Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 445

There are times when the artwork of the manga is worse than the anime.

There are times when the artwork of the manga is worse than the anime.

While Hayate is an excellent butler, he is so far proving himself to be a horrible employer, as the three “employees” under him are offended by him in one way or another. He indirectly insults Hinagiku for her flat chest, beats up Kotetsu for his hard work, and reduces Maria into a mere mascot of the seaside restaurant. Just as Maria said: “Hasn’t you been falling too low, Hayate-kun?”

Hinagiku is given an entire page to make her complaints – not to Hayate, but to herself. As she is not the main heroine of the series, a page that explores her thoughts to something this trivial and – thus far – unrelated to the plot is refreshing. While Hinagiku always forgives Hayate in the end, the initial anger is always there and I think it is good that Hata decides to address it.

Technically speaking she is not a mascot.

Technically speaking she is not a mascot.

Compare her treatment to Maria and Kotetsu’s and you probably would see what I mean. Maria is given only one line to protest on her “mascot” status, while Kotetsu has only one panel to make a facial expression of utter shock – not even anger. These are gags and Hata has made one out of Hinagiku in the last chapter, but her “complain page” in this chapter successfully turns a gag into something of real concern: Hinagiku is seriously angry.

Yet as Hinagiku doesn’t destroy the rebuilt restaurant with her sword(s), the catering business begins and by the end of the day, Hayate and co. have made 200K yen. As so many things have happened this day, I doubt if they have 2 hours to make money, so a 200K yen profit is very, very nice. Yet they still have 8.7M yen to go to win the competition, which means that they have to make 4.3M yen (corr. to 1 d.p.) on each of the next two days. In other words, they have to do 21.5 times better than the first day – which, by all means, is impossible.

You know what to cook next time, Hayate.

You know what to cook next time, Hayate.

They will need something more than Maria the Mascot and a violation of Bandai copyright to make 8.7M yen in the next two days. Athena then suggests to make a revolutionary curry in order to attract customers. I think we never knew that Athena likes curry, and as she has a “mother” who we know likes the food, it might be legitimate to ask if Hinagiku has brainwashed Athena with curry. All Hinagiku has to do is to keep feeding delicious curry to Athena when Hayate is not around, and as long as Athena does not accuse Hinagiku of child abuse, the brainwashing might just work.

Then again, if Hinagiku has not been making the “Black Curry” Nagi mentions, Athena has little room to accuse her.

He has her support... even when she is angry at him.

He has her support… even when she is angry at him.

Anyway, Athena suggests that the ingredients for the revolutionary curry can be found in a lone island nearby. Hinagiku, as always, volunteers to accompany Hayate and to give him any help necessary – including rowing a boat and defending him from night wanderers. These tasks shouldn’t be performed by a girl, and Hinagiku’s offer means that she doesn’t see anything romantic about going to a lone island with Hayate.

Ayumu does see the romantic side of the trip, so she requests to go along as well. Athena stops her for fear that overloading the boat might make it too hard for Hinagiku to row, but she seems to have overlooked the fact that Hayate is there as well. Somehow I think Athena simply doesn’t want any other people to join the journey…

You can see the subtle sadness in her eyes.

You can see the subtle sadness in her eyes.

The boat Hayate managed to borrow looks more like to be peddled than rowed, and Nagi comments that it is not “normal” enough – I guess she actually means “subtle”. Hinagiku watches from behind a pillar, and she still looks annoyed desite offering her help to Hayate. One thing is clear: she isn’t doing this to please Hayate.

Chiharu encourages Hinagiku to take the chance to please Hayate – more likely, she just wants to see Hinagiku’s embarrassed face once more. Unfortunately Hinagiku is giving her none of that, and she takes Chiharu’s words of “going for a strike” as punishing him for insulting her earlier in the day. By any means there is nothing romantic in Hinagiku’s mind, so when Ayumu expresses her jealousy over Hinagiku’s trip with Hayate, Chiharu reassures her that nothing worthy of jealousy is going to happen. Clearly she thinks that if Hinagiku is not going to make it romantic, then it will not be romantic.

Athena: "What do you think you are grabbing?"

Athena: “What do you think you are grabbing?”

The island is not only dark and creepy, but it actually has a horror story. There used to be a village of about 20 people on the island, until one of them decided that they all had to die, killing all other residents before killing himself. Let us not forget that Hinagiku is afraid of ghosts, and she is clearly scared of the island.

Sure enough, a floating ghost fire (a villager’s soul) and a howling noise (the murderer’s soul) are quite enough to reduce she-who-can-row-a-boat-and-fight-night-wanderers to she-who-screams-when-she-sees-ghosts. It is very funny that, while most girls would grab Hayate when they are scared, Hinagiku chooses to grab Athena’s head like a cushion. She really has no idea how to seduce Hayate, huh?

Hata surely loves to pull pranks on these two.

Hata surely loves to pull pranks on these two.

Hayate, a.k.a. he-who-is-a-natural-gigolo-who-knows-how-to-react-at-times-like-this, holds Hinagiku’s hand and starts telling her that he would surely… whatever, before a large hole appears under their feet. Hayate and Hinagiku fall into the hole, screaming all the way, while Athena calmly finishes his line for him.

So there might be a little adventure for Hayate and Hinagiku, with or without Athena. While we might expect some love comedy between an ordinary boy and an ordinary girl, Hayate (too busy) and Hinagiku (too shy and too scared) do have their exceptional sides which make things a little more… complicated. Let’s see how they are going to approach their adventure in the next chapter, which will come out 2 weeks later, so there is going to be some waiting.

I apologise for quoting Captain America: The Winter Soldier, by the way.

12 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 445

  1. Interesting twist at the end there. Hopefully, the English scanlations should be out tomorrow. I’m actually strangely pleased at what “didn’t happen” regarding a certain golden-haired little girl in this chapter >D.

    Over-all, this arc seems to be moving at a rather brisk pace when compared to the sluggish developments in the doujinshi arc.

    • I am not complaining, but the release of the English scanlation has not been on a regular schedule lately, which makes it rather hard for me to write reviews on Tuesdays (I have night school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays…), so sometimes I can only write reviews based on Chinese scanlations.

      So far the plot looks very focused. I guess this is one of those long stories which Hata has spent some time on proper planning. We can look forward to a brighter future for the series, I suppose.

  2. One thing is true..English conversion is quite late these days ……But It was a nice chapter specially for the last part what happened……..Everyone(mostly hina fans like us) is waiting for something special to happen between the two…..But it is up to hata to make this interesting or make this usual and normal as possible (giving hints that Hina has no romantic intentions)………
    This is a rare chance for hayatexhinagiku ship go further…..I hope it will not be slipped away…….CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER

    • Yet one thing about Hina is that when she doesn’t have romantic intentions, something on romance – be it in a good or bad way – will happen. The more she pretends that she doesn’t care, Hata will make her care more.

      I don’t know if their ship can advance while both are busy surviving from the fall, but I also can’t wait for the next chapter!

  3. Some parts of the artwork lately does look worse than the anime. I’d be disappointed if this kept up, but right now I’m pretty satisfied since the story has gotten a lot more interesting.

    I hope when Hayate calms down from working, he can see just how much Hinagiku is putting up out there for him. Eventually, maybe he will find some romantic feelings for her, but I can only imagine the competition changing when Athena returns to her young adult age.

    • Athena’s return will be interesting for the three of them, especially as Hina was the one who took the “Silky Heart” blow. The threat of Athena might move her to do something in order to “win”, although I am not too sure if it is wise to do anything at all.

  4. Its like that time they explored that haunted school area in Hakuo. Its been a while since they’ve fought ghosts, huh?

    I had hoped that more of them would join the trip to the island (OF DOOM!). It would’ve been interesting to see each of them handle such a situation which had plenty of comedic opportunities. Plus, the fans would still get to see some HayatexHina alone time since if the rest of them had joined, they would have split up into groups of two in order to make the search easier. A missed opportunity if you ask me.

    It really is a crappy situation for Hayate as once again, he is forced to work in order to pay the debts of his family members. You would’ve thought he’d learn his lesson but then again, he’s doing this for Nagi not Ikusa.

    • The way I see it, Nagi and co. will be dealing with Ikusa, who is just as terrifying as ghosts. That can yield comedy as well.

      Good point on Hayate working to repay debts for his family members. I guess, with his memory and sense of justice gone, Ikusa is just another Ayasaki who is utlra irresponsible?

  5. Deep dark underground places with supernatural things going on huh, sounds like the perfect time for Isumi to randomly appear. I still hope Hina gives Hayate a good smack though, he totally deserves it.

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