Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 423

To become a better mangaka!

To become a better mangaka!

To say that Nagi only has one ally in Chiharu seems to be a bit unfair. At least they are not alone in the Violet Mansion, as Maria and Athena both stay with them. They might not be on “Nagi’s team”, but Maria supports Nagi in other ways like cooking for her. Athena (who mysteriously manages to stay up very late this night) makes company at the very least. There is a difference between working in a quiet house alone, and working in a house full of your friends.

It seems that both of them are fairly sure that Nagi would mess up with her manga. Maria has known Nagi for too long, that she could tell from past experience how things would end – as usual. Athena, with her intelligence, seems to be able to guess how Nagi would mess up – in fact, there are so many things that can go wrong, and it only takes one mistake for Nagi to fail miserably…

In any case, it seems that both of them are not the most optimistic supporters of Nagi.

You say?

You say?

In all fairness, Nagi is in a very bad situation. Not only that she is on a very tight schedule, she is also not working fast enough to meet that. She is sick, so she is not in the right conditions physically or mentally to draw anything of good quality. Her manuscript is indeed not of good quality – even she admits that it is “nothing but scribbles” (again). It seems that everything is going wrong for her.

The biggest problem for her, though, is that she is beginning to question the point of winning the contest. She has always been determined to defeat Ruka with a superior manga. She might lack confidence sometimes, but she was very certain that she would want to win. This time, however, she has the feeling of fighting a meaningless battle, and her heart hurts because of that.

Why does Nagi find the battle meaningless? It comes back to her two main reasons to win over Ruka: first, she would want to be “something special”, and one way to achieve this is to defeat someone whom she thinks is “closest to God”; second, the two girls have placed a bet on Hayate, so Nagi would have to win in order to keep Hayate to herself. So, what has happened to these two reasons?

"Did I say anything? I didn't say anything!"

“Did I say anything? I didn’t say anything!”

For the first one, Nagi realises that she has not made any improvement since Ashibashi-sensei expressed his “disappointment”, so if she has lost in Comisun, she would lose in Comiket as well. For the second one, Nagi now thinks that Hayate has fallen in love with Ruka, so there is no point keeping him with her if she is no longer his first priority.

That said, I don’t see any problem with a “loyalty first, love second” approach.

The change to the first reason makes Nagi to realise that she is facing a rival too powerful for her. She has already lost to Ruka once, and she is not in a better position this time. She is almost certain that she would lose, and – let’s face it – a defeat tastes bad, so it is in fact foolish to invite a defeat – unless there is something worth fighting for no matter how slim the chance.

You decide who's the culprit here.

You decide who’s the culprit here.

That brings us to the change to the second reason. It is safe to say that Nagi has accepted that Ruka is a real threat to her “relationship” (cough) with Hayate, and she has been hoping to get rid of such a threat once and for all. Yet, Nagi realises that if Hayate has fallen in love with Ruka, her victory would mean that Hayate would be separated from his “true love”, and nobody would be happy: Hayate and Ruka would be unhappy because they cannot marry each other, and Nagi would be unhappy because she is keeping someone who doesn’t want to be with her any more. More importantly, Nagi would see herself being the culprit as she is making all of them unhappy, and she would be living her life in guilt.

As such, we may now understand why Nagi is uncertain about the manga contest any more. A defeat would hurt her pride (again) and make her unhappy, while a victory would make her a culprit and make her unhappy. There is certainly no point in entering Comiket, and her heart hurts as she forces herself to do something meaningless. Then again, defeating Ruka and keeping Hayate shouldn’t have been Nagi’s objectives in joining the doujinshi events. Don’t get me started on this again…

Warning! Warning!

Warning! Warning!

Perhaps the most alarming thing is that Nagi is beginning to doubt her bond with Hayate. We can see that Nagi firmly believes that Hayate would not root for her, and would not care about her even when she is suffering. It doesn’t matter if what she thinks is correct – we are almost assured that this won’t be the case – but the very fact that Nagi doubts Hayate’s loyalty to her is enough to make their “relationship” (cough) crumble. Each and every kind of relationship is built on trust, and is destroyed because of a lack of it.

In a sense, Nagi’s biggest rival is herself. Her lack of faith in Hayate makes her desperate, and she begins blaming Hayate for no good reason – nobody in their right mind should be calling Nagi at 2:02, but Nagi still blames Hayate. Every action and thought Hayate makes is now put under the microscope and scrutinised. Yes, Hayate is a little too determined to serve Ruka, but now the damage to their “relationship” (cough) comes from Nagi’s side. We might say that Nagi has turned into a bomb that would self-destruct when exploded.

Sadly, if Ruka stays far enough from the bomb, Nagi would only be hurting herself and Hayate with her explosion.

Choose your own swear word please.

Choose your own swear word please.

And sure enough, Nagi explodes – though thankfully not at Hayate. She hits her table hard with both her fists. The ink bottle is sent flying, and the content splashes over almost all of Nagi’s finished pages. In other words, Nagi’s efforts has all been ruined. Cue all our deja vu of working hard on a project, but then face the BSOD before we even have a chance to click “save”…

Chiharu and Maria come to the rescue, but Nagi says that she might as well give up on the manuscript. It is still unclear whether Nagi is only giving up on this manuscript or the entire competition, but we might expect Maria to wisely comfort her in the next chapter, for this is the main duty of Maria as Nagi’s mother figure.

Given that Nagi rates her manuscript as “nothing but scribbles”, it could be a good thing for her to start over again. The only problem is that she is running out of time – unless, of course, Athena could bring up a miracle by turning back time or even slowing it down. I thought the Royal Garden could serve such a function?

In Apple style, we do have one more thing…

Most likely this is CTMEOY reference.

Most likely this is CTMEOY reference.

13 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 423

  1. Nagi’s Fortune (or Misfortune) from chapter 410 turned out to be true XD!

    “In a sense, Nagi’s biggest rival is herself.” Nicely put, Gunso! Heck, this may be true even back during the beginning of the Mangaka Saga…. scratch that, from the very beginning of this series! Nagi’s pride has always been a problem for her.

    Nagi seems too reliant on Hayate’s support when she’s being blind to the fact that a lot of her friends are supporting her. Giving up now would be betraying the effort her friends put in supporting her. Hopefully the next chapter will point this out and I’m glad Maria is making herself more relevant in the plot.

    Now the more important question is; is it even possible to clean out all the ink without having to re-draw the manuscript?

    • Oh, great call, I have totally forgotten about that!

      According to Maria, it seems that Nagi is prone to self-destruct, so yes it could well be that our statement has been true since the very beginning.

      It surely is time for Nagi to realise that the world doesn’t revolve around Hayate. She might think that she is an isolated child, but in fact she is surrounded by a lot of loveable friends.

      Ink removing, huh…? Maybe Maria has a secret way?

    • [Now the more important question is; is it even possible to clean out all the ink without having to re-draw the manuscript?]
      Magic, I quess.

      [Ink removing, huh…? Maybe Maria has a secret way?]
      I don’t think so because I saw she brings cloth. She and Chiharu would wipe ink with normal way.

      Nagi should know that she didn’t try drawing doujin for Hayate but for herself to become pro mangaka. when something’s wrong, she blame him? for what? Hayate might not root for her clearly & loudly but she should go with all her might and don’t think too much (just like her certain rival). Her effort will not be nothing, her skill will improve in every time she draws anyway.

      This is good luck for her to not tell what’s inside her head to her friends who support her before and right now. If they knew, they would want to ask her what they are?

  2. I always thought that the competition will be pointless/meaningless after all, since the HIAPOE and the CTMEOY have done no real damage to Nagi and Ruka’s friendship. But then, Now this happen, and yet, it is Nagi (and not Ruka, whom I expected to say such) who said that with reasons that surprised me since Nagi will be only doing that in in a very rare situation (climax of Athens arc). But then, that one situation also has one similarity: Nagi’s relationship towards Hayate vs Hayate’s relationship towards Athena or Ruka (or actually ). I still have hope for the better of Nagi and Ruka.

    I think no matter the situation between every character in this current manga timeline, the HIAPOE, the CTMEOY and the Cuties are most likely the next storylines that would go after this arc. If there would be any slow development in any of those connections/relationship during this arc, that might the possible reason(s) why some of the 2012-2013 anime episodes are dedicated to those connections (especially Hinagiku-Hayate since there is one 2012 anime episode that is dedicated to this pairing, as well as Nagi-Hayate [but unlike the former, this pairing has yet to have any real romantic development ever since this started {I mean it is still the story of the master-butler relationship to me, rather than being lovers}]).

    • Sure we need to see how Nagi and Ruka end up alright in HIAPOE and beyond, after all this bitter rivalry. I really doubt that teenagers could be THAT forgiving towards each other.

  3. Your review just gave me an idea: Nagi’s starting to have unsteady feelings of… oh wait, let’s skip that. I’m going to shamelessly use that line for my next chapter review C:

    I enjoyed this chapter. Nagi needed that outburst after everything that Hata’s been putting her through in this arc. I don’t think that her blaming Hayate was completely irrational since he is the one person that she would want to root for her and he has been obliviously giving all kinds of signs that could easily be misinterpreted (king of misunderstandings lol) that he might want Ruka to win.

    I think we finally need to see how Hayate feels about the whole issue now.

    As to Nagi and Ruka, I’m still under the impression that despite her apparent determination, Ruka might somehow drop the bet/the whole idea of marrying Hayate by hook or by crook before the actual comiket event.

    • The problem with Hayate is that he is being too nice to every girl. He must understand that sometimes a certain degree of cruelty is needed for him to keep the relationship he really wants.

      If only Hata would introduce more male characters who are not a POS then there could be less ship wars. Stand up, fellows!

  4. So mix together a couple of combustible elements such as the Hayate-Ruka hugging Scene, plus the spark in Ruka’s speech, mix and mix some more and kaboom. a recipe for disaster, though we know what gonna happen with will happen in the weeks to come. still very interesting how will Nagi will have comeback from this “low on her life. This is probably among the toughest trial on the Nagi-Hayate’s ‘unbreakable bond’

  5. the main reason for nagi’s fraustation…is being a her butler hayate still went on helping ruka….she thought Hayate didn’t care about her at all and didn’t support her in this competition….But nagi will come out of it…..knowing hata of course!…

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