Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 418

Sometimes you begin to treasure something when you are losing it.

Sometimes you begin to treasure something when you are losing it.

We all know that a lot of girls – and boys, for the matter – dream of becoming an idol. Admit it, if you have a friend who has successfully become an idol, you would be a little bit jealous of him or her. Yet, for Ruka, being an idol is an unenviable job.

Let’s not forget that it wasn’t her own dream to begin with. It was her parents’ dream – or revenge. The only motivation for Ruka was to please her parents, but in the end they had abandoned her with a huge debt. From a certain point of view, all her efforts have been wasted.

The killing blow to the family's dream.

The killing blow to the family’s dream.

Still, she has to stay in the idol business simply because she has a huge debt – taken up by her company – to repay. Of course, there are people who are in the idol business only to earn big or quick (or both) money, but Ruka is not exactly that kind of mercenary. She is not earning money for herself, but for her company.

In short, by no means has Ruka ever been in the idol business for her own interest. She has not been doing this to pursue a dream or an objective. So far, it has only been a job to be done on demands from others.

Meanwhile, Ruka has found her own dream in becoming a mangaka. It might or might not be the right choice, but it doesn’t matter – we never deny our first crush even though 9 out of 10 times of that shit turns out to be wrong . What matters to Ruka is that, “mangaka” is something she wants to do, and she wants to do well. She would do whatever she could – including to endure Hinagiku’s sharp criticisms – just to be a better mangaka.

This was her answer, but not quite the final one.

This was her answer, but not quite the final one.

I think this is why it seemed that Ruka couldn’t care less about her possible retirement. We were even told that, had Hayate not praised her on-stage performance, she would have declared retirement the moment she was asked by Atsumari. When you are forced to choose between a career of your dream and a career not of your dream, I think most of us would choose the former – on the assumption that the financial rewards are similar.

Yes, if you could be as successful as Ashibashi-sensei as a mangaka, you can easily earn as much as an idol.

Ever since Christmas Eve the previous year, Ruka has decided that she would never cry again. She has decided to hide her sadness, and to face her challenges like a tough girl. To act tough, Ruka would have to bottle up her emotions at work, and could only show them through her manga. Hence there was her dolphin doujinshi, which was rather… sad.

Others: "Right, once again we are told to kill ourselves..."

Others: “Right, once again we are told to kill ourselves…”

Over time, she had met with Chiharu and other people, whom have shown her friendship and rivalry, making her emotionally more balanced. Two people stand out from her group of friends: Nagi is her rival as a mangaka, while Hayate is the boy she has fallen in love with. We can say that her heart has been opened up by these two, to the point that she has finally lost control of her emotions: she kissed Hayate.

Now, nine songs into her concert, Ruka loses control of her emotions again, and starts crying on the stage. If we are to find a reason for her crying, I would suggest that it is the she is touched by her own performance. We all know that Ruka’s performance has the (almost) magical power of touching people’s hearts – we saw how that had worked on Nagi and Hinagiku. Now, it is Ruka herself who has been touched.

The final answer.

The final answer.

Instead of announcing her retirement, Ruka holds up the microphone – a signal that she would announce the Las Vegas concert, and thus her full return to the idol business. Maybe she wants to be touched by her own performance again, or maybe she has found new purpose of her idol business – she has a lot of fans she might want to thank by keep going on. Or maybe, she has finally realised that she actually loves her job.

Well… once again we will have a week’s break, and the next chapter would be published on September 4. This might become a challenge for me, because I will attend night school starting in September. I still have no idea how much it would affect Hayate Report, so I might have to face a choice similar to Ruka’s…

Anyway, let’s see.

5 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 418

  1. This sounds like a familiar scar of life…
    burdened to carry someone else’s debt, reaching the lowest point of your life and getting cheated of your childhood.

    I suposed its not that bad than losing your will to live like Hayate or even Hina for that matter. So the remaining matter on this arc is how that “I will make you happy” speech came to be

  2. I’m pretty sure had we not known this was gonna happen from the anime these chapters would probably be more interesting, but now reading these the only reaction I get is “yeah we knew that was gonna happen.” *sigh*

  3. I liked this chapter. I think Hata has a flair for drama even if Ruka’s decision was more or less already known at this point given the events of CTMEOY. I found it to be a pretty emotional chapter and it sets the stage right for the continuation of chapter 413’s cliffhanger. I do feel that this chapter along with the previous Ruka chapters after 413 could have been condensed into 1-2 chapters at most though. It still feels like Hata’s intentionally prolonging the conclusion of this arc for whatever reason.

    It’s great to see that we’re finally nearing the timeline of the anime and the climax of this arc when Nagi and Ruka’s stories converge.

  4. Makes sense, I guess. After all, if Ruka hadn’t been an idol, she wouldn’t have met people like Hayate and Nagi.

    The thing about the later two animes is that they kept Ruka’s mangaka dream completely quiet. At first I thought it was meant to prevent manga spoilers. Now I’m wondering if Ruka really did give up on her mangaka dream. It would really suck if she did cause I wouldn’t like it if Atsumari succeeded in ending Ruka’s dream. Atsumari and her company has gotta learn that just because Ruka is indebted to them, it doesn’t mean they can control her life.

    I can’t help but find Dr. Kurosu’s appearance in that one panel a little funny since it was a bit random and that Kurosu could have just waited for the next chapter to appear.

    Like Hayate’s parents, Ruka’s parents tend to say morally ambiguous words while smiling. Does Hata realize how creepy that is or did he intend to make it seem creepy?

    Anyway, this really was a good chapter.

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