Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 433

Nice house.

Nice house.

First of all, thank God that this is not a beach chapter. The last thing we need at the moment is yet another insensitive fanservice chapter.

In a sense, this is actually the final chapter of the Mangaka saga, as some things from that saga have been settled in this chapter. For example, we can see that Ruka has returned to her own apartment. After all, she moved into the Violet Mansion to run away from Atsumari, her manager. Now that their dispute has been settled, it is time for the idol to go home – literally.

It certainly means that there would now be one vacant room at the Violet Mansion for anyone stupid enough to become Nagi’s new love rival and then get shot down by Hata himself. Yet before naming any new girl to the apartment, we do have a prime candidate, and he is male. Let’s come back to him later.

I am not entirely sure that it is up to you to decide.

I am not entirely sure that it is up to you to decide.

There is a chance that we wouldn’t be talking about any new tenant anyway, because Nagi casually announces that she would be returning to the Sanzen’in Mansion. She has indeed made her decision on this matter in Ch. 390, so her claim is perfectly valid, it’s just that… has Nagi been granted permission to enter the Mansion? The answer is clearly a “no”. In fact, as she has been kicked out of the Sanzen’in Mansion by Mikado the owner, returning to the Mansion without his consent would amount to trespassing. In other words, Nagi has just causally suggested that she has decided in Ch. 390 to trespass a private property. How nice…

Apparently her tenants couldn’t care less about the legal niceties – actually they might happily see Nagi going to jail because they wouldn’t have to pay rents then according to rules of Monopoly – and they are only worried about the Violet Mansion. Somehow Hinagiku and Ayumu shouldn’t worry about the apartment at all: Hinagiku will return to her own home once Alice becomes Athena, while Ayumu’s plan was only to spend summer holidays at the Violet Mansion. As both girls have their own home in Tokyo, they wouldn’t be in too much trouble even if the Violet Mansion is burnt down.

The same cannot be said about Chiharu and Kayura, though. Kayura’s home is in Hokkaido, but she attends school in Tokyo, and it would be very unwise to travel between Tokyo and Hokkaido every day – come to think of it, why did she enroll into a school so far from home in the first place? Chiharu is even worse: her own house was burnt down, so she would have nowhere to live should Nagi decides to close the Violet Mansion, or even to demolish it.

Big difference in reaction.

Big difference in reaction.

More importantly, the rent at the Violet Mansion is cheap. You do not find any other place in Tokyo that costs 40K yen and comes with food and services – Kaoru pays 80K yen for his apartment alone. Economically the Violet Mansion is the only place for Chiharu and Kayura to live – unless, of course, Nagi would rent them the Sanzen’in Mansion. So, the Violet Mansion must stand even if it is only for Chiharu and Kayura.

As for Hinagiku and Ayumu, understandably they are not as concerned as Chiharu and Kayura. In fact, the next thing Ayumu asks is whether Hayate would still come to the Violet Mansion should it stand. To her (and Hinagiku’s) horror, the answer is that Hayate would swap places with Klaus. In many ways, it makes sense: the major selling point of the Violet Mansion is that it comes with a butler, so Klaus the butler would solve the problem of Hayate’s absence. The room that once belonged to Ruka can now be passed on to Klaus should he want to stay overnight. The only problem, of courses, is that Hinagiku and Ayumu would probably prefer Hayate as their butler, and if I were them, I might simply leave the apartment when possible.

Then again, we have seen from CTMEOY and Cuties that the Violet Mansion stands, that the tenancy of the above-mentioned girls extends beyond summer vacation, that Nagi would occasionally live in the Violet Mansion, that Hayate and Klaus would take turns to take care of the girls, and that the girls would get along with Klaus. Man, everything is a lot less fun when we know what is going to happen in the future…

"Why should we care anyway?"

“Why should we care anyway?”

Of course, these are problems that do not even exist at the moment, because so far Nagi is not yet allowed to return to the Sanzen’in Mansion. Well, if it is not legal, then let’s try to make it legal. Nagi must regain her status as the direct granddaughter of Mikado, and for that purpose she would need to find a King’s Jewel. It appears that Ayumu doesn’t know what a King’s Jewel is, which I find strange because Hayate has actually explained what they are to her back in Mykonos. Clearly either she did not listen to him, or that her memory is not long enough. Anyway, we are given a brief revision on jewelery, and… let’s skip the lecture.

Although Hayate has no idea where the jewels are, Nagi is quite certain that they would find one soon. Of course, as a girl loved by God Hata, and that this is a “Nagi says, Nagi gets, Nagi kicks you in the ass” manga, she’ll definitely get whatever she wants, but even if we stay away from religion there is still helping hand for Nagi. Guess what? The helping hand might well be Mikado himself. It’s therefore not surprising that Nagi says she would find a King’s Jewel like finding a lamp post on the street.

Explain to me why she looks so Japanese and so young.

Explain to me why she looks so Japanese and so young.

According to Nagi, the old man doesn’t want the inheritance to go to the (now) prime candidate, Hatsushiba Hisui. Information from Ch. 384 is that Hisui is Nagi’s friend and aunt, and Jenny’s older sister. Certain settings of Hisui like age and nationality are giving me a headache, but I will leave them there for now…

The funny thing here is that the Sanzen’ins seem to be contradicting with themselves from time to time. Mikado has taken all the troubles to disinherit Nagi, and now he is set to help her regain the right to the inheritance. Meanwhile, Nagi said that it didn’t matter (don’t forget the heart) if the inheritance would go to Hisui, and now she is taking actions to regain her right. You may try to spin this – there are legitimate ways to do so – but my impression here is that we should no longer take the words uttered by the Sanzen’ins at face value.

Before fuckers say anything about me, let me clarify that I am not calling them liars.

Introducing... a new harem member.

Introducing… a new harem member.

We have talked so much about Hisui, and it seems a bit unfair if she doesn’t make an appearance in this chapter. Sure enough, she makes her debut along with the return of someone almost forgotten: Housen Yozora. Before this chapter, we know Yozora has been on a mission to open the way to the Royal Garden. We remember that she intended to use Ruka’s despair to achieve her goal, but as Ruka’s saga has been given a happy ending, apparently she does not have enough despair to “help” Yozora. As such, Yozora would have to find new ways.

Now we know that Yozora is the maid of Hisui, yet Hisui seems to care more about the inheritance than the Royal Garden. It doesn’t seem like Hisui was the one who gave Yozora the order to open the path to the Royal Garden. So, it might be that Yozora is secretly serving another master, and it means that Hisui may not have anything to do with the “28th”… whatsoever. It just happens that both the plans of Hisui and Yozora’s other boss involving a King’s Jewel.

You might call her the "dark Saki", I suppose.

You might call her the “dark Saki”, I suppose.

So, Hisui is also taking actions to “persuade” Mikado to give her the inheritance. Maybe having a word with the old man would do Hisui and Yozora some good. It is actually quite satisfying to see a somewhat evil man being threatened by a somewhat evil girl. It is not that easy to be an evil overlord.

Unless I have the time and brain power to throw out an essay next week, I’ll see you again on Christmas Day!

9 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 433

  1. We might know the eventual outcome of this arc, but the journey to getting there still interests me as there are many unknown elements in this arc such as Housen and Hisui by themselves as well as Himegami and whether or not Mini-Athena will take an active part in this arc. I also like how it’s actually abandoned the multi-faceted pseudo-romance subplot which featured heavily in the doujinshi arc and seems set to be more action/shounen oriented.

    By the way, I can sense some hostility in this review of yours… it was pretty hard to not notice.

    Anyway, the highlight of this chapter for me was Chiharu’s reaction to Nagi’s declaration. It kinda reminded me of Ruka and her “Do you want to see my breasts!?” Also, couldn’t help notice that Nagi was actually smirking in that panel.

    I kinda like Hisui’s character design from what we’ve been shown. Looks like an evil Nagi with one ponytail instead of two. I think I’ll try to guess and draw how she’d look from the front before the next chapter’s out… with Jenny’s face :D.

    One thing I’ve noticed about Hata is that he doesn’t seem to be very good at keeping a coherent plot and resorts to either trying to explain away any plotholes he might have made in the past or just forgetting about them completely and moving forward with the manga. I still remember how Hayate said to Maria that he’s never had a girlfriend in the earlier chapters when the fact is that he should have still been all emo for Athena at that stage since it was before the end of the Golden Week arc had given that past relationship some sort of closure.

    • Well, my jabs may sometimes turn into punches from time to time. Especially when I was having a headache in the first place…

      I have seen your concept art on Twitter, and… well, this time I wouldn’t mind if sisters do not look alike. We might be seeing Hisui quite frequently for a while, after all.

      Hata does have a problem with coherence, so I hate it when characters contradict themselves. I guess that’s why this time I punched.

  2. Gah, sorry but Hata has really brought what made Hayate so good down. All these new characters and plot points are making the story a bit too cluttered for my taste and all this Nagi always wins stuff is pissing me off. I feel that he is even destroying her character and the meaning of Nagi coming out of her own in the mangaka arc seems lost to me because of the fact that she still wants to regain her old mansion… greddily.

    Also, Atsumaris smile made me lose faith in Hata. We had such an unlikeable, selfish character that we wanted to see her lose her ‘battle’ over Ruka and Hata out of the blue gives us her smiling at the fact that she still has Ruka to exploit. Sorry for my language but fuck that, I feel it is notihng more than a way for Hata to justify the often harsh idolindustry. It’s so out of character for the story.

    • Some say a little bit of greed is needed for capitalism. Nagi might just be one of the successful capitalists out there, so…

      Hopefully we won’t be seeing Atsumari too much from now on.

  3. I had expected for Yozora to manipulate the events at the Doujinshi competition but it seems that she allowed everything to proceed naturally out of confidence that it is impossible for everyone in a love triangle to come out with a happy ending. Looks like she underestimated Ruka’s willpower. Either this means that Yozora sucks at manipulation or she’s just ridiculously arrogant.

    Now there’s two girls in this series who have power over Mikado; Maria and Hisui XD. I’m not so surprised that Hisui is Nagi’s aunt since uncles and aunt aren’t always that old. With rich people, it ain’t much of a surprise that they marry at such a young age.

    I’m more interested to see what Nagi’s relationship with Hisui is like since Nagi doesn’t seem to be afraid of Hisui. Mikado’s fear of Hisui isn’t much of a surprise considering how weak he already is towards Maria XD.

    With Yozora’s reveal as a maid, this makes her the latest servant-class character that Hayate loses to. Hayate had to use a human shield to defeat Nonohara, never even got to payback Himuro for stealing his neck tie, almost lost to Kotetsu and got his ass kicked TWICE by Machina. Understandably, the other butlers and Yozora had been doing their work much longer than him but Hayate has got to up his game beyond beating up weaklings like Gilbert or random kidnappers.

    Also, Yozora being a maid explains her acting skills. One of a maid’s primary skills is putting up a fake smile XD!…. though Yozora does a poor job of hiding her obvious malice behind that smile but then again, Hisui is probably aware that her maid is not a nice person.

    • One key thing in Ruka’s “happy ending” is her reconciling with her parents. Indeed Dr. Kurosu was the one who turned things around for Ruka, with the help of Hayate and Hinagiku. Not stopping Dr. Kurosu and co. is the biggest mistake of all for Yozora, I would say.

      At the moment I suspect Mikado fears Maria and Hisui in different ways. Mikado fancies Maria so he is afraid to displease her; whereas Hisui… well, it might be that Mikado fears her because she is more “evil” than he is.

      If Hisui is as evil and cunning as I think, then she may well be manipulating Yozora. This might turn out to be a master vs. maid battle under their own roof, so let’s see.

  4. So the plot is focusing now back to the … exceptional world much to my liking but still does not tie a lot of loose ends from the previous arcs (breadcrumbs of a plot are really annoying especially when theres over 7 of them already) and also addressed the Hayate/Klaus tags on the violet mansion

    The arc ended peacefully, way too peaceful for my liking and suddenly the expected troublemaker just became the observer on her re-debut unlike what she did on Ruka’s debut on the manga

    Speaking of debut, so the potential “main” antagonist and heir finally makes an appearance (the story needed 1 for a very long time anyway) with haircolor matching a certain doctor we know and not much of an impression unless he can do something as destructive as Himegami perhaps (another mia)

    • The Ruka saga could be seen as an “exceptional world” story as well. It is not ordinary to be such a popular idol, and it is not ordinary to lock horns with such a popular idol on your love interest.

      Hisui might just be the “bad guy of the year”, and then we might move on. The “main” antagonist… I still think it is Mikado.

  5. around 150 chapters ago, nagi was portrayed as a saint by breaking the stone for hayate’s sake. Currently, she wants another stone so that she can be one of the inheritors of his grandfathers wealth and she didn’t even give a reason as to why she wants the inheritance back.

    I feel like Hata is not going to explain to the readers what is her reasons of wanting the inheritance back because any reason would probably be contradicting to what nagi had done in the past which is to free hayate from further suffering by breaking the stone. If she does get a stone then the suffering would probably return and basically more problems. I guess Hata used the break the stone as an excuse for a break from the main plot, or maybe nagi and company has already forgotten what happened in athens >_>. I’m hoping for hata to give a profound reasoning to prove me wrong… i really do.

    In my opinion, the ruka arc could/may be treated as a giant filler because even if I skip the whole arc, nothing is linked to her character directly. the cast of hayate would still be staying in the apartment and they would still find the secrets of the apartment like the coffin and that picture. Her character was nothing more than a support to nagi’s development to a more competitive character. Some might say that ruka allows the villain to be introduced. to them i say, the only thing that yozora done was ruin one concert of ruka and she was hoping that the one failed ruined concert plot would be enough to make her feel despair in the long run. ughh… I don’t even know if hata is portraying her as a manipulative villain or just some hopeful villain waiting for hata to use her once more. heck, villains of this manga are all fail and serve only as a comedy relief and i’m guessing hisui and yozora are the same like gilbert and the nun. well… midas could be the outlier from the norm villains in the series.

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