Hayate no Gotoku! Extra Chapter

Arguably the biggest butt monkey.

Arguably the biggest butt monkey.

I never knew since when had the phrase “this is the kind of manga you are reading” become a meme specifically for Hayate no Gotoku!, but here we go again: this is the kind of manga you are reading. The question of “can she or can’t she” for Hinagiku is not addressed in this chapter; instead, we have an “extra chapter” on her sister which I fail to see any relevance to the “plot”. By the maxim of “no Nagi nor Athena = filler”, this chapter is 100% filler.

Still, I did find fun in this chapter, and honestly I am relieved: I am currently writing my term papers, and at least 8,500 words must be written before the end of the month. I am not sure if I could afford another lengthy Hinagiku analysis – whether she really could “go on the offensive” or not. Now that we have the extra chapter, I could focus on finishing my papers, and come back to Hinagiku after Easter. That won’t be bad, I guess.

It doesn't look like a lot of money, huh?

It doesn’t look like a lot of money, huh?

While the status of Hakuou Academy as a prestigious school is questionable in many, many ways, at least being a teaching staff at the school is still an enviable job. The salary is good, there are a lot of holidays, and now we are told that they have summer vacation bonus of 1 million yen. Would you kindly consider hiring me as a teaching staff, A-tan?

Yukiji has apparently reached a whole new low level of money-spending. Spending too much money on alcohol is a waste, but at least you have something to drink and enjoy. Spending all of your money on lottery… well, what you would get is a pile of waste paper and false hope. Doughnut Gunso never puts any money (literally) into lottery; you might say this is exactly why I won’t win anything, but I am perfectly fine with that.

The default conversation of the Katsura sisters.

The default conversation of the Katsura sisters.

So, instead of having quite some wealth to spend over a summer – and especially buying a new guitar – Yukiji has exactly zero yen in her hands, and this angers Hinagiku. For Yukiji the lesson is not that she should spend more wisely in the future, but that she has to become a millionnaire – funny enough, if she managed to keep the 1 million she once had, she would, technically speaking, qualify as one.

When the very best student is too angry to help her, Yukiji turns to the second-best student. For some reason Aika is staying at Hakuou, so if this chapter is to be taken seriously, then a) Aika is not in Australia and b) Aika isn’t involved in Mikado or Athena’s current plans – at least, not very directly.

Those who troll, are trolled.

Those who troll, are trolled.

Something about Aika in this chapter is telling. We always know that Aika is the calm, smarter-than-you girl who occasionally trolls people as she sees fit. It is safe to say that we would not expect Aika to look shocked or even frightened, yet in this chapter she is both shocked and frightened. The stupidity of Yukiji (especially when she Judases Aika) and the wrath of Hinagiku (pre-bunny outfit by the sea) bring so many more colours to Aika’s face. While it can’t be said that Aika is a “glass sword”, it is still amusing to know that the Katsura sisters could be her biggest weakness.

Maybe time has come for the Katsura sisters to troll the villains with their combined strength.

There are a lot of so-called quotes by Warren Buffett, but a Google search on “Buffett quotes” did not lead me anywhere, so my conclusion is that Buffett has said none of the things quoted by Yukiji. Most likely Yukiji has memorised Buffett’s quotes wrongly, so no matter how much wisdom were in Buffett’s original words, they have instantly become rubbish.

"I am so handsome."

“I am so handsome.”

All but one of the Buffett portraits look exactly the same, and I guess it makes sense to suggest that it was a lot of copy-and-paste work by Hata. Maybe we can’t say Hata is at fault here – how else should Buffett look like? – but the frequently repeated Buffett portrait has a lot of potential in becoming a meme. Maybe I will try that one later…

Wrong quotes used wrongly might not be double wrong, but they could never be right, so Yukiji’s first attempt at “investment” has become a total disaster: she “invests” her capital (3 million yen of advanced pay) into lottery, and as we are told, she would win no prize. Maybe putting all the money into a stock – any stock – isn’t a really bad option in comparison…

Aika is still the No. 1 victim.

Aika is still the No. 1 victim.

One might wonder what Kirika was thinking by paying Yukiji 3 million yen in advance. Maybe this is her latest attempt to make fun of Yukiji – to see her wasting all the money and to enjoy hearing her apologies in tears – but in any case I don’t think much harm would be done to the school. The simplest solution to this loss of money is, of course, not giving Yukiji any summer bonus in the next 3 years.

As we now know, this is an “extra chapter”, but while we knew that Ch. 268 would follow Ch. 267, we can’t be sure if the next chapter would be Ch. 447 or Ch. 448. While we wonder why there is such an arrangement, let us take note that both Katsura sisters now have their own “extra chapter”. Either they are just so extra, or that they are just so special.

UPDATED: Here comes a tweet by Hata:

It basically means that this extra chapter is published in order to adjust the release schedule of Ch. 450, in order to make possible a coloured page – it is hard to tell if it is a single page or a crosspage. I guess that is understandable: different series could be fighting for the very limited colour pages, and maybe they are fully occupied on – eh… yes – 8 May, or that coloured (cross)page is only available on 15 May. Some form of delay of Ch. 450 might thus be needed, and Hata chose to have an extra chapter for this purpose. Logically, it means the next chapter would be Ch. 447.

It really makes me curious about the coloured (cross)page, and what might be in Ch. 450 and beyond. Hinagiku may be going on the offensive on Hayate, Athena is rumoured to return to full size for so(ooooooooo) long, Ikusa needs his memory back, so a coloured (cross)page could be attributed to them for the coming “plot advancement”. Of course, Hata is at his perfect liberty to make a (cross)page for Nagi because… well, it’s Nagi.

Or, maybe we would have a coloured (cross)page for Ayumu. 15 May is her birthday, after all.


3 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Extra Chapter

  1. I’d try putting some money into lottery myself, but unfortunately, I have the same level of luck as our oblivious butler IRL. Also yeah, I think the Hakuou teachers are pretty well-paid, lookit all the money Kaoru-sensei sinks into otaku merchandise and he still has money to spend to buy an expensive sports car in CTMEOY.

    • Not winning in a lottery is not bad luck – it’s just normal. You need extremely good luck to win a lottery, thus I am not counting on that.

      If I remember correctly, Kaoru’s monthly salary is 400K yen. That’s pretty good.

  2. I haven’t seen the chapter yet but learning here that Aika gets trolled made my day XD. She may not be a glass sword but seeing the troll get trolled is refreshing.

    It may eventually evolve into a running gag with the destruction of Kaoru’s cars since so far, the two known cars he acquired (Movie & CTMEOY) have never been so lucky. Oh, and I just realized that maybe his decision to specifically acquire a sports car was due to having once seen Ashibashi (a former pursuer of Yukiji) ride in one and then later, had Yukiji go with him for dinner.

    Hopefully, Yukiji’s guitar playing skills won’t rot away completely by the time she’s acquired enough money to buy a guitar.

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