Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 357

Shouldn't we just ask Izumi to shoot the commercial...?

One day – when the exact date was (once again) unknown – Suirenji Ruka had an outdoor concert. We do not know where the concert was held, but we know that it was on an open stage among the woods. Well, a huge park should be the place you are looking for.

As usual, a lot of people attended the concert, and they were screaming like mad as Ruka entertained them with her most professional songs and dances. Among the many fans, there were two surprise guests: Hayate and Hinagiku.

Ruka seemed to be out of their reach...

As the three of them teamed up and had a successful June 12 Comisun, it was quite natural for Hayate and Hinagiku to visit their friend at her proper job. The “surprise”, as mentioned above, is more about the fact that Hayate and Hinagiku were not the type of people to go to concerts. Both of them were far too busy for any entertainment, and while it is true that Hinagiku enjoyed an hour of Ruka’s concert on a DVD, it was surely the first time Hayate attended Ruka’s concert as a spectator.

And from what we could see, they were not really listening to Ruka anyway. Instead, they commented on the efforts Ruka has put to be this good. Hinagiku was of the opinion that Ruka would get better and better, and someday she could have such exceptional achievements which she – a normal schoolgirl – could only dream of.

The facial expression of a mother-bird.

Hayate looked as if he had quite a lot of thoughts. As he did not explain himself in more details, we could only guess what he was thinking. I think Hayate felt more or less like a mother-bird which saw her chick flying with its own wings, so that it would not have to rely on its mother anymore. It would be a mixed feelings of success and loneliness, and it would be natural for Hayate to look so, eh, like a mother-bird.

However, the time for Ruka to be independent had not come yet. She was still in need of Hayate’s nurturing (he made udon for her that day), and she still needed him to listen to her problems. Time has not yet come for you to feel like a mother-bird yet, Hayate.

... but then why was she riding AWAY from the beach?

Long story short, Ruka would start filming a new commercial for a drink maker the following day. She was to ride on a bike, drink the new sports drink, and look satisfied, bright and everything. Typical sports drink commercial, that is.

It was a big deal for Ruka’s company: the manager was overjoyed, the company president was to hold a dinner party, and posters were put up in the office. There was, however, a small problem: Ruka did not know how to ride a bike. If she couldn’t ride a bike, the whole concept of the commercial would collapse, and the deal might have to be cancelled.

Usually, a few hours would do.

Ruka was in trouble. She could not ask the manager – who did not know that she couldn’t ride a bike – not to accept the job, and she could not turn this opportunity down for fear of damaging her career. The only thing she could do was to learn how to ride a bike as fast as she could, but she was too busy with her work and simply did not have enough time to practice…

Fortunately, she had a free schedule until the shooting of the commercial, so Hayate suggested her to practice all day long until she mastered the skills of cycling. Ruka was, however, very unsure about cycling, as she thought that a bike was too hard for her to handle, and that only an expert or a god of cycling could do it…

Loss of patience (1)

If only gods could ride a bike, then there would be too many gods in our world – for your information, I am one myself. As for experts… well, there was an expert right in front of her, whom was so annoyed with her excuses that he took her udon away. Ayasaki Hayate, the expert of cycling, had been a bicycle courier, and he could ride a bike faster than a bullet train. Under his tutoring, Ruka would surely learn how to ride a bike in a day!

Well, they say that a good player doesn’t make a good coach…

Loss of patience (2)

In any case, Hayate the coach put forward his training scheme: Ruka would start training in the evening, in the yard of the Violet Mansion, with training wheels put on the bicycle, making it a – what – quadricycle. Ruka showed concern over the use of training wheels, as it looked “too kiddy”. Hayate lost his patience (again) and hurried Ruka to start her training.

Hayate might have wanted Ruka to start her training by getting used to the feeling of riding on a bike, but somehow I do not agree with the use of training wheels. They do not help you to develop a sense of balance on the bike, so you basically have to start learning cycling all over again once the training wheels are removed.

Come to think of it, how about allowing Ruka to film the commercial on a quadricycle? I know it looks extremely stupid and funny, but the commercial was about the drink, not how feeble a bike-rider Ruka was. Well, it is just an idea…

Um... forget what I just said.

Chiharu returned from school just in time to see “how feeble a bike-rider Ruka was”. She wasn’t able to control her bike, and she wasn’t even able to stop it. The consequence was that she rode into the precious garden of Maria’s, which meant that whatever Maria had grown, she had to start all over again. She was understandably angry, and scolded both Hayate and Ruka like they were a pair of mischievous kids.

Ruka could no longer practice in the yard of Violet Mansion, although I don’t see what was stopping her, now that the only “obstacle” in the yard had been removed. Chiharu then suggested Hakuou Academy, where nobody was supposed to be there after school… or was it?

So, it should be 99% sure that the cycling lesson would continue in the next issue. Let’s look forward to Ruka finally mastering cycling, and Hayate looking at her like a mother-bird did when she saw her chick flying with her own wings!

3 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 357

  1. Hmm, mother bird, huh? I did not notice that.

    When Ruka started coming up with those lame and ridiculous excuses for why she can’t ride a bike, she sounded a lot like………. Nagi. It looks Hayate has got a third “Nagi” to deal with.

    • Funny enough, with all his experience with “Nagis”, Hayate chose to yell at Ruka to motivate her. This isn’t what I have expected of him – instead, this is exactly the Hinagiku way…

  2. ahh hakuo academy:
    knows residents: Yukiji Katsura and occasionally the SC trio, former residents, ghosts exorcised by Isumi,

    notable events: girl troubles (eg elevator with Maria, and bath scene with ruka and isumi), and of course the unplanned …”date” with Hina at the old school building

    what could possibly go wrong here… knowing hayate, anything and everything

    i think hakuo used to be the location of the royal garden or i could be wrong

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