Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 413

This poor one is summoned to Ise for nothing.

This poor one is summoned to Ise for nothing.

While the trip to Kyoto has been a freaking mess, that of Ise is surprisingly neat and efficient. We are into merely the third chapter in Ise, and it is now “announced” that the trip has come to an end, with Nagi settling on her story.

The breaking news comes that Ruka is having her come-back concert that day is a true bombshell. Chiharu decides to call Ruka for confirmation, but Hinagiku stops her for it is being rude calling people at six in the morning. This is of course true (I have my phone on Do Not Disturb mode until seven), but some may argue that in such an emergency situation, violation of manner could be understandable.

There are times we should care less about manners.

There are times we should care less about manners.

It turns out that it doesn’t matter anyway, because as they make their calls after breakfast, both Ruka and Hayate do no pick up, and they seem to be away from the Violet Mansion because the apartment phone is not picked up either. We as readers may wonder what has been going on since they went to help at Wataru’s store in Akiba.

Meanwhile, Kayura has successfully got three entrance tickets to Ruka’s concert. I am not sure why she could get the tickets so easily, given Ruka’s fame and the importance of this concert. Maybe she is a VIP of Ruka’s fan club or something… Now there are three tickets, so the ones going would be herself, Chiharu and… Nagi?

The girls have absolutely no idea what is going on though, so they decide to return to the Violet Mansion as soon as possible. The best option is to take Athena’s plane, but a certain Hinagiku has all the troubles taking it. Of course she would take the plane if she is given no choice, but at the moment she seems to have three alternatives.

Poor no. 4...

Poor no. 4…

The first one is suggested by Hinagiku herself: to take a train. Either because it costs money or is slow, or both, the suggestion is rejected. The second one is suggested by Isumi, who once again comes out of nowhere: to take her helicopter no. 5. Apparently no. 4 is also crashed, and we might finally understand what Isumi has been doing since leaving Kyoto: she has been trying to reach Ise in helicopter no. 4! Poor Isumi, nobody is paying any attention to her suggestion… The third one is suggested by Dr. Kurosu: Hinagiku can take her Lamborghini, because she has some business in Tokyo as well. The others could take the plane, so the journey will not be delayed. As it makes everyone happy, this suggestion is accepted.

Meanwhile, Isumi sets to prove her worth again, this time by calling Sakuya over to Ise. I don’t know what she expects Sakuya to do (fly that thing, maybe?), but surely Sakuya would get very, very mad once she knows that she has been summoned to Ise so urgently for something so trivial…

While Dr. Kurosu has to serve as driver for Nagi (Hokkaido to Kyoto), Chiharu (Kyoto to Ise) and Hinagiku (Ise to Tokyo), the long journey has been very convenient to her as she “has business” in all the places. Either Dr. Kurosu really has so many things to do all over Japan, or she has been making excuses in order to stay with the girls. The latter would require an explanation on her motives, and it has become clearer that Dr. Kurosu has a certain interest in Ruka. For the good or the bad, things could become more interesting once Dr. Kurosu meets Ruka in Tokyo.

Dr. Kurosu: "Please scream, or I am not having fun..."

Dr. Kurosu: “Please scream, or I am not having fun…”

Now Dr. Kurosu is so familiar with girls screaming right beside her as she drives at top (?) speed, that she seems a little disappointed that Hinagiku is not afraid. So, the debate on whether Hinagiku would fear the Lamborghini more than the airplane suffers a premature death: Hinagiku is perfectly happy with the 300 km/h Lamborghini, despite it is actually more likely that a car at this speed would crash than an airplane.

Dr. Kurosu then sets to ask Hinagiku about Ruka. While the Student Council President might not know Ruka better than Chiharu (best friend) or Nagi (rival), she could well be the only one who is able to talk at all while Dr. Kurosu is driving. Then again, one might wonder why a conversation about Ruka has to be done under such circumstances.

Easily over 12 hours.

Easily over 12 hours.

Finally Nagi wakes up late in the night, in her own room in the Violet Mansion. At this rate she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later at night, so she might draw her manuscript until the next morning, and then she would get tired and sleep until late in the night… what a vicious circle. Transport this girl to the USA while she is asleep and she wouldn’t suffer from jet lag. Seriously.

Nagi now has her storyboard (so it was a storyboard after all) and she would want Hayate to read it. Of course, earning the recognition from the person most precious to you – and more importantly, the person who is at stake in this doujinshi competition – is an understandable desire. I am also quite certain that Nagi wants to make Hayate proud with her new storyboard. After all the teasing, it means everything to Nagi if she can get Hayate to praise her wholeheartedly.

Caption is totally unnecessary.

Caption is totally unnecessary.

Nagi finds Hayate in the yard, and he is holding Ruka – who is crying – from behind. With a very manly face, Hayate promises to make Ruka happy. Nobody knows what has been going on between them, and I thought Ruka should be busy with her come-back concert. Nagi suddenly recalls Dr. Kurosu has said that the outcome of the competition might have already decided, and Nagi’s own conclusion seems to be that she has already lost: if Hayate has chosen to be this close to Ruka, then it might mean nothing even if she won in the Comiket.

It could be argued that this is Nagi’s very own “Silky Heart” moment. The shock, the black-out, the monologue and even the moon are indeed very similar. However, there are at least two reasons I find it having (much) less impact than that infamous moment.

For comparison.

For comparison.

The first reason is that, while Hinagiku’s version has followed a long build-up of emotions to the climax, Nagi’s version has happened out of nowhere. The come-back concert was breaking news only in the previous chapter, and we are having this “Silky Heart” moment in this chapter. A Hell lot of things are missing here, which makes me unable to rule out the possibility that it is merely another misunderstanding. For instance, who says it can’t just be drama filming, and the first thing we see in the next chapter is the director shouting “Cut! Good take!”?

You see, the problem is that I do not dare to be serious about it, because I don’t even know if it is meant to be serious at all.

Maybe you wanna invalidate this?

Maybe you wanna invalidate this?

The second reason is that, as I start to think if Hayate would leave Nagi and live happily ever after with Ruka, another voice immediately comes into my mind: “What the fuck are you thinking about? Nagi is going to win, remember? She will confess to Hayate in CTMEOY and get a kiss from him in Cuties, remember? They will always be together no matter what we think, remember?”

As we come so close to confirming Nagi’s victory in the end, I honestly can’t care less about her temporary defeat. I am not trying to be a jerk, but as there is no suspense and no uncertainty, how am I supposed to feel bad for Nagi here, when I know almost for sure that she would end up winning? This is so unlike Hinagiku’s case, in which nobody can say with certainty that she would finally win Hayate’s heart, so when she took her hit, we could feel the impact because it actually hurt.



With this “Silky Meh” moment, the Kyoto and Ise arc is concluded. The most important thing about this arc is that Nagi finally has the story she wants ready. As we already have been told that Nagi would be the final winner, let’s see how this very certain outcome would be achieved.

On something else more uncertain, Dr. Kurosu might reveal why she seems to be interested in Ruka.

32 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 413

  1. This chater really made me say, WTF?! Hayate should have really good explanation about this “Incident”…..

  2. As I said on twitter, I don’t think CTMEOY or Cuties are canonical with the manga seeing as they diverge so much from the older stories. With that in mind, this looks like an interesting development. I noticed that Hayate despite always being nice has recently gotten much more cynical and grumpy if you will. It’s subtle but it definitely is there as if he’s tired of bad stuff constantly happening to him. I’m hoping that with this, Nagi will come to realize that Hayate can’t belong to only her and even if he doesn’t end up with Ruka (something which I doubt), she’ll treat him less as her property and Butler and more like a total individual.

    I’m also scared that Dr. Kurosu has bad news for Ruka’s health and that she may be in danger of dying and that Hayate is only promising to make her last few moments or days happy. I got it from somebody else but it certainly looks that way for me.

    • If Kurosu knew about Ruka’s illness. The doctors who checked her health earlier (when she collaspse) would know about this for a long time.

      With her lambogini, I quess she’s a doctor who will charge very expensive bill for treatment and I don’t think Ruka’s parents will care about her health at all.

      I quess she might be relative of Ruka or something since their hair styles are kinda similar. and we still don’t know docor’s surname yet.

    • @iruka

      Dr. Kurosu can start her diagnosis from scratch and see if Ruka is seriously ill. If she is related to Ruka she might charge her for much less (“93% off” – Isumi).

      And I actually think “Kurosu” is the surname.

    • @philipmarie

      Remember that the anime is set months away from the current manga development, so I think the divergence is reasonable.

      The way I see it, Hayate’s grumpiness is mostly directed at Ruka. It is actually quite an achievement to “force” the always nice Hayate to show negative emotions. Now I don’t know if it is good or bad…

  3. Interesting development we have here, the fog of war is lifted (we’ve been sidetracked long enough anyway), and the “ship” got stirred big time, I wonder how Hata’s is gonna get away with this cliff hanger (this time we have a witness unlike Ruka’s kiss chapter)

    Also agree that if this incident would be an excuse that Ruka does not have much time left (making a bucket list and always seem to accomplish things in a rushed manner), that is indeed a scary thought but we’ll see

  4. The chapter seems to reminds me of the Episode 11 of Cuties: both of which have problems with order along with time that will be answered by the following chapter/episode. I don’t have much care about Nagi’s ‘Silky Heart’ , I care more about what Dr. Kurosu knows about Ruka Suirenji, this time.

  5. I wonder where other people are since in this chapter there are only 3 people are at violet mansion (may be they are at office that Ruka works).

    I quess Ruka ran away because she can’t stand to that big news in the newspaper and that manager to this mansion and Hayate follow her just like when Nagi ran away and Hayate follow her.

  6. I don’t think you should consider CTMEOY and Cuties as being part of the same canon as the manga, they are in a different “universe”, this happens all the time with anime adaptations of a manga. They will differ greatly and be contradictory sometimes. A manga’s main purpose is to tell a story, the author is free to do whatever he wants; the anime on the other hand has a schedule and a clear purpose, making money, because of this they always have to appeal to the lowest common denominator and because of the average short length of an anime (12 episodes) it doesn’t have time to explore on character development.
    This is why I’m still looking forward to see what happens, this was certainly unexpected, it seems we’re getting serious again.

    • The difference is that Hata and Nagi were the ones who used the anime as a prediction to the future events in the manga in the first place. It is only fair that I use the same methodology, but end up disinterested.

  7. Well, I honestly was in a “WTH” moment, but the next moment I already didn’t care. I think it’s pretty obvious, that it is yet another misunderstanding. And as you have pointed out, it is far less impactful than Hina’s Silky Heart moment (that poor girl…).

    • Well maybe there some love in that scene…. We don’t know. The only thing I know is that a new Story has open..

  8. How its possible to talk so casually in an open-roofed car moving at 300 km/h with the wind blowing at you loudly leaves me confused…. Rather, shouldn’t the law-abiding SC President be criticising the doctor for driving past the speed limit!?

    Hayate has gotten into countless romantic misunderstandings but most of the time, we’d see it from his perspective before the inevitable “Its not what you think!?” explanation. Now the readers are left to wonder as to what had happened that led up to this mess. Yet, pretty much every reader (including me) thinks this is another misunderstanding and rightfully so.

    Ruka’s pursuit for Hayate has reached incredible speeds that would put Dr. Kurosu’s driving to shame… but everybody thinks she’s dying. Looks like going really fast really did end up hurting Ruka…. lethally. But if its not death, it could simply be Ruka having to make a choice between pursuing her dream (mangaka) or living the dream (idol).

    Ignoring Isumi was cold but smart. I’m actually glad that everyone else have learned from their mistakes enough to know that Isumi just cannot be trusted to take them to where they want.

    • Either there are speedways in Japan with no speed limit (unlikely because, well, it’s Japan…) or that Hinagiku doesn’t think she is in the position to complain. After all, the speed of the Lamborghini is key to Hina’s decision of taking the ride.

      Unluckily for Isumi, this time her loyal friend Nagi is asleep, so there is no one to stand by her.

  9. It could be that the whole anime being the manga’s future because Nagi predicted it in chapter 400 is a joke. You know what a troll Hata can be. Rmemeber the infamous ‘This is the kind of manga you are reading?’

  10. Sorry for double posting but I forgot to put in one thing. I don’t think Hayate’s grumpiness is directed just at Ruka. If you look back, he once tried KILLING Kotetsu in the Izumi rescue arc, he shows weariness at a lot of the things he has to clean up or take care of, he’s rather impatient with people who won’t listen or try (just look at how he isn’t as nice to the three rangers and how he can be harsh even to Izumi) and most of all, he has a certain lack of self confidence that convinces him that people like Hinagiku don’t like him. If you notice out of all the characters in the series despite being the bravest and most self sacrificing he’s still really cynical. But that’s what I love about him: even under all the trouble he has to go he still does the right thing.

    • Hayate does the right thing MOST of the time anyway. In reality, his lack of self-confidence and being oblivious to almost all the girls who have shown feelings for him will only lead to hurt feelings in the end. Hata really needs to have him make a more or less definite decision soon… which is why I hope the CTMEOY and Cuties ending will eventually become part of the canon timeline (yes, Iyam on the Hayate x Nagi side). Good thing this is still Hayate no Gotoku! So we probably won’t even get to that point (hurt feelings. ‘orrible traumatic effects etc.) except for a few tense moments here and there like Hina’s ho-hum Silky Heart moment.

    • This might be off-topic but still maybe you should had to thank Athena Tennousu (not Nagi Sanzen’in) in making Hayate Ayasaki to have his lack of self-confidence and being oblivious to almost all the girls who have shown feelings for him will only lead to hurt feelings in the end. After all, he thinks he’s unworthy of any girl’s love because of Athena teaching him that he had to be financially able to support a girlfriend. Well, he is not totally oblivious (at least, when someone told him about the matter of there is someone who likes him in verbal form).

      Anyways, I had seen your page and had noticed this: ‘How can pplz root for Athena?’… In case you wonder, just read/re-read all of Athena’s arcs (specifically EotW arc (Manga chapters 178-187) and Athens arc (Manga chapters 200+-266)). You might see the best reason for that. About Nagi and Ruka Suirenji, maybe the best answer about them being ‘infinitely better’ is that they are the focused heroines starting Chapter 303-present. As far as Nagi is concerned, I think she needs more character development so she can be on par with Athena (Hayate’s first love) and Hinagiku Katsura (clearly a cash cow and yet had her greatest moments before the heroine role shifts to Nagi and Ruka) because the author’s way of creating Nagi’s character feels more like he’s on a rush in making the CTMEOY and Cuties, trying to convince us that the preferred pairing should be Hayate-Nagi just like Sergeant Doughnut had written in one of his/her articles here. The problem? He’s still in love with Athena and that anime version of Date arc (clearly happens in mid-September 20-ish and yet, I am trying to forget what the production had done to Hinagiku there [specifically close-up failures, really]) made a good possibility that Hayate still holds some kind of affection to Hinagiku. Who knows what feelings does Hayate have towards Maria and Ayumu Nishizawa now.

      This comment might be long but the only best things Nagi had done by far are that she saved Hayate from his misfortune and that her decision during the Athens arc for the sake of Hayate’s happiness. Other than that, she just needs much character development for her to really catch up along with the other characters. Besides, the Cuties ending doesn’t change anything on what the manga will be taken on afterwards (I mean Hayate is still Nagi’s combat butler). Perhaps, if Hayate tried to kiss any girl other than Nagi (especially if that ‘any girl’ is Hinagiku), there might be a great adjustment in the storyline in the future unlike Hayate kissing Nagi’s forehead, which may not have much impact to affect the manga’s timeline.

      On the good side, methinks the following future chapters will create some character development for Nagi after her ‘Silky Heart?’ moment, similar to Hinagiku whose relationship with Hayate has gotten better in these days after her ‘Silky Heart’ moment.

    • @philipmarie

      If we talk about grumpiness in general then we have to include Yukiji and Gilbert as well, but there is little point talking about them as Hayate never cared about them. No, I don’t think he cares about Izumi that much as well. Kinda sad…

      The thing is, Ruka should be on a similar level to Hayate’s “harem members” as she is someone Hayate actually cares about. With those girls Hayate generally show even more patience, while hiding (or at least trying to hide) his negative emotions toward them. With Ruka, however, it appears that Hayate isn’t trying that hard.

      We may either explain this as Hayate trusts Ruka so much he could show her his “true self”, or that he does not respect Ruka as much as some other girls. Either way, this is something different from other girls Hayate really care about.

    • The reason Hayate break his barrier a little and comfort Ruka ,who is suffering, is they have similar profiles (such as 150 million debt, etc)?

  11. Gonna go on a bit of a tangent to make this reply. Sorry, I hope that’s excusable.

    @Misaki Shokohou: Haha! FYI, I made that comment just after reading the EOTW/Golden Week arc. “How can pplz root for Athena?” Should be read as “why do people want her to end up with Hayate?” I finished reading all 413 chapters in five days just coz it was so interesting and I’ve been hearing about Athena this Athena-that for years that it’s made me jaded.

    In any case, I stand by what I said in twitter. Athena just doesn’t seem like a good match for Hayate for me with her supernatural Touhou-esque powers, background and character design. She also acts more like Hayate’s mother than a love interest, but that’s just my personal opinion.

    Good point about Hayate’s character being influenced by Athena too… thus, why I think she acts more like he’s mother. She basically formed most of his current personality. BUT, If he ends up choosing Athena in the end, then it’s his decision and he (probably) knows what’s best for him. Though I would say Ruka is definitely in the lead right now based on the current manga timeline.

    As for why I like Hayate x Nagi, it has nothing to do with Nagi being nice to Hayate or doing him any favors like crushing that King’s Jewel (though I admit that made me like her even more). I just think they’re a good match for each other and that they look cute together and I want to see what happens if Hayate ever starts to see her as a romantic prospect rather than a his spoiled little mistress. I’m hoping for something like introducing another male character close to Nagi’s age who has serious feelings for her and which Nagi actually reciprocrates (not like Hamster’s brother). I’d like to see how Hayate would react to such a situation since he did feel insecure when Klaus replaced him temporarily with that mecha-butler. Perhaps we’ll see the first signs of him seeing Nagi as a romantic prospect if that happens — but of course, this is just me speculating.

    • @Violent Cloud to be honest, I am not one of the people who aimed to have Hayate end up with someone else this early, because I am enjoying the series’ wackiness and at the same time, its seriousness (though Ruka [the leader], Nagi [one of two main heroines] and Hinagiku [by genre savviness] are interesting potentials for Hayate paired ending as of the manga’s timeline [no personal preferences, just by observation plus it seems Athena may have backed out for now, but Hayate still loves her…]). I agreed that Ruka’s on the lead today (mainly because of their similarities the two have, and Chapter 413’s ending reminds me of Chapter 93’s climax a bit) but the author seems to let us know that nothing would affect the relationship of the characters in the future/after the competition (I mean the Manglobe-made series, and considering them as canon as you said previously). Kinda disappointed since it might break the mood of unpredictability of the manga, as well as the author/production’s preference/insistence on Hayate-Nagi relationship. It’s more like an attempt of having Nagi to become one of Kugimiya Rie’s type A tsundere characters who always win the main protagonists’ hearts IMO.

      As for this chapter, I don’t really care about Nagi and Ruka’s competition to win Hayate now (partly due to the Manglobe series), instead like what I have said already, I am more curious about Dr. Kurosu knows about Ruka, as well as what had happened during the entire timeskip the chapter left for us to be revealed later on.

      Though what had just surprised me about your previous comment is about forgetting about Athena’s doing for Hayate’s entire personality, so that’s the reason.

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