Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 362

In reality, dolphins can’t fly high into the sky…

What a week! The past seven days were filled with many things, good or bad: my blog reaching 200,000 hits, Manchester United went from winning to losing the title in 2 minutes, the birthday of Nishizawa Ayumu, the sales event for Diablo III in my place (and the big surprise of the presence of a Collector’s Edition in my house)… These things indeed drove my emotions up and down, and suddenly I realize that I have completely forgotten about Ch.362.

As such, I am trying to write up the Chapter Review while Diablo III is installing at the background. This isn’t an easy task, this Review will be rushed, but please forgive me for this once: I am a bit of a Diablo-mania, and it has been many years of waiting.

One more thing though before I move on (Installation 43%!!): I must thank you all for visiting my blog, and I am so happy about reaching 200,000 hits. I never ever dreamed that my blog could be popular, let alone having so many hits. Hope I’ll see you again when this blogs reaches 300,000 hits!

Baby Ruka – with so much hair…

Speaking of being popular, Ch.362 of Hayate no Gotoku! focuses solely on someone who is popular: idol singer Suirenji Ruka. Almost 100 chapters since her introduction, Hata is finally giving us the back story of Ruka, which we have been expecting for so long.

(Installation 52%!!) The first thing we know about Ruka is her birthday: January 8, 1989. This makes her 2 months younger than Hayate and 2 months older than Hinagiku. She also beats Hinagiku to be the first in line for birthday celebration. If the rumour about this series ending on Christmas Day is true, however, we would unfortunately be missing Ruka’s birthday chapter/arc/saga.

For your information, January 8, 1989 is the beginning of Heisei period, the current era inJapan.

I guess this proves Hayate and Ruka are not siblings.

We also know that both her parents were unsuccessful artists. Of course they were not happy about their dreams not fulfilled. Understandably, they wanted their only daughter to live up those dreams – “I want to shine brightly in the world of show business”. They began to train Ruka thoroughly, and even started a performance office – which was named “Fly Dolphin” – for her. Their determination was so strong and clear.

In order to train Ruka with the best possible methods, huge sums of money were needed. “Fly Dolphin” did not make much money for the Suirenjis, and the family debt kept on increasing. Mr. Suirenji, however, refused to give up. While it is true that he did not want to lose to the world of show business again, it would also be clear that should they give up, all their investments would be wasted and they would have no way to earn anything back. They couldn’t give up on Ruka; they simply couldn’t.

Only idiotic parents hurt their children with these words.

(Installation 77%!!) Things were getting worse for the family, and while they did not give up, they fell into despair. Ruka had no response when her parents expressed their disappointment of her right in front of her. She only had one thing in mind: to shine brightly for her parents’ sake.

A large performance office was holding an audition and Ruka signed up for it. Her skills through those years of trainings, and her desire to shine, made her the brightest star in the audition. She was signed by the office, and “with the backing of that major office”, Ruka became famous.

Ruka’s parents are not part of the picture.

The above words in quote were the reason for the problem ahead of her. As she was signed and backed by a major office”, she did not achieve success with Fly Dolphin. To her parents, Ruka’s success was a betrayal to them: instead of avenging her parents with their powers, she took the powers from the “enemies”. Although their letter to Ruka said that they could not face her, I see that they hated Ruka for betraying them. After all, if they were ashamed of seeing their daughter, they should be more ashamed of abandoning her and leaving her with a huge debt!

(Installation: 100%!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!) Ruka’s career as an idol is now “tainted”. As her office paid the debt off for her, Ruka has become their “slave”: she works not to earn for them; she works to repay them. She works not because she likes to work; she works because she has to work. The fine difference is easy to see but difficult to explain.

It has been argued that Hayate, Hinagiku and Ruka have similar back stories, but now we can clearly see that Ruka’s story is much more similar to Hayate’s, while Hinagiku actually has a slightly different one. After all, both Hayate and Ruka took up their debts when they were teenagers, and as they had their debts paid off by third-parties (Nagi for Hayate, and the office for Ruka), they have to devote their lives to those third-parties.

Of course, the relationship between Hayate and Nagi is very different from that between Ruka and the office. This has been made very clear in the manga and the movie. Their lady-butler relationship, however, isn’t really enlightening to Ruka, since her relationship with the office is not likely to go beyond that of employee and employer.

Don’t read like this!

As we can see, being an idol is not Ruka’s own dream. The thing she really loves is manga, which gave her happiness between the harsh lessons. She wants to become a mangaka herself, and draw something that could make people happy. However, her dream was almost broken when she visited Ashibashi-sensei’s studio.

Just like Nagi, Ruka was stunned by the high quality of Ashibashi-sensei’s manuscript, and she lost confidence in herself. Unlike Nagi, Ruka was rather quick in picking herself up, and she decided to practice her skills by participating in doujinshi sales. There she met Chiharu, who saw through her paper-thin disguise because she disguised herself as well. They quickly became friends, and through Chiharu, Ruka met Nagi and Hayate – hold on, is someone being ignored again?

In any case, Ruka had a rather successful Comisun, and she finally tasted the sweetness of her dream coming true. She wants to take her next step towards her dream, and she begins to think of what to draw next. She is happy about working as a mangaka.

A hair dryer is being plugged into the socket…

Somebody does not like it, however. Atsumari, Ruka’s manager, finally get her hands on a copy of Ruka’s most recent doujinshi. Something in the doujinshi makes her to conclude that she has to put a stop to this. Maybe it’s because she thinks that Ruka is putting too much efforts on her doujinshi, that she might not be as devoted in stage performance as before. Remember: Ruka is the slave of her office, and she must work hard to repay her debt to them.

So, what would Atsumari do to stop Ruka? How would Ruka respond? Would anyone be able to support Ruka in her own dream, rather than her parents’ dream and the demands from the office? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

14 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 362

    • It completed installation and I became desperate as I was still halfway through writing my review.

  1. umm next chapter will be a confrontation about that with atsumari…well i was expecting something like this to happen for some reason i disliked her since her first apearance(atsumari no luca or ruka the way you call her)the reason well i am not sure myself but she gave me a bad feeling since she appeared well i hope everything turns out ok (please hayate go to her rescue if its necessary)looking forward to next chapter

    • Well, maybe it’s because Atsumari looks too serious and mean, that we think she is going to hurt Ruka. Or perhaps she is so much like a strict teacher or guardian, and as young people we never like that type of authoritative figures…

  2. I feel no sadness nor pity for the first half of the chapter (the one with her parents). On the contrary, it just made me angry! It was very irresponsible to place such a heavy burden on their daughter, all for the sake of trying to fulfil their broken dreams. A parents dream is to fulfil their daughter’s dream, not the other way around! It’s too bad Ruka was not like Hayate, in that she couldn’t see how truly low her parents are. If she did, she wouldn’t have taken up their debt (she had no obligation to do so in the first place). One of these days, some badass should deliver a fist of justice to these low down “parents” face (just to the dads though).

    Now on another note, could this possibly be some plot development? The next chapter could be another filler but it’s good enough to make some form of plot development. After watching the movie version (specifically the deleted 10 minutes), there could be hope that Ruka’s dream will not be jeopardized. Sure the manager is about to compromise Ruka’s dream, but she’s only doing her job.

    • I am more neutral on them wanting Ruka to fulfill their dream. On the contrary, I would be surprised if they never thought of training Ruka to become a performance artist.

      However, the expression of disappointment right in front of Ruka, and the debt they gave to her, were complete nonsense. These things give me the feeling that they do not treat Ruka like a daughter, but a trainee of their office. They show no love to her.

      Yes, the manager is only doing her job. It is only sad that her job is in conflict of interest with Ruka and her supporters.

  3. oh the coincidence… My friend from the Chinese HnG scanlation group was just asking me about Diablo III moments ago… So it is out in China on the same day right? Unless you got it from some site? (highly doubt it, considering it’s the first day it’s out)
    and this chapter, could be the beginning of a new small arc… either way, it’ll probably end with Ruka moving into the apartment… and she’ll probably shed some real tears because of Hayate’s kindness…

    • Yes, the game is released in the US and China on the same day. Some people in China have even finished the game in 7 hours!

      The game can also be legally downloaded through the Blizzard official site. You have to pay, of course, but it is downloadable.

    • thanks, that’s what I thought…

      Ruka’s parents are saints compared to Hayate’s parents… but at least this chapter confirms that they just share the same hair color and are not siblings…

  4. installing diablo 3… rub it in why don’t you. trolled. nah not really for me. need more motivation to get d3. Learning a new game all over is sometimes kind of a nuisance but uh well

    In any case, at least Ruka is way better off from where Hayate started (or at least she never lost her will to live yet) and hopefully it stays that way

    • Perhaps the difference is that Ruka loved (or perhaps loves) her parents, while Hayate has never loved his parents. So when they were abandoned, Ruka looked for the bonding with her parents, while Hayate simply gave up.

    • I forgot to mention this! XD

      Well, it seems everybody prefers this way, so… 😉

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