Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 444



A person with religious belief like myself does not pay much attention to the superstition about the chapter number, so let’s move on.

Instead of a heart-warming reunion, the Ayasaki brothers decide that they would have a competition on reviving Life, pretty much because they have a quarrel on a bag which may or may not hold a King’s Jewel. Yet before Hayate could make money out of Life, he has taken up its entire debt of 8.9M yen. I see a sorrowful future for Hayate…

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Nagi makes her latest attempt to stop this stupidity. I acknowledge her efforts in saving Hayate from a trouble he invited himself into, but I scratch my head as I realize that this is the second time in two chapters that Nagi offers to settle the problem by giving out 8.9M yen. Of course she can cash on her stock to get the money, and by any means it is a reasonable business to invest 8.9M yen for the hope to win a virtually limitless source of wealth, but I thought she has learnt from the Doujinshi age that there are things that can’t be settled with money. An attitude of “Let’s see if I can buy the answer to the problem” is… well, not my thing.

More importantly, in a world where men (and boys) are expected to work for their own gains instead of living on women (and girls), Nagi’s offer is more insult than support. Ikusa takes full advantage of Nagi’s helping hand and humiliates Hayate for being “useless”. No man or boy could tolerate that – even if it is Hayate.

What I am trying to say here is: Nagi still has a lot to learn.

Approximately 5 people will try to kill you.

Approximately 5 people will try to kill you.

Hayate is in a very bad mood as he returns to the girls and announce that they all need to work on Life. For whatever reason (there are quite a few, actually) they look equally displeased, but the wrath of Hayate at his brother wins him the girls’ sympathy. Hayate might count himself a little bit lucky for not being punished by the girls he just annoyed.

Anyway, it could be a bit unfair for Hayate to criticize Ikusa for his attitude because he is not quite Ikusa. He is merely a lifesaver who has lost his memories, and mangas have been teaching us that amnesia can change someone’s personality. As such, it really can’t be helped if Ikusa is not the old Ikusa, because Ikusa is not Ikusa in the first place.

… what the Hell have I just said?

Domon: "GUNDAM!!!"

Domon: “GUNDAM!!!”

Hayate might be in a bad mood, but I guess he might not have the guts to bark orders to the girls, especially when it comes to rebuilding the restaurant. As such, he makes a clever but (somewhat) cruel move by calling Kotetsu for help. We know Hayate sometimes hopes to make use of other people’s kindness for his own gain (the primary victim is of course Hinagiku), but this might be the first time he dares to openly demand one. Of course, Kotetsu the Ultimate Stalker has been very annoying, and we might think it is funny for Hayate to treat him like a dog. Yet as I read about Kotetsu’s efforts on the restaurant, there is a voice in my head saying “Poor boy…”

It seems that the girls have separated into two groups. Nagi, Ayumu, Chiharu and Kayura try to figure how to recall Ikusa’s memories, while Hinagiku and Maria keep an eye on the progress of Life’s reconstruction. Yet things do not seem to go very well on either side.

Someone knock some senses into these two, please.

Someone knock some senses into these two, please.

Nagi and co. face the problem that Ikusa does not co-operate with Dr. Kurosu to regain his memory. Kayura comes up with an idea which is both impractical and criminal, and she and Chiharu look more interested in a possible loving relationship between brothers. Nagi’s (?) idea to seduce Ikusa with good food seems to come closest to be a solution, but then they would need to make good food…

Hinagiku and Maria do not have much to do as Kotetsu single-handedly rebuilds the restaurant, but as the building is completed, Hayate tells the girls with his business smile that he would need their help. Knowing him too well, both girls realise that something is coming… although judging by their reaction, the bunny outfit is clearly not that “something”.

Where does that outfit come from, by the way?

That could well be Hinagiku's aura.

That could well be Hinagiku’s aura.

It is hard to tell whether Hinagiku or Maria gets the worse treatment from Hayate: Maria gets a scary face, while Hinagiku (once again) has her chest size insulted. Still, as both girls do not like the outfit, there is a chance that Maria prefers Hinagiku’s treatment…

Athena is also around, and as she sees Hayate treating everyone so badly – Hayate is pretty much ruining his friendship with the girls – she comments that there is one similarity between Hayate and Ikusa which shows they are siblings after all: they both make frightening faces and take unreasonable actions when they have a complaint. Maybe Kotetsu, Hinagiku and Maria should be glad that Hayate opts to show them his true emotions…

Athena’s comments show that she has a deep understanding of both Hayate and Ikusa, something that is not entirely possible for Alice the Small. The “battery indicator” makes it clear: Athena the Big is returning. Now we have two people who knew each other but both have lost their memories, and soon enough one of them is (probably) going to regain hers. That would be interesting.

4 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 444

  1. I’ve suspected that Athena’s regained her memories some time ago while she was having that conversation with the otaku priest. Looks like it’s the inevitable “return of the A-tan” coming next.

    As for this current arc, I’m actually more interested in seeing how Hayate himself deals with this little bit of trouble that he’s gotten himself into. I’d like to see a little bit of character development from him and his relationship with his brother explored some more — hopefully, that’s the direction this arc is taking.

    I’m also wondering as to whether it’s really a king’s jewel inside that pouch or if Ikusa’s going to reveal that the Hisui faction replaced the contents of the pouch long ago or something to that effect.

  2. Hinagiku lends the helping hand without being asked by Hayate….really makes her the victim ……but some sensible talking from Athena to stop this madness…….Athena’s true form might bring Ikusa’s memory back some way at least I think Athena was planning that……..or Who knows Ikusa might be pretending the whole time……

  3. But if Ikusa accepted the money, wouldn’t he be just as useless as Hayate?

    Kinda disappointed that neither Hinagiku or Maria questioned as to where Hayate got the outfits. Personally, I think Hata does well to keep the fan service balanced but as a comedy manga, it is important for characters to acknowledge certain cliches or absurdity with appropriate humorous responses. For now, I’ll just assume that the bunny outfits belonged to Kotetsu who had hoped to have Hayate wear it XD.

    It takes such a short time for Kotetsu to rebuild “Life” and almost everyone knows that cute girls attract more customers. Maybe Ikusa is similar to Yukiji in the sense that both of them are very careless about their financial problems.

    Its also possible that Athena was referring to her relationship with Hayate when she talked about how a single reunion cannot take back the lost years. They were both so young and inexperienced so neither of them could be blamed for the break-up.

    • Good point on your last paragraph. I didn’t think it has a deep meaning when Alice said that, but still it’s an interesting scene. Btw it’s a shame that Souya only appears in one chapter (yet).

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