Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 390

There are other ways to do this...

There are other ways to do this…

It indeed has been a very long day for Hayate.

At the beginning of the day he went into the forests with Ruka and the others (Ch. 380). Later he was taking shelter in the wooden cottage with Ruka (Ch. 381), who then kissed him (Ch. 382). He rejected her confession (Ch. 383) and discussed with Nagi whether she could live on her own (Ch. 384). He then went to the Rainbow Village hot spring with Nagi and the others (Ch. 385), where he suddenly suggested a visit to Mikado’s castle (Ch. 386). He went there with Aika, but while the old man was going to tell him how to restore Nagi’s luxurious lifestyle, he was endlessly interrupted by Saki (Ch. 387). He went to help at Wataru’s store, and later he returned to the Violet Mansion, where he found an ill Hinagiku to take care of (Ch. 388 – 389).

These all happened in one day.

It's so late that Athena has changed into her pyjamas.

It’s so late that Athena has changed into her pyjamas.

And his day has not ended yet. As Hinagiku has (probably) gone to sleep, the little love comedy has come to an end, and we are back to the “serious” business of money and King’s Jewels. As a matter of fact, two chapters of Hinagiku love comedy combined with two weeks with no chapters to put the “serious” matters on hold for a month. How about that?

Unfortunately Athena is not helpful to Hayate in finding the King’s Jewels, as her memories have not been restored yet. That said, if there is a way to speed up her “recharging” process, perhaps it worths a try…?

Athena then retweets Mikado, telling Hayate that he actually knows where one of the King’s Jewels is. We know that Aika has one, Wataru has one, and Ikusa has one (from Hayate). Our dear butler doesn’t know about the first two, so if there is one stone he knows where it is, it has to be the third one. So, Hayate indeed knows where the Jewel is: “with my brother!” Excellent! So, where is your brother, Hayate-kun?


"Find me your brother already!"

“Find me your brother already!”

We know that Athena has wanted to find Ikusa – she owed him so much, really. Obviously Hayate would love to reunite with his brother as well, seeing that he is the only sane family member Hayate has. Now it seems that there is one more legitimate reason to look for Ikusa – and his King’s Jewel. Hopefully he would make an appearance soon, because… well, we need an alpha male in this series.

Hayate isn’t given the time to even come close of thinking about Ikusa, because Nagi is calling him from behind. According to her, she has taken a taxi all the way back to the Violet Mansion to speak with him. For one thing I fail to understand why she knows that he is in the apartments – guy really has GPS built in – and for another I do not know what is so urgent so that Nagi has to jump into a taxi and say “Take me to the Violet Mansion, please!” – hang on, did the driver know what “the Violet Mansion” is? Well, that’s not really a problem, because even if he did not, Nagi could have given him the address – hang on, did Nagi know the address of her apartments?

Not afraid of being kidnapped by the driver?

Not afraid of being kidnapped by the driver?

Seriously, this is just odd. Some might say that Nagi has shown significant signs of independence by finding Hayate in the woods, and now taking a taxi on her own. To me, however, it looks more like Hata has finally granted his beloved Nagi the licence to come out of nowhere for no reason which makes no sense at all…

For a start to the debate on “senses”, just tell me what Maria was thinking by allowing Nagi to go into the woods or get into a taxi by herself. Any idea?

Anyway, Nagi took a taxi back to the Violet Mansion and asked him whether he has turned down Ruka’s confession. Hayate confirms this, and incidentally clears his name: he is NOT a lolicon. The thing is, if the grand design of this series is for Hayate to fall in love with Nagi, who is a loli, then Hayate is still a lolicon after all…

"Just say yes!"

“Just say yes!”

“No! Nagi could have reached puberty by the time Hayate falls in love with her, so he is not a lolicon!” Okay, so let’s count to her puberty in 3 (decades), 2 (decades), 1 (decade) – hang on, we already have so many girls who are in their puberty, so what’s the point waiting? My life is too short for such a long wait.

Hayate serves Nagi a cafe au lait as she admires the beauty of the moon. The butler explains that he has added extra milk to make sure Nagi could sleep – if you want to make sure she can sleep, serve her hot milk or chocolate instead of coffee, will you? Nagi suddenly realises that, it is such “casual kindness” which makes him popular among girls.

Nagi then goes on to explain why Ruka has fallen in love with Hayate: she has gone through all sorts of pain while moving forward, but then she is lonely, so when Hayate became the first one to save her and be kind to her, Ruka was very happy and thus fell for him.

No flashback on manga drawing, huh?

No flashback on manga drawing, huh?

The part about Ruka having a similar story to Hayate’s is curiously missing. This theory can also be conveniently used to suggest that Hayate has fallen in love with Nagi for the very same reason. Still, Nagi’s conclusion remains that Ruka is serious about Hayate, rather than being just like a puppy being saved.

Our Mr. Huge Disgrace makes an attempt to turn this into a lousy joke. Let’s listen to Didier Drogba, won’t we?

Whoops! Sorry, apologies. We shouldn’t have listened to that, em, over and over and over again. Over again.

While Nagi recognises that Ruka is serious about Hayate, she has no intention of giving her butler to anyone. As such, she has entered a serious bet with Ruka – forget about the money, basically it means that whoever wins the competition would get Hayate.

Nagi then tells Hayate to help Ruka in this competition. For one thing, she doesn’t see how she would lose. For another, this would be the very last time Hayate could help Ruka with anything. After Comiket, Nagi would return to the Sanzen’in Mansion, because – mark her words, folks – “I’m sick of living in these poor apartments.”

You have her words.

You have her words.

She is sick of everything that is going on with the Violet Mansion. She wants everything back to normal.

Perhaps I am being oversensitive here (again), but I think that this chapter is quite, em, controversial. So much could be taken out of this chapter to form schools of arguments and theories, and we might actually be entering endless debates soon. In the worst (or best?) scenario, this chapter could polarise your opinions on Nagi.

What complicates things, I think, is that Nagi is showing some of her good side and some of her bad side in this very same chapter. You might form an argument around her good side, and also form an argument around her bad side. Let me try to kill more brain cells by trying to form arguments on both sides.

The Good

This will get her lots of unwanted competitions.

This will get her lots of unwanted competitions.

It is undeniable that Nagi is as serious as Ruka, and we are finally seeing some real “rivalry” between Nagi and a girl. In fact, Nagi’s only “love rival” before Ruka was Ayumu, and the “rivalry” between them was more like childish bickering. By taking on a love rival more seriously, Nagi could really be growing up.

The seriousness is based on a correct understanding of Ruka’s heart. Nagi has given a textbook summary on how and why Ruka has fallen in love with Hayate, despite the missing part on the affection out of similarity. In the past Nagi has often been thought of as not caring about what the others think, but now she is showing great understanding of Ruka, and she is giving her some respect.

Still, this is tactical suicide.

Still, this is tactical suicide.

At least she is not willing to take any advantage over Ruka in the doujinshi competition. If Nagi really wants to win the competition at all cost, she could have told Hayate not to help Ruka. His assistance to Ruka has been key to her victory at Comisun (for the argument’s sake, let’s forget about Hinagiku). However, Nagi isn’t trying to hinder Ruka’s progress by taking Hayate away from her. This can reasonably be interpreted as Nagi’s ambition: she wants to defeat the “full power” Ruka, instead of a hindered one.

The Bad

Over the Comisun saga, I have always been wondering: what’s with this “competition”? Why did two doujin circles fight against each other when the market is so big that both could survive? It appeared to me as a “personal grudge” of Nagi on Ruka: she is the Special One, and I want to become like her, so I have to beat her. Fair enough, but as she focused on defeating Ruka, Nagi has become lost: she wasn’t trying to draw a good manga any more, she was merely trying to sell as many copies as possible, by whatever means.

This is just so wrong.

This is just so wrong.

As we move into Comiket, Ruka finally joins the madness because she wants to win Hayate from Nagi. The young lady responses by placing a bet of 150M yen on their competition, so essentially whoever wins in this competition would get Hayate. While the love rivalry would get both parties all fired up, both Ruka and Nagi would be doing no good for their manga career. They would only focus on the competition, not drawing manga. Yes, the quality of their manga would be essential for a victory, so they would still try to improve on their skills. The main issue here, however, is priority and attitude: Why did you join Comiket in the first place?

Not to mention, by gambling with Hayate on a manga competition, Hayate is not being respected as a person. He is reduced into a prize for the winner to take. As a sophisticated living being, it is an awful feeling being treated like a mindless object. Even Hayate protests: “What about my feelings?” The answer for him is sad: “They don’t matter.” So, in the worst case, Hayate could be forced to stay with a person he doesn’t want to be with simply because her love “is serious”.

I just don't buy such a philosophy of love.

I just don’t buy such a philosophy of love.

This brings us to another worrying question: what does “love” mean for Nagi? From my own observation, the only answer is “possession”. She thinks that Ruka’s love is real because “she wants you no matter what”. This makes me wonder: I want an iPhone 5 no matter what (I am getting one tonight, by the way), so does it mean that my love for an iPhone is the same as Ruka’s (and Nagi’s) love for Hayate? Think before you say yes, please. What I have never liked about Nagi’s (and now Ruka’s) attitude towards love is that it is far too aggressive. They want Hayate, and they do not want Hayate to be with other girls – but they never care about what Hayate thinks. They want Hayate to be with them, without even wondering whether the boy wants to be with them. They seem to think that Hayate would be happy with them if they own him. He is therefore seen as an accessory, instead of an independent individual.

Things like the above really polarise my ideas about Nagi. Not to mention that we all know the outcome of the competition: Hayate remains Nagi’s butler in the movie and the new anime, so Ruka has not been successful taking Hayate away. Hata might be eager to remind us that Nagi is a “win it all” character in this series, but not everyone likes “win it all” characters.

Of course, given that “this is the reality of this manga” (Ch. 387), we might not have to assume that anything would go very serious in the first place. The silver lining for me is that, someone just give both Ruka and Nagi a slap in the face and tell them that they are both doing it wrong. I need Kayura for this.

9 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 390

  1. I really have mixed feelings about everything.
    First of all, I guess Nagi is really growing up little by little, even though she is slipping there and there. She’s human, after all. So, for now I will not really take any sides. Let’s hope she’ll understand what she’s doing wrong and that not everything is like she thinks.
    Same goes for Ruka. I’m a bit concerned about her own well being after this arc, but….
    I’m also a bit confused about what’s the point of the whole mangaka saga if it just turned into a childish bickering for Hayate’s “love”. sigh…
    And, most importantly… We are getting to a point where all the mess with the anime adaptations may come back and bite Hata. As you noted, the movie has quite a few spoilers about what might happen. Aside from the fact that Hayate remains Nagi’s butler, we learn that Ruka and Nagi seem to get back on good terms (at least I couldn’t see any sign of grudge when they were talking in the Violet Mansion), It’s a good thing, but… We also know what would happen if Ruka tried to pay Hayate’s debt because Suzune tried to do the same thing. In Hayate’s own words, “I want to pay off my debt by meself”. Wait a minute… the debt STILL EXISTS in the first place! Doesn’t it sound like the same story, just recycled and with different characters?
    Then comes the Inheritance issue. We KNOW Nagi will get back to the mansion.
    The whole arc loses its charm because we know how things will turn out in the end. We still have Ikusa, but… Really…I’d rather not have been spoiled to begin with…

  2. “I’m sick of living in these poor apartments.”
    Well, that’s quite surprising for me.
    If we look back at CTMEOY episode 1, Nagi’s mind goes to Violet Mansion when Chiharu refers to “you only know how important something is after losing it”.

    So I don’t agree that Nagi is “sick of everything that is going on with the Violet Mansion” like you said.
    I think she is only sick about several things, and she loves the others which she miss after she regained her mansion (if she really regained the mansion as happened in CTMEOY).

    On the other hand, I agree that Nagi’s and Ruka’s affection towards Hayate are rather possesive.
    I hope they will get that “slap” in a unique way and realize their fault.

  3. This chapter once again shows me why I personally just can’t like Nagi. Yes, she is growing up, but her attitude is still the same. She hasn’t learned any humility by living in the Violet Mansion, calling life in it basically crap. Also, there is the fact that she is (as of now) the win-it-all character. While I have no qualms about this concept (though I don’t like) it, I am stunned, that she (as of CTMEOY anime) has never really sacrificed anything major, and only gains.

    Just take that Hayate situation. As can be pointed out, she has shown self-sacrifice by destroying that King’s Jewel. But what is the point of that sacrifice if she gets back to her old life in the end and nothing has really changed? Also she (and Ruka) is very selfish in regards to Hayate. She only cares about making him her possession, nothing else. This is in stark contrast to Ayumu or Hinagiku. Ayumu is determined to make Hayate fall in love with her, but she wants him to do it voluntarily, not by forcing him. Furthermore she has supported Hina from the very beginning, can you imagine Nagi doing this? Then we have Hina and chapter 239-40 (poor Hina), also a behaviour that Nagi would never show.

    But unfortunately we probably have to accept that Hata wants to bring Nagi and Hayate together, no matter what. It is kind of annoying to see him dropping hints or presenting situations to influence readers in a subtle way. Like how he almost desperately wants to convince people that butler-master relationships are very normal and work out very well. Not only has he drawn Yukariko-Shin to be a model relationship in the end, but he also introduces Aika’s fiancé as her butler (apparently), as if to deflect criticism that butler-master relationships are problematic due to the difference in standing.

    Unless Hata makes Nagi undergo a fundamental change, I know I will hate a Nagi-Hayate ending…

  4. In the manga’s cover page that said “In order to obtain that which is truly important”, I was actually expecting them to make a Fullmetal Alchemist reference by saying something like “something of equal value must be lost” XD!…. interestingly enough, the Violet Mansion was implied to be the thing that was important to her that was lost. Friggin Equivalent Exchange.

    I’m kinda surprised that Nagi said she’s had it with the Violet Mansion. Oh how I can’t wait to see what lead to Nagi to realize how wrong she was.

    I would have never guessed that it was Ikusa if I hadn’t read this article. Nice insight, Gunso! Though I hope he doesn’t become the “alpha male” of the story cause Ikusa kinda pisses me off…. I’m not sure why he pisses me off but I’d say it’s his smile.

    I was really surprised by Nagi’s accurate deduction on Hayate’s popularity with girls. Nagi and Hayate = Sherlock and Watson XD

    This chapter, specifically Nagi and Ruka, just felt wrong just like Nagi’s “meaning of life” speech in Ch. 379 which ticked me off. I too think they need to be slapped in the face but not in a physical way. I’m thinking more of an epic speech that makes them realize how wrong they were. Although if any character should be the one to slap Nagi, it should be Maria due to their history together. It’s disappointing to see Nagi and Ruka stray away from their true reason for making manga and it sucks how Hayate’s feelings are ignored. Doesn’t Ruka realize that Hayate might not love her even if she has Hayate all to herself unless she’s thinking that Hayate will eventually love her after he’s free of his debt. Rather, man up Hayate!!

    • Perhaps, instead of losing Hayate to Ruka, Nagi ends up losing her ownership of her mother’s old house because of this competition. I don’t know how things could turn out that way, but just an idea.

      As for Ruka thinking Hayate will love her… take it this way: perhaps Ruka thinks that, by consenting to go out with her (even if only silently and passively), Hayate would show no rejection to a relationship with her. That would be a starting point.

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