Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 403

What kind of flexibility is this?

What kind of flexibility is this?

While in the last chapter Nagi has been on a 10-hour marathon which ended at night with the appearance of a possible rescuer (or trouble-maker), this chapter once again rolls back the clock and switches to another place for a not-entirely-related story. It means that we would have to wait for a bit longer to see whether Nagi could finally leave Hokkaido safely.

To a certain extent, this is unavoidable. Now that the residents at the Violet Mansion have been separated into six units in six different locations, we would need at least one chapter for each unit if we are to cover them all. Ch. 402 is a Nagi chapter, while Ch. 403 is a Hayate and Ruka chapter. So we would need a Maria and Athena chapter, a Hinagiku and Chiharu chapter, an Isumi and Kayura chapter, and an Ayumu chapter, before we return to Nagi again. This is, of course, based on the assumption that all of these units are to be covered before going on with Nagi’s adventure – no less, but no more. Should Hata decides to further complicate things… well, be our guest.

If you have a bad feeling about this, use the big "NO".

If you have a bad feeling about this, use the big “NO”.

It would be too soon to suggest that Ch. 403 is an absolute filler. After all, we do not know if Ruka’s “invention” could become useful in the future. More importantly, this chapter offers a more or less legitimate reason for Hayate not being able to save Nagi in those 10 hours despite being worried: he has been occupied. As he has other things to do, Hayate would have to put his worries for Nagi aside, at least for some time.

In any case, given that this chapter is set right after Maria and Athena have left, which was right after Hayate has been informed that Nagi was in Hokkaido, which was in turn before Kayura took Nagi on the bus to Hakodate, it would still be some time before Kayura giving the status update (if she ever would) that Nagi has been left behind at the Shizhukari Parking Area. If there would be a rescue mission for Hayate, it has to come later.

The rant of the Special One.

The rant of the Special One.

Despite being the “Special One” (according to Nagi anyway), Jose Mourinho Ruka has a certain tendency to copy Nagi’s strategies. During the Comisun Ruka has wanted to make offset books and advertise just like Nagi did, but fortunately this idea was shot down by Hinagiku. Now that Hinagiku is not on her side, Ruka finally turns on her copying machine and takes a leaf from what Nagi has (generously) told her: “the best way to draw a good manga is to have interesting experiences”.

Of course, the idol Ruka could not risk doing anything reckless for “strange experiences” – obviously kissing Hayate and betting him on Comiket are not reckless moves or “strange experiences”. Basically she is saying that she couldn’t take a step outside of the Violet Mansion any more. She would need a “surrogate” to experience the world for her. Of course, her only available surrogate is Hayate.

This really is just so... Doraemon.

This really is just so… Doraemon.

As such, Ruka has “invented” a device which is called “I am the Butler and the Butler is Me” machine. She would wear a Somy head mounted display, which would show the images viewed by Google Glass a pair of video-recording glasses. What I do not understand is how the transmission is supposed to work: wifi, blue tooth, infra-red or microwave? Please don’t tell me it works over the satellite…

In any case, we are sure that it doesn’t take Hayate to say “Okay Glass” before recording videos.

So Hayate is supposed to walk casually on the streets so that Ruka could see the world through his eyes. Hayate even changes into casual wear (once again), which is so refreshing to the eyes that it looks pretty odd (no funny colours please, Hayate-kun). Ruka warns Hayate that she would know if he is staring at girls’ breasts, but there is no worry for her: Hayate pays more attention to tidiness and professionalism than breasts.

You will be in trouble when she makes troubles.

You will be in trouble when she makes troubles.

It is actually quite funny that, for a person of his luck, Hayate has not run into any “funny” experiences. In fact, he resorts to trying to make interesting things happen by inviting Izumi (who is apparently catching bugs) to play with him. When the trouble-magnet that is Hayate has to look for troubles in other people, you know that he is having an incredibly lucky day.

Meanwhile, Ruka begins seeing things which Hayate does not see. Such things include a possible “competition” from Izumi, which is quite real, and a bunch of odd creatures (please feel free to point out the corresponding references, if any, as I am not very good at this to be honest) which are, well, not supposed to be real. She freaks out as she apparently is the only one who see such odd things, but as she pulls the display from her head, she sees the ultimate horror…

"Oh, I can't bear to watch..." - C-3P0

“Oh, I can’t bear to watch…” – C-3P0

It turns out that, for whatever reason, Fr. Ghost has been making fun of her. Of course, ghosts are often said to have the power to mess up with electronic devices, so it would be little wonder that he could insert whatever images into Ruka’s machine without being noticed by Hayate. But then there is a funny little question: why is Ruka able to see all those “images” after she has pulled the machine away?

I can offer two explanations. The first is that those “images” are physically solid costumes. As Ruka is left alone at home, there is little worry for Fr. Ghost to move the costumes. As long as Fr. Ghost has the ability to control multiple costumes at once, he can easily scare Ruka to her death with them. The second is that, for whatever reason, Ruka really has the ability to see spiritual beings. It could justify her involvement if her role is to be big in the next King’s Jewels war.

For now, though, the sight of spiritual beings seems to do Ruka no good…



14 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 403

    • Self interest is not a problem. Even Ashibashi works for his self interest – mangakas have to feed themselves after all.

      The problem I see is that “Hayate’s love” should not be the self interest involved. Love is not “won” by doujin competitions. It is “won” by care, communication and trust. In this competition, however, I see none of these.

  1. The second reason you had said might be a possible one… Having the same debt as Hayate (more than 150 million yen), the female 2.0 version of Hayate (the original is Hinagiku), and a past events coincidentally the same as the first two… I may sense Ruka will be involved in the future ‘serious’ plot event.

    Expected characters to make big roles in the future ‘serious’ plot:
    *Hayate Ayasaki (the main protagonist obviously)
    -Nagi Sanzen’in (one of the two main heroines)
    -Maria (another of the two main heroines)
    *Athena Tennousu/Alice (Hayate’s first and (so far) only love/mini-Athena)
    *Hinagiku Katsura (being the Ally of Justice is no exception)
    -Ruka Suirenji (already mentioned above)
    -Mikado Sanzen’in (Chessmaster)
    *Himegami Akane (We need his appearance in the manga)
    *Ikusa Ayasaki (Why not?)
    *Yozora Housen (Why not again?)
    *Machina (Athena’s butler)

  2. Like Nagi and Chiharu discovering Aika’s fiancee in a seemingly filler chapter, Ruka discovers a new challenger in a seemingly filler chapter. Interesting to note that, like Ruka, Izumi has also kissed Hayate too. Also, both Izumi and probably Alice do not realize they have kissed Hayate.

    I guess this unit (Hayate and Ruka) has been covered. I’m really looking forward to Maria and Alice and Kayura and Isumi’s side of the trip.

    It seems that misfortune only comes to Hayate when he does not want it or when he expects it. However, there’s no doubt that whatever forms of misfortune comes at him, women are the worst form of it. Not understanding women is his weakness after all. Of course, there have been good luck out of it.

    More of Fr. Ghost’s powers have been revealed and he seems to be a potentially dangerous person if he possesses someone like how he was revealed to be a strong fighter capable of knocking Hayate away with one hand when he possessed Sakuya. Its too bad that he’s more of a trickster than a hero.

    • There was a point at which Izumi came quite close to figuring out she had kissed Hayate, but it was missed. Fans expected her birthday chapter to be another chance, but it turned out to be a completely different thing.

      Things often go bad when we least expect them, but when we do expect bad things to happen they turn out not that bad. Maybe that’s life.

  3. Deja vu of of the final episode of season 2 which is also a page off of Nagi’s book. At least Hayate’s bad luck streak is not that… overwhelming in this chapter that can “reduce people to tears”.

    I’d go with the 2nd explanation… no way those ghost costumes could shrink and fit inside’s Ruka’s head gear and if this is true, then thats 1 more person who can see spirits (Isumi, Hinagiku, Athena, Hayate, Tama) and judging from this chapter I guess the concept of Fr Ghost pulling pranks isn’t that farfetched and might even include some “other things” in the bath as people claims he might. Perverted son of a… unless Isumi or Hina might split him in 2

    • “unless Isumi or Hina might split him in 2”

      So it would mean that Fr. Ghost could do whatever he wants as long as he stays away from those two. And, add Maria as a third one. XD

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