Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 437

Maria: "Is this Return of the Maid?"

Maria: “Is this Return of the Maid?”

I know, I didn’t post a Chapter 436 review. It is not really that I haven’t been trying, but every time I sat down in front of the computer flipping across the pages, I ended up scratching my head: how exactly am I supposed to write anything about that chapter? Other than one detail – that Mikado hid the truth that he had already found a candidate from Athena – I did not find anything new to elaborate. As I have (mostly) given up describing chapters in details, I found it very difficult to even write 500 words on Ch. 436.

In the end I decided to simply skip Ch. 436 and start on Ch. 437 instead, and words began appearing on the screen as usual. Clearly, someone should do us a favour by providing fresh(er) materials, or else I might find myself writing dead articles – and I swear to God that I am not posting dead articles ever again.

Good morning, man!

Good morning, man!

Luckily the beginning of Ch. 437 still has something to do with Ch. 436, and the good news is that apparently Hayate has figured out which King’s Jewel he would try to find: the one that was given to him by Santa, which he later handed to Ikusa, his missing brother. To a certain extent it is not too much of a great revelation – we knew that much just by mere deduction over a year ago – but it is still extremely important that Mr. Ayasaki Hayate has finally come to this particular conclusion. Now that the target becomes clear, let the search begin.

Back in Ch. 390, we faced a problem as we theorised that Hayate had to look for the King’s Jewel that was with Ikusa: we did not know where Ikusa was. A year of story development really does help in this regard: Dr. Kurosu has come across a person whose description matches Ikusa. Of course, back then we were still in the heat of the Nagi vs. Ruka dogfight, and Hata had to do things one by one. Now that the doujinshi competition has been settled, Hata can finally spend time on the whereabouts of Ikusa – or, at the very least, the one who looks like Ikusa.

I am not sure that there is a cure...

I am not sure that there is a cure…

According to Dr. Kurosu, the Ikusa-lookalike is suffering from amnesia – in English, a loss of memory. We don’t yet know what kind of bad luck this Ikusa-lookalike has suffered to lose all his memory, but assuming that this is Ikusa, it would be very ironic: a person who has devoted most of his life helping people other than his own family is now suffering from extremely bad luck, most probably brought to him by the King’s Jewel.

The problem with this Ikusa-lookalike losing his memory is that, well, things would become a lot more complicated. To begin with, it would take much longer to confirm if he really is Ikusa. Then, even if it is confirmed that he is Ikusa, there is no guarantee that he has the memory of the King’s Jewel, so he might not be very helpful to Hayate and co. – unless, of course, he is wearing it around his neck.

Do you really have to wear this to serve at a restaurant?

Do you really have to wear this to serve at a restaurant?

Dr. Kurosu suggests that the Ikusa-lookalike is currently working at a beachside restaurant named “Life”. In typical Hata fashion, we have a glance at the back of the Ikusa-lookalike at the last panel of the chapter. The thing is… just don’t tell me that Ikusa is the main character (or whoever…) of Lifesaver, because I have not yet read that thing, and I am definitely not going to read that thing.

In fact I am not entirely sure if this is a good idea to introduce characters from another work, although this has been done before with other authors.

Now that Nagi has suggested going to the beach in Ch. 432, I am not entirely sure if it is coincidence, or that Nagi has once again had a peek at Hata’s script… Anyway, the news also reaches Hinagiku, Ayumu and Chiharu, who have absolutely no business in Nagi earning back her right to inheritance. Yet for whatever reason, it appears that Nagi will be taking them to the beach as well. That’s… some hospitality, isn’t it?

You shouldn't be clued in by a ship that sunk!

You shouldn’t be clued in by a ship that sunk!

Speaking of Hinagiku, Ayumu and Chiharu, it appears that they are going to start another catfight out of nowhere. You might say this is (again) Ruka’s fault: her assertiveness motivated Ayumu, who in turn tries to motivate Hinagiku. You may say it is quite noble for Ayumu to share her insight with her (presumed) love rival, but the fact is Ruka has proven that assertiveness with Hayate won’t draw his attention, but that of Nagi, and 30 chapters later their own “ship” will be sunk. I am not sure whether it is better to let the “ship” float for a bit longer, or to rush forward just to hit an iceberg.

Anyway, without the clash of dreams and a bet of 150M yen, let us have our fingers crossed that the Nagi vs. Hinagiku vs. Ayumu (vs. Chiharu) catfight won’t be as ugly as Nagi vs. Ruka. Things do look quite positive for Hinagiku and Ayumu, as they bump their fists together to cheer each other on. I don’t know about you, but I just prefer their approach to their “rivalry”: you don’t always have to try to kill your opponent.

Obviously nobody cares about chest.

Obviously nobody cares about chest.

Both Hinagiku and Ayumu have their own advantages. What Ayumu has is an overflow of self-confidence – by the way, congratulations for losing 3 kg, Ayumu! – but then the narrator decides to call that “unfounded”. Hinagiku, on the other hand, has perfect self-awareness which is somewhat praised by the narrator – with an arrow pointing at her chest, most probably on purpose – although it also means that Hinagiku does not have the self-confidence to face Hayate.

There is actually a way out for Hinagiku: nobody has ever said that you must wear a swimsuit to the beach; a T-shirt and a ponytail will do just fine. Funny enough, when Hinagiku first showed up on the beach in Mykonos, she was not wearing a swimsuit, and she only revealed her swimsuit because Gilbert dared her to. As such I am not sure which left a stronger impression in Hayate’s mind, the T-shirt and ponytail or the swimsuit.

So Hinagiku's room is next to the washroom.

So Hinagiku’s room is next to the washroom.

So what about Chiharu? My impression is that she has not yet completely fallen into Hayate’s love trap, but she could be thinking about just that. After all, she overhears that Hinagiku and Ayumu both love Hayate (this might be the most stupid way to have your secrets exposed…), and when a boy is so popular among girls, one is bound to ask whether he is just that good.

Chiharu’s move to grab Hayate’s hand has been interpreted by Hinagiku and Ayumu that she loves Hayate as well. The thing is, while Ayumu has definitely suspected that Chiharu has feelings for Hayate, I don’t remember that Hinagiku has thought about it at all – heck, she didn’t even know Ruka had feelings for Hayate before Ayumu told her. Anyway, now she knows about it, she and Ayumu swear that there will be blood in the sea…

Trolling Level: Harukaze Chiharu.

Trolling Level: Harukaze Chiharu.

Not that Chiharu is afraid of her. In fact, Chiharu is secretly enjoying how “cute” Hinagiku’s face is. Obviously she has not held Hayate’s hand because she loves him, but that she was trolling Hinagiku. We know from Ch. 405 that Hinagiku and Chiharu frequently jab at each other, and now Chiharu successfully delivered a huge uppercut. ZEUS IS DOWN!!!

So Hinagiku has better up her game and be more assertive with Hayate. Yet there are people who want her to hit the iceberg and be thrown into the Atlantic, where the water is freezing cold. That begs the question: who the Hell would be stupid enough to commit suicide only to be laughed at?

Okay, I prefer your dreamy eyes.

Okay, I prefer your dreamy eyes.

Somewhere out there, Athena has (finally!) restored her full power. It appears that while she can return to her true form, it is only “temporary”. As with so many things about the Royal Garden, I have no idea what she is talking about. I guess I can only wait and see.

The thing is: is Athena going to the beach as well?

10 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 437

  1. Its almost certain that Athena will go meet her savior although for someone with “amnesia” she still kinda maintained her somewhat “darkside”

    which happened first btw?
    Hayate getting the stone from Santa or meeting with Athena at the Royal Garden? and how did Athena got stuck in the Royal Garden to begin with. At least we know now why Mikaido is such a piece of ass to Hayate because of this motive.

    Anyway, so much for the theory that Ikusa is Shiranui and I think this is the first time we’ve seen Ikusa “look-alike” that is not in a flashback which is I suppose will be as interesting as the ship wars + trolls on this arc than the fanservice we will be seeing

    So keep your eyes peeled and your asses covered we got ourselves a storm and a war incoming

    • I think Hayate has got the stone from Santa before meeting Athena. As to how Athena entered the Royal Garden, it is still mystery, although the most popular theory seems to be that it has something to do with Athena’s parents.

  2. As for Chapter 436, I merely think that Mikado, despite being kind of a prick, still has some humanity in him… at least compared to Hayate’s faceless/soulless father.

    I honestly believe that Ayumu and Hinagiku will do a better job of being assertive than Ruka since Ruka’s method of pursuing Hayate was taking things too far.

    I found it funny that Nagi and Maria had only just began questioning as to why the cops haven’t done anything about Hayate’s missing family XD. Though it may just be because the cops don’t give a damn about poor people.

    So it seems that the upcoming chapters will be a crossover between HnG and Lifesavers. If it is going to be a crossover, it’d be pretty interesting since crossovers are quite popular nowadays. It wouldn’t be the first time an author did a crossover of two of the same manga’s they made i.e. Fairy Tail x Rave Master.

    I don’t blame you for not reading Lifesavers since I tried finding the chapters online but to no avail so I simply settled for the HnG Wikia. Apparently, if you see here:

    You’ll notice that the so-called Ikusa look-alike may actually be the guy on the right side of the picture. Same coat, same hair, X-shaped scar on forehead and if I’m not mistaken, his name is Yamato IKUSAbe.

    By the way, Gunso will you be doing an overall review of the 2nd half of the Mangaka Saga some time in the future?

    • My main issue with Lifesavers is that I do not think I should be reading other stuff in order to understand this series. I don’t buy the “All There In The Manual” model. Authors should do a better job in presentation than referring me to outside stuff, so I refuse to read the outside stuff.

      That being said, I guess I once had access to Lifesavers, although I can’t find my source now. Oh well…

      I know I should have done the 2nd Mangaka saga review a long time ago, but as school resumes I am finding it hard to keep my brain cells working on my blog. I’ll try to give it a push, but please don’t expect anything.

  3. right you are by not reviewing the ch.436 ’cause it’s just the missing story how hayate got involved in this nothign to type there…..now apart from that it looks like ayumu is now charging towards hayate (too confident) which might not end up well since nagi and hayate’s mind are set to find his brother and king’s jewel..so hayate may be too much distracted to react to ayumu’s confession or whatever..if she decides to spit it put at the beach(she would use the body attraction) then it will be a bad timing..it is like heading towards a iceberg…

    Chiharu may not like hayate after all as there is no hints throughout the chapter unless it is a sudden risen ship….May be she is trying to make Hina jealous of her….

    another funny thing that I saw is Athena’s Recharge-o-meter..looked like battery recharge meter…now what a way to show that…. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 90% complete…..IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 100% complete……..seeing athena’s full restoration reminds me of an important question that why did Athena need Hinagiku in the first place?….neither shirozakura was used for restoration (at least i never saw)….

    Who knows Ikusa might be pretending to be suffering from amnesia….

    • Yes, if Hayate and Nagi focus on searching for the King’s Jewel, then Ayumu’s plan may not work. Let’s see if they would give up on the swimsuit thing and simply be helpful in the search. My understanding is that it makes a much better impression.

      If I understand Athena’s theory correctly, the Violet Mansion and the Shirosakura are the two batteries that complete the circuit of energy. In a sense Hinagiku is not necessary; Athena only needs Shirosakura.

  4. Haruko-san trolling Hina was simply priceless!! LOL

    *Ahem* Well, as far as the plot goes, with all of this happening at the same time (“Athena” returng, Ikusa, etc, etc….) things might get very messy….. which could be a good or bad thing (read: entertaining).

    I didn’t read Lifesavers either…..

    My personal opinion about HayaHina? I don’t think she’ll get much further. At least not yet…. May the ship teases continue! (as long as Hata doesn’t pull an “OreImo” by the end, I’m fine with it….)

  5. Chapter 436 actually convinced me that Mikado isn’t as “evil” as he’s made out to be. I don’t think he’s actively done anything that bad so far? It’s all just speculation that he’s some kind of evil chessmaster manipulating all the pieces in the background, but there’s nothing he’s done so far that I’d personally interpret as him being the one true villain or something to that effect.

    Well, I think one of the covers in the offshoot 4koma compilations or was it an actual volume? Featured a teenage Athena in a bikini… so maybe she’s going back to her true form temporarily within the next few chapters?

    I agree that you shouldn’t have to know about previous manga or other reference material in order to enjoy the story. I read up on the summary of Lifesavers in certain anime forums though.

    • Well, screwing up other people’s lives to achieve his own goal is evil enough for me.

      There are a few Tankoubon covers with Athena in a bikini. Maybe you were referring to them?

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