Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 417

You might want to put your hair down, Maria.

You might want to put your hair down, Maria.

Sometimes it is just so difficult to make a decision.

To simplify matters, there are currently two options in front of Ruka: either she returns to the idol business so that she could allow Hayate to see the most attractive side of hers, or she gives up on her idol business so that she could pursue her own dream. As it has become such a difficult choice for Ruka, the simplest conclusion is that, Hayate is about as important as Ruka’s dream.

Or, it could be that Hayate has already become Ruka’s dream.

This is a "stationary point" as well.

This is a “stationary point” as well.

If I understand it correctly, Ruka is currently in the state Yukiji stated in Ch. 375 as a “stationary point”. After all, the time for the big announcement – one way or another – has not yet come. Any thought in her mind would make no difference. It doesn’t matter how Ruka thinks between now and the concert. If making a decision is so difficult yet so fruitless at the moment, arguably the best thing to do is to not make a decision at all, yet.

This gives her time to think about more trivial things, like what she should have for lunch. Of course, this question in itself is not trivial, as it could well be the most difficult question to answer. Price, style, nutritious values, taste… these things might decide what kind of mood we would be in for the afternoon’s work. The question is, however, trivial for Ruka because a) the two choices are both curry and udon, b) the difference in price is only 50 yen and c) her final choice would still be inferior to Hayate’s cooking anyway. Funny enough, this time Hayate is not cooking for her.

Just leave her alone, won't you?

Just leave her alone, won’t you?

Instead, Hayate is more concerned with Ruka’s decision on whether to quit as an idol. In fact, he seems to be the only one who actually cares about her career. Of course this shows just how good-natured he is, but there are times you simply have to sit back and leave the person involved alone – especially when she is at a “stationary point”.

The fact is that Ruka does think about her choices, although she has adapted her thoughts into different adventure stories. Being a doujinshi author and a manga person, Ruka has the skills and references to make up stories in her mind which address her issues. They seem to be working, as she has come close to a conclusion in both stories, but unfortunately Hayate has interrupted her at the very last moment. She can make no decision because her stories are ruined, and thus she remains on the “stationary point”.

She may make her decision now.

She may make her decision now.

Yet the time has come for her to make her decision. No matter what she says about her career on the stage, it would be final. It is too important an announcement to be considered with adventure stories in her mind. Apparently a little bit of pressure would force Ruka to face reality, and that might be what Atsumari has been looking for all along.

The series is going to have a week’s break, so I’ll see you again on August 21!

10 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 417

  1. So last chapter, Ruka got introduced to Hayate’s “legendary” oblivousness, and its like nothing happened after that and this time looks like she’s now feeling the effects of that reality anchor thrown at her. I supposed this is much more interesting than Nagi acting like Isumi part

  2. I liked how this chapter highlights how much of an otaku mind Ruka really has. She’s probably on par with Nagi, Chiharu and Kayura judging by the way her mind works.

    Ruka’s certainly getting an unprecedented amount of time in the limelight with chapters that specifically highlight different aspects of her personality. I can’t help feeling that Hata might be deliberately forestalling the eventual resolution of this arc because he probably hasn’t decided exactly how to wrap things up just yet with the Yozora Housen and Athena/Alice thing about the King’s stones still yet to be resolved in the background.

    • Sometimes I think that Hata has already decided that certain things would happen on certain days. As such, the plot would move at high pace when those days have come, while dragging on like a snail on other days. Currently, it seems that we are on an “off” day.

      So, I think it is not that Hata has no idea about the “on” days. It is that he is struggling with the “off” days.

  3. I can’t help but think of Atsumari as the villain here, especially in the Gundam part. Oh well, hopefully a little more screen time will be given to Atsumari so that at least we can see some likeable traits from her.

    By the way, did Nagi miss Ruka’s announcement when she overslept or not? I don’t usually keep track of the timeline in the manga XD.

    • A more likeable Atsumari could be found in Cuties. I almost thought she was a completely different person.

      Most likely Nagi has missed the announcement. The “Silky Meh” moment should have come after the concert.

  4. Something fishy, I quess…

    Atsumari told Hayate that she met Ruka first & will not let her quit Idol job.

    However Atsumari let Ruka announce her decision for quiting Idol job or not in her concert easily. Why did she not stop Ruka? I think Atsumari has some plan in mind. (After I read chapter 416, I saw Atsumari’s face when she is giving an offer to Ruka and I can’t help but suspect).

    Maybe Yozora will be the puppet master of Atsumari?

    • Good point about Yozora and Atsumari. However, I think that Atsumari actually wants Ruka to make up her mind: either she returns to the idol business and give her 100% devotion, or she can leave.

      If Ruka doesn’t want to perform any more, there is no point keeping her – no matter how much Atsumari wants her to stay.

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