Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 447

I can hear people screaming "A-tan is just so perfect!!!"

I can hear people screaming “A-tan is just so perfect!!!”

I must say, Hata is doing me a huge favour here: I still have one term paper of 4,000 words to write, and here comes a chapter I really don’t have much to say. As such, I will be very brief here and then go back to my work. If everything goes well, I will return to “normal” next week; in the worst case, the first week in May – but then, I suppose Shonen Sunday isn’t coming out on 7 May?

As always, I am not implying anything.

Anyway, it becomes clear that Hata and the SC Rangers have not given up on the “Video Koshien”, which was mentioned about a year ago. Some of us may have already forgotten about it, and apparently so is Izumi, but Miki and Risa have not. Now, with the announcement of a punishment most probably reserved for Izumi, let us expect that Miki and Risa would decide at any random moment that it is time to judge on their videos.

As always, I am not implying anything.

This is not expensive, you say?

This is not expensive, you say?

While Izumi has a point in accusing Miki and Risa for spending too much money on making time warp their videos, making food that speeds up the “promotion” of creatures wouldn’t be cheap either. There is no point comparing the costs of all the crazy methods though, simply because neither time warp nor that medicine exists as of now.

As always, I am not implying anything.

We have a rare glimpse at a much more… normal Kotetsu. In this chapter he is very reasonable, thoughtful and calm. I must say, I find such a Kotetsu very likeable and – yes – cool. It just proves that people are a lot less attractive when they are crazy about love. Yes, being reserved might not be the best push to your “progress”, but at least you won’t look like some maniac who keep on shouting “Hayate is mine! Mine!! Mine!!!”

As always, I am not implying anything.

"A-tan is just so perfect!!!" Seriously.

“A-tan is just so perfect!!!” Seriously.

Effectively, Hata has spent an entire chapter to suggest that Athena’s plan did not work as she would have wanted, and it almost backfired on her. Sometimes it is better not to make too many plans, especially those which might harm other people, because someday Karma would come back at you.

As always, I am not implying anything.

So, Ikusa comes to the rescue, and Athena presses a button on her little device. Something might happen, or nothing would happen. Meanwhile, there remains the question: where is the murderer? What have Hayate and Hinagiku been doing?

As always, I am not implying anything.

5 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 447

  1. Maybe Ikusa didnt really recovered his memories since A-tan look exactly like athena when she had 6 years old, and he said his brother is a cute boy of 6 years old

  2. “As always, I am not implying anything.”…. I don’t get it…

    The whole putting Izumi through an embarrassment game gag was funny at first but now its starting to get a little repetitive. I would suggest having Miki and Risa go through one themselves but that would require the ability to feel shame…

    And yeah, seeing Kotetsu actually act like a professional butler is refreshing XD. I mean, this IS the guy who got his hands burned in order to save Izumi from being burned herself. I’d say that Kotetsu properly balances his role as Izumi’s butler and older twin brother.

    Oh, and a chemical compound that could kill humans and mutate animals? Yeah, someone should definitely investigate Izumi’s dad’s company.

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