Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 410

I want to go swimming too!

I want to go swimming too!

Now that Nagi (and Dr. Kurosu) has finally reunited with Hinagiku and Chiharu, time has come to decide what to do next. The first conclusion they draw seems to be that Kyoto hasn’t provided them with any good idea for Nagi’s manga. Nagi has had a more exciting trip before reaching Kyoto than after. Hinagiku and Chiharu, while deeply impressed by the sites, food and bath water, have not come into anything extraordinary on their “honest stroll”.

It appears that they have to move on, and Dr. Kurosu suggests to visit the Ise Grand Shrine with her – hence finally justifying the arc (or saga?) title of “Kyoto and Ise”. Travelling wouldn’t take too long (about 2 hours by car), but there is still some way to go. Dr. Kurosu’s car cannot take all four of them, so two people would have to find another way (most likely, train) to go. The problem is that Hinagiku and Chiharu have already run out of money.

A.k.a. the Goddess of Death.

A.k.a. the Goddess of Death.

There is a very simple solution: Dr. Kurosu should take one of Hinagiku and Chiharu on the Lamborghini, while the other one should take a train with Nagi (who had some horrible experience with the car). Things get complicated as Isumi and Kayura arrive, with the former (yet again) volunteering to take everyone to Ise – presumably free of charge.

I have scheduled a Featured Article (the link would be usable by then) on Isumi for the coming Sunday, so I’ll save my comments on her. It seems that my article couldn’t have come at a better time… In any case, Isumi takes responsibility for losing Nagi in Hokkaido, so she offers her compensation – in the form of a heavily battered helicopter.

N - no, of course not...

N – no, of course not…

The real horror is not the chopper before them, but the other 3 which are not with them. Nagi asks what has happened to them, but we can calmly deduce what might be too scary for her. Kayura said that she almost got killed, and Isumi said it herself that they “crashed two or three times”. So, three crashes, three choppers: the other three helicopters have all crashed. May your engines rest in peace…

What I do not get is the reason for all those crashes. Obviously Isumi couldn’t be the one who flies the helicopters, and she is rich enough to hire the best pilots. The question, therefore, is that why these “best pilots” are so underperforming. One possible reason is that Isumi, the girl with no sense of direction, kept navigating all the way, so the pilots became so confused that they lost control of their vehicles. Well, that’s just wild guess.

Hey, it could work!

Hey, it could work!

With Isumi’s kind offer and unkind curse, the “train” option has been kicked out of the way, and everyone is forced to choose between the Lamborghini and the helicopter. Of course we know that Hinagiku, Chiharu and Kayura would all prefer the Lamborghini, and even Nagi has shown a change of mind: she didn’t want to take the Lamborghini, but now she is even more unwilling to take the chopper.

So one lucky girl would be taking the Lamborghini, while the unlucky girls would have to take the helicopter. As such, Chiharu suggests to make the decision based on luck: Hinagiku, Nagi, Kayura and herself would each get their fortune from the nearby shrine. The one who gets the best fortune would be “rewarded” with the Lamborghini. In other words, it is a lucky draw.

This is the Death Note, isn't it?

This is the Death Note, isn’t it?

The funny thing is that the draws actually address the weaknesses of the girls. Hinagiku is deadly afraid of height, so the draw tells her that the helicopter would crash. Chiharu wants to keep cool and conceal her “tastes”, so the draw predicts that they would be revealed. Kayura wants better luck, so the draw says that it would not happen. Nagi wants to win the manga competition, so the draw suggests that she would lose by spilling ink on the manuscript. The draws, apparently, are a huge troll.

Arguably Kayura has misunderstood her own luck. Perhaps it shouldn’t be considered “bad luck” to have all those crashes, but “good luck” to have survived them. As she has pointed out, she almost died. Then again, she may argue that if she really had “good luck”, she shouldn’t have suffered all those NDE in the first place. Maybe it is yet another case that we simply do not notice how fortunate we are because we are looking from a wrong perspective.

The thing is, it is actually a bit sad that “misfortune” is considered the luckiest draw among the girls. Just how bad is their collective luck?

Where's my Maria-Athena chapter?!

Where’s my Maria-Athena chapter?!

Chiharu may want to brag about how good her “misfortune” is, but things take a sharp turn. Maria and Athena have (miraculously?) arrived, and the former tells the others that they have arrived on a private jumbo jet. As for whose jet it is, I think it could either be Maria’s (Mikado’s) or Athena’s. Although Nagi is cut from the Sanzen’in fortune, Maria has limited access to the big mansion, so she might be able to use a Sanzen’in airplane as well. Athena could have lost her memories and powers, but she still has her black card, so I assume that she is still the rightful owner of the Tennousu fortune, which could well include a private jumbo jet.

The jet is of course a much better choice than the helicopter(s). The unlucky girls could therefore take a happy (except for Hinagiku, of course, who would think it is scary) and safe ride on the airplane.The “lucky” girl Chiharu, on the other hand, takes the frightening ride on the 300 km/h Lamborghini. Now who’s being lucky?

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

So presumably the girls would all arrive in Ise. Of course, given the nature of this arc (saga?), there are a Hell lot of things which could go horribly wrong, separating the group again. This is something I sincerely do not want to see. Time is running out for Nagi, so she (and Hata) should spend the rest of the time on making progress with her manga, instead of playing “Cast Away”.

Or, maybe it is time to swtich back to Hayate and Ruka again.

10 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 410

  1. Good thing Hayate wasn’t there to show them how to really draw misfortune XD. So if Maria and Athena took a jumbo jet, where did they land? I thought there were no airports in Kyoto >_>.

  2. An airplane or choper either one is bad idea for Hina … And the lambhorgini too
    The lucky one ll be Nagi if I may say :3 and the most unlucky ll be Hina 😀

  3. I really think, at this point, that its hopeless to expect Isumi to admit defeat or any mistakes under almost any circumstances.

    I didn’t see any pilot and even if there was a pilot, I doubt the pilot would still be standing. Still, Isumi being the pilot just seems impossible…. but funny.

    Those fortune draws were disturbingly accurate and well-informed about the girls… but of course, HnG is a world where magic and the supernatural exist XD.

    So in the end, the indoor cats skipped the “normal” method and chose the “rich” method of getting to Kyoto, thus, proving that their still indoor cats especially when Maria thought that it was common sense to take a Jumbo jet. While I see this as a troll to those expecting a Maria/Alice side of the Kyoto trip, the arc moving on to the Ise part still leaves a possibility for a Maria/Alice chapter.

  4. Ok… so Kyoto was merely a setback… now off to Ise we go. Kinda disappointed as well there is no Athena/Maria chapter (would be intresting to see their bonding time), then again, someone is enjoying trolling fans here, this arc has been side tracked way too long

  5. when nagi & luca bet on 150 million debt of Hayate on comic competition. I wonder why Hata let “SO MANY” people help Nagi while Luca has 1 assistant (hayate) only. this’s not fair.
    and I start seeing who will be the winner…

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