Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 365

She looks like an adult!

It has become clear that both Ruka and Ayumu would become the newest tenants in the Violet Mansion. As all the six rooms in the Mansion would be occupied, I think it is time for us to have a floor plan – we probably want to know who lives on which floor, in which room.

One small problem remains, however. There are still at least two… beings which need a room. Fr. Ghost needs the room to enjoy his anime and manga – in Tama’s words, to live like a NEET. Tama needs the room to hide himself from the humans, because there is no guarantee that nobody could see through Tama’s identity despite the collar – which leads people to think that Tama is an extremely huge cat.

Anyone wonders why Tama could see Fr. Ghost?

Now that there is no room left, Hayate takes up the task to relocate Fr. Ghost and Tama – it doesn’t seem like that these two would do anything about their situation, anyway. It is pretty common in manga (or even in the real world?) to put the undesirables in the storage room, and Hayate no Gotoku! is no exception. As such, Fr. Ghost and Tama would have to live in the storage room from now on.

While Tama keeps complaining about the room, Fr. Ghost comments that something about this room is bothering him. Remember this arc is named “Mystery Room”, and here comes a room which bothers a mysterious being (a ghost). Perhaps we would come to know why such a storage room is mysterious very soon…

I don’t know why a cash box looks like a pig, or why it always has to be smashed.

We do not really know how an indebted idol could have the money to rent a room (She could not even take a taxi, remember?), but as this is not addressed in this chapter, let’s not care about it for now. What is mentioned in this chapter is how a financially modest High School girl could have the money to rent a room, so let’s talk about it.

Before anything, allow me to remind you that this is actually the first time a tenant would have to worry about the rent. Chiharu, Hinagiku and Alice are rich so they do not have to worry about money. Ruka’s case is not to be discussed (yet). Kayura is an interesting case as she doesn’t look rich, but as she is “picked” by Nagi, maybe she doesn’t have to pay after all?

Well, this might actually explain why the rent has gone up from 40K yen to 45K yen: As Kayura is not paying (in full), someone has to make up the “loss”…

Not a great financial plan.

While it is quite true that 45K yen is quite cheap for renting a room, it is still quite a lot of money for a High School student like Ayumu. In order to have a better idea of how much is “quite a lot of money”, let’s do some maths here. Hata has revealed that Ayumu is paid 750 yen an hour at Cafe Donguri. It means that Ayumu would have to work 60 hours, and that would be 2 hours a day, which is quite demanding for a High School student!

Even though it is demanding, Ayumu is still confident that she could manage with the extra working hours, but that would be in the coming month. This month, she still has to gather enough money to pay the rent. As she would reveal later in this chapter, she doesn’t want to be a financial burden to her family, so she starts with her personal savings, but it is not a very good start: she only has 28K yen, which means that she is still 17K yen short.

I can’t even tell what this model is…

Next, she moves on to try selling her old things, including her computer. Let’s face it, these things do not worth much, and I am actually surprised that she got 6.3K yen by selling her computer. That said, giving up such a useful device would be painful, and we can see just how determined she is by willingly taking the pain…

I would say that she could have earned more by selling her phone, but… ah well.

So now Ayumu has gathered 34.3K yen (or a bit more, since we do not know how much she got from her other old things…), she is still 15.7K yen short. It is time for her to ask for opinions. The first “consultant” she chooses is Wataru, her future employer. “What makes Wataru her future employer?” you might ask. Well, it is the bet between the two: If Wataru confessed to Isumi, then Ayumu would work as a maid at Wataru’s new store for 300 yen an hour. Wataru won.

I can’t believe it either…

Naturally, Ayumu asks for pay in advance, because she would need the money right away. Naturally, Wataru refuses. Ayumu then notices that Wataru is moving – he is going to live in Akiba, where his new store is. There is a lot of packing up to do, and Saki wonders if they should hire someone to do it for them. Ayumu takes this chance to volunteer: She would do all the packing if Wataru pays her.

This kind of job isn’t very suitable for girls, as there is a lot of heavy lifting. Ayumu, however, takes up the job enthusiastically, and actually finishes the work by sunset. Ayumu calls it the power of love, but what I see is an incredible determination to move into the Violet Mansion. Well, they are one in the same, aren’t they?

See? 20K yen.

Do note that Wataru pays 20K yen to Ayumu for her work today and over the summer, which means a) she is heavily underpaid, b) she isn’t earning another yen at Wataru’s store, and c) she didn’t have to sell her computer in the first place.

With enough money to move in, the final hurdle for Ayumu is to convince her parents to allow her to move. This isn’t as easy as it seems, as parents generally do not like their children moving out of the family for homestay. Not every mother is as easy-going as Hinagiku’s foster mother.

Family argument!

As expected, Ayumu’s mother tells her off, and demands her to “save this kind of nonsense” for her adulthood. Ayumu is not happy about it. There is only one 17-year-old summer, and there are things which (Ayumu thinks) must be done in this summer. There are things which can’t wait, because if she doesn’t do it now, she would never do it. This could be the difference between an achiever and a non-achiever.

As a non-achiever himself, Ayumu’s father understands how she feels, and he gives his permission for Ayumu to go. It isn’t that he doesn’t worry about his daughter, but he thinks that even if something regretful would happen, it is still better to regret for doing something than to regret for doing nothing – as far as I am concerned, this is a Captain Tsubasa reference. “I got that reference.” – Captain America

Happy feet.

As she overcomes every obstacle, Ayumu is finally able to move in. As the margin line suggests, a once-in-a-lifetime summer begins!

One interesting thing is that Ayumu is the only one in this building who decides to move in completely on her own free will. Hayate, Nagi and Maria would have no home if they didn’t move in, and they could not afford any other house in Tokyo with “only” 20M yen. Chiharu lost her own house to a fire, so she had to move in. Alice chose to live in the Violet Mansion because it is a power spot for her to recharge. Hinagiku refused to move in until she was blackmailed into moving. Kayura was more or less dragged into the Mansion by Nagi, while her other option was probably to live in jail. Ruka rented a room to protest (or run away from) her company. With Ayumu, there is finally one completely happy tenant. Let’s see what her happiness could bring to the story!

6 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 365

  1. I have a story about why the piggy banks are shaped like pigs.

    You see, piggy banks are, at first, not shaped like pigs. Saving banks or whatever container for money at that time were made from clay material called “pygg”.

    Someone eventually misinterpret it as “pig” and then we all know what happened.

    Either that or because pigs are greedy. You decide

  2. I heard that animals can hear the dead, especially in graveyards but I’m not sure if they can see the dead.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kayura turns out to be rich. She goes to Hakuou and she somehow had enough money to buy all that manga she has in her collection. The rich ARE the majority in this series after all.

    At first, I didn’t take Ayumu seriously, especially when she said “Power of Love” repeatedly. Then we see her willingly sell her belongings (the Laptop wasn’t necessary at all!!), move heavy boxes for money and reasoning with her normal-to-the-core parents(her father looked normal for once)…. just to get a room in an apartment where the boy she’s in love with happens to live in. That… was cool. She truly is the normal-to-the-extreme girl. I think she gained something more valuable in her attempt to get the room then what she would have got when she did get the room.

    • One thing is for sure, whether she gets Hayate at the end or not, Ayumu would have learnt and grown much from her efforts.

  3. Surely Ruka would have an allowance and savings of some sort, although I doubt its gonna remain like this (with the 2 weeks ultimatum by the company and so that adds one of many more loose ends to tie up)

    and as for the series’ only “normal” character, moving to the violet mansion pretty normal as the biggest “threat” for their love life is on the same roof and its just a way of levelling the playing field. As the narrator said on White Day: Humans are creatures that find it difficult to understand things… Thats why they laugh and cry… and they fall in love

    • Some people say that God envies us for having such “weaknesses”, because we know from our weaknesses that we have to treasure relationships with others!

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