Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 422

My focus is on the small words at the top...

My focus is on the small words at the top…

After reading Ruka’s storyboard, Kayura decides that she has to tell a story. Given Kayura’s ability to make reference and tell story – and more importantly, the fact that she managed to fool around with the SC Rangers for hours in Cuties – we might have to worry that she would take us all the way from Tokyo to Hokkaido with her story. Luckily, Kayura managed to stay close to Nerima this time…

Let’s start with the conclusion: yes, the idol Kayura mentions in her story is Ruka. It turns out that Kayura has known Ruka the idol since kindergarten. As she keeps Ruka’s poster (with her autograph) in her room for so many years, we may even conclude that Kayura is a long-time fan of Ruka the idol. If so, we may understand why Kayura has been so critical on Ruka’s manga, while spending hours lecturing Hayate that he shouldn’t be kissing Ruka: Kayura is a fierce supporter of Ruka’s idol career.

Kayura might be Ruka's number one fan.

Kayura might be Ruka’s number one fan.

As such, Kayura would be the first one to jump out and say that Ruka’s manga dream is crap. Let’s not act as if we would really “respect” our idol’s own dream. If you idol (say, Justin Bieber Timberlake) suddenly announces that he would retire from the idol business and become a mangaka, most probably you would say: “Bullshit!”

So, yes, Ruka’s manga dream is “bullshit” for Kayura.

The very point of Kayura’s story – or, in a sense, Ruka’s story – is that Ruka is someone who cannot lie. If you remember (for this, you need to remember things very well…), Ruka is very weak with lies. Not only that she doesn’t like being lied to, she is very bad at lying as well. Even at kindergarten, Kayura saw through Ruka’s not-so-professional smile, and realized that she was a girl who wasn’t adept at lying – even if her job required her to keep a “business smile” all the time.

Kindergarten Kayura.

Kindergarten Kayura.

It is therefore quite fortunate that Ruka is a singer, not an actress. If she couldn’t tell a lie to save her own life, then she might completely forget about being an actress, and be asked to play roles such as a child, a teenage student, a young wife to someone, and Wonder Woman. “Director, how do I convince people that I can see through walls?”

Of course, given that Kayura was at kindergarten, and Ruka is merely 3 years older than Kayura, then Ruka would not have even reached 10 years old in Kayura’s story. It would therefore be very unfair to judge Ruka’s ability to lie – or, her professionalism – at such a young age. You see, I doubt if even Hayate could put up his “business smile” so easily when he was 6…

We may also understand just how difficult was Ruka’s childhood. She was already working hard as an idol when she was less than 10 years old.

B - but all stories are lies, aren't they?

B – but all stories are lies, aren’t they?

Okay, I have gone a little too far here, so let’s get back to the real point. As Kayura knows that Ruka could not lie, her advice for the idol would therefore be “Don’t draw lies”. Of course, we shouldn’t do something that we are not good at when in a competition – if we could help, that is – but then we must ask: which part of Ruka’s manga has been a lie?

There are so many ways to interpret a manga, so I am not going to explore all the possibilities, but to only state my own conclusion.  I tend to think that the “love was true happiness” part was the lie, especially if the main character had to give up on her career to pursue such “true happiness”. My reason is quite simply that this was likely the only message Ruka was trying to tell through her manga, so if she was lying it must be about this message. Kayura states that Ruka lied about “something you can’t let go of”, and I think that this “something” is Ruka’s idol career.

I think it makes sense in a way. If Kayura thinks Ruka’s manga dream is “bullshit”, then by advising her not to lie, Kayura is actually asking Ruka to stop the “bullshit” on quitting the idol business for a manga career.

"So what should I tell myself this time?"

“So what should I tell myself this time?”

Now, Ruka is very prone to fall for lies – remember the “Hayate is a girl” fiasco? We might even expect that Ruka wouldn’t be able to tell truths from lies. Now, what if she has been lying to herself, that she doesn’t like singing and she has only been doing this for her parents and money? It is safe to say that she would be totally convinced by the lie. In other words, it could be that Ruka actually loves singing above everything, but just that she is completely convinced (meaning, fooled) by the lie that she doesn’t like singing at all.

As to why she has lied to herself in the first place, well… isn’t that the very thing every Tsundere does?

Of course, Ruka would definitely not be thinking about her idol business now, because she still has a Comiket to enter. Perhaps surprisingly, Kayura agrees to work on the manga with her in the Rainbow Village. “This is a hot spring, not your manga studio!”, says the owner. Now with Kayura helping Ruka and Chiharu helping Nagi, it is an indirect battle between Kayura and Chiharu. Now we might have the reason to their bickering in CTMEOY on taste of manga…

She has put her hair down, huh?

She has put her hair down, huh?

Speaking of Nagi, she is in some new trouble. Maybe or maybe not because of Ayumu’s summer cold, Nagi is a little sick. Yet as she knows from Chiharu that Ruka is (suddenly) doing well, Nagi can only do her best despite her illness, time limit and the thought of losing Hayate even if she wins. The horror is that Ayumu – who has been lying in bed with this or that part of her body going wrong – needs to be taken to the hospital. Let’s pray that Nagi wouldn’t suffer the same fate…

This reminds me that about 9 months ago, a certain Hinagiku managed to recover within hours from a cold.

Speaking of Hinagiku, she and Hayate (poor guy must have lost some sleep in the front trunk) and Dr. Kurosu have finally arrived at… Hokkaido. While absolutely nothing has been told on why they need to come here to make Ruka happy, but as it is Hokkaido… just don’t tell me that this is something about Kayura, or her family.

13 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 422

  1. I almost forgot about Ayumu XD

    I really hope that Ruka truly was caught up in the lie when she believed that her debt was the only reason she stayed as an idol.

    I think I can understand why Kayura considered Ruka’s manga as “lies”. When looking back at Ruka’s manga, I did kinda feel it was a bit dishonest because of the cheap “she found love” ending.

    Kayura will definitely not be happy if she found out that her favourite idol had given up her first kiss to Hayate XD.

    • The way I see, what Kayura doesn’t like is for Hayate and Ruka kissing in public. In private, if they are sure nobody can see them, I think Kayura might agree that it is none of her business.

  2. I’ve been lurking around in certain message boards and some people have a different interpretation as to what Ruka’s “lie” was all about, although yours is probably the most logical. I had no idea what Kayura’s advice was all about in the first place until I read your review and then it all started to make sense.

    Good call on Kayura being a long-time fan of Ruka’s based on this chapter and her behavior in Cuties.

    Haha! I think the part about Ruka being pretty gullible so much so that she’d believe her own lies is overanalyzing things a bit, but it’s not inconsistent with her behavior either. I mean, I want to agree that she’s just fooled herself into thinking that she doesn’t like singing at all because in my opinion, Ruka’s character is best if she remains as an idol even if she gets to interact with the main cast regularly. (even if Hina sings better than her, which is irrelevant, but I just had to point that out :D)

    I really don’t agree with Chiharu’s method of encouragement, (or maybe she’s just brutally honest) I think Nagi needs a gentle push forward/pat on the back right now from someone like the Hamster — unfortunately, she’s sick and gone and infected Nagi with her cold.

    It was also nice to see Maria in this manga again after several years (lol). It seems that throughout this arc, she’s either totally in the dark about this manga competition with Hayate at stake or maybe she just doesn’t care and thinks it’s a childish bet, which seems to be how Hayate himself is taking it.

    • Yes, I do agree that I am thinking too much on “Ruka believing her own lies”. Maybe I was trying too hard to write a few more words… XD

      Chiharu might not be the best teacher, but she is the best Nagi could have now. Maybe it is a journey for both of them – for Nagi to become a better mangaka, and Chiharu a better teacher.

      Still I don’t see Chiharu becoming a teacher in the future…

  3. Even if Ruka wants to stay an idol, if I were Hayate or Kayura I’d do everything in my power to remove her from Atsumari and her company’s control in order to allow her to pursue a more independent idol career and especially a more independent life. Remember how Ruka didn’t have any decorations, possessions etc… other than the bed and some furniture in her room? Not only that but if they actually do make her stay an idol, being perfectly happy under Atsumari’s control and all I’d be really angry because it would just be a cop out by the author to keep Ruka’s idol image and use her for more promotional material. I’m not trying to think badly of Hata here or anything but I’m scared that it would do this instead of going into a more interesting direction like the one I pointed out.

    • The thing is that Atsumari is not at fault here. Idols, especially those in Japan, are typically under the control of their companies, and really are not themselves. There are often news that idols complain they are not allowed to date boys (or girls for the matter). So, there won’t be a better world after Atsumari and her company, if Ruka decides to stay in the business.

      The only choice to be “independent” is therefore to retire as an idol. The only obstacle is of course Ruka’s huge debt, but on the other hand, once she has cleared her debt, in theory she is free to decide to retire.

      Ruka works not to earn money but to repay debt. I assume most money she has earned has been used to repay her debt to the company. I think this is why she has such a modest apartment.

    • Atsumari is not at fault but she shouldn’t interfere Ruka’s doujinshi. since she did her jobs as an idol very well.

      Lie that Kayura said before? I think she want to point Ruka that singing is not what she hate (because when she sang, she do it with all her might) at all. Ruka thought she doesn’t like singing because she need to do for repaying her debt so of course she will hate anything that relate to that huge debt. So after she listens to Kayura’s warning, how will she respond?

      Ruka would redraw as Chikibu can write novel and has the first boyfriend too (choose work and love both). In reality, Ruka will choose idol work and work happily and choose love (Hayate) too.

      p.s. this is my guess only.

  4. – Maybe Ruka’s parents live in Hokkaido so Kurousu bring Hayate & Hinagiku to there.

    – Kayura is not the 1st fan of Ruka only but true fan since she reserved ticket of Ruka’s concert with the light speed after read announcement from newspaper.

    – Maybe Kayura don’t want Ruka to hate/throw Idol career away but focus at Hayate & doujinshi works but face her problem and pursue her dream together.

    • Oh, good point about the ticket thing – I have really forgotten about it. Now that you mentioned, I felt weird when I saw such enthusiasm in Kayura as she reserved those tickets, but now it all makes sense.

    • right?, Dougnut Gunso. Kayura is not elite otaku only but she’s elite fan of idol Ruka too.

      when Ruka stop her idol job temporarily, Kayura visited to her room in mansion and condemn her for unresponsibility.

      but maybe I think Kayura is like other idol fans that will be angry her fav idol if he/she want to stop being an idol.

      in anime (cuties), Kayura can’t accept the idea Ruka want to help Hayate’s trouble by kissing and tried to stop both of them (the result is Hayate got sermon by Kayura). and she tried speak with trio baka until almost midnight in family restaurant and ignore to answer Hinagiku’s question about where Hayate should be.

  5. Well..that could be it…The doc might want to continue as idol and pursue her happiness at the same time….which is of course ‘hayate’…After the competition…Her life will be decided..I hope it all ends well for her…..
    Ok head to main topic..August 4 in manga….three months is almost up…that means Athena will be restored soon….don’t forget dream hayate had in chapter 300….Looks like we will get to know who wants to get access to garden palace through hayate..Athena did tell hayate to avoid questions about the palace…it maybe a new enemy..or may be king midas..maybe he is not dead yet…..But if a fight is on then there is always Hayate, Hinagiku,Athena, Isumi…Oh!..That blue crystal shirosakura will be alive again for another combat..I can’t wait for the competition to be over….Interesting ……nagi is not involved in this kind of combat

  6. Chapter 301 had the title,”A child can be the bond between two people even though they haven’t bonded yet…..the last part attracted me…Is this an indication? a hope for hina?…or was it just nothing?…also there is a mystery why athena called hina her mama..and hayate her papa…

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