Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties Episode 8


The main heroine of Episode 8 is Nishizawa Ayumu, the normal girl in this series, perhaps more commonly known as the Hamster.

In the current manga development, the role of Ayumu appears to be an aggressive love rival to Ruka, hence by the doctrine of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, Ayumu should be considered an ally of Nagi. Whether you like such aggressive bite from Ayumu is a matter of opinion, but it doesn’t really matter in this episode anyway, because it hasn’t been played out.

Er... this is wrong.

Er… this is wrong.

Indeed, the animation of Ch. 347 hasn’t addressed Ayumu’s motivation to lose weight from her competition against Ruka, but instead has linked it to Ayumu’s birthday arc (Ch. 281 to Ch. 282), as well as the night visit to Shiomi High (Ch. 157). It makes certain sense: if Ayumu-Ruka rivalry is not what the studio would like to highlight in Ayumu’s episode, it would be wise to simply drop it. Still, we have had a taste of such rivalry in the trailer, so it isn’t that it has been forgotten altogether either.

Let’s get this straight: Ayumu is not a big eater. The urban legend that she is one originated from anime Season One, in which Ayumu was shown eating once every episode. Season Two (which was much more in line with the manga) did not highlight Ayumu’s appetite, so was CTMEOY. It is therefore a bit surprising that Ayumu’s love for eating is once again highlighted in this episode. But then, there is now a certain “restriction”: what Ayumu loves to eat is food prepared by Hayate, not food in general. Given Hayate’s cooking skills, and Ayumu’s love for him, you cannot blame her…



The taste of Hayate’s new cookies reminds Ayumu of her birthday party, which was back in May. After working around with the time of events for so long in this series, it appears that the studio cannot get away this time with Ayumu’s birthday arc – it makes no sense to move her birthday party to September simply because they have to animate it. While I understand the reason to make Ayumu’s birthday party into a flashback, I must say I am a little disappointed with such approach: I do not enjoy watching characters recalling previous events.

Twice in this episode Hayate could be said of violating courtesy. On both occasions he and Ayumu are getting off work at around 21:00, and whether Japan is a country with high crime rate or not, a boy should always offer to walk a girl home at such late time – if you are not really interested in walking her, just pray silently that she would turn you down.

Apparently Shin has managed to teach him English.

Apparently Shin has managed to teach him English.

On the first occasion Hayate has a valid defense that he has to stay at the café because he has to prepare a surprise party for her, but on the second occasion he would need a very strong argument to justify his act of leaving Ayumu behind. Yes, they are heading for different destinations, but it wouldn’t take too long for Hayate to walk from the Violet Mansion to the Sanzen’in Mansion, would it? I honestly think that it is more than reasonable for Hayate to offer Ayumu a walk…

Ayumu gets to ask Hayate whether he thinks she is too fat, and Hayate – either he is being sensitive to her feelings, or insensitive to her body shape – replies that he doesn’t see much difference. Ayumu is happy, and it seems that she doesn’t have the determination to lose weight. Our looks and shapes are only important to those we care. As long as they do not mind, there is no reason for us to change anything…

... so LET'S EAT LIKE A PIG!!!


As a matter of fat (bad pun, sorry…), the 50 kg Ayumu has a BMI of 19.1, which is considered by the authorities as normal. On the other hand, the 45 kg Hinagiku has a BMI of 17.4, which is considered underweight. It is therefore odd that people would think Ayumu is overweight and Hinagiku fit. For your information, Doughnut Gunso has a BMI of 20.8, so I am also normal.

The animation of Ch. 157 faithfully includes the conversation between Hayate and Ayumu about Hinagiku. While I am more than happy that the conversation has not been cut, it is completely out of context in this episode. Why, for example, would Ayumu still not know that Hayate and Hinagiku are in the same class five months into their second year? Also, given that they have been getting on with each other so fine in this Season, it is extremely odd for Hayate to go down the (now obsolete?) Hinagiku-san-is-always-mad-at-me route.

Now you understand.

Now you understand.

In the manga, such a conversation led to the Hayate-Hinagiku date arc. Now that it has been animated in the CTMEOY Episode 3 Abomination without referencing to Ch. 157, I can’t see the point of keeping the conversation in this episode at all. Of course, a reference could be made in future episodes for other dating events between Hayate and Hinagiku, including but not limited to the dinner date which would lead to Ch. 239…

Hayate refers to Ayumu as “a very important person to me”. Even if it doesn’t count as a confession – there appears to be more than one kind of “importance” for Hayate – I think it is a very true statement of what Hayate thinks of Ayumu. Being the “normal” person, Ayumu is the manifestation of everything that Hayate desires: a very normal life. In fact, Hayate can get a taste of the “normal life” when he is with Ayumu, and her presence certainly helps to keep Hayate happy and sane. As such, Hayate would never allow the “normal” aspect of his life being harmed.



For the matter, Hayate now has a new special move which comes out of nowhere called Giga Drill Breaker Hayate Scryed. Fortunately for the girls around him, this move doesn’t seem to invoke a gust of wind that blows up their skirts…

Ayumu’s ED is “Walkin’”, so we see her walking all the way during the ED sequence. It is extremely cute.

Where’s Tanuki?