Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 324

Unlike Hayate, Maria had a lot of time.

Everybody was surprised to see, at the end of last chapter, Luca meeting Hayate so early in the morning. In this chapter, we understand that it was not an accident. Luca intended to meet Hayate early in the morning to give him thanks in person, as she felt guilty eating all the delicious food prepared by him. She named him to be her health manager only to fool Atsumari, after all.

However, once she saw him at the lobby of her apartment, she did not approach him. She was shocked to see that Hayate, whom she thought was a girl through and through, was dressed in a butler uniform. One question came to her mind immediately: “Is she a boy?”

Apparently she left the scene without a word, and it is actually very amazing that Hayate – the combat butler – was totally oblivious of her presence. If Luca was an assasin, Hayate would be dead before he knew it.

Manner, Maria!

It was in the middle of the day, when Hayate, Nagi, Chiharu and Hina all went to school. Maria found this extremely boring, as there was nobody left for her to have fun with – or, to make fun of.

One should ask why Maria did not think of Alice, who apparently did not have to go to school. Even though she was only a small child, she was still company. If Maria was just so bored, she could at least go and talk or play with Alice. Still, she didn’t, and this might lead to two possible conclusions:

  1. Maria and Alice were not getting on really well;
  2. Alice left the Mansion on her own.

In either case, Maria felt lonely and bored. Little do we know that living in such a bad mood for too long makes us a lot… older.

Such enthusiasm.

As such, it is more than understandable that Maria welcomed guests with such enthusiasm. She dearly wanted someone to talk to, somthing to know about, and some fun to have. It turned out that the guest was no other than Suirenji Luca, the popular idol. Why, with her very tight schedule, she had such free time to visit the Violet Mansion is beyond me.

We know that Maria did not know Luca very well. She knew that Luca was Chiharu’s friend, so she simply thought that Luca was looking for Chiharu. To her surprise, Luca was not looking for Chiharu, but Hayate. Luca further explained that she wanted to thank Hayate for saving her, but she was rather confused of one thing…

Maria the philosopher.

Maria was shocked. Her brain then started running, in very fast speed, as she considered the following points:

  1. Luca hugged Hayate when he was cross-dressing.
  2. Luca saw Hayate in his butler uniform, but she was not convinced that he was a boy.
  3. Luca was an airhead.
  4. She could easily tell Luca the truth that Hayate was a boy.
  5. But then, seeing that it was Hayate, things might be more complicated than this.
  6. For Hayate’s sake, she better fool Luca.
  7. But then, she didn’t really want to take the blame of “fooling Luca”…

Seeing that she managed to make it right on Point 5 without any proof, and that she considered all seven points and came to a decision in seconds, the narrator was right in saying that Maria was “much too capable”, who has a “quick thinking”. Whether her comment that Luca was an airhead was fair, though, was debatable. After all, she did not know – nor had she tried to know – why Luca had such a firm belief that Hayate was a girl. In short, she jumped to conclusions too easily.

"Emm... No, I did not lie to you... not exactly..."

So, what was Maria’s decision? She attempted to beat around the bush without giving Luca either a “yes” or a “no”. She also told her to ask Hayate in person about this. With that, she could not be blamed of lying to Luca, yet she could also send Luca away immediately. If Luca managed to find out the truth, Maria would also be taking all the credits. Quick-thinking, surely, but cunning as well. Hata suggested on his BS that in this chapter we would see a “dark Maria”, and certainly we do.

Luca agreed that she should just ask Hayate himself, but she didn’t know how to. Maria then lend her a set of Hakuo girl’s uniform, and an ID card, so that Luca could go to Hakuo Academy, find Hayate, and ask him her question.

Somehow I don’t find it necessary forLuca to “cosplay” as a Hakuo student in order to find the answer…


Luca’s visit to Hakuo Academy was very similar to Maria’s. Both wore a Hakou girl’s uniform (It might even be that they wore the same uniform). Both were looking for Hayate. Both attracted the attention of the boys. And finally, both decided to go into the Clock Tower. On both occasions, Hayate and Hina were also in the Clock Tower.

In recent chapters – more precisely, since Ch. 315, Hayate and Hina had quite a lot of personal meetings. The previous meetings were all about Hayate feeding Hina with updated news on Luca, and in this meeting Hina gave an updated summary of Hayate’s tight schedule. She came to a simple conclusion: “You’ll die.”

The employee and his boss (?!!).

Hayate protested and insisted that he was fine. Hina said that it was not fine even if he thought so, and suggested him to go to take a rest in the nap room. Hayate wanted to protest again, but Hina ordered him to shut up and just go. This series of interaction looks quite like that on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it?

On Valentine’s Day, Hayate was too busy that he didn’t have time to think of Hina’s commands. This time, though, he had the time to feel annoyed, and he said to himself that Hina worried too much. For this, you can’t blame him too much. He was still of the opinion that he was perfectly fine, and when Hina said he was not, it was (more or less) implied that she thought that he was weak – something that no boys would like. So, he might not be valuing Hina’s care as much as we would want him to be, but this time it is understandable.

At least, he knew that Hina was worried about him.

You can only wonder what the other rooms were.

Hayate read the School Building Map (or the Clock Tower Map), and came to the knowledge that there was a large bath. He decided that it might be a good opportunity to try it out. As he was at the top of the Clock Tower, he was definitely going down. Meanwhile, Luca arrived at the Clock Tower, and she was definitely going up. Would they meet one another? Could Luca ask her question? Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

29 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 324

  1. …..I know where this is going.

    Inb4 Kotetsu shows up again to harass him.

    And that will make more misunderstanding.

    ….And one more thing: Hakuou is just that awesome to have public baths like that. I am sure it won’t be just like an ordinary shower room or something like that,

  2. Would be a nice storytwist, if Luca find never out about Hayates true sex.
    Then we would have in his harem:
    The girl who loves him, but is unable to tell him. (Hina)
    The girl who would love to love him, but think he’s a girl (Luca)
    The girl who knows she isn’t loved by him but denie to give up on him (Ayumu)
    The girl who thinks she is a couple with Hayate and never realise the truth (Nagi)
    The girl which Hayate loves and loves hayate but thinks she bring him bad luck. (Athena)
    The girl who’s maybe interested in him and in which he also is maybe interested, but never gets screentime (Maria)

    Well, we will see once the chapter is out, if my predictions are right, wrong or have to wait until the next chapter 😀

    • The “Hayate’s sex” riddle has dragged on for quite some time already. It’s about time for Nagi and Luca to make their doujinshi…

    • theems like my theory is still a possibility, but we have to wait until the next chapter.

      And on a sidenote: Hayate doesn’t even know, that he was seen^^

  3. So in the end the theory that Luca thought that Hayate is a girl who crossdresses as a boy is true. Oh and this would be the first time Luca talks to Maria. The last time she only managed to see Maria at the karaoke place making that epic WTF face.

  4. Come to think of it, hayate is often seen at the student council room a lot for no reasons explained, don’t you think?

    • Not exactly. Before this “Mangaka saga” (It’s long enough to be a saga already…), whenever Hayate bumped into the Student Council Room, there was always a reason, from asking for her help in the Butler’s Quest to asking her out for a date.

      Since Hina moved into the Violet Mansion, though, I really can’t tell his reasons to go into the Student Council Room – unless his reason is to give Hina updated reports on Luca. It seems that he simply wanted to hang around there.

  5. You know about that chapter where Maria dons her Hakuo Academy uniform have you ever wondered why it still fits her even though she graduated at the age of 13. Did the author made a mistake or is Maria really that short ? On another note, is Luca not that well known in Hakuo ?

    • Maria thought on that occasion that the uniform still fit her rather well. I don’t know why this is so, unless she was about as tall as when she was 13.

      Luca… hmm, maybe the boys simply couldn’t believe that their idol is in the school?

  6. Its more like she is well acquainted to Hayate’s bad luck streak (In White Day she calls it a curse) rather than weak (anyone who catches Hina’s sword strike using the butterfly catch twice is quite an achievement) and most of the time she has to clean up the mess he is in

    Hopefully the elevator won’t malfunction this time

  7. Total Dejavu. I feel think couple of the ” olden days” things are coming in the form of mutiple but simplistic chapter settings. Im sorry but it feels more obvious than it needs to be, it feels Like im playing a game Miyamoto created. Or this was all a trap that it so happens that hayate “may go to the bath” [ quote on quote] while a girl he know is looking for him while he does’t know. It could be even more of a plot twist like an Itoi game where Luca ” may” [ quote unquote] ask Hinagiku questions, they go to the nap room, zomg he’s not here, and i came with a dumb conclusion [ not entirely, stil possible but unlikely] that they both find him in that bath, whatever he is getting out, still in it, or just getting dressed is beyond an average person like me. Another possilbity about the ” bath time” is that he could fall asleep in the bath…… i hope anyperson who is reading this sees where im going, im runnig out of typing space….

    ps did anyone notice the pixlated smily face on the very bottom left of this page.

  8. I guess we find out the winner in the next chapter… Could be Nagi because all unpredictable things happen in fiction. But I still want Luca to win.

  9. the chibi art seen to occur more than the “Olden days” [ as xavier describes] i truly do not understand why, did they get a new artist within the last 50 chapters [ i started redaing the olden days from chapter one and noticed the artisc difference] i not coplaining, just an observation within a cyrious question.

  10. One would think that Maria’s loneliness could be solved if she got married or at least living with a boyfriend then she wouldn’t have to spend all her free time doing nothing but cook and clean but she would still end up doing the same thing. I’m kinda surprised that Hayate has yet to fully explore Hakuo. In fact I doubt he has fully explored the Sanzenin Mansion but we know that’s not gonna happen….or will it !?

    • I doubt he’d finish exploring Sanzenin Mansion if he spent his 22 hrs/day searching. And he can’t get in there anymore can he?

    • I already know he can’t get in the mansion anymore but it would be interesting to see him try since a mansion of that size contains plenty more secrets. For now Hakuo will be the main focus since it’s still pretty mysterious.

    • I think he was supposed to have fully explored the Sanzen’in Mansion. He has the duty of cleaning the Mansion, after all. Still…

      Hakuo Academy is pretty mysterious. To begin with, the whole thing with the Clock Tower, the Garden Gate and everything… hmm.

  11. Hayate is starting to treat the student council room as his home.

    “School’s over, let’s go to the Student Council Room!”
    “There’s a bath here? Let’s get in.” <<< Doesn't even feel surprised.
    "I left a spare Butler uniform in the Student Council Room, just in case." (I swear this happened sometime ago but I'm afraid I'm mixing it up with the anime or something…)

    • The funny thing is that he was never really allowed to be there from the very beginning. But then, Hina had given up reminding him that long ago.

      The line you mentioned is from Ch. 77 of the manga. This particular line is not in the anime.

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