Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 402

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Soon Nagi would arrive in China.

Soon Nagi would arrive in China.

To say that Nagi deliberately put herself into trouble seems a bit harsh, it turns out.

Yes, she has thought about not getting onto the bus, but apparently she did not expect things to go this wrong. I think most probably she would expect Kayura or the driver to start looking for her, then she would come out of nowhere and have a good laugh at their anxiety. There was absolutely no way for her to know that Isumi would appear in the bus and take her place for a head count, and the bus would thus leave without her.

Logic still fails miserably, though. Not too many girls would choose kimono as their everyday clothes, so surely when a girl in kimono appeared in the bus, the driver should be aware of this “new comer” when doing the head count? Meanwhile, as Kayura already noticed that there was a mistake, surely she could voice out that someone was left behind?

Then what's the use of this Parking Area...?

Then what’s the use of this Parking Area…?

So Nagi is left behind. Unfortunately for her, she is in the Shizhukari Parking Area, where there is (reportedly) no passing car, and especially no free taxi – no taxi driver would be stupid enough to drive across a highway without taking someone he could charge a fare. Knowing that waiting at the parking area won’t get her to Kyoto, Nagi decides that she should start walking. Hopefully she could hitchhike along the way.

To be honest, I have never been to Hokkaido (or even Japan, for the matter), so I know nothing about the traffic there, but what’s with the highway in any case? Surely, in an hour or two, a car should have come by? What about the next bus? Do they only have a single ride a day?

I would prefer staying here.

I would prefer staying here.

With the benefit of hindsight, maybe Nagi should have stayed in the parking area. Yes, there would still be no car for her to ride on, but at least she can be sitting in the shades and preserve her energy. Best of all, there is the vending machine, so she could buy drinks when she is thirsty, or even hungry – there is quite a lot of sugar in soft drinks after all.

It is quite surprising that Nagi could walk for so long. Maybe she has been weak in mentality instead of physicality. As she has no other choice but to move on, she is forced to become more determined, and her body could therefore move for much longer than we have expected. Yes, she finally falls, but everybody falls after 10 hours of walk without food or water.

Not exactly a new revelation.

Not exactly a new revelation.

As she walks helplessly along, she has time to reflect on quite a lot of things. The first thing she realises is that she has always received help before her troubles get too serious. Hayate and Maria have always been with her, and her friends like Ayumu and Hinagiku sometimes help as well. As such, Nagi could be a bit spoilt – she never had to face serious consequences for her decisions, no matter how reckless she has been.

In fact, a lot of people have been thrown into troubles simply for Nagi to figure out how to draw her next manga. Ashibashi-sensei has to skip work in order to help her – yes, it was Ayumu who “summoned” him, but still. Koutarou, Ashibashi’s assistant, would have a week living in Hell because the mangaka skips work. Hinagiku and Chiharu have been sent to Kyoto, now without a purpose. Maria and Athena leave home to look for her. Kayura leaves home to accompany her to Hakodate. Yes, as Nagi throws in idea after idea on how to make up a good story, her friends are now going everywhere for her sake.

Help has been very inefficient.

Help has been very inefficient.

This time, however, Nagi has to take her own medicine as well. Ten hours have passed since she was left behind, and Nagi is still on her own. It means that nobody has come to her aid in those 10 hours. If they haven’t come before, I don’t see them coming at all. Indeed, if they were coming, what took them so long?

Now Nagi realises how good it has been to have Hayate as her butler. As she thinks she is dying, she suddenly thinks of the possibility of Hayate marrying Ruka, and she seems to be okay with that. “The only words in her heart are filled with feelings of thanks”, not love or jealousy or possession. Somehow, it seems okay for Hayate to have a life without her.

We might interpret this as Nagi opening a door for Ruka – or any other girl, for the matter – to marry Hayate, but let us not get carried away. After all, Nagi thought that she was dying, and people generally think differently as they die. When Nagi is finally saved, there is no guarantee that she would still be so “generous”. In fact, Nagi showed a great deal of jealousy towards Ayumu in Episode 8 of Can’t Take My Eyes off You. If we are to take the anime as canon, then quite likely Nagi would return to her old self after she is saved.

New harem... I mean, new character!

New harem… I mean, new character!

Help finally comes. As she becomes mad at a vending machine which only accepts coins, she meets a woman (who?) with a very nice car. Nagi then begs the woman to take her to Kyoto in it. Of course it is highly unlikely that the woman would take Nagi all the way to Kyoto, but at least she could take her to catch the bullet train. In the worst case, Nagi could borrow the woman’s phone to call Hayate or Kayura, or even Chiharu or Hinagiku who might still be in Kyoto.

Speaking of Kyoto, I highly doubt if it is still the destination for Nagi. Chiharu and Hinagiku have already spent the day in Kyoto, and unless they would stay overnight in a local motel, they should now be on their way home. It means that even if Nagi could reach Kyoto, it is likely that she would have nobody to meet her there. The most sensible option for Nagi would be simply to go home.

Then again, as this is Nagi we are talking about, it is likely that she would not make this “sensible” move. After all, if there had been any sense at all, she wouldn’t have come to Hokkaido in the first place.

4 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 402

  1. It seems to me that Nagi will not get her inspiration from reaching Kyoto but rather what she will face as she tries to get there will give her the inspiration. In other words, Isumi (accidentally) screwing up Nagi’s trip is actually a good thing XD…. sort of.

    I couldn’t help but think of Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” song when reading this chapter XD.

    Its good to see Nagi following up on Hayate’s question of whether she could survive without relying on anyone. A little life re-evaluation is good from time to time. Honestly though, Nagi’s fine the way she is now but a little more effort in being independent wouldn’t hurt…. much.

    Hunger and fatigue are sometimes effective ways to force someone to stand on their own two feet by themselves…. that is, if they actually live anyway. Still, there’s nothing wrong in seeking others for help when your own life is in danger.

    • Yes, the desperation of Nagi to reach Kyoto (or help) could be portrayed as the desperation of the female ghost to stay in this world until the finale of her favourite anime.

      Too much dependence and too much independence are both no good. It is a lifelong lesson to seek the balance between them though, so let’s not ask too much from Nagi now.

  2. A ghost… with a car… not exactly a convincing premise maybe a way for her fear to over come her fear of darkness and her trauma with Isumi’s work but nothing more.

    and a new character with um… ah screw it, not gonna bother guessing her age, feels pretty out of place for this plot line no matter how you slice it(Yozora? is that you?), still a lot of preludes going on before the doujinshi competition makes you wonder it will be another turning point in the story

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