Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 439

Nagi has a lot to learn about fishing.

Nagi has a lot to learn about fishing.

So here it comes, the journey to the beach. Maybe it is time to pick a name for this new arc. Should we call it the “Beach arc”, the “Lifesaver arc” or the “Ikusa arc”? Or, maybe we should just decide it later, as we might have a very long story to come, and the word “arc” might have to be replaced by “saga” (e.g. the Athena saga) or even “age” (e.g. the Mangaka age).

Just as many other very, very long arcs, the beginning is merely a warm-up. We are not exactly exposed to a Hell lot of new information, but in some ways this is a good thing. Doughnut Gunso is too stupid to digest an explosion of information and theories which come next, and I am better off being told things one by one.

This person looks like Hinagiku, doesn't she?

This person looks like Hinagiku, doesn’t she?

The first thing that grabs our mind must be the marriage proposal on Page 1. The one who made the proposal was hidden behind the flowers, and we can’t even tell if it was a man or a woman (in order to be “politically correct”, Doughnut Gunso cannot rule out the possibility of a homosexual marriage). The one who conditionally accepted the proposal was most likely a woman (then again, Doughnut Gunso cannot rule out the possibility that it was a man who had long hair). Other than that, we know nothing.

The dark margins are often used by Hata to indicate that this scene is something happened in the past, and given that it is shown at the beginning of this new arc, it is safe to assume that this proposal in the past has something to do with the events in the current arc. Still, the specific details remain everybody’s guess.

Hello there!

Hello there!

Okay, let’s get back to the present, when Nagi has led everyone to the beach – including a certain Hinagiku, who travelled to Australia in the last chapter. Now that she ends up going to the beach (which is of course in Japan), the significance of the last chapter must be questioned. After all, it wasn’t used as a convenient excuse to leave Hinagiku out of the current arc. In other words, it was just a filler.

As always, Nagi’s enthusiasm for new adventures lasts no longer than three minutes. The heat and the “Sea God’s curse” (a.k.a. a ton of wharf roaches) successfully beat Nagi into submission, and she ends up resting in her hotel room – that’s a huge hotel, by the way.

Of course, of course.

Of course, of course.

If we really have to, we can say that there are three objectives in Nagi’s decision to go to the beach. The first objective is for her own self: to find a King’s Jewel so that she could be a legitimate candidate to the inheritance again. The second one is for Hayate: to allow him to reunite with his long lost brother. The third one is for everyone: to enjoy the beach together.

Of course, Nagi herself denies the first objective, but let’s be honest here. Nagi already said that she was “sick” of the poor apartments, and that she has “decided” to go back to the Sanzen’in Mansion. If finding a King’s Jewel is necessary for her to return to the big mansion, and if the seaside restaurant is their only clue to a jewel at the moment, then she is bound to come to the beach.

Those who do the hard work are always ignored.

Those who do the hard work are always ignored.


Still, a little bit of selfishness doesn’t negate the fact that there is deep care for Hayate and the others, and Hayate always knows what he must be thankful for Nagi. Then again, he is not at all thankful for the others, who are taking the effort to search for Ikusa at the moment. His selective blindness is always an issue for me, but as this matter persists I choose to save my rantings for another day.

The girls who are ignored by Hayate head to the beach and gossip about Ikusa. I take it as a good sign that they show interest in someone other than Hayate, because he clearly is not the only boy on Earth. Men better than Hayate surely exist, but it is important that the girls do not only set their eyes on Hayate. The world is big, but you must open your eyes to see it.

Have a care how you speak.

Have a care how you speak.

Ironic enough, it is Athena of all people who starts the personal attack on Ikusa. You might imagine that Athena would say something more positive about the person who saved her from the eternal entrapment in the Royal Garden 10 years ago. Then again, Athena is suffering from a memory loss, so it should not be odd that she uses Hayate (probably the only boy she knows now) as a reference point for Ikusa.

The ignored girls have reached the seaside restaurant, which is now destroyed. A certain someone appeared behind them, telling them that there is no longer anyone there. I guess that’s not surprising to us: since when has any adventure in this manga be easy?

We will have to wait two weeks for the identity of the speaker be revealed. On top of that, we will also have coloured crosspages.

12 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 439

  1. You never know, that proposal could be as relevant as the last chapter was. At least this time we weren’t hit with a flash forward, maybe Hata finally learned his lesson? (unless that proposal is one and not a flashback >_>)

  2. I’m taking wild guesses of who that bride could actually be… Yozora? Maybe even a younger Yukiji? She and Ikusa are about the same age, not sure about Yozora though, but her hairstyle does seem to match.

    Also, I can’t really see Hayate’s blindness to the girls’ kindness if they’re trying to reunite him by surprise. He just seems really selfless as usual, which bothers me especially since he does not seem excited about finding his brother, initially thinking that Nagi just needs his brother in order to return to the mansion.

    Since Ayumu and Hinagiku already have their hearts set for Hayate, I wouldn’t be surprised (maybe even laugh) to see Chiharu have her eyes set on her brother.

  3. The Season 1 censorship dude! How nostalgic XD.

    Considering how the Lifesavers manga was over a long time ago and I assume it ended without any real conclusion, maybe the destroyed Lifesaver restaurant sort of represents the state of the Lifesaver manga…. probably. This arc may end up serving as the true conclusion to Hata’s earliest works.

    I expected for Hayate and Ayumu to meet up with their high school friends/main characters of Lifesavers since it would help break the ice but I think I like this twist better.

  4. May be the person in page 1 is Ruka’s manager. There is a picture of her throwing away a ring, isn’t it ? Seem like people forget about that.

  5. My two cents is that the woman is Hayate’s mom who is being proposed to by his father. I mean, this is the start of the arc involving his family (brother)…so I guess this guess isn’t too far-fetched.

  6. 1.In the first page the girl it might be hinagiku because of the same hair style….but the face confuses me…….I would be glad if Hinagiku is related to the original plot….instead a strong supporting character…..

    2.Falling in love (Hina and Ayumu) because of his (hayate) kindness is nothing to be embarrassed about…. I totally disagree with Karuya…..

    3.No doubt Hayate is not the only boy in this world or in the manga….Hata should have bought one or two male characters…..

  7. I don’t think the woman in the beginning is Yukiji as some have speculated. The first person that came to my mind was Aika, and after time I more firmly think so. Her hairstyle is completely unique. It is similar to others – Hinagiku included – but it is unique.

    Ch. 377 introduced us to a romantic companion of Aika. (Note the side profile similarities to this chapter). She seemed uncomfortable to a degree and yet willing to be “lovey-dovey” .

    Ch. 389 (50 chapters ago) gave us the situation of him being her butler.

    She is the only one of the cast currently (Nagi’s engagement with Watur is not romantic and possibly not valid anymore) in a romantic engagement. Hata-san’s style makes this scene appear to be in the past. What we do not know is how far into the past this might be.

    Ch. 438 the filler chapter (I don’t quite agree it was such) ended with the focus on Hinagiku and Aika. It also emphasized how much more mature Aika is in matters of love than Hinagiku. This is possibly owing her experience to having been in a romantic relationship/engagement currently.

    I think the opening scene was more recent than say Hayate’s parents or even Nagi’s parents. We know this arc has to do with Hayate’s older brother. But Hayate’s focus is not on “What has my brother been doing these past years?” but instead it’s more of a current or future question. “The person I want to find [notice the present tense] is my missing older brother.” So if that focus of present (or at least recent) can apply to both his brother and the proposal, I would tend to think that it would be of a more current “past-scene”.
    Also as a side-note, I think that Hata-san is actively working on pairing up female cast members as to clear up the “harem” feel of the manga. And yes, I know that not all of the following are or even could be listed as pursuing Hayate.

    1) Aika Kasumi has been given a fiance recently (60 chapters recent), She is known to care about him and even wanting to be treated as a woman or a lover not as an employer in private with him.
    2) Asakaze Risa admitted to having a boyfriend (a few days after her birthday).
    3) Nishizawa Ayumu has been shown to be on very friendly terms with Azumamiya-kun. (You were right Doughnut-san, I think they will become an official couple in the future.)
    4) Sonia has been seen on a dinner-date with Klaus (Ch. 377)
    5) Katsura-sensei knows of Kaoru-sensei’s feelings due to his drunken confession during Golden Week. She has also been seen actively with him and seeking him out for a travel companion (One does not ask your known romantic pursuer to go on vacation with you unless you feel something similar in return) and I don’t see her as an emotional-user nor abuser.
    6) Kazuki has pursued Nagi in the past, and as of his most recent appearance is planning to continue this. (Yes, Nagi is not reciprocating… yet) That would make a great couple and add in more tension and development between him and his sister.

    I know there are more, but that exhausts my immediate memory.

    I believe there is the groundwork for a strong male cast here, unfortunately as the females are far more attractive (it’s true, they sell more than the men) we don’t see them enough.

    Wataru, Azumamiya, Klaus, Kaoru, Gilbert, Mikado, Kazuki, Ashibashi-sensei, Nonohara, Himuro and even little Taiga are all strong and well-made male characters. It is such a shame that we don’t see them as often as the ladies.


    • Risa admitted to kissing her boyfriend during the chapter with the 3 Idiots regarding kissing.
      Also, I don’t believe that it is Atsumari-san, seeing as her side-hair is longer than shoulder length in addition to having glasses.

  8. i think that woman in the beginning is yukikaro sanzenin. I guessed it by
    1 outline of her face .
    2 both ikusa ayasaki and yukikaro (nagi’s mother) are connected though a past.

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