Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 325

This gesture means that a secret is to be revealed...

Hayate went looking for some rest following Hina’s suggestion (or order), but then he decided for himself he would prefer the large bath to the nap room. Meanwhile, Luca went looking for Hayate following Maria’s suggestion (or prank), but then she decided for herself she would go into the Clock Tower. The two of them would be in the same building, and another meeting of fate would be… inevitable.

So, Hayate arrived at the large bath, which certainly was a wonderful view. Hayate decided that he would take up Hina’s offer (“Just go rest!”) and rest here. It seems that, in the end, he agreed with the one who “worried too much”. It was just that he wanted a bath instead of a nap. Fine…

This really is amazing!

Before we go on, we must appreciate that he tried to be careful. Instead of heading straight into the bath, he checked the whole bath and made sure that he was all alone. He understood that there was a good chance a girl would already be bathing, and when he was involved the probability of the said chance would be increased by 90%. This time, he did his best to make sure that he really was all alone. He didn’t want to face yet another pinch simply because he was careless, and he meant it.

Yet, as he took off his clothes, he thought to himself that there wouldn’t be any students coming for various reasons, and that was a big mistake. His logic made sense, but the problem is that it was still too dangerous to take anything for granted. Normally nobody would come, but sometimes accidents happen…

So, what kind of accident did he have there? It all began with the Student Council Trio trying to make up their Kakizome. To put it very simply, Kakizome is a kind of writing you would do at the beginning of a year. You would create poems about the new year, make your wish and put down some goals.

How do you write words so small with such a big brush?

From what Miki said, the Trio might have put down some goals in their Kakizome. Whatever they were, they seemed to have agreed that they could not reach them. As it was June in the story (and in reality as well, funny enough), Miki decided that it was time for them to readjust – and in their case, to lower – their goals.

So, Miki and Risa began writing, with extremely large brush as well. Strangely, although Miki warned loudly to be careful not to get any ink on their uniform, Risa and her both managed to get Izumi – who was not very enthusiastic in making her Kakizome – covered in ink. You have to think that Miki and Risa deliberately pulled such a prank on Izumi.

Obviously Izumi could not go to afternoon class (So it was noon.) in ink, so she had to go to the bath in the Clock Tower. On her way, she bumped into Luca, who was on the way to… well, I don’t really know. Now, Luca was also covered in ink, and Izumi suggested her to come along to the bath.

See, Hayate? You might not even dream about it, but two girls were heading to the bath when you least expected it.

Fact: Hayate had no nipples.

Apparently, Luca took much less time than Izumi to undress, and she entered the bath much earlier than Izumi did. She therefore had quite some time to be alone with Hayate.

Yet again, Hayate cursed his very bad (Some say very good.) luck, as he knew that he was in very, very big trouble. He did not have any clothes to give him a false sex, but the evidence of his true sex was right there for Luca to see – No, the milky water would not fool Luca for too long. It was only a matter of time before Luca knew the truth with her own eyes.

Yet another similarity...?

At the moment, though, Luca firmly believed that Hayate was a girl, and therefore she had no self-awareness whatsoever in front of Hayate. She came very close to Hayate, touched his skin with her finger, and leaned on his back with hers. Perhaps this was the closest skinship between two girls (?) in the series so far?

Hayate could not really enjoy such skinships. He was well aware that he was a guy, and to him Luca was not behaving very well. He suggested that a girl shouldn’t be so immodest in front of a guy, so did this mean that it is okay for a girl to be immodest in front of another girl?

If you want to fool others, you have to fool yourself first.

In any case, he thought that at a time like this, he must not tell Luca the truth. Without any clothes, though, how could he fool her? An image then came into his mind: A true artisan could make delicious soup by merely adding the perfect amount of salt to hot water. The true mastery of any art is to put the least effort to make the greatest masterpieces. Cross-dressing was a kind of art, and Hayate could use his small pinch of femininity (Oh my God…) alone to cross-dress. That is to say, clothes are not necessary for cross-dressing. If he could cross-dress his mentality, then his cross-dressing would be successful even without clothes!

I don’t think any sort of mentality cross-dressing would be successful if the one you are supposed to fool sees your p*n*s…

He was about to confess!

No matter what, his “cross-dressing his mentality” determination was lost as he looked at Luca’s naked body. He realized that he was a guy after all, and there was nothing that would change this fact. As he understood that he couldn’t fool her any more, he decided that he had better tell her the truth – even if that meant she would sue him.

As he opened his mouth, though, Izumi entered the bath as well. There was a second of complete silence, and then they both yelled: Hayate yelled “Segawa-san” and Izumi yelled “Hayata-kun”. As “-kun” was an honorific used mostly for boys, it was almost certain that Luca finally knew that Hayate was a boy…

Hayate's troubles were DOUBLED!!!

Now, Hayate was with two naked girls in the same bath. Izumi became the fifth or sixth girl (after Nagi, Maria, Ayumu, and Luca, while Athena was debatable) Hayate had seen completely naked. Hayate and Izumi screamed, and we do not know yet how Luca would react. The whole thing had become a Hell of mess, so who’s gonna fix up all these…?

Let’s look forward to the next chapter!

29 comments on “Hayate no Gotoku! Ch. 325

  1. “Hayate simulated how to fool Luca in his head, and came to the conclusion that he did not really need cute clothes for cross-dressing. It would be enough that his mind was cross-dressing.”

    He has achieved enlightenment.

  2. At this rate Hayate is gonna act girly all the time by default, no matter if cross-dressed or not (not like he isn’t even now).

    Also, I would say that the chances that Kotetsu is also gonna enter the Bath to “save the day” next chaper aren’t so bad :p

  3. So far if i’m not mistaken Hayate has seen 4 of the female characters:Maria,Nagi,Ayumu and now Izumi fully naked. Recently, does Izumi seem more of a popular character than the other SC rangers ? If Kotetsu does appear in the next chapter he probably wouldn’t have to choose between protecting his sister or taking advantage of Hayate since he can do both if you catch my drift.

    • Maybe Athena as well, and you are forgetting Luca. 😛

      Izumi has always been more popular than Miki and Riza – at least since the first Character Poll.

  4. Im sorry for not realizing uptil now, and im annoucing for all others who may actually made this same mistake. I just recently found out that Luca has blue hair {not blonde} then therefore seeing the resemblence between her and Hayate. Another thing, based on her looks seems somewhat similar to Hayate, Luca seems to be like a girl version of Hayate in more than just looks. Such as her debt of 150 mil yen also, the hardworking personality, very sturdy body ( not in a pervy way), and whatever comes up in the future chapters. ALSO I AM SORRY FOR MORE OF AN ANNOUNCEMENT OF LUCA THAN FROM A FOOL WHO DOESNT PAY ATTENTION TO MAJOR DETAILS THAN A COMENT……

  5. Wait a minute… It’s way past June 12! No showdown then or a lag in time between the real world and the HnG world?

  6. “Fact: Hayate had no nipples.”
    we DON’T need hayate’s nipples XD
    another fact: all the girls also don’t have nipples.
    anyone say that I’m wrong, show me the proof XD

  7. You know if Izumi was capable of playing the tsukkomi role she would have made a witty remark that goes like ”Why would you need a brush that big to write something so small! Where did you manage to find brushes that big anyway! Rather, your GOAL was to get me dirty wasn’t it!? What is it about me that makes you wanna pull dirty pranks on me! Seriously, if this keeps up I will get back at you girls someday!!”. Unfortunately, she isn’t capable of saying something that witty and funny so the author decided to give her a fanservice scene, MORE LIKE isn’t that a lot worse!!

  8. A mixed bath in Hakuo Academy is very strange, then again its a perfect stage for a series of unfortunate incidents with Hayate’s name on it.

    • Maybe the bath was supposed to be a girls’ bath only, because all the members of the Student Council we know were girls. Then again, Hayate entered the bath without permission…

  9. There is more and more fan-service in the manga, this is kinda bad (and annoying). Also the “plot” of the chapter was foreseen and somehow sloppy.
    I hope the chapters will soon return to the “doujinshi thing”, the “luca & hayate trap thing” is starting to get a little boring.

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