Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 352

They are back!

Finally, Hayate no Gotoku! is back!

Six weeks. It is not a particularly long time, although it is not exactly short either. While the series is on hiatus, we have had six volumes of Weekly Hayate no Gotoku! with four character profiles, a Nagi social graph and a story flow chart. The materials are there, the discussion has been there, so to a certain extent I am not missing the series like crazy.

Anyway, as the series resumes, my weekly Chapter Reviews will also resume. So, it’s time for me to get back to work!

… Wait a minute, I have not stopped writing over the past six weeks, have I?

In order to celebrate the return of Hayate no Gotoku!, we have everything: coloured cover, coloured crosspage and a coloured Nagi card. Unfortunately I do not have the suggested card with me, so you have to look for it for yourself.

Hopefully it means a more serious plot.

The coloured crosspage features the Sanzen’in trio, Ruka and – I hope you have not forgotten about her – Yozora. Six King’s Jewels are seen, and quite some paper cash is also there as well.

To be honest, I do not have many ideas about what everything in this crosspage means, so I am not going too far with it. If I must say, as Yozora had already indicated that she had something to do with the King’s Jewels in her most recent appearance (which was over a year ago, seriously), we can expect her to return soon, in a quest for the King’s Jewels which might for some reasons involve Ruka.

Why are you staring at me? I have already told you that I have no idea about this, haven’t I?

In oral exams, this kind of self-introduction fails.

On a fine day – no specific date is mentioned, but it probably was a Sunday – Hayate was working as usual. He broke the fourth wall (Count: 1) and greeted us. Hello there!

It’s a slight change but Hayate’s head looked a bit smaller, and he appeared a bit taller than before. It isn’t that he had grown taller (Well, why not, anwyay?), but it could be a slight shift in Hata’s drawings. Perhaps it’s time he realizes that his readers have grown up…

You have to wonder how she got all the way here.

As Hayate continued breaking the fourth wall (Count: 2) by introducing himself to nobody, he heard Nagi calling him from behind. He turned his head to greet her, but to his horror, he found Nagi lying flat on the floor. Shocked, Hayate broke the fourth wall (Count: 3) and asked Nagi why she had already collapsed as they started. Nagi responded that she had a cold, and she broke the fourth wall (Count: 4) telling Hayate that it was because the long break threw her usual lifestyle into disarray…

… and I am not even sure if Nagi’s usual lifestyle is healthy.

Maria: "Why is my panel so dim...?"

Hayate went to Maria and reported to her that Nagi had a cold, only to find that Maria also had a cold. Maria also broke the fourth wall (Count: 5) by blaming her cold on the long break. Hayate was left amused that a long break could be so bad for them. Well, Maria was a very industrious person, so I guess long breaks really were bad for her.

Hayate broke the fourth wall (Count: 6) and asked the two main heroines to pull themselves together, as the story could never go on without their contributions. However, seeing that both girls couldn’t even move an inch, Hayate told them to get some rest. As he went to get them some food, he suddenly became worried: What about the other people?

Forget about her anger. Hinagiku scared Hayate most in this state.

The next second, Hayate went upstairs, looking for Hinagiku. It’s quite surprising to see Hayate worried about Hinagiku’s well-being… anyway, he found Hinagiku on the second floor, sitting on a bench like a zombie – clearly she had a cold as well. She might look scary (Hayate was basically petrified…), but on a closer look we could see that her body looked a bit taller than before, and very oddly I have a feeling that Hinagiku looked a bit more matured.

Hinagiku came back to life (!) and forced herself to greet Hayate. However, Hayate was not convinced that she was fine, and he ordered – another rarity – Hinagiku to go to bed. Hinagiku refused to give in to her illness, but then she began talking nonsense: a rational person like her should never talk about overcoming illness with willpower. Funny enough, this is exactly the attitude I had when I was suffering my own cold yesterday, but then I am a fool…

Hayate asked Hinagiku not to force herself, and he was soon joined by Chiharu. She dressed like it was winter (Speaking of the weather, it is still very cold at my place!), although summer was already coming. This, together with her mask, could only suggest that Chiharu also had a cold…

This Means War.

To sum up the above, Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku and Chiharu all had a cold. Hayate broke the fourth wall (Count: 7) and complained that, although they had coloured crosspage for the start of the new story, the main characters (Main characters, you were saying?) almost had all got a cold. At this rate the story could not go on, for the main characters were not able to perform…

Then, there came Alice, who looked and said she was perfectly fine. She also had no idea as to why everybody else had caught a cold, but she knew that Hayate would be the next one in trouble – the punchline, that is. In both the real world and the manga world, if you stay fine while all the others are ill on one day, they will be fine and you will be ill on the next day. The problem for Hayate was that there would be final exams on the following day, so even if everyone else could recover to take their exams, Hayate would fall ill and…

Alice: "I am down."

Just then, Alice sneezed – a sign of a cold. She fiercely denied that she had a cold – it was headache and joint pain, that’s all. However, Hayate knew exactly that it was a cold, so he told her to get some rest as well. The situation had gone too bad, and it was time for Hayate to take some sensible action – to buy medicine for everyone.

Alice was worried that it would lead Hayate to the punchline, as those who take care of sick friends would almost definitely be the next patient. However, Hayate responded that, as Nagi and everybody’s butler, he had the responsibility to help them get well, no matter what punchline was awaiting him.

... travelling between window and entrance.

Just as he rushed towards the entrance, Kayura pulled his legs and asked him to buy doujins for her. Judging by her sparkling eyes, and her enthusiasm in doujins, I am of the opinion that she did not get a cold.

Hayate was tripped by her at the entrance, and he flew out of the window, came across a truck which was driving past the entrance, and he got hit. Meanwhile, he broke the fourth wall (Count: 8) and remindede us that he specialized in misfortune…

He managed to buy the medicine, but he was covered in blood, and Nagi got it right – he should go to bed. Well, it also means that Hayate had suffered his own fate before the exams. I guess he should have no problem with his exams…

Kayura: "I did not study..."

If the story follows the timeline strictly, then most probably final exams would follow. It remains to be seen how interesting final exams could be in the manga – exams are never interesting, in each and every case – but it begs a question: Did Kayura, who had only recently joined Hakuou, had to take the final exams?

As the series finally returns, I can finally put up the following line again: Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

8 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 352

  1. Finally, they’re back!! Is that new coloured page signalling a new arc or is it referencing the previous arc. It might be new since it has those blue coloured stones shaped like the Midas Stone. Then again, it could the old arc since Maria looks sad from presumably the embarrassing photo album. Oh and the final exams for Hakuou means that they will soon be entering they’re third semester, right?

    Nagi being sick isn’t new, the super competent maid being sick is new, Hinagiku who is clearly sick but is trying to deny it, Chiharu who already seems to have her cold handled, Alice who caught it at the last minute and Hayate, because of Kayura, got himself caught in a painful, but funny, accident. Yup, definitely Hayate no Gotoku alright. I thought that this would be a chance for Hayate to repay Maria’s kindness for taking care of him when he was sick by doing the same to her. Too bad she wasn’t the only one whose sick.

    • I don’t know if it’s hayate bad luck or kayura superpower, but hayate tripped at front door, fly across the garden all the way to the road… =_=

      “Alice explained that the Hakuou students would be in trouble, as it is extremely likely that you would fail your exams when you have a cold.”
      well, except for chiharu the rest are academical geniuses so I think exams are no big deal for them.

    • Chiharu was not bad, I suppose. If the grades shown in Ch. 333 were to believe, then Chiharu did well – she got 90s, after all.

      Nagi did not really study, but I think she did not really care about grades as well, so there is no need to worry about her. Hinagiku would try to fight against her illness with willpower, and if she were not cured then we would have to see how far she could go before she collapsed.

      Well, that’s pure guessing game, since the last panel told us that they were all cured.

  2. Hayate had to deal with every person in the Violet Mansion who got a cold, attempted to remain calm despite being a one-man army, got hit by a truck despite the high probability of not getting hit by a truck and started bleeding profusely from the head. His reward: he didn’t get a cold.

    I’m guessing that the reason why Maria’s panel is so dark is because she’s usually the shining light in the pit of darkness-type. Now she has succumb to the “COLD” pit of darkness.

    Lesson of the story: Hayate attracts trucks just as much as he attracts girls (and one dude). Man I love this series!!

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