Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 415

There is nothing to see.

There is nothing to see.

We might think that we always have to fight for our love, and indeed some people keep on saying that our lovely girls must lock horns with each other to win Hayate’s heart. Surely I can’t speak for any one of you, but as I finally see a girl being as aggressive towards her love rivals as Ruka, I am starting to think that something is going very wrong.

The thing is, Ruka is currently being overreactive as to who is having feelings for Hayate. She already had a brief battle with Ayumu – our pacifist Hamster, for God’s sake. She thought Chiharu had confessed to Hayate and failed, based on an ambiguous statement by our indebted butler. She challenged Nagi to a bet on Hayate in Comiket, so the event for doujin lovers has been mysteriously turned into a death match. Now, she is cornering Izumi, whose feelings for Hayate remain underdeveloped, and was sent to face Ruka against her will – just like a sheep being forced into a lion’s den.

Ruka the Hedgehog.

Ruka the Hedgehog.

To me, Ruka now behaves like a hedgehog, which attacks intruders with its spines. Her primary motive is to protect herself – or her chance to be with Hayate – but the course of action she chooses is to attack other girls. People who suggested that we need the girls to be “aggressive” should reconsider their statements.

Poor Izumi, she must be wondering why, all of a sudden, she is forced to either admit or deny that she loves Hayate. For the matter, she does neither. Although blushing fiercely, it seems that Izumi (at least in the beginning) hasn’t decided whether she loves Hayate or not. To me it is quite a typical crush: this girl definitely has some interest in the boy, but she is still not sure that it is “love”. For some people, the word “love” is always saved for something bigger, until he or she finds the thing that is big enough.

To a certain extent, this is true.

To a certain extent, this is true.

Given Izumi’s (lack of) intelligence, the fact that she is panicked and there being a devilish mastermind in her glasses, it is almost guaranteed that she would make a verbal blunder and cause a misunderstanding. It duly arrives as Izumi mentions that Hayate helps her study “alone together after school”, while Risa adds with perfect timing that it points out to “a purely physical relationship”.

I won’t tell you what kind of “study” would lead to “a purely physical relationship”.

Of course, Hayate – the god of verbal blunder – won’t make life easier for Izumi. He very kindly points out that he has been giving “a lot of hands-on lessons after school” to Izumi. I don’t really know what kind of after-school tutoring is “hands-on” – maybe Hayate has been demonstrating the Benedict’s test to Izumi – but that’s Hayate for you: if there is more than one way to say something, Hayate would always choose the most ambiguous way. This boy really should be sent back to kindergarten to learn how to speak properly.

Izumi: "Why do you keep asking me?"

Izumi: “Why do you keep asking me?”

Now that Ruka firmly believes that there is a special relationship between Hayate and Izumi, she once again wants to confirm if Izumi really loves Hayate. Izumi finds that, in Hayate’s presence, she cannot answer the question. It more or less indicates that she actually loves him, but of course that is not really surprising to us. To a certain extent, it could be a good thing for Izumi to finally sort this out for herself.

Ruka, in her hedgehog mode, seizes this opportunity to attack. She makes a point that Izumi’s weakness is actually her strength: while Izumi (and several other girls) cannot tell Hayate in his face that she loves him, Ruka could. The one thing Ruka could be implying is that, by being better than other girls in this area, she should be considered the winner of the Hayate contest. This is of course a very childish argument – the ability to talk about your feelings doesn’t necessarily win you the heart of your beloved – but apparently a lot of people are buying it, so…

Risa, in an attempt to make this “battlefield” as heated as possible, decides to ask Hayate exactly this: What does Hayate like about Ruka? Does he like her ability to confess to him? Or does he like her for something else? This is something that Ruka would want to know as well, so she ignores Izumi’s provocative words and stares straight at Hayate for an answer. Obviously, “I like nothing about her” is not a option.

I thought you have your goddess already!

I thought you have your goddess already!

It turns out that Hayate shares similar ideas about Ruka with Nagi, as both of them saw Ruka as something like a goddess when they first met her. I am not entirely sure if it means that Hayate loves Ruka, but maybe it’s just me – I am Doughnut Gunso, after all.

What interests me here is that Izumi isn’t shown to react badly to Hayate’s comments on Ruka. Most probably Izumi is not jealous about Ruka. If she really loves Hayate, then it’d be expected that she shows some jealously towards Ruka. As there is no such jealousy, then my only conclusion is that Izumi is probably not that head-over-heel for Hayate… yet.

While the “battlefield” is temporarily resolved, Hayate receives a call from Atsumari, who informs him that there would be a concert Ruka needs to go to the following day. At the concert, Ruka would have to make an announcement in front of her fans on whether she would continue as an idol or retire.

Sometimes I think this one has the EQ of a 6-year-old.

Sometimes I think this one has the EQ of a 6-year-old.

I couldn’t find a word other than “ruthless” to describe the whole setup. There is no discussion between the idol and the company, and Ruka is forced to do it or die (as an idol) with no third option in between – no hiatus, no delay, no postponing. Obviously Atsumari is playing “show hand” with Ruka, and I am sure she is confident that she won’t lose. Ruka, after all, is in a huge debt of her company, and there is no way for her to repay that huge sum if she is no longer an idol. The only option for Ruka, therefore, would be to give up on her preferred life and return to her role as an idol.

Ruka has on her shoulders the dream of her parents that she becomes a successful idol. She also has her own dream of becoming a mangaka, as well as marrying Hayate. It seems to be time for Ruka to make a choice between these two dreams.

10 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 415

  1. I guess Isumi still doesn’t realize yet that it was Hayate whom she gave her first kiss and cornering your “prey” seems to be the theme of this chapter (if you want to win the “war” at least) . So the premises are slowly building up to the scene that stirred up the ships from 2 chapters ago and as usual leave it to Hayate (litterally and figuratively) to always get caught up in a tangled situation (not like his situation is less tangled than it used to be anyway) not a place to be in for this war though

  2. After I read your first and second paragraph, it seems you don’t like Ruka at all. I don’t think Ruka is the one who was blamed about this battlefield since it’s Risa who put oil to fire 3 times and Izumi has no guts to deny her friend’s (forceful) request and put that glassess although she knew Riza’s i** purpose. (Miki is not different from Riza too.)

    If I were called a thief by someone you just met, my limiter would be cut. Ruka took surprise damage from Izumi (or Riza)’s words. It’s very natural for anyone or Ruka to started counter attack to opponent (Tabletennis). Some people might choose to stay silence after receive surprise attack like this but I think Ruka would think silence would not help in this situation so she decided to fight back. Fighting back will help her know the reason why Izumi (or Riza) told her harsh words like that.

    I met the similar situation like this. The situation that I don’t know how it happens but that person scold me because of her own problem. I choose to stay silence, hope it will help the situation was resolved. However, silence didn’t help me solve the problem at all and it piss me off. Next time I choose to fight back with all my might to that person and I hope my words will make that person rethink about her bad behavior. That person can’t fight me again and calm down a bit. It’s surprised me that fighting back made me have no sad feeling anymore.

    Ruka just fight with her words and want to confirm Izumi’s feeling for Hayate, that’s all. Her combo attack will make Izumi feel uneasy but I think Ruka shots will make Izumi review her own feeling. It’s bad luck that Izumi didn’t throw that evil glassess away. Riza get a chance again & throw oil tank to fire so easily. This not help Izumi at all but it’s her fault 30% (70% you know who). While Riza and Miki are so excited about this battlefield, this make me think why Izumi choose them to be her close friends. Since both of them bully her not once but many times.

    When Hayate came back, Ruka asks Izumi again but she can’t. I think Ruka didn’t mean Izumi confess to Hayate against Izumi’s will but she want to confirm her rival’s feeling. Izumi can choose not to confess but she should say something that made her decide to call Ruka a thief, that’s all.

    It’s good luck for Izumi that Hayate came back so the fire in battlefield is decreasing. Ruka is interested Hayate the most, she started asking him about what he’s done to Izumi and somehow Ruka started to know asking Izumi can’t progress anyting. Izumi still be royalty to her close friend so she wears Maou glassess so Maou throw the third oil to fire in battlefield again. Hayate’s answer made smoke out from Ruka’s head and she can calm down thanks to him. I think the one who can make Ruka return is her beloved person. It seems Maou can’t find a chance to throw the fourth oil again thanks to Hayate too.

    And the true hellfire reaches to Hayate’s mobile phone. I don’t know what Atsumari is thinking, forcing Ruka to announce difficult decision in front of her fans. When an Idol want to retire, she needs to announce in front of many people? Maybe Atsumari knew she can’t stop Ruka to work as an idol anymore (thanks to her forcful habit not let Ruka draw doujinshi) so she opens her card (Ruka’s fans) to stop her dream and force Ruka to becomes an idol just like old days.

    • I won’t deny that Ruka is not one of my top favourites, but I wasn’t trying to express hatred towards her either. I was merely saying that I don’t like seeing the girls lock horns with each other, but Ruka has had her battles with Ayumu and Nagi as well.


  3. Its interesting to know that Izumi has yet to realize her own feelings for Hayate. We’ve only been getting heavy hints of her feelings but not once have we seen her admitting to herself that she loves Hayate. Maybe Izumi needs her own “Hakuo Clocktower moment” XD?

    Although Izumi did not react with jealousy towards Hayate’s opinion of Ruka, I think it was simply because Izumi did not realize how romantic those words were. She is a little air-headed after all. Besides, Izumi was shocked to discover that Ruka loved Hayate in the previous chapter.

    As I suspected, Atsumari was responsible for Ruka’s sudden concert announcement. She’s definitely dead serious about stopping Ruka’s doujinshi dream. I think its time that Ruka confront Atsumari directly though I fear it may not turn out well for Ruka.

    Ruka’s feelings of parental abandonment is more similar to Hinagiku than Hayate, imo. While Hayate no longer wants anything to do with his parents, Ruka and Hinagiku still cling on to the hope that their parents have a “good reason”.

    If Ruka’s gonna be an idol, it should be her choice alone and not because of the whims of others.

    • Quite sadly, as Izumi’s birthday has been given such a light treatment, a “Clock Tower moment” is not very likely.

      Given that Kurosu has been asking Hina about Ruka, I guess Hina would have a role in resolving the current battlefield. More efforts just for the others’ (Nagi’s) sake, huh?

  4. I wholeheartedly concur with your analysis regarding Ruka’s behavior. As I mentioned before, Ruka has been becoming more and more clingy ever since she started falling for Hayate.

    “…I am starting to think that something is going very wrong,” this line made me think of something: what if Ruka is currently being influenced/manipulated by Yozora Housen or whoever is pulling the strings from the shadows? After all, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with expressing your feelings of love to a boy, but Ruka is really taking it to some extremes — borderline obsession, I’d say… I mean, like any more and she’d be on yandere levels. If so, then it would be consistent with Hata’s writing style since this arc could take a similar route to the Golden Week arc with the Natsucomi event being sidelined while Hayate, Hinagiku and Marisa and Reimu (Sakuya and Isumi) investigate the supernatural phenomenon/save the day with the power of friendship — among other things.

    • My guess is that Yozora would do something to Ruka later, instead of that she has already done something. There isn’t much room for Yozora to do anything to Ruka under Hayate’s close watch, after all.

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