your information, Doughnut Gunso always keeps his room clean and tidy.

We could see that the night duty room really looks bad. The miracle is that, as Yukiji has suggested to Kuzuha earlier, there is no bug in the room. Hayate, the expert in cleaning, suggests to start with throwing away the trash. You know, I actually find that throwing things aways is the most effective way to clean up a place. As useless things stop piling up, the room would look much better immediately.

While Hayate is working, he finds some old photos of Yukiji. He might not believe it when Yukiji brags about her cuteness, but he was shocked to see that Yukiji was indeed a very cute girl when she was young. For some reason, he looks like he is possessed by the photos, so that when Yukiji suggests that she is leaving the room to throw away the garbages, he is barely listening…

She is not trying to deny that she is cute, it’s just that she isn’t sure her sister was cute. (Yukiji: “Hey!”)

Hinagiku sees it as Hayate’s expression looks odd, and asks him about it. Hayate says that Yukiji really was a cute girl when she was young, just like Hinagiku now. Hinagiku is clearly delighted as she blushes fiercely. Do note that Hinagiku is expressing her delight honestly, instead of hiding it with the “Tsundere thing”. Her shy but (very) happy expression could mean that she is learning how to accept praises from Hayate, which can only be a good thing.

But something bad awaits her, as Hayate then mentions that because Yukiji ends up being… like who she is now, he feels disillusioned. He finds it very difficult to accept the fact that cute girls could grow into horrible women, and his hopes and dreams for cute girls seem to be let down. Now wait a minute – since when has Hayate been having high hopes for cute girls?

There is one thing rather clear, though: Hayate has “such great hopes and dreams” about the cute Hinagiku, and he doesn’t want her to grow into Yukiji.

Nice save. Anger justified.

The interesting thing is that Hayate is not the first boy who relates Hinagiku to Yukiji in this way. Kaoru, the one who has loved Yukiji for 15 years, also noted the similarity between Hinagiku (now) and Yukiji (then), and he actually cried about how Hinagiku could end up becoming Yukiji. Maybe Kaoru and Hayate are quite similar people in a way, after all.

No matter what, it is extremely unfair to Hinagiku – or any girl, really – by comparing her with Yukiji. There are many nice women in the world as well, so why couldn’t guys compare girls to those great women? Annoyed, Hinagiku grabs Hayate by the shoulder, and warns him not to give up his hopes and dreams for cute girls. Poor Hayate, he must now be thinking that “Hinagiku-san is getting mad at me” again.

Interestingly, he does not apologize, and simply changes the subject by inviting Hinagiku to start cleaning. Hinagiku, for her part, is no longer angry. Sometimes these two people are very funny.

Logic failed: Yukiji looks like Athena, Hinagiku looks like Yukiji, but HINAGIKU DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ATHENA!!

But Hayate is not doing the cleaning, as he is still staring at Yukiji’s old photos – would you give it a break, Hayate? He notices that Yukiji is often seen with her guitar. Hinagiku reveals that her sister has had a dream to become a musician…

Well, make your story short, Hinagiku. Yukiji is coming back in no time.

18 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 374

  1. “Logic failed: Yukiji looks like Athena, Hinagiku looks like Yukiji, but HINAGIKU DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ATHENA!!”

    lol, I thought I was alone when thinking Yukiji in that old picture, without colors, strikingly resembled Athena.

    And the Kuzuha in the manga is way too cool compared to the eccentric and wild version in the anime.

    • No, you are not alone. FAR from it.

      So which Kuzuha do you prefer? The cool one or the wild one?

    • Well Nagi also resembles Athena when she was young in the anime, can’t remember which episode season 1 but it has something Mikaido distributing that picture if she don’t come to his Christmas party and coincidentally Kuzuha is also involved in that episode, probably there is not enough pages to cover her eccentricity in the manga

    • yup thats the one. oh yeah Hina goes red when she saw Hayate in the.. “outfit” which is so cute. but its refreshing to see this small details after not seeing the anime in quite a while

  2. I never heard anyone gossiping about the student council president and the butler, despite the frequency of him being in her office. Kind of strange.

    And then we got another ship tease….or is it subtle hint?

    • Well, when Hayate is in the Student Council Room, he is always alone with Hinagiku (if anyone is to come butting in, it is always Yukiji). So it is doubtful if other students realize that Hayate and Hinagiku are THIS close.

      I guess not even Chiharu would know Hayate has been to the room THIS frequently.

  3. Somehow, despite this Kuzuha being the cool and reasonable type, I find her to be funnier than the Season 1 version. Now I wonder what manga ver. of Shion is like…. Either way, it’s cool how Hata is making references to the anime.

    Hinagiku might explain Yukiji’s past differently since we pretty much got the general idea on what happened.

    There’s still the possibility of Yukiji playing the guitar again with Hinagiku doing the vocals.

    • Sometimes I think Hina has not been given all of the truth. If Yukiji has been trying to protect Hina from the ugly world of debt and business, she might have told Hina some white lies…

  4. And another interesting arc is starting (or so I hope!). 😀

    Even if it will be short, I have the impression that the interval between the plot-driven chapters is getting smaller. Maybe it’s just an impression or a coincidence, but…. wasn’t the “mystery room” arc just a few chapters back?

    Is it just me or the art is changing slightly on the manga too? the characters looked a bit “sloppy” sometimes, especially Hina on the first panel. perhaps it’s the extra work with the anime and everything taking its toll on poor Hata-sensei? Or maybe it’s my sleepy brain tricking me – lol
    Anyway, I think this will be a very enjoyable arc. 🙂

    • Well, Hata has not really been a mangaka known of stability. Odd panels appear from time to time, regardless of how busy (or not) he has been. 😛

  5. I’m not sure Hina was exactly ‘angry’ with Hayate. I got the vibe that Hina was more shocked and giving a very hast, flustered warning that not all girls end up like Yukiji so he shouldn’t give up those dreams (probably mostly referring to herself).

    I’ve posted on MangaFox about this too, but it is simply astounding how often Hayate is in the student council room despite the fact that he shouldn’t be allowed in there. We saw that Fumi couldn’t get in and Ruka needed Maria’s old school ID; yet Hayate can go up whenever he pleases? Honestly, until proven otherwise my assumption is that someone seems to believe that “president’s boyfriend” is an actual position and simply didn’t feel the need to tell either of them.

    Not sure if it’s just me, but it just seems like Hayate and Hinagiku aren’t even really trying to hide their feelings anymore. Hayate has been openly flirting with her after Greece (perhaps subconsciously?) and Hina is toning down the tsun reactions remarkably well. They’ve been getting quite a bit closer lately as this chapter shows well (seriously, Hina praising Hayate as her butler was very flirty for her, closer to how she was before she realized her feelings for him).

    Excellent chapter commentary as always; looking forward to seeing just how much of the Katsura Sisters’ backstory we’ll see next time.

    • Oh, I saw that on MangaFox, and I actually replied to your comment. 😛

      * Comment on MangaFox *

      Actually, Fumi did get into the student council room with Chiharu, who told her that the “members only” rule was not that rigid. Indeed we do not see any security checks at the entrance of the clock tower, and even Nagi has been to the room once in the official novels. There is doubt whether Chiharu’s words were a result of her seeing Hayate being in the room far too frequently in the first place, though.

      Maria’s ID was probably for Ruka to get through the school gate, where Ayumu was caught by the men in black. Which is ridiculous because at this rate, a terrorist could also get into the school with Maria’s ID and blow the whole school up.

      * Comment on MangaFox *

      The interaction between Hayate and Hina has really taken a sharp turn ever since the latter moved into the apartment. Although they still have a long way to go establishing a strong romantic relationship, signs have been very positive.

    • Now that you said it, maybe what he said to Hinagiku in order to get her to stay in the apartment had some truth after all.

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